Friday, June 3, 2011

When Glasses Become Lifestyle

When glasses become lifestyle
If the first lens only touches the realm of functional, in modern times as now, was the function shifted glasses became part of fashion.

Trends in eyeglasses is always changing bath rotation mode, which always has been transformed from time to time. Every movement mode always shows the newest models to follow with time.

In the past, items owned glasses for a reason needs. But together with the times, sunglasses became an important part of fashion. In fact, the appearance not only put forward the model alone, but memertimbangkan color. Not surprisingly, the presence of the model glasses were gathering popularity with the flexibility of stems and a beautiful frames that are served. Not to mention a colorful array of colors and are ready memercantik the user.

It is also diamini Hani, head of the General Optical Melawai Plaza Senayan. "Right now for about 70 percent of people looking glasses not for the demanding needs of vision alone, but also the demands of fashion to meet," he said in a recent Legal.

Intermediate trend is particularly true in the weaker sex is indeed a dominant fashion market. In continuing Hani, the first people need glasses only one fruit to their needs. While today, the era had already changed drastically.

"In modern times like now, people will fit the glass to the needs of events to attend. In addition, the color of the clothes and the concept of wearing clothes that were also affected. People will adjust glasses for a formal event, casual or semiformal. This will affect the color and shape of frames that they choose, "he continued.

With these trends, I wonder if a cosmopolitan glasses have more than one fruit. And the collection continues to increase in line with the development of models and fashion needs that they need.

Then a model such as what is "happening" at the moment?

"Models such minimalist Tuton is currently a trend. The color is a nice combination presents, ie dark brown on top and black on the bottom. So the model is quite serious, but they were relaxed," he concluded.

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