Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jessica Simpson Not Happy has a Slender Bodied

Jessica Simpson has a slender body. Unfortunately, however, admitted that not always happy with their body shape. Under the conditions experienced by this country singer, his brother advised him.

According to his sister, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Jessica is not alone with this condition. "Everybody deals with things like," said the star of "Chicago" people at an event to launch new line of pieces of candy from Hershey's in the New York Times Square. Thus, citing People, on Saturday (30/1/2010).

"One thing about growing up is growing inside yourself and find things that you feel beautiful," added the 25-year-old woman was.

Ashlee thinks his brother is in the reality show "The Price of Beauty: VH1" to come to investigate what it means beauty in different cultures. So I will make a thin blonde woman was close to their fans.

"This is something that all women can relate to each other, like a great event," he said.

As a new global ambassador of Hershey, the singer admitted he should keep his teeth, as they tend to eat sweet foods.

"I would love sweets, and Hersey is my favorite," he said.

One thing not reapply for the Simpson-Wentz, is the son of Bronx children (14 months). "He's like a little kid," he said.

"At this point, you can read books and build forts. He also spent time with Broadway star (his mother). Bronx arrived at the theater on weekends to visit. So we're very often for lunch or dinner in unison. As they passed much time apart, "he said.

Major Simpson-Wentz on stage from Broadway hits only for eight weeks, so he knows there are few men out there who support him. But the baby is always there for him.

"He came to practice, and my mom yelling"! "When I go on stage. That's really sweet," she said.

Sophie Monk Fear Plastic Surgery

If Heidi Montag is obsessed with plastic surgery, not with Sophie Monk. I was just concerned that his girlfriend wanted a plastic surgeon to change his appearance to be more amazing with a scalpel.

Women who are currently dating Dr. Juan Diaz was admitted, he was depressed, with a job that demands the lover, always look good. As soon as the news Femalefirst, Saturday (30/10/2010).

The Good Charlotte rocker boyfriend Benji Madden, says, "Always in the back of my mind I thought, this small, little of that. This work, so one would think they would."

Although he felt very happy in a relationship with John, but admitted that their relationship is strange, because both are in professional fields of beauty.

Aussie star reveals, "It is difficult, because all I did was tighten the breasts all day. This is not normal. I work with people in the film, and squeezed my breasts all day!".

Sophie also revealed the horror of the hose because it shows the feet of camels.

"I think a camel toe! You'd think I was a 'huge', because who will have more than one photo camel toe? That I have. I have a small, but I forced myself to work and all I got was recognized from the tip of camels. So this is more famous than me! "he said.

6 Types of Shoes That Have The Necessary

How many pairs of shoes do you have? If Imelda Marcos, his collection can be thousands of pairs. But if you belong to do not like clothing, shoes perhaps less than 10 in number. But whatever their activity, at least there are six types of shoes you must have to be used at certain times.

Classic black Pumps
According to director of creative Oprah magazine, Adam Glassman, black pumps have the same functions as the little black dress. This shoe is a must-have items that can be used at any time, with (almost) all clothing. In any case, this is the shoe "insurance" for every mood.

When the day are using pumps to the office, could not hurt you replace it with flats or flat shoes to a mall or a casual event,. Although flat sole, does not mean that this type of shoes can make you look stylish. Are these shoes suede or leather, neutral or metallic colors, solid or patterned, plain or decorative, can be paired with jeans, capri, or even a skirt. Shoes Teplek well can be used even during the business meeting.

Thong sandals
Does using the right stilettos, platforms, wedges, or other models, the shoes you need to use strips with sexy clothes. If not used very often, simply select a neutral color like black or brown. But if you really want to have one pair, genjreng can choose colors like red or gold.

Kitten Heels
Kitten Heels have been classified as a right, so you can manipulate to their height, but comfortable to wear. This heel adds a feminine touch on almost all clothes. You can choose the model Slingback (cords in the back), slides (flip-flops), pumps, or sneakers.

If you're used to playing basketball or volleyball, you can wear street shoes. If you often go jogging or adventure sports, you can use a cross trainer type. It would be best if you choose a brand which has guaranteed quality, such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok or New Balance, which gives a bit of Nice on the wrist.

Shoe model
Whether you choose the model Slingback, T-straps, ankle straps, boots, Mary Jane, wedges or platforms 12 cm high, is yours. Please buy according to their unique, or you can show your staff

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Red Dress Parade Selebrity Hollywood style

After the ceremony the Golden Globes, again present the prestigious event with the best dressed in clothing. In recognition of the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards), re-studded parade of Hollywood stars, who have the best dress. Red dress became the queen of the event, which took place on Saturday (23/1/2010) that.

Last week, the ranks of stars like Emily Blunt, Diane Kruger, and Sandra Bullock look attractive in a gown of soft pink and purple in the event of the Golden Globes this week at the SAG Awards Women of Hollywood celebrities appear memukai red dress. So news people said Monday (25/1/2010).

Carey Mulligan appear glamorous daughter of a mermaid dress Lanvin (isinglass) complete with vintage diamond brooch, while Mariah Carey and Christina Hendricks appeared in a dress with a strap (shoulder) that makes them look sexier.

Besides red, navy blue is also graced the red carpet. From Drew Barrymore with stacked dress, Monique Lhuillier with a velvet dress, design, Julianna Margulies, and Narciso Rodriguez.

Although stars like Kate Hudson and Christina Applegate in a dress designed Roberto Cavalli. While Glee Lea Michele and Penelope Cruz presents the trends of order with wavy hair.


What is your obsession with style?

It calls your name when you walk by her in the mall.

He has surpassed his closet, bathroom and bedroom.

You simply can not be without it.

You will never have enough.

I'm talking about his obsession with style. It is one thing that never fails to draw your attention and ends with the rest of his teammates in his closet. I came face to face with mine this morning, when searching for a pair of earrings to wear to work today. I had to sift through two levels of my jewelry box, a shoebox, and little nooks and crannies throughout my apartment in my game accessories things have a tendency to end. I have confessed my obsession with jewelry before, but I do not see myself getting help anytime soon! I can not walk past a Claire's, Forever 21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, NY & Co. - any place that sells fashion jewelry - without looking to see what they have not yet! It's a shame, I know, but my jewelry has saved many teams that limit monotonous and established my reputation to carry the largest rarest and most fashionable earrings and necklaces!

So ladies want to know what your obsession is smart? What is that something you can not live without? (Do not worry, I will not tell anyone!):)


Monday, January 25, 2010

Golden Globe Extras: dresses award show were "stolen", reused, donated, hid the hairy legs

As usual, the real Golden Globes has eclipsed the red carpet dresses. Some dresses were pretty, some were confused, and some were kind of sad. And of course everyone has an opinion. U.S. People Weekly love rehash of the battle against Jen Angelina, and claim that Aniston Jolie stole search. Angie wore her beige Versace dress slit several months before Jen wore Valentino to the Golden Globes, so apparently has the style, and nobody else can show your legs. If you must know, we're not big fans of either watch, but this rivalry should be put to rest!

What seems silly is that Demi Moore jumped out in the event all together. "Feeling sick and have a bad day!" The actress wrote on Twitter. Well, if you were sick, I definitely would not want hundreds of cameras to break our image in the red carpet, but we can only dream of attending the awards ceremony of luxury! It seems a shame to lose the opportunity. (Her husband Ashton still present at the event and presented the award for best actor in a comedy series alongside Jennifer Garner.)

Next: Sophia Loren recycled clothing! Gasp! Listen guys, when Miss Sophia Loren took the stage to present the award for best foreign film received a standing ovation. It even has a little goose bumps. At 75 years old Loren still looks impressive and attractive, and may even go out with glasses of sparkling sleeves and pink tones rare. She is an icon! And if you want to start a dress from her closet to wear to an awards ceremony that was once a cocktail in London, we are sure they will not complain. This is a recession after all!

As for those who buy (or borrow?) Dresses new: many of them will keep their computers up for auction to benefit the earthquake victims in Haiti. Meryl Streep, Olivia Wilde, Josh Brolin, Amy Poehler, and Gerard Butler are all working with artists for peace and justice in a public auction and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Haitian people. "It's my way of making all the madness in a positive fashion," Olivia Wilde told Extra. Hopefully, more stars will join in this great cause.

And if that is of equal importance, the New York Daily News, seems concerned with the hair on the leg of Mo'Nique. The "Precious", the actress gave a very moving speech, and dedicated his trophy to the victims of abuse, but NYDN think you should have spent less time on his acceptance speech and had taken a razor to my legs. Seriously people, get a life. If she does not mind, maybe we should not either.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Million ways Hollywood Celebrities to Reducing fat

Are all celebrities have to be able to work miracles with skinny jeans a few weeks after giving birth? It is unlikely that if you do not have a private personal trainer, nutritionist, and babysitting services themselves without the need for a babysitter.

Looking back and rely on sexy red carpet event, major stars who have had a big secret behind it. Ranging from how to take advantage of instant or traditional methods of reaching for cutting fat in the body, such as diet and exercise regularly.

SheKnows, Monday (25/1/2010) examine the kind of diet do some pretty Hollywood actress. Most of them require a more structured diet with a nutritionist hired to calculate the quantity of their food intake. Who are they and how to manage your diet?

Choose a diet high in protein or low carb?

Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Elizabeth Hurley and Catherine Zeta-Jones, after giving birth to choose a diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Type of food you choose, such as wholemeal bread, pasta, fish, chicken or beef fillet with a small portion.

Meanwhile, the wife of Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, consumer choose a salad once a day, plus protein intake.

"I need a very long time to have a perfect body. I'm not very motivated. I want to play with him, then try to run on the treadmill and trying to lose weight. I turned away from the delicious food, and stopped eating croissants, bagels and muffins, "said the mother of two daughters, is the interview with People magazine.

Another with a beautiful actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The blonde woman was determined to diet because she felt it was the milk machine. However, with food menyiasatinya organic foods and drink plenty of water.

Meanwhile, the personal trainer of supermodel Heidi Klum, David Kirsch gives simple tips to lose weight. "The best way to lose weight is to reduce the" carbohydrate meal, "such as milk and eat fruit for two weeks," explains David.

Food Delivery Services

Celebrities and mothers like Denise Richards and Uma Thurman do not trust myself to eat properly. This is what makes their food delivery service hired to report the type and composition of the ideal food. As reported by SheKnows, Uma would have lost 25 pounds in six weeks, through the use of this service.

Food delivery services to provide healthy meals. They control the content, total calories and the amount of food should be consumed by their customers. The way this diet is quite expensive, but many celebrities busy as they managed to cut the fat.

But it is easy to believe. In addition to paying an expensive, programs like this can often lead to weight gain to stop using food services. The result? That will be difficult to control the desire to eat, when he returned to the "real world".


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Uma Thurman, Penelope Cruz inspiration from the Golden Globes

While studying in the case of 2010 Golden Globe Awards, Penelope Cruz sexual attraction more apparent when wearing Giorgio Armani Prive gown of lace and ribbons berdetail mermaid model. Who would have thought, behind the beautiful appearance Uma Thurman has a big hand. How?

Like the other actresses nominated in the night, the stars of "Nine", which appeared in a stunning gown by Giorgio Armani Privé. In fact, the finishing touches to his appearance, Penelope wear Chopard jewels, with a total weight of 69 carats. Still, Scott Oribe hair and makeup look inspired by Penelope Barnes considers stars Uma Thurman.

In launching his latest book "About Face", held in New York this week, says Barnes Cruz Uma Thurman inspired appearance.

"She (Penelope) had just returned from vacation. And he said 'I want kulitmya brown. I want this eye. He found it in my book, was Irina, Russian sexy models in the ad campaign for Guess jeans," says Barnes.

Barnes, who became a favorite star Jennifer Lopez was also revealed, Cruz wanted brown skin like Uma Thurman. "Remember when me and Uma Thurman on the cover of Elle magazine. Uma really looked tanned, having just returned from vacation," he continued.

Meanwhile, Cruz makeup Oribe hair with a wavy structure. "I'm just trying to create a wavy hair. He will wear a dress by Armani. This shows the movie stars that appear attractive. Wavy, but not too bumpy. Good unique style," he said.

And where exactly Penelope decorated? Oribe, said: "We do it at home. Very casual and easy. And it is only an hour and a half. Although only a normal girl, she is extraordinary.

"Scott brings a book, show what you do. He loved it. So it was very simple. 'S beautiful eyes, natural skin was a different side of him, really special. It does seem really cool," he said.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sexy Flirt Glam style Inc.

Beautiful duo Kalala and Fabiola Aisah in the world of fashion is made with the launch of Flirt Inc.., A boutique in Senayan City. As its name implies, Flirt, drawings and models on display at the inaugural launch was classified as "seductive". The dresses were directed to the needs of casual, formal education, up to the needs of the party and disco.

In his first fashion show, Flirt Sexy Glam takes issue with the sample 27 dresses for women from 17 to 40-an. They wanted to always look a day following the trend, but not necessarily Overbudget.

Some collections are displayed is a dress with animal print patterns, such as leopards and the reasons Python. The elections were the most varied colors. Not only white, black or brown, but purple, blue, gray, brown and orange ground. Several other Python snake print dress and asymmetrical diagonal, and florals.

Sexy Glam using materials like lycra and jersey, a tightly wrapped body. The lines also tend to design their skin. But his body lean or extra large you can use these clothes, because Sexy Glam is also maxi dress with a V-neck and halter neck, shoulder in one piece, is also a mini dress and strapless models.

''In essence, we want to use will be elegant and safe, but do not have a high body shape and sexy as a model,''said Kalala Indah.

He said the average woman likes to wear clothes that can make it look nice. Unfortunately, designer clothes are expensive, so they must hunt these closet abroad. So, at times the model does not fit well for Indonesia.

"We ourselves oriented to Italy and Paris, but we adjust to the conditions and requirements in the country,''said Indah, who said to have much in common with the ideas Fabiola.

Flirt Collection Inc.. you can get a price of approximately USD 1 to 5 million people. Collection will be updated every four months.


Full Lip Make Visible Look Younger of Women

You never feel less confident with their lips form a thick? Perhaps the shape of your lips are not sexy: Scarlett Johansson, but at least you should feel happy because it makes the lips look younger women.

In one study, although the owner of lips that lines that show signs of aging of others (for example, wrinkles or gray), full lips that make other thought it younger.

"When we identify people look younger than your actual age, we were surprised to see a visible difference on the lips," said David Gunn, researchers at Unilever, which funded the research to the international scale.

This study analyzes the face of 102 pairs of female twins from the Netherlands, and 162 British women aged 45-75 years, the Times reported.

Naturally, the lips become thinner as we age. Signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots on the face, determined by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. You may be able to undergo lip implants using silicone or collagen to give your lips are still full, but according to Gunn, which seems reasonable for a middle-aged women.

"It seems strange, because not overcome the influence of a wrinkled face," he said.

There is really no other way to make the lips look fuller. There was abundant in the form of lip gloss or lipstick can help their efforts to do so. Poduk can cause a mild reaction in the oral tissue which causes swelling temporarily.

A more natural way is to rub the lips regularly using a toothbrush, so it can peel the dry skin. Add cinnamon leaf oil, or niacin (available in health food stores) to increase blood flow.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Men want your bra and Panty Matching

Underwear against the general, in department stores offer 1 set of bra and panties (CD). But not all women wear a bra and a game CD. Bra that can be used from well-known brand, the brand of CD-Abal Abal. The color and the motive was not necessarily synchronous. For them, the importance of both comfortable to wear.

Take Ayu Dede (31), who claimed not to have a bra and panties in a single game. "Because sometimes if you buy the CD comfortable, but its enggak bra. Or vice versa," said an employee of a company of this publication.

For another woman, wearing a bra and a game CD instead of a necessity, or at least, trying always coincide. "Nah pede bra and panties that his party belonteng. Usually when I buy a bra once the counter asked her underwear, her CD is what? If enggak there, find another bra that is your partner. What priorities, her bra, "said Cynthia Dewi (31), a secretary.

Although no bra and panty visible when you wear safety clothing, but some women feel it is affecting comfort. "Despite the enggak was visible, but deep down felt good. So pls add aja" said Erika (29), the marketing staff. "But that suggestion was also the time, eh?"

He himself did not always use a couple. 1 set of clothes of certain events, like weddings face meetings, or official roads.

Make a shift in
For Angel (38, not her real name), coincidental or not depends on whether he was a partner at the time. "If anyone can see, with a game. On the other singles, home!" Hahaha ... " He exclaimed, adding that the party does not always have a game, always according to the color of it. "But sometimes my taste, really."

Narrative Cynthia, Erika, and Angel, to justify the assumption that women often dress to the satisfaction of their own. But at times I do not deny clothes for your partner. Nothing matters except for a bra and a game CD. Let us ask how the opinions of men.

Their knowledge, these men, each must have a matching bra panty, or a partner. So when there are women who do not wear matching underwear, "just do not understand," they said.

Are they so if you find that ilfil wears a pair of striped underwear belonteng said Cynthia?

"A little anyway. It was not usually want to see his girlfriend perfect body, including how to wear underwear or something. Well, if you make a game as unpleasant enggak wrote, "Addie (38), an employee of a foreign bank.

Still, less "feeling" is not actually affect the overall assessment of the male partner. But the couple found that wearing a bra and a CD is a fun game. For Satria (36), which could generate more desire to make love.

"For example, the time to caress and undress each other couples only, it uses a matched Pingin more. We must add," said this father of a child. "Or, it could be used to enggak felt nothing. Continue enggak see Pake accidentally sets matched pair. Jadinya hot."

Do you? Always wears a matching bra and panty?


Monday, January 18, 2010

Virtual Lingerie Shopping and Valentine's Day

Need to spice things up between you and your honey? How about some lingerie? Too shy to go in person? Or maybe you do not have enough time to go shopping for something sexy. No problem. This year knicker Picker, a lingerie store, has thought of an innovative way to help you buy lingerie online in her dressing room.
To start shopping in knicker selector a customer has to select one of 3 different sizes real-life models on the far left and a piece of lingerie or favorite team in Section 3. The model then exit at the empty white section of the website (the virtual dressing room) and underwear model for which the customer can see what appears. It's the same old regular online shopping, but with real life models.
Want to see what the back of the underwear looks like? Click the arrow and that his return. Want to see what the lingerie looks closely? Click the arrow and are closer to the model closer. Do not like the look of this lingerie, click the following piece (the lovely white or red top with Cami). Within seconds, the model will use selected new underwear. Find what you're looking for and see the right side for ordering information. It's that simple.
Just in time for Valentine's Day is not it?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Girls Get the Anime Look with Extra-Wide Contact Lenses

Anyone who's seen Japanese comics, cartoon videos or anime art is instantly struck by the commonality of the girls - big eyes, making the rest of the face look small, add the sympathy and sex appeal prized by many men Japanese. Since no amount of cosmetic surgery are made effective human eyes larger, some girls are trying another way to their cute quotient: extra-lens wide!
These are no ordinary contacts - not just color, but tinted prominently in the extra-wide outer ring. The result is the emergence of a larger, wider iris.
To quote the sales copy, "Want to get big, watery eyes and shiny without any surgery? CRAVE AND ENVY NO MORE!"

Contact lenses are made extra wide for a variety of companies including Geo and Dueben, and cost in the range of $ 30 - $ 50 per couple. It seems that you are not just cosmetic - send your prescription and the lenses are made to order.

To be interesting, eyebrow shape according to face

Eyebrow tidy and in accordance with the face shape can add to the beauty of a woman. You can make a woman look attractive in the eyes of man or any other person. Unfortunately, many women who do not understand and do not know what to do to form an eyebrow.
Forms eyebrows often used as a reference point for determining a person's character. For example, forms a thick, black eyebrows gives the impression of firmness and severity. "Therefore, no one steps in shaping the eyebrows," said Danny Fleet, makeup artist D `Glam Salon Boutique. With appropriate measures, in the face of a woman will look more beautiful.

There are several stages in the shaping of the eyebrows. First, identify the various forms of right and left eyebrow. Therefore, we must determine where the eyebrow shape you, "said Danny. If you can determine who want to create an eyebrow, eyebrows can be the eyebrows shaved with shaving.

When he shaved his eyebrows, Danny suggestions, do not be too thin. "If it is too thin, we will see that the real age," he said. After shaving the eyebrows, fill in the blank with eyebrow eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow pencil looks more natural and easy.

If the thin eyebrows, it's good to add some eyebrow pencil strokes. After that, use an eyebrow pencil in a color that matches the hair color. Dark brown natural can get the impression of eyebrows. "If there is an eyebrow pencil, other ways to use color eye shadow dark brown eyebrows," he said.

Having carved with eyebrow pencil, go Danny, use a brow brush, or the call spooly, to brush the eyebrows. Blush Brush slowly to the line of the eyebrow's natural shape and perfect looking.

Remember, the right eyebrow shape can be to correct the face. A man around the forehead, brow slightly shorter form. But the arch of the eyebrows more and made a sharp point. Eyebrows that are too long or too curved downward will make the face look rounder. "The eyebrows made from the inner corner towards the upper end of the ear to cover the round cheeks and thin so impressed," said Danny.

Whereas for a square face, more Danny worked at the point where the middle ear so that the square face look narrow. After that, eyebrows like a bow shape with a little curvature point alumni.

For a long face shape, eyebrows shaped horizontal curve slightly at the outer end of the eyebrow. This can minimize the long face shape. Arch of the eyebrows is the highest located closer to the end of the eyebrow.

For the oval face shape, eyebrows form with a curved tip and lead to the bottom of the ear. The shape of the eyebrows arched like a bow, slightly elongated, and pointed at the tip of the ear. "The eyebrows, not only for the correct form of the face, but can also be used to correct the eye," he said.

For women with a remote distance from the eye, tricks are softened outer edge of the front and make the baseline beyond the end of the inner eye. So the basis of the eyebrows to look more closely. For women with a distance that is too close to the eyes can menyiasatinya, so that the eyes seem a little distant, by plucking or shaving the inside edge of the eyebrow. For the small-eye, remove or shave the hair of the eyebrow so that the bottom of the distance between the eyes look larger.

Include distance eyebrows. Try to keep the distance is not too broad. "The ceiling is 1.5 cm" says Danny. If the distance of a wide forehead, nose look bigger. Therefore, do not pull their eyebrows at the outer end of the eyebrow. For most natural and proportionate, disconnect the eyebrows from the inside out with an eye on the direction of motion.

There are some things to know about the eyebrows. Eyebrows long each person is different, the eyebrows, so it does not equate the form with others. "How mengukusnya, place the eyebrow pencil vertically from the eye, ear, nose into the corner. And the eyebrow hair or hair that is out of the area should be eliminated," he said.

Thickness of the eyebrows is also important. "Do not let my eyebrows look thinner," he said. Noteworthy is that the eyebrow, near the bridge of the nose should be thicker than the bottom of the eyebrow.

To shape the eyebrows arch resembles a crescent-shaped eyebrows raise as much as three quarters and the decline in the quarter to end. As the owner of a thin eyebrows, Danny suggested that more careful when composing. "Try not to pull the hair too. Because every time eyebrows look thinner," he continued.

Another way to remove wax is the brow. Hot wax can make forms look neater eyebrows. The system works almost like an eyebrow or Incredibly Deadly Tweezers. "Wax can create shapes eyebrows look cleaner and faster process compared with tweezers" he said.
(Genie / Genie / TTY)


Friday, January 15, 2010

Jean Popular Designs for Women

Jeans has always been a fashion statement easier for women to do. With so many styles to choose from there is practically a pair for every body size and style you need. These days it seems that a new `thin` Jean is fashionable. With designers put a couple and their marketing to the fashion must have. Whether you choose a jean or a pair of skinny different, there are plenty of new styles to choose from.
There are many types different in style Jean. It is the flash of style that is tight around the hips and thighs and opens a little beyond the knee. Then, it opens in the bottom and allows a pair of shoes to sit comfortably underneath. There are also straight cut jeans, which has a high waste line and then runs down the leg. The skinny jean is a pair of jeans that hugs your legs from waste to ankle. They may also be of three different lengths of waste, can be found at low altitude, medium rise and high-rise. You can find with zippers, buttons, and in many different shades. Today the most popular are in shades of blue and black.

Levi makes jeans that sell higher for women. They have the skinny `boot ', which fits close and comfortable. It is also an increase in low and opens into the bottom of a boot cut style. This type of product is recommended for casual and dress clothing. Levi also harms `under` Jean. It fits low on the hips and has a slim and elegant. And it fits most body types.

The "low straight Leah" is a made by Levi jean that fits snugly and sits low. It is cut straight and close to your body adjusts. "Flare jeans ink" is another made by Levi that is a sexy jean cut with a very stuck. Below the knee becomes loose and the boot or shoe covers well. Hugs curves and also provides the skin is very thin Jean searched.

Guess has a strong looking Guess Britney Jean called `Skinny '. This fits like a pair of socks, because the right is tight and waste to ankle. It provides a new type of fabric is a style of point. This jean is a low-rise type, which fits right under the hip and allows any curves that show.

Guess also calls `Guess Starlet Jean Jean. It also offers low rise and slim proper adjustment. The legs are the back pockets with a pattern on them and this looks washed jean butterfly.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Applying Style Vintage

Style of many women today are inspired by fashion trends from decades past decade, or we are familiar with the term vintage. Although copying the older style, but modifications can make a fresh attendance and did not die style. Dress, high heels, and accessories, ranging from necklaces, earrings, ring, Bangles, again become a trend now.

Here inspiration call \"jadul\" is still fresh and up-to-date:

'20-Era call of
* Not formally, but not likewise casual.
* The dress can be used for any event, so early to the office, the night is still suitable for a party.

Save: satin or silk dress, high heels shoes, a necklace.

'30-Era call of
Jewelry and accessories become an important part of appearance, so use eye catching accessories and suitable for use every day.

Save: Accessories necklaces, rings, bracelets, Bangles.

'40-Era call of
Looks strong in the arm, and the circle grew smaller in the waist. Modern permanent display, and this call makes the hips and waist look smaller.

Save: cotton skirts, garment from rayon and polyester materials, necklaces as accessories.

Style of '50s era
Bag became favourite in this era, especially handbags (handbag).

Save: Handbag, dress, accessories bracelets.

Style of '60s era
Canal polka dot or polka dot skirt, when it makes a brighter appearance. Bright colours with a touch of pop art culture is very strong in his time, even now.

* Skirt or overalls with a polka dot pattern or geometric.
* Skirt cotton and polyester.
* Pants tight.
* Canal wool.
* Accessories earrings more prominent.
* High heels.

Style of '70s era
Shoes with a solid right and comfortable to wear anywhere trend of this era. You could say that high heels easy to use become very popular, including the present.

Store: High heels.

Style of the 80s era
Leggings are not only belong to the dancers, and this model is favourite with anyone. In addition to comfortable to wear, leggings were made with a superior action of short styles but remain closed until the end of the leg.

Save: Legging cotton and spandex, canal or short blouses, accessories necklace.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Emotional Affair, Survived Longer

You and he loved apiece other, see for apiece other. You like and comfortable talking to him. He also felt the same way: you like to be funny, teasing, or disagreeable to come up with the best style at outlay lunch or hang out together to savor a cup of coffee. You'd often send messages to apiece another section.

The problem, he's not your husband!

And your economise did not know about the man. Whether he is your ex-girlfriend while in college, facebook friends, or colleagues. Everything starts from the meeting and the warm perbicangan as a friend, and continues to infidelity.

Well, do not let it happen to you. Although you are not physically involved with him, but you are involved in emosial. Make no mistake, emotive relation is a long lasting than physical relationships.

Emotional infidelity''is a form where you have an emotive relation with the opposite sex that you hide its existence,''said Peggy Vuaghan, communicator of Monogamy Mith.

Akin is a form of treason against someone even without the sex. Affair occurs when there is physical and emotive relationship, because there is time and attention given to the opposite sex who is not your spouse. But what makes a problem, but no sexual involvement?

In fact, the marriage module be tarnished by a ordinal person. Most people are able to recover from emotive infidelity, but a lie that you did with the couple module not be forgotten. Maybe her economise can forgive, but certainly he module continue to remember your lies. Try you think, what happens with your marriage next?

On the another hand, if you want to ruin the friendship meet because you do some things together with these men? The temptation to call the PIL was indeed so great, because the social networking site module allow you to track him down.

''When you pictured with ex-girlfriend, you can simply look in the virtual world. Can click on facebook, twitter, or Friendster. The relation through the virtual world module be faster, more intense, and more easily,''said Jessica Leroy, founder and director of the Center for Psychology for Women.

Leroy was also suggested that people who are emotionally involved affair often do not see guilty. Understandably, there is no physical or sexual relationships that do, so they regarded it as an ordinary friendship. \"Why not close to him? We meet spent time chatting and having lunch with him,\" perhaps as soon as your defense when you are cornered position.

Does this mean the end of your marriage? Probably not. But if you have created a brawny emotive connection with another person, with or without sex, your partner module see very hurt. Settlement would be more difficult when the relation was already far. Then what is the solution?

Retreat. Do not pick up the phone or reply SMS and email, even if you are already close. The far you are doing more and more difficult to recover it.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Nudie Jeans Denim a Fit for All

Jeans! Im sure we all have at least a couple and most of those few. If you are a woman, a man, a boy or a girl that is a pair of jeans in your closet I'm sure. Jeans go back to the 18th century and was adopted as the pants of choice for workers due to the heavy wear of hard material. In 1853 the most famous name in denim jeans still business began Leob Strauss, who later changed his name to Levi. It was not until the 1930s that jeans became popular when the Cowboys began to use and they appeared in all westerns. As every last decade became a cowboy element increasingly popular clothing and in the 1980s were the hottest pants in the world and considered in jeans, like clothes every day.
Different cuts of jeans are available if the leg is thin, loose, straight leg, skinny fit, bootcut the list is endless and so is the type of denim, washed denim, raw denim, selvedge denim, bleached denim, sandblasting denim we could go again.

With the growing popularity of the jeans of various brands have come along over the years, some not for a long time and some still today. Obviously, some people prefer one brand to another and vice versa. With so many options around today in the jeans market its difficult to choose. Nudie jeans are a denim brands to be seen nowadays. Nudie jeans are a relatively new brand was founded in Sweden in 1999 by Mary Erixsson who had previously worked for Lee Jeans and 4 years there were only 12 employees. Nudie Jeans arrived in the UK for 2004 and does not take long to become the fresh fashion jeans for the British.

Nudie Ralf can be made several including Regular, Average Joe, Slim Jim Thin Finn Emil Easy, Big Bengt all these names associated with an adjustment if they meet skinny, loose fit, slim leg, straight leg Nudie name you are setting a name for it. All Nudie Jeans come in different waist sizes and leg lengths.

Many of the worlds please head Nudie Jeans denim and selvedge jeans will be your pride and joy. These fans not only have one or two pairs of jeans that have 10s and a few hundred pairs. Most of these custom wash your jeans, because wear much better when they are washed, that mold to you and the denim is maintained at its most original. There are some myths about maintaining fresh unwashed jeans, one of them put on his pants in the freezer for a couple of hours. I think that only one iron fast and parity in the wash line is part of the smell of denim.

Changing your occupation at the age of 30: What is late?

According to the table version of Roger Gould development, American psychiatrist and individual of grown psychological development, the age range 35-43 years, a person experiencing a period of urgency to achieve the goal of life. He began to have cognisance of the existence of time constraints in meeting the demands of daily activities and need to rearrange her chronicle purpose.

Mid-life crisis
According to Gould also, efforts to tackle the crisis on the lives of middle age and lack of cognisance of the significance of urgency to overcome the \"crisis of life\" is a natural reaction. This reaction will help the individual towards a more grown way. Efforts to deal with and find a artefact out of this situation will further unstoppered the door to reach maturity one.

30s was the beginning of middle period. You tend to see important events in chronicle today as \"forcing\" you hold a organization of your chronicle purpose. As a first step, think back to what your chronicle purpose. This will allow you to determine priorities occupation pick / employ afterwards. Reflect back on these questions:

- Why should I work?
- What have I accomplished in life? What else do I want to achieve?
- The means what crapper I do to get, feel, and experience occupation / employ more meaningful?

For example, the consideration that you want to reach right now is to find new employment opportunities for more feeling increased after 5-year occupation working. The terms of income, you feel pretty. Think again what you would expect with an increase in these careers? Is it because saturation was devastated and wanted to kind of tasks and new challenges? Is it because of saturation and want the task more difficult and complex? Is to achieve a significance of pride and confidence that is more healthy, with new positions that seem more credible? Would same a new working environment, want to get a new insight, or want to expand networking with internal and external parties according to the capacity of the new office later?

Take advantage of the evaluation
The next step, if the pick leads to first consider the existence of asking for promotion in your office right now, so take advantage of the performance categorization evaluation period is optimal. That way, you crapper speech with any objective power, aspects that need to be developed, and opportunities for your current career.

Find the time to discuss with superiors and the authorities on this matter so that you'll presently find out practical measures to be implemented to progress your career.

If you could think of to \"swerved\" into a land that employ far from where the previous work, it is important to equip yourself more. To understand the knowledge, skills certification will be required, and the value of what the employ needs to have. Self-introspection, whether the attitudes and behavior tend to be consistent with your attitudes and behaviors needed in the workplace later.

For more optimal results, try to speech with a trusted psychologist. This way, you crapper discuss your vocational interests, according to talents, skills, and opportunities in the future. Good luck in exploring potential to achieve occupation / employ is most suitable for you.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

World's Most Expensive Hair Worth USD. 25 Billion!

Do you know the artist who starred in Hollywood Zorrow? He is Catherine Zeta-Jones. The actress who is very lucky. Her hair was appreciated very expensive, USD 25 billion for a cosmetics company. Why? Because her hair was a model didapuk Catherine Lux shampoo ads. Only the duration of the announcements in seven minutes, the wife of Michael Douglas was paid 1.55 million pounds or approximately USD 25 million.

"We put Catherine because we were so revived in style in the film Entrapment, is so mysterious," said an executive at Unilever, the company that issued Lux shampoo, appointment of the first woman.

These ads appear on the plan only in Japan and China. In the notice of shampoo, starred in a short film about a spy. Lux shampoo addition, Catherine is also a model of Elizabeth Arden cosmetics. It is also spokesman DiModolo jewelry. Unfortunately, no ads on Indonesia, as curious hair deh worth 23 billion.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Stylish in the Rain Season

Upset because the rainy season makes the hassle of carrying an umbrella, took to the streets of clay to navigate traffic jams for hours? Hm ... Why can not verify the positive side? The fresh air and running to cool while flying in this room would wage an opportunity to dress more elegant. In fact, crapper imitate the style of Hollywood celebrities that crapper exclusive admire in magazines or movies. We began to remove items for you to build solely in the closet!

Hollywood 1. You have a monkey as Halle Berry's this? This shirt collar to protect your upper draperi module represents the cold, so I do not have to wear a scarf. Complete with a cropped leather jacket, socks and boots. In the right image, a simple dress shirt belonged to Rose McGowan could be the force that the belt wrapped around a nail. Wear pants and boots to protect your feet.

Style 2. It's time mempadupadankan your wardrobe. Bright floral heads crapper be equipped with the scarf and velvet jackets. You crapper verify soured cap if you are not satisfied. Or if you have a leather skirt? You crapper imitate Gwyneth Paltrow on the right. Using the coronation tank gray and black jacket.

Hollywood 3. Double breast jacket with panoramic crapper be used to supplement your sleeveless blouse or shirt. Add a brightly colored scarf as an accent. And that says enggak crapper driving style? Naomi Watts imitate this style. Leather jackets and scarves doubt your embody module warm through the cold after the rain.

Style 4. You prefer a dress skirt, while for work? Wearing a crown neck cells and Ashley Olsen is panoramic. On the right, economist Salma appeared outside the usual style. This red skirt individual cells in turn act of leather garments. You crapper get rid of his hat, but the handkerchief is not feat to appear so.

How to rip a try?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Clothing visible Ordinary Class

Not all people have the excess funds to buy designer clothes always look right in the body, looks expensive and luxurious, but the price is exorbitant. Everyone will want to perform with the best style every time. You do not go bankrupt, how to look stylish and luxurious. You can do is try creative ways to the clothes you have now implementing the use of new and attractive. Here's what you can do:

1. Replace buttons
There are clothes in the stores that actually looks pretty good so special shape and the color of poor quality buttons, giving the impression clothes "cheap". For this type of clothing, you can do is turn the knobs to replace the more interesting.

2. Change Model
Many clothes are discounted or on sale are made of fairly good and beautiful model, but with a larger size than usual. Whereas, with good materials, the size of greatness (though the model used), you can take the measure to change the model and size. You can bring a pair 3 / 4 of the size is too big to fit the contours of your body, to follow or ask to turn the big dress for your body to appear attractive. An expensive material to make clothes that look wasted in class your body.

3. Give belt
If your boss or a loose dress that you buy comes with a belt or Sash (extra strap), the most likely Sash looks ugly (as it is just a bonus). Your clothes look more fancy, try searching for cloth, rope, or as a belt look more attractive and classy.

4. Material selection is important
For matters of style, you can always change bergonta and copied to others, but in matters of dress, you can not cheat to look expensive. Whatever the form of garments, fabrics used (cheap) always seemed "forced". Before you buy clothing, pay attention to the substance you want to buy, should avoid synthetic ingredients that have more than 20 percent. Stay away from all the material was too shiny, so you will not regret it.

5. Investing in expensive accessories
For a coat or dress "normal" that you buy an expensive watch the game with expensive accessories. Cheap shoes will be easy to look cheap because of poor quality material. Also bags and belts. Therefore it is better if you invest in a quality handbag or Tote Bag and a belt to make clothes (although cheap or casual) look attractive.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Making Eyes Shining Blur more visible

One feature of the eyes of the Indonesian women is a feature that often "fall". These conditions make the face look fresh and not melancholy. A voice or an eyes application eyeshadow can look more "boring". What should happen?

For more memorable eyes wide, to consider not only the color eyeshadow. Here are some steps that can be made:

1. Do not follow the shape eyebrows eye corners, it will make eyes look "down". Thin eyebrows shading his eyes to face no longer visible "heavy".

2. For the eyelids, use muted colors such as beige, cream, beige, light gray, brown and pink.

3. Then dab dark eyeshadow in the corner of the eye. This is what can help the eyes look fresh. Choose colors like brown and dark gray. In applying it, pull up a little eyeshadow. The result, your eyes look wider.

4. Use eyeliner to your eyes look more wide. Select the color of dark eyeliner, such as brown and black. But avoid light-colored eyeliner because it only will your eyes look small.

5. The last step is most important is the application of black mascara eyelashes maskara.Gunakan can melentikkan. Mascara that gives the impression of thicker lashes only to the eyes heavy. If you attend an event that lasted a long time, choose a formula for waterproof mascara.


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