Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Style Grooming 4 Latin Stars!

I still remember the appearance of the Latin singer and actress who walked the red carpet at the Grammy Awards 2010 this evening? What seems, to avoid the use of lip color shade and excessive wear eyeliner.

From Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, to Nicole Richie. The following exposure of justjared can show how these four stars of America grooming such as participation in the prestigious event.


Staff Fergie Black Eyed Peas are good at stealing the attention. With a face that seemed decent, using the color palette is nice, and Sharp eyeliner thin and beautiful. Similarly, while attending the Grammy Awards, for some time.

Jennifer Lopez

With the dramatic Smokey eye brows, we know this girl love herself and always wore false eyelashes and thick eyebrows.

Melody Thornton

Pussycat Dolls staff are doing a lot of eyes were astonished to see the camera from a few makeup makeup clearly. With a bright glow transparent, the general appearance is strange night.

Nicole Richie

With a touch of liquid eyeliner to make appearances Nicole seemed brave and ready for action before the camera. Backed with a bold lip color, Nicole does look more tempting.

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