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Philippa Middleton is not less beautiful with Kate

Philippa Middleton
I do not want to lose her sister, Kate Middleton, Philippa Middleton was wearing a dress design Sarah Burton.

As if I do not want to lose competitiveness, the sister of Kate Middleton, entrust them to wear on the day his brother was happy, Sarah Burton, who designed the wedding dress worn designer Kate.

Phillipa Middleton sees it very difficult to dress with ornaments that it can do. To cover basic materials Phillipa dress with ivory-colored satin with lace accents such as built-head with the wedding dress.

Meanwhile, the bridesmaids in altitude of four people wearing the design collection of Nicki Macfarlane. Fourth of the bridesmaids dress hand-made by Macfarlane of Macfarlane and made ​​her daughter Charlotte at her home in Wiltshire and Kent area.

The bridesmaids dresses are created with the same fabric with a wedding dress. Ballerina length gown is shaped with a pleated bottom of the box-shaped and dyed ivory. The dress is made ​​up gazar on white satin to beautiful fashion colors look. Not only that, they also provide subtle accents lace at the bottom of the skirt as much as four layers. Part of puff sleeves and neckline are like the bottom of the skirt accentuated. The back of the dress was giving the same information.

Although only as an accompaniment, the beauty of the dress to the little boy no less beautiful with the bride and other important guests. In the clothing they wear, the waist is embedded silk pale golden color and ornament the front like an arrow stuck form given. Uniquely, the memories of those moments bride made ​​names and wedding date on the embroidery on their clothes.

As for the cape, which arose from Nicki Macfarlene Yorkshire wool ivory with a touch of delicate lace and tie at the front, where the use satin gazar.

For shoes, the bridesmaids created using designs from Devon by Rainbow Club. Shoes in the classic style of Mary Jane is made ​​of satin material, in which the process of finishing with Swarovski crystals scattered. Devon even been known to design and manufacture of hand made ​​shoes since the mid-1980s.

Developed similar to his bride, servants also had a bouquet of Shane Connolly. Flowers ivy and lilies in the bridesmaids hair accessories, that these young ages. This custom has been married since his mother in 1981. The crew is holding a flower, which combines a replica of the flowers of the bride in the lily, hyacinth and Sweet William is brought into it.


Kate Middleton wearing Pear Earring masterpiece Robinson Pelham

Kate Middleton elegance in their work clothes Sarah Burton, no doubt. Charm of a woman who was officially the wife of Prince William ever broadcast colleagues today, thanks to the diamond earrings he, as the procession of the blessing of the work of Robinson Pelham.

Views simple and elegant is so visible on the figure of Kate Middleton on Friday morning at 11:00 local time strolling down the aisle in a church blessing at the altar of Westminster Abbey. Kate looked beautiful with long ivory-white tie dress design Sarah Burton. The simplicity of her look pear-shaped earrings she wore. Earrings design inspiration comes from Middleton's family, where they contain a coat terinpirasi of war, the grain in their design could. The earrings were the same with the tiara worn Kate made. Earrings worn Kate is a special gift from their parents these happy days.

Robinson Pelham had as accessories designer Kate and the diamond earrings worn her large family designed. Kate's sister, Philippa Middleton wears earrings with flower ornaments as in it. While the combination of tourmaline and diamond crystals on the earrings beautiful designed specifically for Carole Middleton mixture. Sweep of the gold leaf with a combination of wood by the bride's father, Michael Middleton and brother of the bride, James Middleton worn.

As for shoes that are worn in these happy days, hand-made works are specially prepared by the designer Alexander McQueen. Kate wore shoes made of duchesse satin with ivory lace to justice by the Royal School of Needlework made.

When heading down the aisle, she brings a bouquet of jasmine and lily flowers design results from Shane Connolly together. Interestingly, the tradition of interest had passed through the generations. For the royal family and the family of Middleton, this flower is very important because it is the philosophy behind these ornaments. Flower lily is a symbol of the presence of happiness. Sweet William Prince William marks the fighting spirit. Hyacinth means consistency of love and the ivy is a symbol of marriage, friendship and affection. While myrtle is a symbol of marriage and love.

The contents of the bouquet are all derived from plants grown in Osnorne Myrtle House, Isle of Wight legacy of Queen Victoria in 1845. Previously only the interest from the Queen a branch of the plant, in which the interest in the Queen's wedding bouquet could be used in 1947, has planted.

In its history, traditions begins after carrying a bouquet of Queen Victoria's grandmother a bouquet of Prince Albert was given during a visit to a German Gotha. In the same year Queen Victoria and Prince Albert bought Osborne House as a stopover on his porch, where the family planted a flower bouquet that comes from him.

Myrtle was the first time used by Queen Victoria when her eldest daughter was married in 1858 and later generations, when used instead as a symbol of the sanctity of marriage.

Know More Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton
Guessing as to who was the designer, designed the wedding dress Kate Middleton answered. Creative Director Alexander McQueen label, Sarah Burton wedding dress designer, wife of Prince William was.

Outside Westminster Abbey will appear today at 11:00 local time (17.00 GMT), Kate Midleton hidden meeting of designers and wedding dress. No wonder if her appearance was on this happy day expected by many people.

With the appointment of Sarah as a designer dress bride was 29 years old, it can if the name of the designer the more fluttering determined. Therefore, we recognize yuk on the designer, Sarah Burton!

Sarah Burton is the creative director of Alexander McQueen. After the death of Alexander McQueen in February 2010, he took control of the famous British label that since May of that year.

Sarah and family are the five brothers who grew up in Manchester. A brother is a professional oboist, while a brother is an opera singer.

He had been brought up is completed to the Manchester Polytechnic Preparatory Programme prior to study to London Fashion Print at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. And he concluded in 1997.

"At one point I want to study art at Ruskin College in Oxford, but then I decided to pursue an interest in the fashion world," said Sarah told Vogue in February 2010 issue.

If at Central Saint Martins with a tutor Ungless Simon studied, suggested a friend of Burton Lee McQueen to be interviewed. Then she managed to join the Alexander McQueen label for one year.

". At that time, McQueen a small studio in Hoxton Square at the time of the interview I remember Lee asked me," Do you believe in UFOs? ". And Trino Verkade, Lee's right hand asks," Can I to produce their own denim label? ". At that time, I have no idea," he said, that take from, Friday (29/04/2011).

After graduation she joined with Alexander McQueen in 1996 with a status of apprenticeship training. Then he was appointed as head of women's clothing in 2000 and became assistant McQueen until his death in February 2010.

Jonathan Akeroyd, chairman and CEO of Alexander McQueen label said at the time of appointment as creative director Sarah Burton from May 2010.

"We are very pleased she has agreed to take the role as creative director after working with Lee McQueen for more than 14 years. He has a deep understanding of his vision, which will allow the company to stay true to core values" said Jonathan.

Robert Polet, President and CEO of Gucci Group, added: "Sarah has a real talent, a deep understanding of its brand, and the vision needed to at the top we will be full support for Sarah and the team in the coming years give .. "

Although supported by many sides, but Sarah has admitted that initially, when he is on the label Alexander McQueen took an intimidating prospect.

"I thought, 'How can I start?". At least Lee can be very different from the others, I know, there is no way for me to claim to be. But I have to wonder what Lee has for all this just to cover my thoughts about what I want. What is best for me, how many women my age, I would like to have kids. But I came back thinking that there is no excuse for the challenge. Finally I just decided the McQueen label on and do our best, "he said.

In September 2011, Sarah first women's collection in Paris. The collection was more dramatic with the typical aesthetics McQueen, but adds a feminine touch.

"People ask," What Sarah stretcher by design ". But I have worked here for so long, there have been a big part of me in their collections on the road," he said.

"I'm not going to eliminate the typical McQueen. There will always be elements McQueen, but at the same time, you can never be quiet and you have to stay true to yourself. It is a mandate Lee told me, 'You should be able behind the work itself, "he said.

"Everything I know I learned here. If you do not know how to do something that makes Lee take on the challenge and learn how to practice them, or let you figure out how to do it myself. He was never houndstooth dress and said, "Well, you put the zip in him, then let me until the weekend," added Sarah.

Daphne Guinness, a friend of Alexander McQueen, agree strongly with the selection of Sarah Burton as Creative Director at McQueen.

"Sarah is brilliant. I like the last collection," Guinness said in January 2011.

"He worked with Lee for so long, so he knows what to do. He was not Lee, but I think he would be happy to do that. He learned a lot from McQueen," he continued.

Burton lived in St. John's Wood with her husband, a photographer, David Burton. In March 2011 came the rumor that Sarah Burton was commissioned a dress for their wedding, Kate Middleton and Prince William Design. And these rumors are confirmed.

Stories Behind the Making Wedding Gown Kate Middleton

Millions pairs of eyes followed the procession of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. An intriguing is that Kate's wedding dress that was so neat you hide the name of the designer.

Public curiosity has been satisfied. Kate is so beautiful and gorgeous in her wedding dress design house of Sarah Burton of fashion Alexander McQueen. How detailed this costume and the story behind the production?


Applications for corset top and skirt, handmade from the Royal School of Needlework, Hampton Court Palace base established. Carrickmacross lace pattern with a technique derived from the Irish era of 1820. Different forms of flowers, including roses, thistles, daffodils and shamrocks, creates a unique design for a dress of ivory silk-tulle.

Hand-talented personnel in the British and French lace material is in compliance with all parts of the bodice and skirt. With tip comes from various sources, in which each job at hand, that the interest in it has the same color. The entire process was monitored and integrated by the creative side of Sarah Burton and his team.

The dress is made of long-tailed satin ivory and white. Ivory satin bodice, narrow at the waist and wide in the hips, to the tradition of the Victorian corset and is the hallmark of design Alexander McQueen.


Materials used French Chantilly lace with Cluny lace England combined. All other substances in the manufacture of garments from sources and from the company that the British were used provided. Choice of fabric under the direction of Sarah Burton and his team.

Meanwhile, use a soft hoods-coated material, the color of ivory silk tulle with flowers made neatly done by the Royal School of Needlework hand embroidered. The crown comes from Cartier, which gave the Queen of England to Kate Middleton.


Royal School of Needlework (RSN) in Hampton Court Palace team-assisted Alexander McQueen is based on precisely cut the delicate lace motif. Lace motif embedded "framed" properly and applied with stitch stitch every 2-3 millimeters in about a lace motif.

In fact, workers should wash their hands every 30 minutes on the top and keep growing net yarn, needles replaced three hours, they keep sharp. RSN workers involved, including the existing staff, former staff, faculty, alumni and students with the youngest aged 19 years. They are employed mainly for the wedding dress, shoes and hoods Kate. As the British Royal disitat official website on Friday (29/04/2011).

Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Gown Designer Sarah Burton Kate Middleton options

After months of speculation, full, right at 11:00 UK time, discover the secret of Kate Middleton for her wedding dress. Designers are referred to Sarah Burton, Creative Director of Alexander McQueen label. Why was he chosen?

Legal As previously reported, a successful and image immortalized penyibak designer wedding dress secret about Kate Middleton. Based on the present evidence, the woman said to Sarah Burton.

The woman, who is said to Sarah Burton from the car and into the Goring Hotel, where Kate and the family stayed at the Royal Wedding. He wore a furry hood as she hid her face, saw and ran.

There are several indications that the mysterious woman Sarah, who has a slim body features and smooth skin by wearing a white striped shirt, blue, ankle-length pants in blue and flat ballet shoes to be confirmed. His style is very similar to Sarah.

She was even wearing a belt with silver, one of the designs on display label Alexander McQueen at Paris Fashion Week decorated in this year, including wearing a big fur hat he.

And indeed, Sarah Burton is a designer wedding dress Kate Middleton. Kate chose the label Alexander McQueen, for his work closely with the beauty and precision in every detail that made known.

She wanted a wedding dress that is to be connected in a position to elements of tradition and modernity with his artistic vision. This desire is in sync with the typical work by Alexander McQueen for this. It was therefore started from the official website of the British Empire, on Friday (04/29/2011).

Kate dress symbolizes the eternal glory of the British construction of energy-nan with talent and professionals from throughout the United Kingdom. Design a dress is a form of respect for the traditions of British art and craft, the materials and traditional skills nan simple romantic style requires. Design Sarah refers to this heritage, providing intricate detail and decoration with a distinctive character that is contemporary and feminine.

Obviously, it has managed to hide the name of the designer Kate, because he has been working "underground" with Sarah in the formulation of the design of her dress.

Again, Miranda Kerr shows Breastfeeding Photos

Miranda Kerr
When people are talking about big wedding Kate Middleton and Prince William, Miranda Kerr just waiting to steal the public's attention by displaying his picture while nursing her son, Flynn.

Although a worker mother, Miranda Kerr have not forgotten, the task is mandatory to take care of the child. It appears that living as a model, but Orlando Bloom woman is still not hesitate to feed the baby, Flynn. In fact, on the edge of his working time.

Although never cause controversy after show photos while breast-feeding her child to the public, 28 years old supermodel back posting photos while breast-feeding Flynn on the edge of the shooting on his Twitter page, Friday (29 / 4).

In the action was supermodel underwear from Victoria's Secret with red high heels and satin kimono with her thighs. Pose as the Miranda breastfeeding three month old son when she sat on the make-up chair. Along with the image, Miranda, "Another Day wrote in the office xxx '. So that was disitat of the Daily Mail, Friday (29/04/2011).

Miranda, took up the two months after birth returned to work, has played in several recent campaign in recent weeks. It was the outdoor shots Malibu, have earlier this week, where he presented slender body after the birth behind a purple bathing suit shot to faith swimwear.

Photos Miranda Flynn invites controversy during breastfeeding, because the photo was first immortalized by Bloom. Kerr and Bloom really liked the photo and decided to share it with others.

Kerr said about her he was only trying to promote breastfeeding and support mothers from the negative views about breastfeeding in public.

"For me, this is a very natural thing. I liked the bond that exists between us for a wonderful time and this precious place," he said.

"I intend to breastfeed as long as I can," he concluded.

Sarah Burton, the British designer who is famous

Sarah Burton
Musa Widyatmodjo not be surprised if Kate Middleton finally chose Sarah Burton as her wedding dress designer. According to her, Sarah is a young British designer who is lighter and more elegant design.

"The character of Sarah Burton was back on the rise, because the maintenance of Alexander McQueen fashion house. In addition, the collection also very casual, light and elegant woman dressed in the body," said the former chairman of the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers (APPMI) legal on mobile phones on Friday (29/04/2011) contacted.

Moses did include a substantial appreciation of Kate on the steps of local designers UK.

"He is clever marriage can take advantage of the moment to the young British designer better known to introduce the world community. This was also married to the late Lady Diana did with Prince Charles," says Moses.

Legal As previously reported, a successful and image immortalized penyibak designer wedding dress secret about Kate Middleton. Based on the present evidence, the woman said to Sarah Burton.

The woman, who is said to Sarah Burton from the car and into the Goring Hotel, where Kate and the family stayed at the Royal Wedding. He wore a furry hood as she hid her face, saw and ran.

There are several indications that the mysterious woman Sarah, who has a slim body features and smooth skin by wearing a white striped shirt, blue, ankle-length pants in blue and flat ballet shoes to be confirmed. His style is very similar to Sarah.

She was even wearing a belt with silver, one of the designs on display label Alexander McQueen at Paris Fashion Week decorated in this year, including wearing a big fur hat he.

And indeed, Sarah Burton is a designer wedding dress Kate Middleton. Kate chose the label Alexander McQueen, for his work closely with the beauty and precision in every detail that made known.

She wanted a wedding dress that is to be connected in a position to elements of tradition and modernity with his artistic vision. This desire is in sync with the typical work of Alexander McQueen for this. It was therefore started from the official website of the British Empire, on Friday (04/29/2011).

Kate dress symbolizes the eternal glory of the British construction of energy-nan with talent and professionals from throughout the United Kingdom. Design a dress is a form of respect for the traditions of British art and craft, the materials and traditional skills nan simple romantic style requires. Design Sarah refers to this heritage, providing intricate detail and decoration with a distinctive character that is contemporary and feminine.

Obviously, it has managed to hide the name of the designer Kate, because he has been working "underground" with Sarah in the formulation of the design of her dress.

Angela Kelly, the designer dress of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II
Not only both parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William are happy with the marriage-winning titles that Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. However, Queen Elizabeth II also happy with the marriage of her grandson.

Arrival at Westminster Abbey, Queen Elizabeth II, who was accompanied by her husband, Prince Phillips, could not stop smiling and waving through the transparent glass is driven Rolls Royce.

Happy smile was the Queen, who wore for 52 years thanks to the always shiny bright yellow dress, she decided. So who the designers choice of queen?

Queen Elizabeth wore clothes made of wool pinch beads in hand with a skin color made to match the design of Angela Kelly.

To improve the appearance of the 85-year-old queen, Angela Kelly made the same hat with a touch of silk flowers and leaves of apricot color. Similarly, as reported by the legal department of the official Royal Wedding, Friday (29/04/2011).

Not just a hat, that was one of the royal tradition, but Queen Elizabeth II wore jewelry made of True Lovers' Knot's Queen Mary.

Queen Elizabeth also greet residents who waited for his arrival. The arrival of the Queen of Archbishop Cartenbury welcomed. The arrival of the queen was welcomed with a state ceremony and greeted one by one. Queen was greeted by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles and their archbishop.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alexander McQueen Best suited for Kate Middleton

Yet one day will officially dipersunting Kate Middleton Prince William. Candidates for the Queen of England was drugged attention of many people with personality and fashion tastes excellent.

Can not be denied if everyone was waiting for the grand wedding of the future king and queen of the future of England. Moreover, women 29 years is still holding to that made her wedding dress.

Although wedding dress designer Sophie Cranston already a 29-year-old woman, but Libelula label owner denied this. So, who designed the designer who best match the wedding gown fashion icon?

Of that, one of his famous designers Fatherland, Harry Lam talk show. According to the designers who are members of the BPS APPMI West Java, Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen is the most appropriate figure.

"In my opinion, the brand Alexander McQueen is most appropriate to prepare for her wedding dress. In the name of the designer Sarah Burton," Lamb said during an interview with Harry Legal in Bandung, West Java, on Thursday (04/28 / 2011) night.

Harry Lam noted that the label owner, Alexander McQueen a line that represent the image of the kingdom designed.

"He's an eccentric designer. Rancangnya tendency dikonstruktif style, yet romantic. The design that he made frequent theme of romantic naturalist, romantic exotic," said Harry.

"So I think it is well suited especially for use by members of a great empire," he continued.

Alexander McQueen has designed a line of vintage  will a touch of gothic romance, but for the candidate of the sister of Prince Harry in the law to give.

"The design really vintage, but still romantic and gothic breathing normally," Harry concluded.

Kate and William will be married in the church of Westminster Abbey, London on Friday (29 / 4) local time.

An estimated 450,000 people will be at Buckingham Palace to see the future king and queen were kissing.

Married, Kate Middleton Select Natural Makeup

Kate Middleton
Most candidates are advised not to far from the norm when choosing makeup on their big day. Kate Middleton a standard that followed.

Kate seems natural to her marriage with Prince William on Friday, April 29, 2011. Barber subscription Middleton family reveal advice he gave to Kate.

"By the time he reached the end of the altar, her husband should be commended," said Richard Ward, a team of stylists Kate, Carole, and Pippa Middleton at royal wedding later.

Salon owner in London is also told how her mother and her sister have some dresses for the dress rehearsal in accordance with the appearance of their hair.

"We've done a lot of practice and not just her," he added.

When asked how her makeup on, Richard responded: "Sure."

Kate will prepare for her appearance at the Goring Hotel, Belgravia, near Buckingham Palace, on the morning of the wedding. Richard himself refused to name the designer dress she wore during the practice session tomorrow and will reveal her life.

But certainly, hairdressers subscription Middleton family for eight years, said the wife of Prince William are not changed its attitude.

"She is really nice, if a girl 29 years old. She is very nice and happy joke. He threw a joke, just like people in general, he feels very comfortable in the salon. It has not changed, he just became insured. He, frankly, "

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Kate Middleton bring "Diana Bag"

Diana and Kate
Kate Middleton seemed to always be compared to Lady Diana. Not long ago, see Kate perform a Tod's handbag collection dedicated to the deceased mother-in-law.

Kate caught on camera by a D-Bag brand Tods, classic leather carrying case named for the Italian label of Princess Diana. The name is used after the death of Lady Di in 1997.

Although updated since the launch with a characteristic rounded corners and a zipper, superior styles still exist, such as quality leather materials, open seams, and a classic luxury design without designer labels clearly displayed.

Of course, luxury is not cheap. A collection with a simple leather version dibanderol USD1.665, deluxe version with details of USD4.650 platinum price, while the glossy crocodile leather version until USD28.000 appreciated. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail on Wednesday (04/27/2011).

Diego Della Valle, the son of the founder of the company, Tods shows why the name of the late Diana for one of its collection.

"He was a great supporter for our products," he told the Times in an interview.

He explained that the former wife of Prince Charles is looking for his own collection of Tod's desired; a look at some shops, unlike most upper-class women who carry expensive handbags highlighted by the press.

"It's exciting for us because it uses the D-Bag in a variety of occasions, or a formal dinner or when he was in Africa," he added.

Tods was founded in the late 1920s by Dorino Della Valle, Diego's father. Dorino young Della Valle saw an unusual studded sandals in a vintage store in the United States in the year 1970. This is what later inspired him to become a product brand now known for successful design.

Some artists who have a similar bag with Kate Kate Bosworth, Jessica Alba with shiny bright red color, Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron, Leighton Meester, and Zoe Saldana also has a bag with different versions.

Guests with large hat will come to Kate-William Wedding

William & Kate
Millinery shop, Jess Collett, predict many guests at the marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton will be a big hat to wear. Therefore, the court has strict rules about dress code, including headgear to be worn.

Jessica Collet, boutique owner, said that millinery is an accessory designed for the wedding with strict rules about the dress code to attend. One of these is the future marriage British crown at London's Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29, 2011 as follows, where guests have limited choices about the dress.

Because of these strict rules, orders flooded Jessica admitted.

"I'm making a hat for a few invited guests. They say 'hats are worn in the church" and prohibits accessories, flowers or feathers, so most of the orders that I make is a big hat, "he said as quoted by First Man on Wednesday (27 / 4 / 2011).

"People are nervous about what they can and can not wear, designer hats and other women I met said that they usually make a big hat," he added.

Jess, who was asked a hat for Kate's mother, Carole Middleton designer, said that the guests do not want them so ridiculous that "refine" his appearance by selecting the hat color will be used.

"Most people say they want a subtle elegance. This royal marriage and the boundaries between the elegant and something that is sticky, it's no problem. Everyone says they do not want to look like a fool. Topi is the option to outfit complete, but people do not want visible light. The choice is rather the color of the 'safe', "he

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10 Surprising Facts About Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton
During this time, maybe you know Kate Middleton is the bride and groom the future King of England Prince William an unpretentious and has a remarkable sense of fashion. Behind all this there are some interesting facts you should know about the 29-year-old woman.

Kate's smile and his down to earth personality makes everyone want more of the woman who lived like a princess in a fairy tale to see it.

The fact that the queen candidates who come from the people of "normal" and will be part of a family that is deeply rooted in English history, making her look more attractive.

With only three days left for the biggest wedding of the century, you'll want to learn interesting facts about 10 of the princess, as quoted from Holly Coop know.

As drinking

They indicated that they are able to drink with William at the same table. Royals reporter Katie Nicholl said: "I've been to a club night with him in that I've seen him drinking with William and another drink to get drunk, and he remained standing, while Prince William was stoned."

The oldest royal bride in history

The reason was most of the royal bride married at a young age. Princess Diana was 20 years old when she married Prince Charles. While Kate is six months older than older brother Prince Harry's been 29 years old.

A possessive lover

More than just a status, they attracted into Prince William from the other side. "Kate is not interested in the position," said the man in the kingdom.

"Her attitude is more like:" My husband, William. There is amazing possessive side, and he will curse yourself if you lose Williams for another girl, "he continued.

Often teased by his friends, Prince William

William's girlfriend like stabbing the dragon and make snide remarks to her, remembering her mother's career as a flight attendant.

Kate is a cousin of George Washington

The New England Historic Genealogical Society said that Middleton's "cousin George Washington's eighth of the eighth descendant of Sir William Gascoigne, who died in 1487."

Kate Middleton has relationship with William

They are cousins ​​of the 12th. Daily Mail reported, "The ancestor that connects the two lovers is the killer that his actions were deliberately forgotten by history."

Sir Thomas Leighton dictator died in 1610, he is the next generation of the 12th Prince William, and large-to-11 Kate Middleton.

Kate has a brother named James Middleton

While everyone seems familiar with Pippa, you do not hear much about Kate's brother dropping out of school, leaving school to be a baker. He never appeared in the tabloids with waiters dressed as French.

Kate has always been a fashion icon

In 2006, The Daily Telegraph, Kate entered as a list of "most promising newcomer" for the winners and losers style.

Kate has threatened legal action against paparazzi

As the 25th anniversary of Kate in January 2007, media attention Kate was very ill, Prince Charles, Prince William and Middleton attorney threatening legal action.

In October 2005, she complained about the harassment he got from the media through his lawyer he explained that he did not justify the considerable publicity this done.

William apply in place of ex-girlfriend Kate

The family of former lover William, Jecca Craig, run the business of wildlife conservation in Kenya. William apply Kate Lewa Wildlife Conservatory, which is run by parents Jecca. Kate, Jecca, and William is now a good friend.

April 29 is only a matter of time, and we can not wait to see Kate with her new label, the future Queen of England.

Wedding Gown Kate Middleton So High-Street Fashion

Kate Middleton Wedding Gown
The marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton, April 29 next to the biggest wedding of the century. fairy tale wedding luxury type. Wedding dresses and jewelry to wear the bride becomes a particular concern for the world of fashion.

Before the big wedding, Kate Middleton has always been synonymous, both about her wedding dress designer Highstreet stores that became his choice. No wonder if the wedding dress apply to women of 29 years has been hailed the future of high street fashion.

Wedding Gown Designer Sophie Kate Cranston, a local designer in London, the label owner Libelula. With more news and hebohnya forced the company to issue rebuttal last week, speculation because it broke the rumor was circulated that the choice of designers Kate Burton is Sarah Alexander McQueen, Bruce Oldfield, Phillipa Lepley, and Alice Temperley.

Candidate Princess of Wales should have a big impact on high street labels prepare to meet Kate Middleton generation of imitators. So who was quoted by the Guardian on Monday (4/25/2011).

Libelula, which means dragonfly in Spanish, was founded in 2002. Kate has been a fan of Sophie Cranston design. Obviously, the last time she wore a gown of black velvet cloak his friend's wedding in January.

Adopt the style of vintage-inspired fashion collections, focusing on the 1920 and 1930, Sophie has features sleek silhouette cutting through, flat with narrow frame, and seems to match the style of Middleton.

But with the expectations of both the world of British fashion, many people in the industry hoped she chose the design of the fashion houses most daring, such as Alexander McQueen. Acting McQueen, Sarah Burton, who has designed dresses for many famous people like Lady Gaga and Cate Blanchett will be a bold choice for prospective queen of England.

"There are clearly a number of great speculation and gossip, but personally I think it would be great if it was McQueen," said Sarah Clark, fashion editor at Glamour magazine executives.

"It would certainly be a bold choice for the fashion house, she chose this subject. Known as the architect of a dramatic and contemporary, it will make a real statement. Of course, every designer who dipih Kate will soon be a large name, its scope would be incredible, it will be designers tend to make choices. It is difficult to overstate the impact of it, but did so in reality, "said Sarah.

Kate Middleton has helped increase the business potential of the national fashion worth millions. After a day of shopping in Chelsea last week, selling short-sleeved black dress she wore to soar by 90 percent. Thus, as the portal site StyleCompare prices.

Sales of similar brown bags at retailers such as Radley and Paul's Boutique has never worn also increased sharply to 60 percent.

Similarly Issa blue silk dress she wore while announcing his engagement last November catapulted Brazilian designer Daniella Helayel the global world.

In other attacks of fever Middleton, whistles and Reiss have to sell clothing and silk blouse she used in her photos commitment. Sales of knee-high black boots were also booming, and Debenhams has announced a replica of her engagement ring worth £ 6 to become the best selling jewelry.

Julia Rebaudo, an expert in StyleCompare style, saying that if Middleton designers choose a softer, more feminine, like Alice Temperley, it will tend to see the lace dress, pearls, and embroidery are reproduced in the main street.

"If she chose Alexander McQueen can be expected to dress a bit formal, but tinged with a touch of femininity. But if he chose Alice Temperley we could see something a bit more deconstructed, romantic and bohemian. The style that will easily translate into high fashion street, "he said.

Paris Hilton Released cream & lotion

As the top socialite, Paris Hilton did not create the wealth of the parents relaxed and spoilage. However, from Paris to build a business around the world under their control, fashion and beauty.

Cy Waits lover had already launched several products that bears his name. From handbags, perfumes, and hair extensions. Now the 30 year old woman was sharing her beauty secrets with the launch of the collection of skin care with a name tag.

Hilton hotel chain heir who has become a successful perfume company, releasing a variety of creams and lotions, which is expected in the coming months. So it was written by Contactmusic, Monday (04/25/2011).

"We are developing a line of skin care. This is a new product we're at the top of my technology of beauty online. I had really good care of my skin, so I'll have a great product for your skin, his promotion to WENN.

6 Ways detection Fake Ray-Ban Glasses

Already more than 80 years, the sunglasses brand Ray-Ban Bausch & Lomb, aid to dominate the market vision. As sunglasses are very popular on the market with a high enough price, Ray-Bans were often falsified.

Sunglasses Ray-Ban are widely known are the Ray-Ban Wayfarer became famous when worn as General Douglas MacArthur landed in the Philippines of World War II, as well as Ray-Ban Wayfarer is an icon of mode of the 20th century.

In order not to be fooled by fake Ray-Bans you want to know how to detect it. Curious? Peek cited several ways such as eHow follows.

1. Before you buy, consider these glasses box. If authentic, sunglasses Ray-Ban box will be attached to the recycling logo, as well as stickers semi-permanent, including the serial number, date of manufacture, distributor details, type of frame and lens. In addition, the specific model number of drinks you buy. If the sticker is missing, could be sunglasses Ray-Ban in the wrong.

2. kemasannnya Note. If authentic, it will be a golden logo engraved, painted not only read "Luxoticca. If the logo sculpture is lost, the possibility of spectacles in which non-natives.

3. Keep glasses and see Ray-Ban logo is featured in the sculpture reads RB, under the nose of cross-back. When you hold upside down, the sculpture was meant to be seen upwards. If the burn down, maybe sunglasses Ray-Ban were false.

4. Note the engraving on the RB objective should be located just above the hinge, if the original. If the sculpture is in the hinge, of course, the glasses were false.

5. The quality of rubber used under Ray-Ban is very good. If authentic, the rubber was supposed to feel chalky to the touch, not sticky, stiff or slippery.

6. Glasses original warranty card must be printed with high quality ingredients without the typos. If authentic, the ink used does not stick or stain the hand when held.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pregnant, Jessica Alba Rocker Style Tub

Without excessive makeup, be beautiful pregnant woman with an aura of the show. Jessica Alba has managed to incorporate the concept of a beautiful and chic look through clothing choices.

Not so long announced second pregnancy in February, Jessica Alba is seen wearing a maxi dress LAMB by Gwen Stefani output. View cool wife of 29 years was photographed while shopping in the boutiques Shay Todd, Los Angeles, Sunday, April 24, 2011 local time.

Thin with makeup, Jessica added a black leather jacket with gold necklaces accessories, and paint the nails bright red. Views star of "Fantastic Four" is like a rock star. It seems that Jessica bought a swimsuit in the store he visited. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail on Monday (4/25/2011).

According to Vogue magazine, Jessica expressed second pregnancy as "a freedom. He did not like how she looks and pregnancy is to teach him to be able to adapt in any situation. "

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