Thursday, February 11, 2010

Exotic Style in Rio Fashion Week

The appearances in the fashion week proved to vary from one city to another. Another Fashion Week New York Fashion Week Rio others as well. In the fashion week in the capital city of Rio de Janeiro, the number of guests are usually invited seglamor not attending the fashion week in Paris or Milan. Even so, show the typical style of exotic Brazil. Consider an example below.

1. Wear bright colors and flashy
You have brown skin or olive oil should not be afraid to express bright colors highlight color of their skin. In order not to appear dull skin, or avoiding soft muted colors.

2. Show slender legs, with needle
Using high heels make your legs look tight and level. If you use a shoe with the open, then the legs will look more beautiful. Even the appearance of his silhouette became more slender leg.

3. The belt use
When you use the coat, belt use also. Examples style of Katie Holmes, the belt is always added even when using a jacket or coat. Men are pleased to see the curve when using a waist belt. The belt will make your waist thinner.

4. Do not be afraid to show her curves
Showed that the curves does not always mean showing division, right? Can do is show your arms or legs that level. Shorts or skirts, dresses showing their arms are very tight, or a backless dress showing her smooth back. Above all, do not forget to appear secure.

5. Wear black
Color Black he can lose weight. But if you do not look like a member of The Addams Family for the use of shoes, clothing and black bag. There is a trick that can be used to use the illusion that it can make you look thinner on the abdomen and waist. For example, black dress with the left and right hip with a soft color accent curves in a slimmer body.

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