Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The meaning behind the best Pose Posh Spice

Victoria Beckham is not only good in clothing design, but also knew how to make it more charming in public. With pillar are often raised in public Posh Spice, has many meanings. Anything?

If you are interested in seeing some attitudes that the wife of David Beckham, then you'll find your brand face. That raised a hand toward the ear, or holding a hand that wore glasses. Victoria Pilar represent not only make their appearance look elegant, but also other impacts on his face.

"Victoria really knows how to use hair to highlight her face, without exception," says celebrity stylist Lee Stafford, who was released from the sun.

The meaning behind these Victorian-style pose is a way to hide from the skin condition. So that makes your skin look tight, without having to botox or facelift surgery.

"Pose raised his hand skin around the forehead and on the side of the forehead to reduce wrinkling of the skin around the eyes. So you look younger and your skin looks tighter," explains Lee.

Besides keeping their facial appearance is always elegant, with some predicate this fashionista knows how to fix the hair to keep it fresh.

Well, if they pose as "Posh Spice", here are five steps recommended Lee Stafford

1. Pull hair into a ponytail at the top of the head. Then fasten with an elastic hair ties hair colors. To obtain the wave pony, you can brush your hair with hairspray. This is to ensure that hair is not "off" bonds of the tail of his horse.

2. After kunciran with horse hair, you can brush a little rough to get the additional volume, especially if you have manageable hair naturally. If your hair refuses to be the form of beef a "", then you can try to form the hair as "ring" or "donuts" which is an easy way to give the effect of strong in the face.

3. Another way is to twist the ponytail to his horse in one direction to form a swirl of hair. Then, insert pins or nails into the bottom of the hair. For a more relaxed view. You can loosen a few strands of hair so that the spiral effect.

4. Remember to use a pin or pins that match your hair color is disguised.

5. To see the end, can be improved with the spray to make it look brighter.

Good expression!

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