Friday, February 5, 2010

Bar Refaeli has Hobi Wear Lingerie Cheap

LINGERIE a way that can make every woman look sexy and seductive. No wonder if many of Hollywood celebrities who likes to collect, not to mention beautiful supermodel Bar Refaeli. Recently admitted Refaeli love with lingerie cheaper than the high price.

As quoted by Femalefirst, the Israeli model, Bar Refaeli love wearing lingerie claimed that cheap. According to him, bought a luxury lingerie is a waste of money alone. No wonder Refaeli choose to buy cheap underwear.
"I like to wear expensive lingerie. I never bought expensive lingerie. I thought it was not necessary!" He said in an interview with OK! American magazine.

Paras pretty 24-year-old supermodel was recently held in the second half decorate Rampage ad campaign. He promotes a collection for spring / summer 2010 in the old house dihelat Hilton Hotel heiress Paris Hilton, in Los Angeles, USA. Refaeli appears at that time showed a series of sexy lingerie collection Rampage.

According to Marder, as Director of Marketing, Rampage, elected because he seemed attractive bars, and a beautiful appearance and pleasing personality.

"The bar was chosen by the customer wishes to submit Rampage. Naturally, it looks sexy, confident and glamorous. These are clothes that fit your lifestyle," says the assassination.

Even without makeup, handsome boyfriend, actor Leonardo DiCaprio was still pretty. His hair is beautiful to be a value for Refaeli.
"Stay beautiful Refaeli despite wearing baggy jeans and a shirt, without a hint of makeup. The hair on your face clean and beautiful. He's very natural," he said.

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