Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Positive Proof of Global Warming

You can look the kind of pants from 18th century until 1990. Maybe in 2000 more people un use pant, because of global warming.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mel C Wearing Victoria Beckham's Dress design with Confidence

If there are former members of the Spice Girls Victoria Beckham wore a project, not this time. Melanie Chisholm confidence (trust) woman's dress designer David Beckham.

Singer never achieve Spice Girls were confident wearing a black dress design spectacular Victorian Laurence Olivier Awards ceremony in London last week. In the long-tailed dress touches the ground, the body of a woman named Mel C is getting familiar with shoulder pads and sexy color matching belt. As legal nukil Zimbio, Wednesday (24/3/2010).

While Vic-Victoria-friendly greeting wore the dress. More precisely, while Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party last year. The woman known as "Posh Spice" seemed thin in clothing design and dramatic look with dark eye makeup.

Although Vic comfortable wearing it, can be uncomfortable for other people who use it. Especially for a larger body. Meanwhile, Mel C looks great in her costumes. What makes it difficult to compare these two dresses of staff during the first two of Spice Girls.

So how do you think is best dressed looks?


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kim Kardashian Sexy Body display in calendar 2011

Even in 2010 is not over, but the beautiful star Kim Kardashian apparently had enough to capture the sensual poses in the personal calendar 2011. Through a series of sexy poses, Kim was free indulgence in the curve of her sexy and seductive explained.

Reality show star Kim Kardashian is now busy with the work of two personal calendar 2011. According to reports circulating, Kim is intended to pamper pengemarnya with two different versions of personal calendar, but there are still sexy positions. Legal news usmagazine.com such appointments, Monday (22/3/2010).

In his personal blog, Kim said that in these personal calendar that came with two colors of hair. "For year 2011, I appeared with blond hair color and the dark," he wrote.

Explaining his appearance with blond hair, Kim has admitted conducting a photo shoot at the end of last year. Kim says, the calendar is the perfect time to capture her blond hair.

"We did a photo shoot last year, just before looking back with black hair. I decided to perpetuate the hair. And the best way to immortalize this moment, making a timetable," he said.

No wonder when Kim appeared extraordinary, explore the sensuality of her body in various poses. Kim wore a sexy dress with unique pieces at the waist and half black. Without delay, the attributes that success made her look sexy, shoes, high heels.

Production of perfect shots, Kim relied on his favorite photographer, namely Nick Saglimbeni. "Nick took the most beautiful photos and I hope I like this calendar," he added.

Speaking of sexy photos, Kim said: "It was very surprising."


Lily Cole Not So Rimmel More Icons

Lily Cole has become one of the face of cosmetics company Rimmel. But Lily could not longer appear in the next Rimmel ad campaign. The problem with the passage of time, companies want more international stars than there are stars in their advertising campaigns.

A source in the saying, "Lily is not possible to make a contract extension. Rimmel want to attract an audience in the United States (U.S.) and plans to launch its new faces soon." As Legal Citation Femalefirst, Monday (22/3/2010).

It was revealed earlier when Solange Knowles and actress Zooey Deschanel appeared in a publicity campaign for Rimmel, except that the model of Georgia May Jagger and Coca Rocha is registered to star in the campaign.

Still, the news is not a major blow to the model currently under study at Cambridge University in England. Because, as he revealed that he was tired of the world of modeling.

21-year-old model who wants to expose the beauty of the body away from fashion and beauty industry is, it plans to spend the rest of his working day with a focus on her acting career.

"I want to act, but in reality it is a model of the world. I have lived a professional model for many years, and I felt like my time has had on the world. So now focus on what they had to do and prepare for these things again, "said Lily.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Select Color Pastels for Spring / Summer 2010

Bag is one of the most important accessories of women in supporting performances. Understand the importance, Coach leather handbags brand American women recently demonstrated its latest collection. This new collection was presented to enter the season of spring / summer 2010. For this new collection, Coach lovers spoiled product with soft colors, but still look elegant and beautiful.

Coach's latest collection is divided into several parts, one which was based on a series of Kylie Collection. This collection is a marriage of old world elegance with modern design. Kylie Collection made from soft leather, Juno. This leather bag is given relief exotic animal skins such as snake skin, crocodile and others.

Kylie Collection does have some kind of bag, hobo bag has two types of strings, one in shoulder and one to carry in their arms. Then there was the collection medium handbag, wallets and purses are adequate model to take to work or relax. Also a small collection of handbags, clutches. For Cristina, find some kind of lock on the front and his signature detail. Impressed by his collection of classics are popular all the time.

Another new collection is Madison, a more casual design. Many use the weak colors. Silhouettes are used Carryall, Satchel, crossbody, shoulder bags also. For reasons, Madison used the monogram in many parts of the body, and a cheerful floral color. Support their appearance for casual wear. Another collection is the poppy novelty, charm, and Julia, a most impressive and feminine, with bright colors and shiny materials.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Sexy Lips Without Lipstick

Lipstick has become the object of the equipment required make-up of a woman. Lipstick always be counted on to create a section that greater user confidence. What about lip gloss?

On the basis of a set of statistical data in the UK, lip gloss in the up position to replace the role of lipstick. The beauty of color and too much can create gorgeous sexy lips.

Here are some good reasons to save my lip gloss in her purse and makeup of the team.

- Moisten dry lips. It has a moisturizing lip gloss on extra lipstick makes her lips more smooth and interesting.

- The lip color is more natural glow that makes the appearance look cool. Definitely want a natural look.

- No cause stains on teeth. Lipstick sensuality dresses sometimes remove the red stain against the tooth surface, which is not happening in my lip gloss.

- The smell and taste a variety of lip gloss, from the taste of fruit, tiramisu to red velvet charm.

- Lip gloss does not leave a stain on his shirt and kissing his cheek recipients.

- In the process, producers continue to update the look of lip gloss to be increasingly interesting as well as lipstick. In addition to the pale colors like pink, neon pink or purple, the color of lip gloss variants are now also has a dark color.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Be bright in the sun!

In the industry of fashion, color plays a significant role. Because color is the first visible item, also the longest and easy to remember.

Color & Image Consultant, said Irma Hadisurya in business and industry, color is often referred to as the silent saleperson or elements that can be sold without the effort necessary to try.

Irma explained further, the color is a key element in the design world, including fashion, interior decoration and other industries.

Therefore, we need a rule that determines which colors are suitable for a certain period of time, or capable of arousing emotions and moods. In addition, research indicates that approximately 65% of the spending decisions of consumers are influenced by the colors and packaging.

"Color can create the impression of conveying a message, including memories of inspiration. Therefore, in a world of color design is not static, but dynamic, changing bergonta likely," he said.

"Sometimes, certain colors that flood the market at the same time, sought and won a lot of people, and after a while and then replaced by another color. That's what we call the color trends," said Irma.

According to Irma, predictive color or color trends forecesting really existed since the late 19th century.

"First issued by a textile factory in France that aims for the textile industry as a whole, the contents of the colors that are popular with the seamstress and dressmaker," said Irma.

Since then, the business grew forescasting color, a separate part of the fashion industry was born designers of color and color forecasters on duty, and decided to develop a sense of color.

"The trend is born of the color of the agreement. They (fashion forecasters and directors) to attend meetings twice a year to determine color trends. Evaluate the colors of the best sellers in the market and plan which colors appear in the next cycle, "said Irma.

"So the deal is packaged in color estimates to be valid the next 18-24 months," he added.

As for color trends for 2010, Irma said that until the end of bright colors are still going to be a prima donna, as it was considered inadequate to overcome the global situation of uncertainty.

"The bright colors like yellow, orange, or describe Turqouise stability, warmth and joy that the future is also symbolic," he said.

Prevalence of bright colors on the runway can be seen in the collections of several designers who exhibited in the Indonesia of the series of recent months. Call it Stella Rissa, Ian Adrian, Ivan Gunawan and much use of bright colors to their collection in the case of Jakarta Fashion Week in early 2009.

These colors do not necessarily alone, although Ian Adrian uses a palette of Turqouise dominant.

By contrast, Stella and Ivan played warm colors on the cut and detail, or even combine with other colors. Compared with Ivan, a collection of soft Stella impressed despite using a palette of salmon, pale yellow Turqouise or black combined.

While Ivan undoubtedly mixture of red and yellow, orange and blue, eggplant purple or fun reasons. According to Ivan, Asian women do not be afraid to use bright colors.

"The bright and warm colors match Asian skin," she said coyly.

Bright color is not just a third of these designers, but also serves an ethnic collection Denny Wirawan Sulawesi breathing tissue. When Ivan presents various shades of contrast, Denny highlight even more fun through cutting retro colors. The same applies to Moestaram Malik, who played in the style of a universal color.

Although bright colors are a reference point for trends in 2010, not all designers implement these trends into their designs. David Landart, Color Forecaster Carlin & Consultant International, the trend is the outline color is often used as a guide to suit the tastes of the market, but is not absolutely binding or be followed.

"Designers often have a line and the concept of each design. The color trends is only a reference, while the color selection in each collection to track clothing designers, as the screen" he said.

This was agreed by the designers of the City of kembang, Bandung, Harry Ibrahim. He also explained, somewhat brighter colors may be suitable for application without closing the possibility of combination with other colors.

"Color is very universal, and every designer should adjust the color of the lines of design. For example, designers who play casual line, bright colors like orange or yellow, but can go to a specific line as kebaya, should be adjusted, "said the designer who is familiarly called Ibrahim.

But Ibrahim did not rule out this year, more shades of color becomes a trend.

"I think this is the year of the colors tend to be more colorful. As designers, we need to know the development trends, but for the application back to the line of every design," he concluded.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eva Longoria Show "Hot" in Noble Gift Gala

Star of "Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria Parker is the most intelligent of exploring the sensuality of the body. Shown, wife of NBA star Tony Parker this summer appeared in a red dress by Ralph Russo & Noble Gift attend the gala at the Dorchester in London on March 13, local time.

34 year old actress was raising money for two charities, the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK and Eva's Heroes, the case is very unusual. This Gala is a unique event that has been endorsed by HRH Prince Azim of Brunei. It cites the legal Justjaredbuzznet on Sunday (14/3/2010).

The black tie event, Eva received the Humanitarian Award and Noble Gift Birgit Müller showed that most of its design.

In this case, the owner of fragrance products called Eva by Eva Longoria, wearing a red dress with open back shoulder adorned with diamond wire accessories. To sweeten the finishing touches on her dress, adorned with a tail hanging on the floor.

In the final touch, put makeup Eva bright bright red lips with shades that add warm looks.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Red, The Most Popular Lipstick Color

RED is the color of teasing. But, be careful to apply it.
Among the variety of colors available in the market, the choice of red lips most demanding women. Because lipstick red always attract attention.

It is only for the application of red lipstick on her lips should be considered right and requires a special time. Pemulasan because if done incorrectly, the end result would be excessive, memorable cheap and unnatural.

According to the expert in hair and makeup have Chenny, red lips perfectly applied to create a more radiant sunshine, white teeth smile mempercerah, and the user to change the impression to others.

Although women can juggle appearances, Chenny not recommend to all women in the age group with red lipstick. He said that in their teens should avoid using lipstick or lip gloss red, because it seems excessive and create a memorable look. The same is true of women in the age of 40 years and older, should begin to leave the carmine red pepper.

"Replace the pink tones," he advised.

As for how the application of lipstick, Chenny in his book "Lip Make-up Match Aura and Feng Shui" suggested using a small brush that leads him to apply lipstick and control in more detail and precision.

Apply the first coat. Start from the center of the upper lip. Use a little earlier. The soft and slow, lips pulaskan corner. Continue applications on the lower lip with a direction from corner to corner. When the two lips is complete full color, Cotton Bud use to correct the wrong line or color coming off the lip line. Then, apply a second coat. This step is important, especially when the lips are red or bright red lip color to last longer, "explains owner Chenny Fashion & Bridal Han is.

Chenny warned, not all colors of red lipstick for every person deserves. Some colors are different in skin color. That's why the choice of lipstick color is determined by the color of the skin.

"The lipstick colors yellow, white and red chile matched or any shade of red. Meanwhile, brown skin or brown could wear orange or coral red lipstick. And darker skin wearing a dark red and brown, "he said.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Stroked a Sexy Waist

Weight loss program a lot to do with how the operation, strict diet, or using drugs to lose weight. All this side effect. Is there any insurance?

Having an ideal body desires of every woman. One is the epitome of a beautiful lifestyle that is identical with the body slim and healthy skin. With the help of the technological sophistication of today, a proportional body in a short time, it is impossible now.

The problem is that most weight loss slimming centers are based on treatment alone, without support in the sport.

It is also the only sport to promote, without thinning treatments and nutrition. There is also offering the operation to suction the stubborn fat. In fact, this has its risks and side effects.

In fact, weight loss program for body security is the combination of weight loss program three concepts, namely the proper diet of nutrients through the various settings of healthy food choices.

He also helped with regular exercise to improve the body's metabolic system, including the rise and fall of the body safely. It was only a couple following the thinning treatment program.

A beauty clinic, located on Jl KH Wahid Hasyim, features a slimming program, combined with a thinning treatment, exercise and healthy eating.

As for the weight-loss programs are offered, one of which thermal C, which is also a tool used in this program. The machines have this SlimXpress intended only to help achieve the ideal body, with four combinations of technology.

First, bipolar radiofrequency, which serves as the body shape to be more firm and lean.

There is also a vacuum pull and destroys fats are long buried in the infrared targets tubuh.Sementara to burn fat and increase metabolism. The last cold therapy focuses on the elimination of toxins and lymphatic drainage channels running.

"With this machine, fat-fat that was destroyed will be more effective," said Lili SlimExpress Awali Clinic supervisor.

The machine can make the process faster fat burning so you can help reduce weight and produces a thin body shape. Both men and women, says Lili, may undergo weight-loss program.

Lili said, C heat really aimed at people who have weight obesity. "Over 70 kg to the top," Lili said.

However, for those who want to lose weight only a few pounds can also, of course within a shorter time. Thermal Processes C, starting with weighing weight.

In the consultation session, the client will be informed of how much weight should be reduced to achieve a healthy weight. Only then began the treatment process. With a face down position, treatment begins with the application of a cream of C in the first calf.

Previously, all body parts clean with a warm towel. Then go to the mobilization or heating process carried out for five minutes.

The aim is to relax the muscles so they do not "shock" when he made the treatment process. Continue to lift, this procedure is done to make the shape of the body more. This procedure is performed for 10 minutes, but for the client with a very fat body, it's time to add 5 minutes.

The position of the body in the stomach, guidance tools used in the calves, hamstrings, back and buttocks. When finished the back, rotate the front of the body covered by this tool. The treatment and then continue with the envelope starting from the abdomen down.

To maximize fat burning previously burned by the use of engine, body and covered with a thermal blanket or warm blanket, wrapped the body in the state. Heating system, tailored to customer convenience. When finished, the body and then dried with a hot towel.

"In addition, customers are encouraged to enter the gym, exercising for an hour," said Lili.

Finish cleaning exercise before bathing. According to Lily, for all the newcomers, can berkurangan weight of one to two pounds. For those who are good metabolism, weight and even down to six pounds. The duration of treatment for each person is different, depending on the weight to be reduced.

Lili suggested, at least this treatment for two months in advance. Women who had given birth in caesartidak allowed through this program. However, you must wait two years after birth.
Rata Penuh
In addition, users woman spiral KB or recommended the use of this machine, including those with a history of diabetes and heart, consult your doctor.

In choosing weight loss program, Lili was also suggested that more careful thinning programs are offered. Do not just look in the fastest time volunteered to lose weight. Could it be, will tubuhideal moment in time, but have side effects.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Red Dress Parade at the Oscars 2010

Red Dress thought to have attracted the power to conjure extraordinary women look more sexy and seductive. According to his glasses through this highlight, the air seemed fresh and daring. This dress is also chosen by Hollywood celebrities for a variety of colors Oscar 2010.

Star "Avatar" Sigourney Weaver looks fantastic when done with a shoulder dress Lanvin collection sweetened with black bow at the waist and shoulder pretty pins. To make his appearance seemed perfect, she wore a collection of Jimmy Choo shoes. The 60-year-old actress arrived with her husband still looking fit and vibrant.

The Italian model Elisabetta Canalis also with a red dress. At that time, Canalis current lover, with George Clooney. Tube dress she wore made her look so thin. In the final touches of its appearance, the pattern holds satin clutch cantk Ferragamo collection.

Maroon also has charm, no less beautiful bright red. With this color sexy star Penelope Cruz attend the highest award for films from the human world. The dress is smoothed with pleated accents on the chest was one of the best collections of Donna Karan Couture.

Best Supporting Actress nomination for the film "Nine" is adorned with high fashion look Folies clutch decorated Swarovski Crystal Clear.

While Vera pretty Farmingga stars chosen in fushia colored Marchesa gown, which sweetened the front wheel accents from top to bottom. Shadow looks bright red lips made her appearance seemed so perfect.

There was only worn by the young actress, the appearance of red dress, too, the high-actress Jane Seymour. Tube dress worn by Jane made him one of the brightest actress in a red dress.

Interested in taking your fashion style?


Enchantment Blue Dress in Multi-Oscar 2010

There are many ways for a guest appearance on the red carpet. Not only black or red dress, blue dress but has become one of the interesting options that may have the Hollywood celebrity. Can conjure blue dress Hollywood celebrities look is more elegant and beautiful.

When Oscar attending the event held at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, Sunday, March 7th, local time, a series of celebrity appearances can contek Hollywood looks, including:

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Beautiful Star Maggie Gyllenhaal looked elegant in her strapless designer Dries Van Noten. This dress sweetened with a beautiful print accent. Maggie dress Kecerian had invited guests at her.

Mariah Carey

Beautiful diva Mariah Carey did not want to lose force. He appeared in a blue dress a sexy black. The clothing is capable of making his wife's beauty and sensuality Nick Canon was getting through.

Mini dress with low neckline is increasingly large breasts poking Carey. Not only that, this dress is also able to show the soft Carey sexy thighs in public.

Gabourey Sidibe

Despite a rich body, but did not deter the American actress steps Sidibe Gabourey look stylish. Movie star "Precious" was made with a touch of beautiful blue glow.

Collection of Tom Ford clothes comes with many features, including full folds and wrinkles, and decorated with beads that leaf shape silver pattern on the chest and waist.


Actress Mo'Nique fresh appearance even in the guise platform heels from Jimmy Choo and Tadashi Shoji gown design. The dress is covered with wrinkles and accent cross on his chest to the hips so it is Mo'Nique in the spotlight and paparazzi attractions of the camera at night.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Marisa Miller: Apparently not Important

Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller looks amazing on the cover of Vegas magazine March issue. Atapun spark fascinating not because superheboh luxury fashion jewelry. For him, the appearance is not everything.

Miller performed with platinum blonde wavy hair, and do not miss the sexy garment. But what made him fascinating, as is confirmed to the magazine, Miller was never an emphasis on appearance.

Vegas was a bit of its history until now is very calculated in the modeling world. "I started (modeling), then I think I am and what I want. But at the same time I believe that in fact all that my parents raised me and my brothers and sisters in the village, such as horse riding and clay play. Nothing important about how we see, "he told the magazine, as reported by Gizmodo, on Saturday (6/3/2010).

Just know it's a Victoria's Secret catwalk, which recently Damiani Harlequin Fantasy bra works. Reportedly, the bertahtakan diamond bra worth $ 3 million. But in fact, claims to have personally Marisa tomboy.

"I'm a tomboy. When I look began to attract attention, makes me very uncomfortable. Because I do not know what to do," he said.

But now, modeling is a job that was exciting for him. In fact, Miller said it might take a different form.

"I'm doing the best job possible while I can do all things. But in my free time I am not a woman who wants to be the center of attention," he said.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sexy Pink shorts Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe SU fans seem to have to wait long enough to enjoy a sexy pose with a famous mark. But now, this gorgeous new model in action with sexy sexy nan seductive pose.

Icons of fashion house Louis Vuitton, Daisy Lowe seems to have completed a photo shoot for the advertising campaign swimwear Louis Vuitton. Pretty hot Photocall takes place on a beach in the Miami area, Florida. So the news of the aforementioned legal Fabsugar, Friday (5/3/2010).

In a pose, this British model poses a black shirt and pink underwear in a sweetened by reason of printing. So a good thighs become extraordinary attraction for Adam. Making his appearance to look perfect, Daisy had the other attributes, such as bracelets and hand pink frame sunglasses beautiful.

Series "Cosmic Flower" This is the result of cooperation between the French fashion house is a Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. The collection consists of three color options in the blue shirt, pink and purple this, available in several collections of shirts, headbands, and accessories like bracelets, bags, and more. The price of each collection dibanderol price range of USD550 to USD1.480. This collection will be available in Louis Vuitton stores from 15 April next.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4 Tips Select Match Hair Color Lipstick & Leather

ENTRY cosmetics store to choose the right lipstick color can be somewhat confusing. In fact, there are hundreds of shades and formulas that are made for the lipstick. Make sure you know how to choose lipstick color according to appearance, personality, too.

Not convinced the seduction or commercial breaks in a particular brand. The point is, how these lipsticks will complement their appearance. Learn some key guidelines to determine the color of lipstick that make you look interesting, as disibak modern mom.

Pay attention to the color of lipstick

Put some lipstick on the wrist to get the current view. In general, people with fair skin looks good to wear red lipstick plum, medium brown, mocha brown pink beige, and bright pink. While people with brown skin, suitable for use lipstick shades of blue, brown, warm, deep candy, coffee cream and deep pink.

Fitting olive skin wear red lipstick brown, plum, dark berries, brown, mahogany and brown. Meanwhile, the Reds-based blue, deep plum, wine, mahogany, brown, different shades, sheer pinks and berries, ideal for owners of black and brown leather.

Note the eye color of

Although not a determining factor, as well as skin color, eye color should be considered in choosing a lipstick. Brown eyes are best suited for red lipstick, brown and pink. The blue eyes with pink and cream. Green eyes lipstick equipped with orange, red or brown. Meanwhile, big brown eyes look bright and bold lip colors.

Note the hair color

Blond hair can try lipstick pink, plum, red soft coral, mauve, and reddish brown. Brunettes can choose lipstick Reds warm color, pink, lilac, beige, brown and pink. Bright red lipstick can be treated hair shiny brass, copper, brown or orange, pure colors, beige, brown and red.

While the black-haired woman can choose lipstick colors bold, like red raspberry, various shades of red, geranium, coral, fuchsia, live roses, fruit, burgundy and plum. And a woman with gray or white hair, complete with a lipstick in warm colors.

Select a color according to your needs

Products for lips bright red if you go to a nightclub, but not when you work for a company that tends to be conservative, because they would be equipped with pink beige. Bright colors can be applied at night, while during the day, just soft enough. And if you wear makeup that "heavy", just apply a light lipstick.

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