Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vintage Jeans, style heritage values

The latest collection of Levi's, Levi's Modern Vintage, introducing the concept of historical value to the modern and elegant adaptation padupadan. Global Campaign for Levi's Vintage collection applicable in Asia, America, and now in Indonesia, marked by the presentation at the Cafe Batavia, the history of the Old City area of Jakarta, on Thursday (18/2/2010) .

Condensed historical value in the latest Levi's Vintage this. The characters typically found in the three unique elements. It was part of the stock adopted in 1940 vintage. 1870 was derived from rivets, and buttons with a modern modification of the original production of 1870 was.

Bangbang Subagdja, Indonesia Senior Product Manager, Levi's, explained the details of the adoption of production value in recent history. Show character of this vintage-style jeans, modern, fashionable, and unique, Bangbang said. But the interesting thing is, fans can distinguish the above products from Levi's with this vintage model.

"In terms of materials, products dimodernkan vintage is more texture. In the buttons, as the era of classical models, but has a layer that make it look shiny, and does not rust quickly. What also distinguishes the finish, ie band tires walnut and water-based printing (printing technique in the tire, with two horses in photo), which distinguishes the product from Levi's with the other, "explained Bangbang.

And not just talk about fashion, these products also have historical value. Bangbang said, to band tires walnut for example, the pattern of stripes on the inside of the jeans used to cover the points and the material inside the bag. Behind this function, this reason is similar to the covers workers in the United States hundreds of years ago. Historical value of these jeans from there to the rivets as well. Amplifier in the jeans has its roots in the history of the era of gold mining in the U.S. jeans. The miners used jeans to support their work.

Court model problem, this denimwear much choice. Call it slim fit, slim and is still sold on the market in Indonesia. There is also a top model fit pieces cut from the expected would be one year in advance. This talk models in men's underwear.

Anna Maria, Product Manager Levi's Women's Indonesia, mentioned by the woman is sexy thin models, thin and straight, which is still a trend. The model is also popular and the trend is going to be boyfriend slim fit with a choice of normal or straight silhouette.

Modern Vintage Levi's have many adjustment options and models are available in fitted silhouette cutting, tight fit, boot-cut silhouette, silhouette straight men for Texans. For women jeans, there fit Patricia silhouette slim or skinny, slim fit Patty Anne, or the slim silhouette. The price varies from 749,900 rupees to 899,900 rupees. Color problem, choose according to taste, add bound, at the age of dark blue, old school, making waves, and others.

Levi's points in Indonesia, will soon be equipped with all the options of this model. Just go and add your denim collection.


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