Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lennor Celebrated Drazzling Moments

In late 2009, last year, a talented young designer, Lenny Agustin told the media will be long-term plan to bring international batik to the world. This dream lady is known as a way to batik of Indonesia and Indonesia also introduced by the designer. A first step is to connect Lenny nails stronger in their home country first, Indonesia. The movement started with a new Lennor.

During this Lennor, Lenny Agustin boutique brands are under the direct supervision of Lenny. However, since late 2009 and Lenny introduces collaboration with Batik Semar Lennor to issue the new collection. Through this cooperation, both want to bring batik closer to the younger generation. In the hands of Lenny, he meant that it was a beautiful batik, batik was beautiful, and you can look stylish and with a unique style of Lenny.

Recently, Lenny shows his latest collection for the beginning of this year. The theme of the clothes he calls "dazzling moments". This same event also opened a secondhand store in Lennor Plaza Indonesia 2nd floor, after Central Park, which opened last December. Like the topic title, this collection presents a collection that reflects the party.

For boutique Lennor, Lenny offers two types of clothing, namely, regular and executive. Lenny typical for you who likes the bold and colorful style, you can choose the regular collection. While executives rancangnya online collection is more formal, not many accents, and the color tends to cool. Batik accents will surely find in each of these clothes Lennor.

Dazzling moments using a combination of batik and striatum in the library collection. In this collection, Lenny uses many bright colors such as yellow, red, purple. For women, you will find a collection of bright and patterned batik cheongsam top, shorts, too long batik cheongsam dresses. This collection ranges from 300,000 to 900,000 rupees.

Through this new store, Lenny told his dream of going international. Target, which will strengthen its brand among countries, and then spread to other countries. It is expected that the dream is within a period of 5 years. He believes, with good quality and competitive prices to the determination of odor through the creation of a nation and the cultural wealth of the nation will succeed.

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