Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drew Barrymore Be Shown Interest

Including actress Drew Barrymore is excellent keep up appearances in order to be attractive in a different environment. With a sexy style and elegance, making the fans happy to follow the appearance of the idol. Apparently, the secret of attracting the appearance is based on the ever-changing moods of each day.

American actress was admitted, her appearance is always changing every day. However, the owner's full name Drew Blythe Barrymore is apparently also likes to look feminine. It Zimbio appointment, Thursday (25/2/2010).

"Style is everything busanaku is eclectic. Depends on what mood I felt at that moment. I do not feel like playing with the 1960s retro style or a hippie in the 1970s? But I also like fashion with a floral engraving. Actually, I personally was a female child, "he said.

When asked about friendship, the Golden Globe-winning film "irreconcilable differences", mentions that one of the name of your best friend is Cameron Diaz. Drew reveals, with playmates in Charlie's Angels movies, she can say many things. Moreover, the friend is always there with him and will always give you honest advice.

"Cameron is one of my best friends. I think that friendship is where it is always in the best situation, and in difficult times. Always be honest, give advice and help each other to laugh and smile," he continued.

Unlike the pop diva Madonna is afraid of aging, a new actress who debuted as director in the movie "Whip It!" This fact was not afraid to face the process.

"This is the best time of my life. I was not traumatized at all. I suppose it would never be happy. Simply getting older, I have a lot of things.'m Fine with wrinkles," he said.

When 34 year old actress breasts began to fall, he decided to pursue a career in the entertainment world, but behind the scenes.

"If my breasts down, relax, or become ugly and dirty, I'm not worried. I ceased to appear on the front of the camera. But not at the back of the camera, because I like to produce something," he said.

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