Monday, February 1, 2010

Torn clothes SELEB Hollywood style

If now is a trend or is intentional, but torn clothes adorned seems increasingly rampant celebrity appearances in Hollywood. These unfortunate events very experienced'm star Heidi Range.

As quoted by the Sun, on Monday (1.2.2010), the band Sugababes staff were not aware of black chiffon dress wearing rags. At that point, the blond actress appeared in public attention to cervical cancer concert at Koko, Camden, London, last week.

At that time, she was dancing with other staff, and there are large enough holes in the back of the armpit. Shame! However, this did not realize he was being considered dancing and face relaxed.

Heidi is not the only Hollywood celebrity who remained in the torn dress style with the previously recorded name of the heir of the Hilton, Paris Hilton. At that time, this beautiful Fashionista was partying in a club in Las Vegas. Her dress is too tight can be broken, because I could not follow the movement of Paris, which is too active.

Another embarrassing incident had also experienced a beautiful diva Britney Spears. When wearing a long white dress, do not break in the bottom of the dress she wore. But now, Brit is still pleasant stroll, as if nothing bad would happen.

While the celebrity stature Beth Ditto fertile suffered a crisis of confidence because he was black with torn stockings. Perhaps because the fine stockings, while the two big legs idem, making two large holes decorate the knee and thigh down.

The same is not alone! Beautiful Star Tara Palmer Pompkinson also experienced the same time. It's just that the weather was a casual style. When Tara was wearing a gray sweatshirt, a small tear in the armpits of his shirt. However, remained oblivious to these strips.

A small tear may also decorate the clothing worn by a beautiful singer Jessica Simpson. At that time, wore a gray. Seen a few pieces to decorate the bottom of the breasts. But strangely she smiled at the paparazzi camera pose immortalized.

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