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Know Transgender Model in the world, Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic
As with most models with tall stature, perfectly arched eyebrows, and sharp cheekbones, Andrej Pejic center has become the most shining model. Who would have guessed, sexy model from Australia was a man. Wow!

Andrej Pejic (19) comes from Broadmeadows, Melbourne, Australia, and became an international model because her face looks more like women than men.

Since its foray into the world of world-class model in Paris last June, a number of famous designer names as models such as Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano.

Pejic later appeared in various editions of Vogue France, Japan, Turkey, Italy. Not only that, he has all over the world from Melbourne to New York where he received a lucrative offer advertising.

At present very much in demand berlenggok Pejic on track or iconic. Like the cover editorial, shot by photographer Steven Meisel and prestigious as Mert & Marcus for Vogue in Paris and Italy, she has a transgender model from the latest ad campaign for designer Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs.

And on Sunday (20 / 2) in the evening local time, Pejic again a model of women's clothes on the catwalk for Vivienne Westwood, as part of London Fashion Week. So that was disitat from the Telegraph on Monday (2/21/2011).

So, what is the preferred Pejic, model, male or female? "I'm comfortable doing both," he said.

"Although women's clothing is more glamorous, more interesting clothes. in menswear, I need more work to bring the male side. But that's my job. If they say sayakantong garbage and I feel really unattractive, I still have to to demonstrate my potential, "he continued.

Pejic who look androgynous in her mini-dress gray light, equipped with tight pants and black boots reveals: "When I was about 14 years, I decided to experiment with my looks."

"As a child, you get to the stage where you realize that there are gender barriers in society and what you should and should not do. I really try to be someone else during that period. It's hard for me to not be able to express themselves and feel like I'm somebody else, "he continued.

"But now I'm comfortable with myself, and I look very personal. When I began experimenting, it's a personal decision because I was not happy. It's not something I do to attract attention," said Pejic.

Pejic has a physique that is very similar to women, making it difficult to distinguish if not carefully addressed. Her skin is perfectly white, and his Adam's apple looks vague. The only clue is a slightly protruding belly characteristic of Adam.

Models of women seems to be working with him not too difficult. "The girls do not mind if I'm in the dressing room with them. Some of the girls friendly. I think they find me attractive," he said.

"Andrei is a perfect model. clothes look great on the body of a person who is tall and thin, with long, slim silhouette. According to Andrei, " says Clare Coulson, director of Harper's Bazaar.

Harriet Quick, Vogue's fashion director agrees with the views of Clare, "Andrei very nice with a very striking face. The angle of the sharp look very good when in front of the camera."

"In the past decade, the world of fashion is to focus on gender stereotypes alpha. It's all about questioning the sexuality and the blurring of the boundaries. Andrei reflect our world, it is what comes out, it reflects the culture, "he continued.

Originally from Bosnia, with a maternal origin of Serbia and Croatia father, Pejic was born shortly before the start of the Balkan conflict. His family moved to Serbia, and when he was eight years old they moved to Melbourne, Australia.

"I have a new culture and new language. It took one year to learn English," he said.

And in the fashion world has finally Pejic could be themselves. "Fashion is an exclusive and well at different things and embrace different forms of beauty, " he said.

"This industry is very liberal. You can be yourself. It should not be too heavy," he added.

The beginning of their work in the world model Pejic's 17th birthday. "I was working part time at McDonald's, and this man came, he wanted a cheeseburger. He told me to add to the agency model," said Pejic.

Pejic she thinks a woman? "I do not know, he did not say clearly., when I go to the agency model, they think that way."

Initially, the agency model that will Pejic sure in which direction, namely as a male model. "At first they wanted me to be more masculine, they sent me to the gym, because my client's clothing is more macho men want. This is not going to like a good idea now, because I can not wear women's clothing," added he added.

However, having friends and family supported his efforts. "My mother was very proud. He finds me and every photo are displayed on every wall. And my friends, because as a teenager, I always experimental. So they were not surprised. Of course they were surprised to see me in a wedding dress fashion show. that's probably something they did not expect! But they all support, "he concluded.

"At this point, yes, everything goes well. My body is still sufficient sample size, so I can go into the design of clothing designers. The only thing is my problem is my shoulder," he concluded.

Pejic was not the first transgender model who appeared in the famous fashion-line advertising campaign. As recently revealed, Lea T has become one of the new face of Givenchy.

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