Sunday, February 27, 2011

Megan Fox shows Pose

Megan Fox
As an iconic Emporio Armani, Megan Fox showing off the body by wrapping experts in the Italian clothing. The former star of "Transformers" was too tempting to reappear latest Emporio Armani advertising campaign.

Megan Fox to return to photo shoots with Armani campaign emphasizing her sexiness. Brian Austin Green's wife was also visible superseksi exhibiting in the Emporio Armani underwear collection and Armani Jeans. This time, Megan Fox again showing off her sexy body and did make many women jealous.

A new ad for Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani briefs will be released. Megan Fox was already showing off is a "hot"in her latest Emporio Armani underwear. So that was quoted from Holly Coop, Friday (02/25/2011).

Her body looks great . While showing off six pack abs, Megan showing off the latest collection of Emporio Armani clad in black transparent fabric.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ways of caring for many Jewellery

What woman did not like the jewelry. Yes, this looks a supplement to the preferred, because of various shapes and types. Learn how to care for your jewelry to live long.

You can mix and match a classic feminine dress with pearls or vintage jewelry. If you wish to casual, jewelry, silver or bronze seem ready to assist. Kala invited to a dinner partner, diamond jewelry can enhance your gown.

Many features of jewelry would have to balance good care. It is said that every form of jewelry require different treatments. Just follow these tips:

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds have attractive properties of materials that grease, oil, soap, body lotion and grease from the skin of your own body. Therefore, diamond jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings regular maintenance, at least about six months. This is intended to keep radiated glow. Besides doing maintenance on the diamond shops that provide service, you will care.
  1. Make a hot water is dotted with drops of detergent.
  2. Dip your diamond jewelry in the liquid.
  3. Brush gently with a toothbrush with soft hairy affordable for dirt get to it.
  4. After brushing, rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth with pressed-way valve.
  5. Another way by soaking for 30 minutes in the water 15% already contains 70 percent alcohol or ammonia. Dry the jewelry with a soft cloth.
  6. Do not use jewelry while bathing or swimming pool water usually contains chlorine that can damage a lot of shine.
  7. How to save should be done with care, each piece wrapped in a cloth and in separate bags so as not to rub against each other and cause scratches on the diamond.

Pearl Jewelry

Unlike diamonds, pearls are highly vulnerable to chemical liquids, such as hair spray, nail polish or ammonia. These fluids can easily ruin your favorite pearl!
  1. Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after use.
  2. Enjoying the pearl jewelry with warm water mixed with few drops of baby soap (because it contains a neutral pH). Let stand for one to two minutes, then dry with a soft cloth. Squeeze the cloth and wipe the beads in one direction, then dry with a soft, clean cloth.
  3. Shells of pearl jewelry is easy once you loose or off. Periodically turn the spine (leave it to experts in the jewelry store).
  4. Pearls are very sensitive to perfume and nail polish, add a pearl jewelry after you have finished dressing.
  5. For storage, separate from other jewelry pearl rubbed, so that no scratches and scars. Pearl jewelry store in a paper wrapper, such as bread, cotton or soft plastic foam and insert it into the jewelry box.

Gold and silver jewelry
  1. Before cleaning jewelry, jewelry used for the silver or gold from the dust and dirt on the surface clean. You can use a soft brush or a soft cloth to the friction on the surface of the jewelry to avoid.
  2. Soak the silver or gold jewelry with warm water mixed 2-3 three tablespoons baking soda or laundry detergent. Make sure the jewelry is really immersed in the solution.
  3. Let stand for 2-3 minutes, rinse with warm water and then dry with a soft cloth.
  4. You can use toothpaste or even use silver cleaning solution (available at jewelry stores) - Instructions for use mostly in the packaging.
  5. If silver strung with rocks, you should be more careful. Because there is some cleaning fluid that can damage some types of stones.
  6. Necklace and bracelet are shaped and easily confused chain must be stored by hanging.
  7. For silver and gold luster not disappear, of light and air. Wrap with waterproof paper, silica, plastic or metal containers. Then in plastic and store in a dark place.
  8. White gold jewelry that you need to gild every 12-18 months. With gold, white gold jewelry that you will shine like new.

Bronze Jewelry

Although not a trend, there is nothing wrong Moms collecting bronze jewelry. Moreover, treating the bronze jewelry was not too difficult, because many inexpensive materials around us that can be used to clean it.
  1. Enjoying silver jewelry is mixed with hot water 2-3 tablespoons tamarind water or tomato sauce. Make sure the jewelry is really immersed in the solution.
  2. Let stand for 2-3 minutes then dry with a soft cloth. Make sure the jewelry is completely dry to prevent damage.
  3. You can also use a special cleaning liquid bronze (available from jewelers or store chemicals) and then cleaned according to instructions in the box use.
  4. How easy to store, can be anywhere as long as the place is clean and not too moist for the fungus is not harmful to the beauty of bronze jewelry you posted. To keep the temperature so that no use of silica gel moist. Enter a pack of silica gel in a jewelry box. But certainly are not directly exposed to the jewelry, if necessary, wrap silica gel with a tissue.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Alleira Batik at World Boutique Hong Kong

Alleira ever increasing glory of batik to the world. 17 to 20 January 2010, Alleira, especially Alleira International, based in Singapore, after the event in Hong Kong World Boutique Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The exhibition, also attended the International Alleira enliven the catwalk with a collection entitled "Pretty Woman" with a variety of beautiful silk dress ATBM (Not Weaving Machine Tools), silk chiffon, silk and super accented with sequins and Swarovski crystals.

Grand Wedding Expo 2011

The model was demonstrated in the fashion show, wedding dress' Grand Wedding Expo 2011 "at JCC Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (18 / 2). Unlike previous years, Gwe this time is a special room of the traditional area located at the Plenary Hall, JCC. Areas dominated by a variety of vendors ranging from traditional catering, make-up clothes, photography, MC, invitations and other traditional suppliers.

Starck Eyes Optical Melawai Latest Releases

French brand sunglasses, Starck Eyes launched the latest collection. Present collection glasses to the needs of users who also take into account the features in appearance to answer.

Starck Eyes was first designed by Alain Mikli and Philippe Starck, the duo friends who have 30 years. In 1995 they decided to work together. Now, Starck Eyes continues to expand operations in Asia, including Indonesia.

Through its launch in Optical Melawai in Jakarta, Wednesday (02/23/2011) Starck Eyes introducing new collections, namely Biolight, Alux and Biozero.


Biolight is a collection of rimless glasses for men who like minimalist style. With features transparent, Biolight fits perfectly with the lines of the face of the wearer. Biolink Technology allows Biolight wide open in every direction.

Alux and Biozero

Both this collection is the latest technology Starck Eyes realized how important the sense of vision for our lives. Collections using gravity technology, materials are never used in the glass industry. This technology offers excellent performance for the collection and Biozero Alux.

The event was also attended by Kamen Chung, CEO Mikli Asia Limited, which also share ideas on "BioVision, " a primer on how Philippe Starck and Alain Mikli, the eye of the future created. It seems a number of male artists Capital as Surya Saputra, Ben Joshua, Gunawan, and others.

Optical Melawai also worked with three renowned interior architects of Indonesia, namely Roland Adams, Alvin Tjitrowirjo and Yuni Jie to decorate Melawai Optical outlets in new locations, Plaza Senayan 2nd Floor.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vera Wang to David's Bridal Gown Design

Vera Wang
Vera Wang has promised a romantic and unique design lines that became his trademark for David's Bridal.
The designer is known for 61 years with the beautiful dresses that had wrapped the body beautiful celebrities on board, such as Victoria Beckham and Alicia Keys as they establish a marriage. And that the design of lines that will be offered for David's Bridal that was specially made to order customers.

Vera said he would draw up a romantic and sensual, but still looks fresh and unique. For the collection was 12, David Bridal membandrolnya with prices between $ 600-USD1.400.

Representatives from the David's Bridal expressed his joy for the opportunity to work with the Queen's Bridal.

"Vera is someone who is attractive, smart, and really understand their customers, " said a crew member of David's Bridal, as reported by First Female, Wednesday (02/23/2011).

Robeth Huth, President and Chief Executive David's Bridal, Vera said was identical to the bride. How many stars and famous people who later became his client. No wonder, our customers are generally women are very excited to hear this news.

"My God, I will do everything to have a Vera Wang dress to do," they said.

The reason is that what makes menggandengnya David Bridal.

"She was the queen for us. Therefore, the presence of Vera will provide more value to our loyal customers, " says Robert.

Those interested can get all the collection of size zero to 30 in David's Bridal across the United States.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Bags Heart Shaped, the most expensive in the world

If you think a purse £ 18,000 or the equivalent of   Rp258 million Victoria Beckham is the world's most expensive handbag, you're wrong! The reason, handbags, released Mouawad, 1001 Nights Diamond is the most expensive handbag in the world.

Heart shaped handbag is priced 2.3 million pounds, equivalent to Rp34 billion was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's most expensive handbag in the world.

Mouawad made of 18 carat gold encrusted with 4517 diamonds. Diamonds that adorn the classic shape handbag is made of 105 diamonds were yellow, 56 pink diamonds, and diamond 4356 without color. It weighed 381.92 carats. More than ten handbag craftsmen who spent 8800 to complete. So that was disitat Legal from the Daily Mail, Tuesday (22/02/2011).

Handbag was exhibited by the Co-Guardians of the House of Mouawad, Fred and Pascal Mouawad, in Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition. Diamond Nights continue in 1001, designed by Robert Mouawad. This handbag is a fashion label that managed to break both world records.

In 2003, the company along with jewelry Mouwad Victoria's Secret released their fifth most expensive bra in the world. Bejeweled bra and a weight of 70 carats worth 6.8 million pounds, equivalent to Rp97, 4 million. Very Sexy Fantasy Bra labeled was exhibited by Heidi Klum.

1001 Diamond Nights continue inspired by the epic tale of romance and intrigue.

Pascal Mouawad said: "Just like the Scheherazade story readers with their complex plots in the spell, and woven of the passions' brave wild'en, 1001 Diamond Nights pursue designed to empower people with an eye for rich detail and intricate workmanship that thousands of diamonds Combining hypnotize. "

Mouawad Fred adds: "This extraordinary creation is a unique masterpiece. Not only, but also one of the most valuable in the world.

Mouwad luxury jewelry brand founded in 1890 by David Mouawad. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey have all Mouawad jewelry.

Vivienne Westwood refused to design a wedding dress Middleton

Kate Middleton
British fashion designer Bruce Oldfield was named as one of the designer wedding dress Kate Middleton. But the company revealed Bruce Good Morning America reporter, Elizabeth Vargas that she will wear two dresses at her wedding. So, who the other designers?

Guess about the designers who will design a wedding dress Kate Middleton still ongoing. From Bruce Oldfield, Amanda Wakeley, Caroline Castigliano, Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen until Helayel with Danielle Issa, all names that the ranks of designers who design a wedding dress princess of Wales to introduce. But the fashion mogul Vivienne Westwood they may reject the request for Prince William's future wife a wedding dress design.

It is not unreasonable, supermodel Kate Moss's boyfriend said he does not want a wedding dress design because the style berbusananya Middleton to date.

Royal party will start to arrange the wedding Middleton since April 11. News from Westwood who designed clothing for the big day is also widespread. But Westwood insists he would not do. The reason, he was not impressed with fashion sense 29-year-old woman.

"I would like to design clothes Kate Middleton, but I must wait until a little more style," said Westwood told the British newspaper, the Daily Star quoted from Zimbio, Tuesday (02/22/2011).

"Sorry, I'm not going to say again, that's all. When people ask me where he is a dress from the designer to get, he is certainly not going to get it from me," he concluded.

To note, the wedding Kate Middleton, Prince William will be held at Westminster Abbey on April 29. They have spread the call of gold to 1900 guests.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kate Moss Design Own Wedding Dress

Kate Moss
Kate Moss boyfriend Jamie Hince has received a proposal in early February. British supermodel is too busy with her wedding, which will be held on July 2. Interestingly, he designed the wedding dress itself. Wow!

Long in the fashion industry makes Moss knows a lot about fashion. He also plans to design her wedding dress itself. This is expressed by the famous designer Vivienne Westwood is a close friend of Moss. So that was launched from Aceshowbiz, Tuesday (02/22/2011).

Beautiful blonde woman was busy planning her summer wedding after the official voice of Jamie Hince. But instead of asking the friend a designer to make her wedding dress, Moss actually design their own dream of the perfect dress.

"In my opinion he was the design itself. He's the same for collection of fashion design output done and he knows about clothes. He knew what he did, he did not need my help," said Westwood.

"Kate is my friend. I've had it for years, and I am very happy for him," he concluded.

The Kills frontman Jamie Hince Kate sought to use an old ring of 1920. Application held on Tuesday, February 1 at night, when couples who had a girlfriend that was three years in the bed.

Before applying, she had asked the blessing of her parents, Linda and Peter. The couple are now planning their wedding and have decided on July 2, when the wedding day. Kate plans to hold a massive party.

Prior to anchoring the heart to Jamie, she never went out with a number of celebrities like Johnny Depp and the rock star Pete Doherty. Kate has an eight-year-old child, Lila Grace, from a relationship with magazine publisher Jefferson Hack.

Colorful autumn

Colorful autumn Victoria Beckham
Somber palette often dominate the perpetrators during the fall fashion collection. It is not the case with Victoria Beckham is actually present on the stage colorful New York Fashion.

Palette of bright yellow, fuchsia, red, blue and green colors of the latest collection at New York Fashion Week, Posh. Even with gold details diaplikasikannya a motif in several collections.

Unlike the series of fashion designers who choose the most distinctive dark palette of autumn, fashionistas who currently works as a designer who just presenting diverse palette to the appearance and the weather turned cold filling.

Not only in terms of color, the show Victoria was present berbeda.Lebih ripe and full of sophistication that makes it even more acceptable in the fashion world's elite class.

In an interview with the Guardian, Victoria says, "Without criticism I have received so far, no maybe I can at this position."

Victoria maturity in making the work is shown through a more loose silhouette, design lines are cleaner, more elegant and breath that total. He also presented his work-100, a double crepe wrap dress, and with collaborations with Christian Louboutin collection simply in celebration of Valentine's Day.

The Victoria Beckham collection show held in private in one of townhousedi Upper East Side, New York. Background seductive Barbra Streisand, Victoria presents her collection one by one, while providing narration about the design.

As his collection last spring, the latest designs for fall and winter 2011/2012 inspired everyday life. Constructive striped dress in black and white palette looks so graceful embrace the body of the model.

Meanwhile, work shoes Louboutin design with a sweet counterpart. In fact, a part of his collection of sweaters (hoodies) so it can be an alternative to dress for Islamic women.

"I think the colors are rich, "said Victoria commented on his collection of full color.

The brand collection for the cold weather, using wool and jacquard Victoria as the main material.

Not just clothes, Victoria said, after designing 100 different clothing, he had begun to spread to low collection. For the collection of jackets, put the wife of footballer David Beckham style long jacket even features chic yang belt. The style is now synonymous with Victoria Beckham.

Kirsten Dunst fans of British Fashion

Kirsten Dunst
Stars' Spiderman actress Kirsten Dunst, including a fashionable trend-following style. The new face of classic Italian perfume, Bulgari has revealed that he was a big fan of British fashion.

The 28-year-old actress was considered one of the most influential people in the fashion industry in New York. But he said, not fellow Americans a sense of style and he is so admired during a visit to England. So that was out disitat Zimbio, Tuesday (02/22/2011).

Speaking at a party hosted by Mulberry after watching the show at London Fashion House, Sunday (20 / 2) and then she told Vogue, "I think it all relates to heritage and where you are. That is why I view the American people against fashion and the way you look completely different. "

"You have a history with the sewing and small children to wear school uniforms. This led to something you know. You just can not in New York," he continued.

This blonde star is the biggest fan of many designers, but he claimed a large membership of a British designer.

"I love Vivienne Westwood. He does not care what people think. I believe I have a couple of stunning design. He is so incredible," he concluded.


Belle Noel, Kim Kardashian Latest Jewelry Labels

Kim Kardashian
Outbreaks of the artist opened his own jewelry line was also plagued beautiful star Kim Kardashian. Kim used the name Belle Noel for the label.

Women born in Los Angeles is launching 75 pieces of jewelry that is the result of collaboration with celebrity jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad. The launch was marked with a party at Revolve Clothing, Los Angeles.

Version jewelry Kim this time presents the variation versatile, so it can be used daily and for formal purposes. Kim hopes that it launched jewelry can enhance the appearance of women all the time, such as leather bracelets, anklets, bracelets glam, and others.

"I think every woman should be to emphasize benefits. I love earrings and you can wear them in line with the clothes you wear," he said, as quoted by Glamour, on Tuesday (22 / 2 / / 2011 ).

Various jewelry Kim priced under 175 USD .

Kim also shared tips for jewelry care.

"I hate wearing jewelry when the day was cold, so I have to blow dry my jewelry to keep warm," he said.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gwen Stefani's son Trendy Walk Runway

Son of Gwen Stefani, Kingston Rossdale was provided in line to star as the coolest looking guy in Hollywood. Apparently, when appearing to accompany his mother on the stage runway, Kingston looks beautiful in the eyes of many trendy.

While wearing a wee, pants that have been modified soldiers, equipped with a jacket that was left open, Kingston looks more attractive with a ponytail hair.

"He (Kingston) ran out to catch Gwen," a source told the people after the fashion show Gwen Stefani designs.

Not surprisingly, four years boy had been willing to become part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which took place on Thursday (17 / 2) again.

"They were happy to be here, they're excited, " says Gwen Stefani on her sons Kingston and Zuma for the show.

"They are familiar with the (fashion show)," he continued.

Two boys blonde woman turned a fascination with the world of fashion have.

"Yes, they both took fashion. With such strength, I forced them to dress every time," said Gwen.

The concept of the fashion show, Gwen explains: "We have decided to split the collection into several categories. a messy girl, glamor girl, the girl full of atmosphere, and the girl soldiers And we do fashion shows with a small miniature with a different hairstyle and make up a melody. "

When the fashion show, Gwen seems some fans sitting in the front row, including designer Christian Siriano.

"I love Gwen. He opened the way for the many women in this business," he concluded.

Know Transgender Model in the world, Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic
As with most models with tall stature, perfectly arched eyebrows, and sharp cheekbones, Andrej Pejic center has become the most shining model. Who would have guessed, sexy model from Australia was a man. Wow!

Andrej Pejic (19) comes from Broadmeadows, Melbourne, Australia, and became an international model because her face looks more like women than men.

Since its foray into the world of world-class model in Paris last June, a number of famous designer names as models such as Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano.

Pejic later appeared in various editions of Vogue France, Japan, Turkey, Italy. Not only that, he has all over the world from Melbourne to New York where he received a lucrative offer advertising.

At present very much in demand berlenggok Pejic on track or iconic. Like the cover editorial, shot by photographer Steven Meisel and prestigious as Mert & Marcus for Vogue in Paris and Italy, she has a transgender model from the latest ad campaign for designer Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs.

And on Sunday (20 / 2) in the evening local time, Pejic again a model of women's clothes on the catwalk for Vivienne Westwood, as part of London Fashion Week. So that was disitat from the Telegraph on Monday (2/21/2011).

So, what is the preferred Pejic, model, male or female? "I'm comfortable doing both," he said.

"Although women's clothing is more glamorous, more interesting clothes. in menswear, I need more work to bring the male side. But that's my job. If they say sayakantong garbage and I feel really unattractive, I still have to to demonstrate my potential, "he continued.

Pejic who look androgynous in her mini-dress gray light, equipped with tight pants and black boots reveals: "When I was about 14 years, I decided to experiment with my looks."

"As a child, you get to the stage where you realize that there are gender barriers in society and what you should and should not do. I really try to be someone else during that period. It's hard for me to not be able to express themselves and feel like I'm somebody else, "he continued.

"But now I'm comfortable with myself, and I look very personal. When I began experimenting, it's a personal decision because I was not happy. It's not something I do to attract attention," said Pejic.

Pejic has a physique that is very similar to women, making it difficult to distinguish if not carefully addressed. Her skin is perfectly white, and his Adam's apple looks vague. The only clue is a slightly protruding belly characteristic of Adam.

Models of women seems to be working with him not too difficult. "The girls do not mind if I'm in the dressing room with them. Some of the girls friendly. I think they find me attractive," he said.

"Andrei is a perfect model. clothes look great on the body of a person who is tall and thin, with long, slim silhouette. According to Andrei, " says Clare Coulson, director of Harper's Bazaar.

Harriet Quick, Vogue's fashion director agrees with the views of Clare, "Andrei very nice with a very striking face. The angle of the sharp look very good when in front of the camera."

"In the past decade, the world of fashion is to focus on gender stereotypes alpha. It's all about questioning the sexuality and the blurring of the boundaries. Andrei reflect our world, it is what comes out, it reflects the culture, "he continued.

Originally from Bosnia, with a maternal origin of Serbia and Croatia father, Pejic was born shortly before the start of the Balkan conflict. His family moved to Serbia, and when he was eight years old they moved to Melbourne, Australia.

"I have a new culture and new language. It took one year to learn English," he said.

And in the fashion world has finally Pejic could be themselves. "Fashion is an exclusive and well at different things and embrace different forms of beauty, " he said.

"This industry is very liberal. You can be yourself. It should not be too heavy," he added.

The beginning of their work in the world model Pejic's 17th birthday. "I was working part time at McDonald's, and this man came, he wanted a cheeseburger. He told me to add to the agency model," said Pejic.

Pejic she thinks a woman? "I do not know, he did not say clearly., when I go to the agency model, they think that way."

Initially, the agency model that will Pejic sure in which direction, namely as a male model. "At first they wanted me to be more masculine, they sent me to the gym, because my client's clothing is more macho men want. This is not going to like a good idea now, because I can not wear women's clothing," added he added.

However, having friends and family supported his efforts. "My mother was very proud. He finds me and every photo are displayed on every wall. And my friends, because as a teenager, I always experimental. So they were not surprised. Of course they were surprised to see me in a wedding dress fashion show. that's probably something they did not expect! But they all support, "he concluded.

"At this point, yes, everything goes well. My body is still sufficient sample size, so I can go into the design of clothing designers. The only thing is my problem is my shoulder," he concluded.

Pejic was not the first transgender model who appeared in the famous fashion-line advertising campaign. As recently revealed, Lea T has become one of the new face of Givenchy.

Kate Middleton wins Throne Lady Gaga

Kate Middleton
As a trendsetter, Kate Middleton has managed to attract many women. His style is gentle and graceful Kate Middleton has a lot of female role model. No wonder the candidates ultimately Princess of Wales Lady Gaga had managed to replace his throne as an exemplary way.

According to research conducted by Global Language Monitor many womenfolk prefer the appearance of 29-year-old woman to imitate. Kate always looks ugly it the top position, got closest rival Lady Gaga. So that was disitat Genius Beauty, Sunday (02/20/2011).

All eyes were on him after he and Prince William announced their engagement. Even the elegant blue gown, designed by Daniella Issa Helayel he wore while announcing the happy news hunted by many fashion-loving women around the world.

Another trend that the study, way of dressing the stars on the red carpet will often imitated, and experts expect the stores to immediately realize their desires.

Besides the style of the dress Middleton, must-have items such as other spring shirts, eco-friendly clothing (such as Emma Watson made for People Tree) and the 1970 era clothing.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Purple Haze

Turtle neck knit shirt and pleated skirt, nice mix for a meeting, followed by a lunch date with him.

Pair purple with a gradation of the exciting style to maximize. Take advantage of accessories, shoes, bags and the equivalent of the same color.

Chiffon babydoll dress can always be wrapped body of a woman with a graceful and feminine.

For parties and entertainment, dark palette like black, gray and navy could be equivalent elegant purple hue. More glamorous, wear bling-bling accessories.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Slim Secrets Jessica Simpson Pre-Wedding

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson is more serious to the ideal body shape for her wedding later receive. As proof of its seriousness, Jessica asks Tracy Anderson, trainer of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and several other celebrities to help him with the body beautiful during the day later.

"He wants to be healthy," said Tracy U. S. Weekly.

He added that Jessica wanted to make changes to your lifestyle. To reach the ideal weight should Jessica hard to train for 4 times a week for 75 minutes per session. In practice, Jessica visited different classes such as aerobic dance and strength training seriously they lived.

"Let us do everything together. With the restrictions we have, we become what we want. Do it with enthusiasm, because this is a choice, " Jessica wrote in Twitter a few weeks ago.

After weeks of hard training, Jessica was already feeling the results.

"He really liked it. And it's very exciting, " said a friend, as quoted by U. S. Magazine.


Sex and the City, Inspiration Wedding Dress of Fairoza-Galih

Fairoza A Rafiq
The celebrity couple Fairoza A Rafiq and Galih Ginanjar will marry next month. For international bridal fashion, they took inspiration from the movie, one of those "Sex and the City".

Fairoza or confidential called Fai said he was inspired wedding dress from the movie "Hang On" and "Sex and the City" (SATC), including designer Vivienne Westwood's dresses worn by Sarah Jessica Parker. International dress will be worn at a reception March 12, 2011 at Waterpark Pecatu Indah, Bali.

"The model that is baseball complex. Although tail and lots of sequins, still seems simple. For if it be just for evening events are also a good baseball," he said after demonstrating Bridal wedding John's dress on the big Wedding Expo at JCC, Jakarta, Friday (18 / 2 / 2011).

More in detail, Fai said that the colored wedding dresses "off white" with a touch of green in color and intersecting Sabrina on the arm. FAI galih and entrust the design of wedding dress to John, the owner of John's Bridal.

"Uncle John like my shoulder, so it made poor Sabrina. And because my hips, heels baseball just below the breasts, "said Rafiq A daughter pedangdut this.

Meanwhile, to make up, make-up is recommended Fai impressive, the soft contours of her face it, it was very strict.

"If the hair, later the Balinese environment and not tilted to the right and given flowers are given,"added the 23-year-old woman.

For Galileo, the wedding dress is the design of Harry Palmer with matching shades with Fai.

"I am both consulting all the Uncle John, .. clothes, makeup, hair, He is very detailed, for instance about the comfort it or not I am with the dress she designed, I know a good wedding dress fitting see my sister, "said this woman of Arab descent.

Both will be married on March 5, 2011 in Jakarta and has a reception on March 12, 2011 in Bali.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

60's style, its trends Order 2011

Short Hair Style
Glamorous and sexy are two words that Coiffeurs International des des Dames (ICD) echoed the hair trends for 2011. Influenced styles that were presented to women 60s era.

ICD is the world organization with a hairdresser of them in Indonesia. By the cold hands of the members of the ICD Indonesia, including Peter and Alex Steven Lim of Medan, Lina Tanubrata of Yogyakarta, and Bandung Hetty Hetty Kosasih Salimulana, the models demonstrate the hairstyle trends for 2011.

Hair trends adapted version of the "Most Beautiful Hair Paris" with cutting techniques attractive, beautiful colors, and stylish. Peter Lim as the fashion director of the ICD Indonesia stated that its trends in 2011 is divided into four categories.

Uniqueness of each category, a braid, crimples (alloy blond color with a darker color), Bob, golf, and the impression of cutting sorted retro, vintage, and glamorous style of women's 60s era Paris produces.

Cosmic Trip

The impression of wild, young and crazy. It is quite a complicated style, while still in a state where wet, hair cut, so the top of the classical form wavy hair, followed by curling her hair and braided hair mentata together and enhanced with subtle styling blow.

Earth Folk

Zig Zag Crimples from the root to the tip of her. Followed by Sasak and grammar with hairpins continue the process of hairspray, combine or rotate all the hair on the head. Let the rest of the hair falling down.

Mad Men

An assessment of pieces on the inside of the hair of the neck where the area behind the ear is used as a center for the upper part protrudes into the future to create. A piece of short bob but still looks and glamorous style retro nan 1960.

Ethnic Barocco

Process an order that the blow-bangs in the front with a flat iron, followed by the hair braiding and then re-arrange the escape using a flat iron.

"Basically, the style, we introduce this time is the style for those who view a high sense of fashion (haute couture-ED), in which the hair is more daring and complicated, " says Rudy Hadisuwarno, President of Indonesia legal ICD after the ceremony "Asia Best Hair" in Airman Planet Restaurant, Hotel Sultan, Jakarta, Wednesday (16/02/2011).

Emma Watson Icons Newest Lancome

Emma Watson
Star movie "Harry Potter, Emma Watson back scores. Previously elected as a style icon at the Elle Style Awards event, Emma is now lined up to star as the newest face of Lancome cosmetics brand.

In the latter ad Lancome, 20-year-old woman on one day this will work with legendary photographer Mario Testino, and said his impatience.

"This is very encouraging. I can not wait to be photographed. Although I do not wear makeup often, but I love Lancome products, especially mascara output," said Emma, as reported by Female First, Thursday (02 / 17/2011).

For more information, she will follow in the footsteps actress Julia Roberts and Uma Thurman previously elected as an icon of the cosmetics brand.

Fashion on Line Online

Fashion Online
In the past, fashion is not for everyone. Fashion symbolize exclusivity, status symbol, and luxury lifestyle. But now, all that changed. Internet bridges in fashion to street level. Rapidly growing high street fashion, personal style is expressed through fashion and fashion in individual identity. All the people now associate with fashion. In short, fashion for men fashion for everyone.

Not only fashion closer to the community, the Internet enables all people to be Anna Wintour and Suzy Menkes and Hilary Alexander, fashion media lords. Blogs devoted to disseminating information about fashion mushroomed across the globe. Become an alternative media for those who thirst for fashion information, even the birth "star" new, like Bryan Boy and Tavi Gevitson, thanks to their famous fashion blog.

More fashion news brief comes in the hands of consumers through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Do not have a ticket for access to limited fashion show? Not to worry, live streaming internet can bring to fashion lovers around the world as a watch in the front row.

"Internet changing fashion, " said Pauline Thomas Westin site caretaker. Additionally, Thomas said, over the Internet, consumers can now even directly communicate with the designer. Via Twitter can publish a consumer praise, questions, or steam, simply by adding the identity of the designer account. While passing you, the consumer can continue to work with the perpetrator of fashion, or giving thumbs-up or comments on status, photos, videos and links that they publish.

So do not be surprised if many players mode now "embracing"the Web as part of a marketing promotion strategy as well. Christopher Bailey, Burberry Creative Director went even further with a virtual three-dimensional show in several cities at once, it might be a way to save time and fees for buyers who can not travel to Paris. While Diane von Furstenberg never missed to update the information, both on Facebook and Twitter. The Carolina Herrera presents fashion on the iPhone application that can facilitate consumers in choosing the collection.

International Fashion Week now have a special room with rows of computers with internet ekstracepat fashion blogger that the media will also publishes several reports of current events.

"We know how important the Internet for fashion. why we have a blogging station for the fashion bloggers who want to immediately update his blog with the latest collections of designers," said Peter Levy, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of IMG Fashion, the organizer of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

The latest L-Cup Bra for breast super

L Cup Bra
If you are not comfortable with a worn bra size, not to worry. Recently, a new lingerie holding a cup size, namely L.

The size of households is still not big enough for you? Relax, this time you do not need to hassle to find the right size.

A retail company specializing in producing large size underwear, Bravissimo, finally meets the needs of women of bra size. Bra question is L-cup bra that has a size of 28 inches. Two years ago, the company also has families which took the bra cups measuring 20 inches.

"Our research shows that 40 percent of women would use a cup size D to the top,"said spokesman Bravissiom, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (17/02/2011).

The need for a bra cup size larger based on the fact that many women their lifestyle and diet change. Now, more and more women are overweight.

"Women need time to see if they really take wearing the right size," said Luis Pare Less, Lingerie magazine editor.

"cup bra size L is the largest size I've ever heard," he added.

Christina Hendricks New icon Vivienne Westwood

Christina Hendricks
Cristina Hendricks will be a model for his favorite designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood with the latest jewelry collection.

Actress 'Mad Men' is famous for her sexy figure was eventually chosen as the iconic British designer collections of luxury jewelry. This is the biggest dream finally became a reality for him.

"I have so much fun one day where I could try the latest collections of Vivienne's. He's my favorite designer. As a woman, of course I'm very interested in the collection published Vivienne's. Although not afford, I would cut pictures magazine. Right now I only have one item in the closet, "said Christian, such as Female First released on Wednesday (16/02/2011).

When first he could only see the collection of Vivienne ngimpi displayed in boutique luxury, Christina now free to borrow. Christina also praised the dress Vivienne's.

"It's much more comfortable, not like other designers," said Christian.

Although he was not the purpose of the award this season, many people who praised a number of clothing they are wearing. Chris will only be able to give an Oscar.

"I was not nominated, so I'll look at home wearing pajamas," he said.

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