Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cathy Sharon Forget High Heels

Presenter Cathy Sharon White lover of high heels. But after experiencing back pain, the former MTV VJ in Indonesia is willing to forget the high-heeled shoes and wear sandals made now.

"I was wearing high heels every day of work since 2002. Not only at work, but when the road to the mall, even at night I also always wear high heels," said Cathy met at the Casa okezone decanter wine, Plaza Kuningan, Jakarta, Tuesday (13/07/2010).

Before injury, the owner's full name is Catherine Sharon Gasnier including celebrities who set the rules strict enough to use high-heeled shoes, including not using 12-cm heels.

"There are several brands of shoes that I like, because the collection of shoes can make you look beautiful but the sick, one of them is Louis Vuitton. Make me, shoes with heels that are higher, better, so I often use a centimeter 18 years, at least 12 centimeters. Under this measure, I use the baseball, "he continued.

However, the pain experienced by the older sister is actress Julie Estelle and recommended that doctors advised him not to wear high heels all day, making him pass the shoes with heels that are lower or a pair of comfortable sneakers.

"But as the pain, I'm looking for a shorter right shoe, look for a five foot three," said Cathy.

As Hollywood celebrities Cheryl Cole, Cathy was willing to suffer for high-heeled shoes that made her look pretty. In fact, never adopted the slogan "beauty is pain" in his life.

"I used to be the motto of" beauty is pain, baby, but now have changed because after how many years the use of high heels very bad taste, "he said.

Dideranya eliminate pain, Cathy liked to do reflexology massage to relieve pain and blood circulation in the area of the foot. Now, he chose the sandals as a better alternative in style.

"I used to let blood flow without reflection problems, but now when I wear sandals in the house alone," he concluded.

ACM Awards - Carrie Underwood Get Taylor Swift and Style!

The American Country Music Awards took place on April 5, 2009. The evening was a complete success after America's sweetheart, Carrie Underwood, went home with the spectacle "of" the Year Award and adorable Taylor Swift won "Album of the Year." But these two young aspiring country stars have more going for that raw talent, read on to see how these two beauties also captured the essence of style on the red carpet!

Carrie Underwood has style, grace, and safe to sing. The winner of American Idol hit the red carpet at the ACM awards looking absolutely stunning in a dress with white ruffles. Any stylist knows when it comes to accessories with a dress like that, less is more. Carrie pairs jewelry simple - like some sterling silver earrings and a bracelet graduate of silver to the whole. It congratulated the neckline silver sequined dress beautifully.

You can achieve this look exactly the same for less than $ 200, and the best part is that you do not have to attend an awards ceremony to pull off this look. silver, of course, looks great for a formal event, but can also be used with a single pair of jeans and a white shirt. Not even to mention the fact that sterling silver jewelry is classic and not go out of style - you'll be able to use it in the coming decades, while staying in line with the trends. What is more, more sterling silver jewelry comes with a protective transparent layer called rhodium plating, which keeps the jewelry spots or get nicks. In this way, their money will last longer and still have such a brilliant luster.

You can find similar silver graduated from accounts receivable and Mrs. Underwood in many of your favorite stores online jewelry at a very reasonable price. For a couple of graduate Carrie Underwood Inspired Bead Earrings Sterling Silver 925, you'll pay around $ 30. simple sterling silver bracelets another great success this season. You can use one or more pairs of cooperation cool layered look. Also, do not be afraid to mix with other metals of silver, which is another hot trend to go out. Tiffany Inspired Some bracelets will certainly help achieve Carrie put-together look. Try Bangle Tiffany Inspired Cushion, or even Bangle Tiffany Inspired Etoile for an extra shine. Each piece ranges from $ 100 to $ 60, respectively.

Taylor Swift is the latest thing to hit the country scene. Taylor's new songs like "Love Story", everyone singing his praises. But not only his vocal chords with people up in arms, Ms. Swift's sense of style is also turning the heads of fashionistas all around the country. Not unlike Carrie, Taylor sets were bright and shiny, which means the accessories were kept to a minimum. When Taylor was beautiful floor length red dress, which kept it simple with teardrop silver earrings and again, a simple silver bracelet. When put on her white dress eyelet, a sequined headdress was his main accessory. She had several turquoise leather bracelets on his left wrist to add some color to this boho-chic set. You can pick up turquoise beaded bracelets and Taylor for under $ 20! Oh, and look to complete Taylor, cowboy boots are always a necessity!

Perez Hilton is a firm advocate of unique jewelry and fashion jewelry lady. Miss Jewelry is a jewelry store online that is ahead of the trends of celebrity jewelry, Tiffany inspired jewelry, designer inspired jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, jewelry and unique. jewelry jewelry imports a lady of her class around the world - including India, Thailand, Brazil, Canada and Israel. Mademoiselle Jewelry features the works of designers with a great future in the area of New York. Mademoiselle Jewelry also specializes in men's jewelry, children's jewelry, and jewelry for inspiration.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Ethnic Jewellery

Ethnic jewellery has become the hottest chic a part of youngsters these days. Raiding your mother’s or grandmother’s apparel is the best way to actualize a accumulating of some invaluable and priceless pieces that you can aggregation up with just about any outfit. This season, a lot of appearance designers accept aswell congenital indigenous motifs and designs into their clothes to add a blow of homesickness of the yesteryears.

The accepted trend is to add indigenous pieces like bangles, necklaces, rings and chokers to a avant-garde outfit. Gone are the canicule if you would accept beat an Indian chaplet with a sari or choli; the avant-garde woman has gone adventuresome and would aggregation up such a section with a continued abounding clothes in atramentous or white so that the consciousness-expanding gemstones in the close section would be highlighted.

It is accurate that accessories can accomplish or breach any outfit. Hence it is important to accept the appropriate section of accent which will accompaniment not just what you are cutting but aswell your personality. You could either go in for a complete indigenous attending or try to accomplish the bohemian attending by accumulation assorted textures, colors and abstracts to aroma up the evening.

If you are cutting a individual black apparel which is simple in its cut and design, again the best way to advantage up the accouterments is by abacus a adventurous neckpiece which can be aggressive by Indian or African designs. Beefy beads, argent hoops, multi black shells are all absorbing motifs that can be acclimated in your accessories for a night out. If you are cutting a dress that is created to accept a rustic attending application affection or linen material, again it best to go for indigenous pieces like African or East Indian to complete the look.

The best way to aces up pieces of indigenous jewellery is while travelling to alien locales. Every arena has its own accumulating of indigenous accessories which can be bought at bounded flea markets. These are bargain and aswell a abundant way to actualize a affecting looks for a affair or a function. Tribal art has created a massive access on the designs on assorted indigenous accessories authoritative them bigger, brighter and added colorful.

Another influence, abnormally from the Asian regions, has been the use of black gem stones like onyx, amethyst and lapis lazuli in the indigenous pieces. The stones can be cut into any appearance and size; in actuality the best ones are those which are absurd as these add an aspect of abstruseness to the piece. Beefy bracelets are addition hot admired of the season; these can be teamed with the a lot of arid of apparel to aroma it up with a avant-garde twist.

To actualize a bohemian look, abrasion a beefy neckpiece or abrasion abounding layers of argent or gold black chains. Abrasion assorted black bangles with accidental dejected denims and a white top to add an aspect of animation to the accomplished outfit. Indigenous jewellery is actual able and can be beat to actualize altered kinds of attending this season. So alpha rummaging in your mother’s apparel and aces up those priceless pieces to footfall out in style.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Drew Barrymore Shows 1990s Style

Drew Barrymore plays the figure of a poster child of the 1990s. His career may not be as good as the first. But in reality, no woman can wear lipstick dark red, as well as himself.

American actress was admitted, her appearance is always changing from time to time. However, the owner of Drew Blythe Barrymore was fond name apparently, to look feminine. Like when the cameras caught a glimpse of Drew was leaving the West Village studio. Similarly as reported Zimbio, Thursday (01/07/2010).

Spaghetti-strapped in their summer dress with flowers, winning a Golden Globe in the movie "Irreconcilable Differences" This show is very sweet. shoes peep-toe red worn sexy model actress 34 years old, was also steal attention. Not to mention the sunglasses pink with black squares. Drew looks different!

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