Friday, December 31, 2010

Rihanna's collaboration with Topshop

Rihanna is said to have tested the new profession as a designer. The reason often heard 22-year-old singer had been with Topshop clothing line.

It is not unreasonable, singer from Barbados is caught on camera had a dinner with the owner of UK retailer Sir Phillip Green.

Everyone knows that the ex-lover Matt Kemp was very pleased with clothing store Topshop. Earlier this year, as part of a contest, she was styled by some fans in London, located in Topshop Oxford Circus. In the action, he wore a shirt reading "Rihanna wears a Tutu in London."

"Just Dinner w / Simon Cowell Philip Green, and Lucian G., and Ashley (thank you) @ Sandy Lane! Incredible night, " he wrote in a Twitter cited Hello Beautiful, Thursday (12/30/2010).

Topshop stores in the United States (U.S.) first opened in New York's Soho district in April 2009. Since the opening of the Topshop U.S., the direct recognition of citizens and celebrities.

As previously reported, the singer worldwide via the single "Umbrella" was indeed a businessman at an early age. He founded his own company called Entertainment Rihanna. At age 22, she felt mature enough to correctly handle the business aspects of his career.

"You can not be too much responsibility without the ability to deal responsibly with it, " Rihanna added in an interview with USA Today newspaper.

"So I waited until the right time. Now, business is something that should be much more serious. I feel like really old now run. Business has made me grow up," he concluded.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011, Katy Perry Still Game Show

Katy Perry
Since its presence in the music industry, singer Katy Perry directly assessed as a fashion icon. Besides having an unusual fashion sense, this 26-year-old singer always excited to watch. Russell Brand In 2011, the woman left the scene and always berbusananya style "vocal".

Katy berbusananya known for exceptional style, funny, is also unique. Katy no problem dressing like a snowman, Christmas tree, until a sexy incarnation of Elvis Presley. Personal stylist Johnny Wujek said, next year there will be no exception, with Katy will perform a scene from another singer.

"It is fun, glamorous take this opportunity to ridicule on another occasion. Next year there will be no radical change in style, but an evolution. Katy Katy will always weird," said Johnny quoted by Contact Music, Wednesday (29/12 / 2010).

"Fluorescent light is very important for spring, I can see him wearing a neon few pairs. But most of Katy will wear whatever she wants, she never felt the style of the fashion dictated," he continued.

Johnny continued protection, Katy will not reduce his habit of wearing a low neckline dresses and reduce the visible brave since married Russell. Chanter "California Gurl" will always "appear" as they should.

"One thing is certain, he will not use a conservative fashion. Today he is married to Russell, the answer is not possible! Katy itself that determines how the hairstyle and her makeup, and she always had a vision. He was not too did not look like anyone else, "he concluded.

Dannii Minogue wants to dress Jennifer Aniston

Dannii Minogue is trying out a new profession as a fashion designer. With its new way of walking, Australian singer is excited to dress Jennifer Aniston. The reason, Dannii dressing tastes widow of Brad Pitt.

Dannii D Project launch fashion collection at the beginning of this year. Although many stars who wear collection, along with business partner Dannii Tabitha Somerset Webb admits is a dream come true as the former star of "Friends" was wearing one of their fashion creations.

"We would love it if Jennifer Aniston wearing our clothing collections. I would willingly die, if you can white colored t-shirt and jeans compatible with the way his style. The whole concept is simple, neat, not glamorous is enforced, is that we all want, "said Dhani as those mentioned Female First, Wednesday (12/29/2010).

Dannii also revealed that the fashion creations is a kind of everyday clothing. So they made sure that if the price is still reasonably priced.

Apart from Dannii, Victoria Beckham, a former singer who also try your luck for a fashion designer. It's just fashion collection mother of three children tend to be expensive.

"I love Victoria Beckham's fashion collection, and I admired him as a fashion designer, fashion and it may cost more affordable, " he added.

"Project D, we have created is so beautiful, this dress will you want to use again and again, and I think our clothing collections are beautiful," he concluded.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hugh Hefner finally ended his singles

Inventor as well as adult magazine Playboy boss Hugh Hefner is planning to terminate the bachelor at the age of 84 years old. Women who are lucky will merried is his girlfriend, Crystal Harris, who is still young, 24 years old.

This exciting news Posted Hefner social networking site Twitter right on Christmas Day, as quoted by The Telegraph. In her state, Hefner said he and Crystal Harris was doing on Christmas Eve.

"When I gave Crystal a ring, he was moved to tears. This is the happiest moment in the Christmas holidays," Hefner said.

Hefner, the Playboy in 1953, divorced his second wife, Kimberley Conrad, early last year. His first marriage to Mildred Williams also ended in divorce in 1959.

Crystal Harris is a model for Playboy magazine in December 2009. American-born girl 60 years younger than Hefner, the British blood.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fashion Course for Fashion Lover

Fashion Designer
Are you fashion stylist person type? If that so, you should have lot of knowledge about fashion and great interest in fashion. And, you might also like to buy latest fashion product. However, money often causes the problem in your hobby. But, you don’t need to worry about this. There’s solution that you can use.

There’s fashion designer course from This course offers great chance to become a fashion designer as well as satisfy your fashion shopping hobby. There’re two choices that you can choose in this course offer. you can choose the guide to become fashion designer, where you will get all knowledge that you need to become real fashion designer, from basic knowledge, how to develop and design the fashion to how to make it as business, or you can choose the guide to become buyer, which is the great choice. You will shop and buy all fashion products that you want and you get paid from what you did.

This course also offers information about how you can get $1000 a week by travelling the world as fashion designer and buyer. In the end, you can use everything that you can get here for starting your own label. So, if you really love the fashion, this is great course that you can try.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow with long white gown sexy

In the new film titled "Country Strong" Gwyneth Paltrow surprised all vistor with clothing that is unique, exciting and daring. Long dress to this floor design Emilio Pucci.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kick Smart Holiday Shopping On

Enjoy the long holiday at the end of the year by shopping is very enjoyable. However, you still have to properly arrange the funding.

Yes, each end of the year many boutiques or shopping malls that offer products at substantial discounts. But if you're not picky about things that are useful, of course you will lose.

Well, so you can comfortably go shopping, follow the advice from eHow following:

1. Make a list of berbelaja as needed. This is important to act so that you do not be tempted to buy goods less useful, even if the price of goods on offer is highly skewed.

2. Read the ads in newspapers or other media that always Discounts available the end of the year. You can also call boutiques or department stores at a permanent discount program. Usually no official or receptionist who will provide complete information.

3. Find the location you are going to see a map. Not infrequently a store rebate programs to be held close to your place. Here's your chance to save time and gas money so know the location of the destination.

4. You should start to arrive at that location, like the morning. Usually in the morning not many people who want to hunt crowd favorite items. Or you can use the time before the store would close. Maybe you'll get little chance to dream to get.

5. Come to the store or the mall during the peak hours. This gives you the best deals because they serve more people.


Christmas, Hypnosis him with Sexy Lingerie

CHRISTMAS stayed two days. Only today and tomorrow to settle their fate in the final minutes of the birth of Jesus. But if you run out of ideas, do not panic. Because it does not hurt to look sexy at Christmas.

Miss Scotland Nicola Mimnagh has an alternative option to Christmas, so you do not look in the best clothing stores.

And ladies, if you want a good treat to get a good Christmas story, now is the time to hypnotize him in her sexy lingerie.

A red satin bra and black lace bra, worn with lace gloves, guaranteed sex appeal to give couples.

If you have something a little different, Nicola provides an alternative choice. Namely, that bra and thong with shimmering gold details. So that was quoted by The Sun on Thursday (12/23/2010).

A doll that has a red underwear looks stunning as opening a nice Christmas present. Meanwhile, black chiffon bra and shorts looked glamorous as "magical" to him on Christmas Day.


Gisele Bundchen Gallery Newest Collection Balenciaga

Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen is fed the new face of fashion house Balenciaga. The Brazilian supermodel has become the most important model Balenciaga ad campaign spring / summer 2011. Shooting is done in New York by renowned fashion photographer Steven Meisel.

After a long awaited, but the result is not very impressive shooting. Women who are the main model in Balenciaga runway show at Paris Fashion Week has become, it looks less shiny. In fact, Gisele is advisable to wear a wig for better shooting. So that was quoted from Holly Coop, Thursday (12/24/2010).

Regarding the photoshoot the latest collection from Balenciaga, designer Nicolas Ghesquiere open sound exhibited. "This is a response to certain types of sexiness, " says Nicolas told

"It's about individuality," he continued.

Supermodel running on the catwalk for the famous brand was joined by other super stars, including Amber Valletta and Miranda Kerr.

In shooting this time, Bundchen showing off a collection which features polka-dot shirt and jeans jacket skin on the shoulder. On the final touch, casual pants filled her appearance.

What does surprise, Bundchen seems to shoot black and white male. With a background of forest Bundchen alongside male models. He seemed to give a smoldering gaze.

As previously reported, walking for Balenciaga Bundchen replaces Stella Tennant, Freja Beha Erichsen, and Karen Elson, the model star in ad campaigns for Balenciaga autumn / winter 2010.


Christina Aguilera sensual perfume Release

Christina Aguilera
Do not be shy to experiment with personal style. The message will be conveyed to the newest fragrance from Christina Aguilera fragrance sensual.

Singer and actress was engaged in the perfume world since 2004, and regularly release new products so far. Christina Aguilera new perfume products claim inspiration from his mother, who turned out to taste like a sensual scent to get.

"When I was a kid, I used to play around with perfume my mother. He is a sensual fragrance," says Christina Aguilera is quoted from People, Thursday (12/24/2010).

This blonde woman describes the characteristics of two new perfume launch.

Christina Aguilera Perfume label offering nuanced aromas of exotic fruits, while Christina Aguilera by Night presents a more concentrated flavor with a blend of black amber and vanilla.

As a public figure, Christina knows exactly when he should be diligent in taking care of themselves. Perhaps because it was the launch of the perfume is so personal.


Pensions, Kate Moss opened the School of Fashion

Kate Moss
In the world of fashion, Kate Moss is one of the most famous supermodel. Their work in the fashion world is incalculable. But now the age she was not young anymore. After his retirement in the world of the catwalk, her 35-year career is planning to open a school for models.

The British model was at the forefront of the modeling industry since 1990 and successfully designing for the British high street brand, Topshop. However, this blond woman a desire to set a special training academy for potential stars of the catwalk.

She insisted that a model is not as easy as it seems, and the world of modeling is an art form that should be taught to the young talents.

"I thought I would have opened the modeling school, " says Kate told British magazine Company, which Aceshowbiz listed on Wednesday (22/12/2010).

"Kate's Modeling School? Or Moss' models? I will name Moss move for the school model. You should see it as a skill. I mean, you could be the most intelligent of the world, but it will not make you a good teacher. Frankly, that make it very embarrassing. It's not just, 'Keep your left foot on your hands. "I think you should have an eye for art," he continued.

As you know, Moss has become a model for more than 300 times, so the front of the magazine. He also has one of the supermodels these ends as a "superstar" in a long time. Many people like the taste of his style, so the longer they appear, the better its performance.


Apparently, many women wear the wrong size bra Cup!

Female People need to know exactly the size of the bra she was wearing. Who would have thought, for these women wear the wrong size bra cups. Why?

This is not a new case. Although sound crazy, but some women have been allowed to increase breast size bra cup, because she was wearing is not appropriate.

This amount is fairly strongly, with bra cup size is the largest increases from B to DD in the past 50 years.

Women's health experts blame a variety of environmental and hormonal factors, while lingerie specialists say, some women realized they were wearing the wrong size bra for years.

According to Esther Labi bra expert, is an increase in bra cup size is important in lean women, especially teenagers, with very large F or G cup breasts.

"Many teens use 10F cup, their girls slim but they have a coffin," said Esther told the Sydney Morning Herald quoted from the Times of India on Wednesday (22/12/2010).

Companies Esther Labi, Storm in a D Cup, where women who endowed large breast size, and often have a satisfying experience in store.

"There are a lot of frustration in underwear is not available when a small body but big breasts," he explained.

Lingerie expert, Carol Ferlito, said about half of all customers look bigger than DD cup. According to official data company, a large bra size adding one third of total turnover.

Ferlito cups regularly matches girls aged 11 and 12 years in sizes D and DD, even for their first bra.

"The young generation of today that many breast larger than the previous generation. Sometimes a mother does not realize how much their daughter," he added.

Susan Davis, a professor in the department of women's health at Monash University said the bigger breasts are typical in a Western society that, in combination Asia.

In the early days of puberty, delaying childbirth, and increasing total body fat to the hormone cocktail that is conducive to larger breasts.

"As you go through puberty at age 12 will have more time to make your breasts bigger with fat in it. Producing an increase in estrogen causes the breast tissue," he said.

Professor Davis believes estrogen in the food chain and exposure to chemicals rather than synthetic hormones in pills and hormone replacement therapy, also makes women's breasts evolved.

Yeah, how do you measure the size of her bra cups?


Friday, December 17, 2010

Most extravagant handbags

Handbag, women, not just container storage of goods, but a status symbol. Hermes Birkin and Kelly from or Chanel Diamond Forever by some of the most extravagant handbags in the fashion world.

Like shoes, handbags become a fashion statement that can not be excluded. The reason is that Marc Jacobs is so severe use accessory lines for the three labels are handled, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Not only is Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel and Gucci's Frida Giannini can not support "Polish" a collection of accessories, including bags and shoes, always be seen protruding above the runway.

"The market of the bag and shoes that states give herself and the designers to meet that need," says fashion editor Westin Pauline Thomas, who said that in this era, handbags are the wheels of the coffers of the player and the fashion house fashion labels in addition to perfume.

Some of the world's top fashion labels like Hermes, Christian Dior, Prada, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, competing for the "IT bag", competes with fashion label that was in lane accessories and leather products run like Bottega Veneta, Loewe, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, and Anya Hindmarch.

Hermes Kelly and Birkin had two iconic handbag with a long list of reservations. Marc Jacobs is always a hit with young stylish handbag collection which sold each season. While Bottega Vendeta never fails to sell products raised tail woven leather that has become his trademark.

Anya Hindmarch has led the market with a simple bag that read "I'm Not A Plastic Bag", while Kate Spade to attract consumers through a catchy design with bright colors.

But of course, talking branded pouch is talking about money in large quantities. Jimmy Choo sold his collection with an average of USD300, could sell Hermes Birkin with USD6.000 price for the smallest size and can reach prices of tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size and material.

What makes the Birkin and Kelly are so many crazy weaker sex? Pamela Danziger, author of Why people buy things they do not need and founder of the luxury market research firm Unity Marketing says: "People tend to spend their money for something that makes them happy, and for women, handbags and shoes are included in the that category. "

Meanwhile, for the Birkin and Kelly, Danziger says it is related to a status symbol.

"For many women, the Hermes Birkin and Kelly synonymous with luxury and automatically connect to their social status, lofty," he explained.

Like luxury cars, Birkin and Kelly also have a grade apart, depending on the materials used. Birkin as "normal" dibanderol USD6.000, the Birkin "special" made from crocodile leather and decorated with diamonds worth 10 carats, the number USD120.000 reach only produced by the two in the world.

Diamonds are not only designed the Hermes bags, Chanel. Collection Chanel Diamond Forever, released in 2007 included in the list of the most extravagant handbags Forbes.

As the Crocodile Birkin, Chanel Diamond Forever priced USD260.000 was made of alligator skin with a distinctive logo of Chanel of 18 carat white gold adorned with diamonds totaling 334 carats 03:56.

Chanel party claims alligator were taken from licensed companies. Although only a few people who may have Crocodile Birkin or Chanel Diamond Forever, researcher and retailer of luxury products indicate that an increase in sales of luxury handbags than last year by 11%.

"It can be driven by the economic climate began to recovery, so that passion back spending increases," said Meaghan Mahoney, Daily News fashion editor.

However, according to Mahoney, the main thing that drives sales of luxury handbags is a scarcity factor. "It's increasingly rare these products will become more and more demand," said Mahoney, referring to the Birkin and Kelly, who has a waiting list to monthly.


Lara Stone Tom Ford's New Model

TOM FORD is trying hard to manage new ad campaign for women's clothing collections, including a ban on the media to report on Fashion Week earlier this year.

However, a Texas-based designer's biggest fan of the model Lara Stone. The designer also chose the latest model 49-year-old Calvin Klein showcase for the newest line of W magazine

Shown for the Gap, Stone her hair permed. So, barely recognizable in a dramatic photo shoots. In her black catsuit winged bat, Stone adept at showing off the body like sand.

Wife of comedian David Walliams has also appeared in a leopard-pattern gown decorated with sequins and lace. Before elected, the brand was originally dimodeli by Daphne Guinness, who also Julianna Moore, Beyonce and Lauren Hutton.

Ford assessing them one of the 32 celebrities who have a title as the world's most inspiring women. So that was quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (12/16/2010).

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar Ford said the model of choice, "the women (in the fashion I) from their appearance changes from day to day. They already know who they are what makes it iconic. They know who their own know what his preference, and will know what makes him look good. "

This collection will be sold at retail, with prices from £ 2,900 to £ 22,000 and will be sold in 16 men's clothing boutiques, including the design of classical pieces from Ford.

He said: "It's about individuality. It's really dress for women. For a fashionable woman of 25 to 75 years. That's why I really think that much of this performance. I heard them say: 'God, I can not found in everywhere. "

It seems that Tom's out to conquer the world. Not only as a designer but also a director. He received praise for a very stylish movie "A Single Man" starring Julianne Moore and Colin Firth.

Ford, who is also responsible for the famous Gucci brand, which has changed in the past decade.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 SWAGs Dressed in Bikini Sexy Pose

12 SWAGs Dressed in Bikini Sexy Pose
At the end of the year, usually the next calendar year has begun to circulate. Several actions of the calendar models can be found. One of these, 12 women sexy calendars together in swags (Soul Animal women and girlfriends).

For calendar 2011, the military personnel who fought in Afghanistan receive a surprise action Calendar 12 sexy women belonging to flounces. The 12-woman show in her bikini, that they can enjoy throughout the year bershio rabbit.

This idea comes from Michelle Perry (35) wife of Cpl Rob Parry (33) to support the hard struggle of the soldiers. In fact, the entire gain on the sale of calendars Forces Foxes, as they call it, will be donated to two military charities the Household Cavalry Operational Casualties Fund and Combat Stress.

Initially, the mother of two children was to create an account on Facebook tagged swags, then figure out how to help with the purchase of equipment for the soldiers.

"This idea started when Rob started fighting in Afghanistan last year. I was very lonely and have taken care of the baby. Sometimes I do not hear from him almost two weeks, and I think the whole day. But ultimately I know that it is better to focus energy on agenda meratapinya this from recurring, "said Michelle is quoted from The Sun, Friday (12/10/2010).

As a former model Michelle confidence in her figure. Assisted by 11 other women, they are supported by renowned photographer Mick Payton to pose in the calendar.

"She tried to make us believe in the beauty of our body. I am proud with 11 other women and the photos amazing looking. We will do everything to our partner support. They are our heroes, and they are commendable. Hopefully the money raised in 2011 to make their lives better, "he concluded.


Miu Miu Entering London

Miu miu collection
The Queen of Fashion, Miuccia Prada, held a lavish party at the opening of the new Miu Miu boutique hotel is in London to celebrate. The festival is held at Lancaster House, St. James, of course, studded with stars.
Because the latest Miu Miu boutiques are located in New Bond Street flagship store as well as a European Miu Miu. So do not be surprised if the ranks of famous names like Jessica Alba, Lily Allen, Sir Nicholas Serota, Ronnie Wood, as well as young stars Chloe Moretz, visible.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Miuccia Prada Miu Miu said the architectural flagship store in London was inspired by the vault, which is visible from the "decoration" and the layout of the vault. As with other Miu Miu boutiques, flagship store in London offers a range of clothing, accessories and knickknacks, including the signature Miu Miu bags worth £ 6900.

Miu Miu flagship store opening is a positive step taken by the Prada Group in relation to the increase in profit during 2010.Pihak Prada Group is proud to announce that in the last nine months, profit rose to 3 times higher than the same period in 2009.

This increase is not only happening in a label, but each tag yang fire and surveys the Prada Group, Prada, Miu Miu, the traditional British labels Church shoes, moccasins and shoes Car Shoe labels. Despite the increased sales and profits fairly evenly, two brandutama Prada Group Prada and Miu Miu is the largest contribution, especially with the sweetness of a collection of crystal-selling Prada dress of a series of spring and summer 2010.Selain, but also has a collection of seventy-style Miu Miu, dress with a handkerchief as the "sale" of the primary.

Prada positive side also obtained by the number of attractive appearance on the red carpet, Carey Mulligan as the Prada dress to choose for her appearance on the red carpet. Prada also get success by working with Eva Mendes to "walk" in his latest collection at Milan Fashion Week.

Positive things that indicate that Prada's little by little from the liquidation of the crisis, although not entirely free from financial problems. In published statements Italian fashion house, which still owned 95 percent of its shares Miuccia Prada and her husband, Patrizio Bertelli, they probably have a number of shares to sell the debts amounting to 880 million pounds sterling to cover.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Lady Gaga glamor for Mac

Lady Gaga
Once appointed to the MAC icons, Lady Gaga has starred in ads for the brand famous. Chanter "Telephone" has also been published in the latest Mac campaign. This time, the singer famous for its glamorous appearance nyentriknya show for MAC Viva Glam ad.

On Thursday (9 / 12) yesterday, Lady Gaga has been announced as the newest spokesperson for MAC Viva Glam campaign. Not gaga for the first time appeared in advertising campaigns for MAC.

Earlier this year, the singer of "Poker Face" by Cyndi Lauper to participate in MAC ad campaign which included the sale donated to the MAC AIDS Fund benefits. So that was quoted from Holly Coop, Friday (12/10/2010).

For MAC Viva Glam campaign, a variety of poses Gaga immortalized by photographer Nick Knight and styled by Nicola Formichetti.

In the ad, Gaga actually look glamorous, but more like an ad than ads make up jewelry. Because, in a pose Gaga, who let their hair loose grip of shiny jewelry.


Had bankruptcy, Kelly Osbourne Ready to Release Shirt

After a bankruptcy a few years ago, Kelly Osbourne is ready to release a collection of clothing. It guarantees, fashion creations will reach many people.

Earlier in 2004, Kelly launched a fashion collection. But soon after the release of the brand went bankrupt in the same year.

Apparently the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne will not give up so easy with a choice of careers in fashion design. Until now, Kelly was not ready for the brand that will be invited to work together reveal.

"The offer stunning come from different fashion. I can not say which brands I would choose, but surely, a collection of clothing will look good," he said as quoted by Contact Music, Friday (10/12/2010).

To ensure his fans to dress like their idol star, 26-year-old woman was sure of his creation will be very affordable price.

"It is very important for me to be a collection of affordable fashion for everyone to create. I do not want a mode where only the wealthy who can afford it," he concluded to make.


Choose Bag In line with Personality

One of the habits of the women when shopping is to buy goods with cheap price. If you have any discount or write off a percentage, his eyes fixed on the goods directly labeled these two items. Cash is also interested to buy because of other considerations can buy with prices. In fact, the goods are not necessarily require significant or useful.

Okay, more specific course, the bag is a good number two of the most purchased after clothes. This is especially for women who wish to shop in department stores. For a woman, the bag is not only useful as a means of transporting goods alone. Bags are also useful to complement this appearance when attending a party, shop, picnic and other events.

Women often find bags that match the desire. Sometimes the poke because the brand or the color of interest. Types of bags purchased at the boutique can say who you really are, how you taste and how your personality. And the bag, believe it or not, a reflection of your personality. Well, you want to know how your character according to the bag that you wear? Follow a few tips below:

Oversized Bag

Large bag suggests more slender and its use is that you want. You also love bags that can be used every day, so they can a mirror, lipstick, hair brush or a boss to wear on special evenings store. You want to wear hobo bag is pretty smart but a little lazy.

Bag Color Nude

Carrying a bag with a nude or beige color indicates that you have a charming and friendly personality. Handbag neutral color means that you have a practical shopper. You are always a collection of worn something that fit with your wardrobe.


According to a lifestyle site for women who wear the clutch goal, the women clutch wear for everyday purposes is a jet-setter. Is that correct? It is clear that a thin bag squeezed between two fingers barely big store goods, except maybe cell phone and wallet, which was not too thick. People who use it every day probably an accomplice (or friend) who faithfully followed, while bringing your goods to another had.

Berde Decor Tail Bag

Eye-catching with knick-perniknya, indicating someone who is confident. But wearing a bag that highlight also showed that users tend to others when he walking the streets to ignore.

Square Tote

Usually people who wear these bags are usually female, often appear as a snow princess with a matching shirt, shoes are "cute" and sexy makeup. Preferred bags are usually pink or orange with a small short handrails or square foot underneath. Women with a personality is usually always follow the fashion, as shown in the magazine. Not just clothes, but makeup.

Bags Backpacks with waist belt

Many said that people who wear backpacks a sporty personality. Always moving on, because the clothes and accessories you are likely to casual and simple, so as not to inhibit the activity you seabrek. Preferred bags usually made of leather or nylon with a red color that is easy to clean is a good choice to support the activity.

Physicians Tutuo trendy bags

Classical personality described as people who prefer the convenience in choosing the standard lines with durable material. Even so, you tend to decorate themselves with the more trendy accessories, but Rob is not a classic impression of your overall appearance. Suede material selected with the color of brown or shiny will still classic.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stella McCartney Released shopping sites

Designer Stella McCartney has a shopping site just a few days after the birth of her fourth child. After receiving her daughter, Reiley last week, fashionistas are purchasing products online newest collections on the website.

Not only the latest collections, Stella also offers a collection of ready to wear, accessories and various fashion collections. This site also contains the "Stella's Picks" and choice of Stella, where he recommends that buyers at its option, like knitted cardigan and tops made of camel skin.

Stella has also recently released three collections of sports for men and women. So that was launched Female First, Wednesday (12/08/2010).

The man behind Britain for the Olympics in 2010 states: "This is a lifestyle collection inspired by the first sewn before and much booked in advance. This is the first time I ever did for men's line."

"It's very interesting to be able to do both men and women to look casual in the sporting arena, and have a kind of convenience for those who are still people who look impressed, and still clinging to elements of the Olympics and the Great Britain team, "he added.

"Collection of men is designed with features t-shirts, shorts and shirt-headed that celebrates the spirit of the best of British by keeping a neat piece in the style of a designer," he explained.

While on-line women, Stella focuses on the art layer with a tank top and dress offered between collections.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kate Moss without perfume Can not Quit Home

Beautiful model Kate Moss will never leave home without spraying perfume on his body.

"I use perfume every day. I'll never leave home without a spray would. Right now I wear fragrance entitled fourth Vintage Muse," said Kate told InStyle magazine that launched Time Gal, Sunday (05/12/2010) .

One reason for this 38-year-old model to create their own fragrance is because he can express what he wanted and do not like about perfume.

"I love the process of making perfume. All meetings, all lost as' I want to add that this and that this reduction."I really interfere in meraciknya as a scientist. I love setting up the basic bouquet. If we think it will create as we want. This is very interesting. "he explained.

Kate has a perfume with the name of the label, and Vintage Moss Vintage Muse. Yes, elements of vintage British supermodel always inspire it. Perfume Bottle wrapped in the 1920s style in the market, released in July 2010, in England.


Liv Tyler in Givenchy Latest Ads appear potluck

Liv Tyler really express myself on the latest Givenchy perfume ad. He appeared in appearance without makeup and hairstyle are also improvise.

As quoted by Female First, Sunday (05/12/2010), she is great in this campaign like the perfume Very Irresistible Givenchy L'Intense and said he would like the opportunity to look really natural.

"There's something raw about it. I'm not afraid of exposing himself and me as a woman on that day, very complicated, interesting and intense," he said.

Actually, at the time of the shooting given Liv hairstyle and makeup, but suddenly photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino, who eventually decided to take photos natural photos Liv was the best. Armageddon movie stars and even then agree with the choice of Jean.

"I came that morning and a bit annoyed because the jet lag. My hair was wet and not wearing makeup. After fitting clothes, Jean asked me to stand under the lights and just one picture. The finished as a picture for this perfume campaign. Although make-up and full-back hair done, we decided the previous image is used because we felt the image was so strong, "beber Liv.

Liv Givency began working together in 2003.


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