Friday, February 5, 2010

Using High Heels Without Damaging the Foot

High heels are a multitude of benefits. From height increase, which made the foot look more levels of their owners.

But sometimes, high-heeled shoes with a lot of problems for the feet. One of the problems who like to wear high-heeled shoes is a calf muscle, the fingers are swollen, often not even spin, or varicose veins.

In fact, you may know, still wear high heels without the pain of it. J. Alexander, the jury's Next Top Model America offer some tips for using high heels without hurting their feet and body.

1. Avoid buying high-heeled shoes that do not fit, or have a size of 1 times the size of their feet. Standards, no room left on the heel, making it more likely they are slipping, swelling of feet or less injury.

If you are forced to use the size of 1 times times smaller or larger, and not the foot that will hurt, but the entire body and face. If this is where the heavy walking through the mall when she was a big sale?

2. Movements such as rocking legs. By using high heels, you can not move his legs as the use of the right flat sandals. Using high-heeled rivet means that the weight on the foot. Just swing your legs while walking. Focus on the end of leg movement, so that your body stay in balance.

3. Step longer legs. When using a high-heeled shoes, getting used to more foot to provide space for the other foot. Thus, the possibility of tripping over the other leg is reduced. Also, go to step slower (long, but slow). This is the safest way to walk.

4. Use the pads prevent varicose veins. Pull the leg muscles when using a high-heeled shoes are uncomfortable. The use of gel pads shoe that reduces direct pressure on the veins of the legs. We have a store that sells high-heeled shoes are already complete with silicone gel pads.

5. Soak your feet. Always soak the feet in hot water and salt bath after a day of use of high heels. In this way can the flow of blood may be obstructed when using high heels.

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