Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Pose

The stunning actress Lindsay Lohan always appear in bold with plants is a mischievous and daring. After posing nude for a fashion magazine in France, now, back Lilo posing sensual. But this time, he held a gun to complement the pose.

actress and singer Lindsay Lohan, just finished a photo shoot very hot. Through a weapon that accompanied his appearance, LILO back into attention. Similarly Justjaredbuzznet cited okezone, Friday (29/04/2010).

In the pose, the birth star of New York, USA July 2, 1986 appeared wearing a sexy black leotard. At that time, Lilo posed with a man wearing a white shirt, his right hand holding a gun while his left hand as if to strangle the man's neck.

Meanwhile, in other is no less sensual, Lilo and lay in bed with white sheets. Lying on his feet looking up and up. Incredibly sensual.

Lilo raises this set maintained by the coldness of the hands of renowned photographer Tyler Shields in a photo shoot a brand name that remains a secret.

In twitternya, the star of 23 years of age, of this writing, "This is not soft porn, unfortunately, this is called art."

While the photographer, Tyler writes "Everybody has an idea about Lindsay Lohan, and last night I am happy to work with. He was a lover of great art. And that's what we do! This is just the beginning and the heat coming soon. Lindsay will have some hot photo shoot in my forthcoming book entitled "The dirty side of glamor.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amy Atmanto Dug Strength Women Indonesia via Kebaya

KEBAYA is identical to the women of Indonesia. Because kebaya is one of the national dress is considered to constitute a strong character who owned Indonesian women. One of the young designers from Indonesia that could deepen the uniqueness of the kebaya is Amy Atmanto.

"Through the kebaya, which as one of the national costumes, women have the potential of developing countries in various sectors. As a fashion designer, I am proud to have a kebaya Indonesia," said Amy when they are Harvey Nichols, Indonesia Grand Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (27 / 4 / 2010).

Inspired by Kartini's footsteps, Harvey Nichols worked with the young teacher to show kebaya Indonesia Indonesian women in their kebaya. With the theme "I am a woman," Amy managed to bring a fresh new look.

The event that gets full support from the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs in Indonesia, ASEAN Women Alas, Solidarity of the United Indonesia Cabinet Wives (SIKIB), and a number of celebrities Indonesia has had the courage to show the existence of the true greatness of women and take the fight never end in the emancipation of women.

Agreed with Amy, Linda Agum Gumelar even agree if the kebaya is closely related to women in Indonesia. And urged to keep to preserve the legacy of the nation of Indonesia.

"Through this fashion show, is a test of Indonesia through Kartininya able to compete with foreign products and we can see through Harvey Nichols to promote our products. On the other hand, the kebaya is closely related to women There are some modifications but not to abandon the original pattern. This time I intentionally make different use Atmanto Amy designer clothes. For this, we will continue to preserve our traditions, such as clothing kebaya whose value is incredible, "he added.

Amy also revealed that performance this time of kebaya is not talking about the trends, but rather tries to show "Women in Indonesia Berkebaya" according to the individual user's real beam.

"The theme of this collection is to describe the character of a woman who wants to find and this is by design and model. Portraits of the aristocracy of Java also exist, such as Ingrid Kansil used. The Yanti Court, I think of as Srikandinya Aceh. And the old garment Court Yanti, my wedding dress inspired in Aceh, "he said.

Amy specially designed for women's clothes worn by numerous celebrities and officials wife Patria.

"As for the model, first described the figure of the ladies. In a sense, I see them like a queen, so his number one, who had the strength. Yang can do extraordinary things for the environment" said Amy, who spent two months to prepare all of his work.

The first lady or heroin, the goal of Amy Atmanto Real Sulam kebaya design for every woman who uses it. Placement of a woman to serve as first lady or heroin, so women feel comfortable and safe to use as the national dress kebaya.

Each work is seen growing thick with Amy fusion of high fashion pieces as well as materials such as velvet, batik, songket, materials like velvet and sequin accents sweeteners and Swarovski crystals. No wonder his work increasingly look beautiful and unique.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kebaya Art Andre Frankie

KEBAYA and history, following the passage of time to adapt to the times and has a long history dating back to 15th century AD.

In terms of history, the kebaya is the formation of the clothes worn first chief Indonesian women, particularly women of Java. However, in the late 19th century, kebaya dress is also popular as Dutch women who need clothes that fit the tropical climate of Indonesia.

In addition, the kebaya has also been popular among women in China to bring up the term Peranakan kebaya.

Over time, the kebaya has changed and eroded the times. Especially in the period of Japanese occupation, where creativity and productivity of the nation is pressed down to the lowest level.

Japanese occupation of Indonesia cut textile trade routes and their support team finally closed a lot of production houses kebaya and batik, which few companies can survive.

However, with time of kebaya reemerged keterpurukannya, along with the proliferation of batik. Calling fashion house Prajudi Iwan Tirta, who contributed large preserve national costume, so that the kebaya also always kept in the hands of the next generation. Now, another youth of the nation who want a long career in a history book kebaya.

André Frankie through The Art of Kebaya, Kebaya trying to document the journey in the form of descriptions, drawings and photos, including photos of kebaya circuit modifications.

André also made extravagant designs showing the art of a kebaya hand sewing techniques.

In a book as thick as 176 pages, André also invites readers to find the secret behind the process of creating a hand berjahitan work. In the field of fashion, Andre Frankie is not a new name.

Teaching students making institutions that Susan Budihradjo began struggling with the art of designing kebaya since 2000.

"I call this as kebaya, kebaya kebaya haute couture manufacturing techniques only. The connection to the parts of the kebaya is not immediately apparent and all the work by hand, so one could pass within one month kebaya" Andre said.

Through his book, Andre is also trying to show that today's modern kebaya not infringe grip. However, the form-fitting development trends.

"Some say today's modern kebaya violate the hilt. Throughout the book, I wanted to show that the design kebaya not destroy the beauty of my heritage, which evolved from a classic and not so monotonous tinggil" he said.

He said: "That way, kebaya today can reach more among users, not limited to tribal, ethnic, and citizens," said Andre.

For that reason, nor do they cause André made use of professional models, but the high society and love as the model kebaya. The models appearing in fashion in the art of the Kebaya Ballroom Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta, is the Goddess Soedarjo, Karlina Chandra, Maya Ludy, Malinda Dee, Anton Metta, Miana Sudwikatmono Patty Siahaan, Joseph Sendy, Titi DJ and the diva.

Meanwhile, Jero Wacik Trisna in his speech said he was proud of the youth of the nation who care about the country's culture.

"I welcome the efforts to preserve Frankie Andres kebaya through a book of documentation. I hope this book encourages other people to participate in cultural and tourism potential of Indonesia," he said.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Secrets of Beautiful Skin Crawford, Berry & Longoria

Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry and Eva Longoria is beautiful. But who would have thought to look pretty, all prefer natural treatments.

It is no secret to getting your skin clean and smooth, which is not a difficult case in modern times it is today. Several types of skin care readily available. Modern technology also began to color the world of skin care, start giving the serum to the laser technology. Type of treatment usually offers maximum results in an instant.

Even so, the type of natural treatments (traditional) is still a place in the hearts of pencintanya. This type of traditional treatment, there appears to be eroded in spite of technological advances holds up when Hollywood celebrities.

After this, three of Hollywood share stories selebritisi about traditional treatments for beautiful skin on the page of The Sun. Anyone?

Cindy Crawford

Everyone agreed that if the former supermodel Cindy Crawford always looks young at the age of four heads. Calibaration have calibaration, that the woman who is famous mole on her upper lip was always careful to beautiful skin from his youth.

To maintain its beauty, supermodel Cindy Crawford was trying to use milk as memeroleh perfect facial moisturizer. It uses a mixture of milk and water in your face regularly throughout the day. The protein in milk is reported to have good properties for the skin, soothe and hydrate skin.

In addition, the catwalk queen is said to have never smoked and make sure they do not spend too much time for sunbathing when I was young.

"I feel everything I do in recent years has paid off this time. I never smoked, never sunbathe, and began to treat the skin from an early age. I am very happy with my performance," said Cindy Zimbio some time ago.

Halle Berry

When you see the captivating performance of Helle Berry could never have guessed that the insecurity caused by cellulite. Halle Berry often rubbing ground coffee beans around the thighs to eliminate the appearance of orange peel, or known as stretch marks.

Halle Berry has just launched its second fragrance, Pure Orchid, explains that caffeine reduces cellulite with the acceleration of cell metabolism.

Eva Longoria

Star of "Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria using facial creams that contain protein from the placenta to keep his face still radiant. Some experts say the beauty creams that contain enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids essential for skin regeneration.

Talk of the skin and the ideal figure, Femalefirst once explained, "I am delighted face. In addition, there are many other things. That's the attitude, exercise, maintain and practice the formation of the body. To relieve stress, massage also do .

"Naturally, I athletic body. I love sports, especially weight training and kick boxing. I have an adrenaline high and extraordinary. If you agree with my point of view, the body is like a vehicle and must treat vehicle, "said the wife of Tony Parker these.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bikini Exactly Matches Your Character

Summer has arrived and it's time to enjoy an exotic holiday on the beautiful coast. Do not forget to show the body of his wonderful style with a sexy bikini!

Learn the tips of the cosmopolitan city to select the type of bikini that is right for the character of his chest.

If small breasts

- Choose a bikini accented with ruffles, frills, fringes or his boss. Lace and pleated accents will make your breasts look fuller.

- Bra Type bikini triangle shape that is easy to make it more visible and neckline. Embroidery accents pretty pictures will also delight your appearance on the beach.

- Thick line on the outskirts of the outskirts of the bra will push your breasts with both. thick rope tied around the necks of the twins also got up to look perfect.

- The horizontal line is always successful to make her look more complete the body. Once that happened to your chest. Bikini with a large pattern of horizontal lines will make your breasts look fuller.

If they are large chest

- Choose a bikini with a normal cup to keep your breasts firmly in place when you have to move.

- Accents thin string and a hole in the center will enhance its appearance and to avoid giving the impression of "heavy" and full.

- If you do not like the glass is flat, select the cup-shaped with center v is not too far. Perfect!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Halle Berry Show "Hot" at Social Events

Cat Woman 'STAR' Halle Berry sexy look more brilliant. This time the 43 year old actress appeared "hot" in the cabin-30 Silver Rose Gala held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, April 18 in Beverly Hills, California.

the actress won an Oscar for "Monster Ball" was routinely attend the event each year. From year to year, click Start 2007-2009, Halle in red carpet appearances are always invited to wonder. Although with the current.

Halle wore a dress gray one shoulder adorned with a diagonal cut in the abdomen. As nukil okezone of Justjaredbuzznet, Monday (19/4/2010).

In a fundraising gala to take place which supports efforts to provide essential programs and services for families affected by domestic violence.

This event highlights the Jenessa Center has been making great strides in changing the lives of women and children over 28 years.

A total of 10 photos of Halle Berry is enshrined in that dress sexy at the Silver Rose Gala.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Will Release Beauty Products

It seems that Jennifer Aniston was in love with doing business in the business world. Obviously, the former wife of Brad Pitt, is considering launching a range of beauty products.

Stars "The Bounty Hunter," which has just launched its first perfume Lolavie with Falic Fashion Group, says that working together with other companies to launch another product.

"Anything can happen. I hope we can do many things together," he was quoted by Femalefirst, Monday (19/4/2010).

"But for now I'll take Lolavie and we'll see how this pole will slide," he continued.

beautiful 41-year-old woman also said she is not afraid to start out at the latest celebrity perfume. Because it is something that makes a series TV star "Friends" was interested in doing so.

She told WWD, "The way we came because of the participation as well, I never felt like, 'Oh, my God, I'm not allowed to do this." And if anything good, no matter whether the market is crowded, I thought it was an opportunity to gather behind the scenes. And if it feels good, why not "Go for it?" It's like being a producer and writer, to know and to generate ideas as an adversary, and became an actor in it. "

So why would a perfume called Lolavie Jen? "This is a very long history. And to be honest, this is too personal to reveal. But this has a special meaning," said the actress, who collided with Gerard Butler acting in his new film, "The Bounty Hunter."

Released Clothes, Zac Posen Cooperation Objective

Celebrity pet designer, Zac Posen, announces its latest collaboration with the American retailer Saks Fifth Avenue. Now, Zac teeth back in the performance of the fashion industry. Zac became the latest designer to collaborate with Target to launch a clothing collection remarkable.

These lines will release a product that consists of a colorful dress for the day to day, and cut formal gown for the evening, including a long dress. All products at a lower price dibanderol USD200. Like Hollyscoop okezone appointment, Monday (19.4.2010).

Many famous place of destination 24 hours of purchase from third in the city of New York, all night. They Ginnifer Goodwin, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Claire Danes, Selma Blair, and there are performances by The Kid and DJ Niño America and projections of short films "Gia Coppola."

Celebrities attending the people obsessed with the collection. floral dress worn Claire Danes is amazing and looks cute as a bear NQ Selma Blair BA.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DD, Australian Women's Bra Size

NOW, the girl in Australia carry the "burden" on their shoulders heavier, compared with women of previous generations. Why? It is triggered because the size of their breasts bigger from time to time.

Australia is a nation that has a woman with breast size above average. So, her breasts swollen like a balloon. DD bra size are in demand in these countries kangaroo. Whereas previously the size of the bra cup B is requested. But there was an increase in bra size changes in the last 50 years. Just as LANs okezone Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday (14/4/2010).

Specialists in the field of women's health blamed a variety of environmental and hormonal factors are the cause. While experts say the underwear that some women find they're using the wrong size bra for years.

"There is a sharp increase in lean women, especially teenagers, with very large breasts to F cup or G. Many teens using the cup size of 10F. They are skinny, but has large breasts," said Esther Labi , fitter Bra.

Carol Ferlito, an adjustable underwear that are stored in a Myer, said about half of all customers who saw a woman with breasts larger than DD cup. According to its official data, plus bra sizes to account for one third of total sales.

In addition, periodically Ferlito find the right size for the young at the age of 11 and 12 years with a size D and DD. In fact, for her first bra. Wow!

"The younger generation is growing faster. Sometimes mothers do not realize how much her daughter," Ferlito said.

Lines bigger breasts is the type and characteristics in a society that has become more westernized, even in Asia, "said professor of women's health at Monash University Susan Davis.

The combination of early puberty, childbirth at a relatively young age, which increased total body fat. Where is this hormone that is suitable for mixing across the chest, and cause large breasts.

"If you are experiencing puberty at age 12, you have more time to get bigger breasts. Network of fat in the breast, which produces estrogen, which leads to an increase in breast tissue," said Davis.

Professor Davis believes that the estrogen in food and food chain exposed to chemical exposure is one of the causes of a woman's breasts are now bigger. In addition, a synthetic hormone found in the pills and hormone replacement therapy, is also the cause of enlargement of breast size.

"And that does not include the thousands of women each year in Australia choose to perform breast surgery," he said.

Ferlito said, breast augmentation is performed by women, apparently has its own difficulties in buying a bra.

"They have difficulties to match the chest clip. Because no naturally. Tetas not fall naturally into the bra" she said.

Face Art echoes the style of Lady Gaga

No in the world of fashion with an eccentric style of dress, often wearing Lady Gaga also extreme. makeup style is called "art" face became famous and loved is now celebrities, even for people.

EastEnders 'actress' Preeya Kalidas appear captivated the audience at the premiere of the film "It's a wonderful Afterlife" with a pretty pink design on the face and match with clothes. For Singer, $ ha, Pixie Lott and Leona Lewis also do the same. But with a design that is not too complicated.

Well, if you are a person who wants to create in the face of art, many options can be used as make-up brand of choice. Following the sun provides the best clues.

1. Jinny Rainbow offers a variety of colors and templates in the kit is useful to help you make the art of face at home. The end result should face a week. With the price of 30 pounds, you can find this product and Selfridges.

2. Barry M has a variety of fine luster pigment for good design with free-style facial art. Just take the eye shadow brush, moisture-resistant for durability then dip into their pigment, then provide information on the frost. thin liner brush to give the best fine lines. This product dibanderol 4.50 pounsterling price and can be purchased at site and Superdrug.

3. colored liquid eyeliner is the best option because you can have freedom to design the face of art in accordance with desire. Sheshet Try Urban Decay 24 / 7 with a heavy metal glitter kohl shirts dibanderol 20 pounds, from, Boots and Debenhams.

4. If you do not like to draw your own design line, you may want to try to provide information on stick-on gems of Shu Uemura in the face with the price of 20 pounds.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fashion Clothing Wholesale Rates with Causeway Mall

The fashion industry worldwide is now a thriving business. This industry exploited the need of everyone to be attractive and fashionable. It is a fact that a person's social status is highly regarded, though he or she is in fashion. While the fashion of a man is usually strong-dressed and well groomed look, a woman's sense of fashion is much different. Women's apparel and clothing fashionable and stylish should follow the trend of the times. And the trend is changing very rapidly, so that women have to adjust and buy the new trend.

This is probably why we see more women's clothing stores and boutiques around the world go. Whether in shopping malls and city centers, women's boutiques are more common. This is why most owners of the clothing store women always have to be competitive in their clothing lines and prices for them to attract more customers. And with the availability of many suppliers and intense competition, wholesale prices are very competitive and buyers can have many choices of where to buy wholesale. It is important to find a supplier that is reliable. International Suppliers of fashion clothing can be more reliable than local suppliers due to increased market area that they manage, the international fashion providers can not afford to be competitive in supply.

International Suppliers of fashion clothing have also branched out to reach a larger market for their designer clothes. One of these international companies is the CausewayMall. This international store offers wholesale a full range of clothing lady, fashionable dresses, blouses, skirts and accessories. The products of this supply stores certain quality is also very affordable. Not only that, the store also offers several lines of fashionable clothing from various Asian countries like Japan and Korea and western cities such as Los Angeles. Hong Kong clothing wholesalers can order from this company trendy party dresses, fashionable clothing and apparel. Korean wholesalers can also select from a variety of designer clothes fashionable CausewayMall offers. CausewayMall fashion clothing and women's clothing is available in large quantities because of its close relationship with manufacturers of apparel that allows the company will have a mass produced fashion clothing and fashion that would give the buyer a many options of different styles of fashionable dresses and ladies clothing including fashion nice clothes, tank tops, cheap party dresses and other women's clothes. These are available in wholesale of CausewayMall. What makes the CausewayMall competitive in the business of wholesale is that the quality of clothing design and making of offers to buy and affordability of the same.

Conveniently, CausewayMall is also a supply line to the mall. This would allow buyers to order online and select from the available styles of trendy clothes and accessories. The focus of this store is to communicate and execute with honesty and efficiency. And one of the best known fashion wholesalers internationally reliable, it is clear that the CausewayMall create long term relationships with customers and be in the wholesale market for long.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leighton Meester Faces New Herbal Essences

Famous through his role as Blair Waldorf in the TV series "Gossip Girl" Leighton Meester didapuk become the new face herbal essences.
The actress who is also a singer, songwriter, and this has become an icon of herbal essences. To do this, Leighton will be the global ambassador of hair care products company.
"My first memory of the iconic herbal essences is because my mom uses it," he told WWD Hollyscoop quoted on Sunday (11.4.2010).
As a new icon, Leighton campaign product. It will take place with a shower scene.
"I tried to look different, I am pleased to be working with them and not look like a clown. I like having fun with hair and makeup," he admits.
Leighton also confessed love to see her performance in the advertising campaign starring.
"I have the fortune of being able to express my personal style. And I have fun with it. Everyone should love themselves," he said.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 Dress style Maxi

Maxi dresses or long dresses until ankle is a trend. The average dress cross the shape of the body so that the user elegant appearance. Flower pattern, Paisley, abstract, line up the colors, so this dress suitable for formal and non formal aspect.

Unfortunately, we are often desperate to be different with the same dress. So let's wear the dress once in a similar manner.

Strategies to carry out the maxi dress is a creative mempadupadankan this dress. You look different every dress in style, using the same.

1. Add accessories
The band shape your curves, because the average maxi dresses tend to widen from the waist down. While Pashmina can be used as a sweetener to appear in a backless dress and maxi strip fashion. Another way is to use T-shirts or shirts without sleeves to change the look of the suit to avoid monotony.

2. Cardigan
Plain-colored jacket with a basic model (buckle series) is the equivalent of the right to full-print dress.

3. Jacket or coat
Maxi dress does not have to appear in its entirety. Sometimes you can form a layer in the printing of your dress. The trick? Using a cutoff jeans or jackets or tops, jeans made of semi. She likes feminine style? Just add a layer on the outside of the gown.

4. Plain Shirts
Who says maxi dresses do not fit in combination with a plain shirt? Use a flat shirt breast pocket detail. Do not look overall buttoning a shirt. Simply tie a loop that form the ends of the shirt. Well, now seems more casual.

5. Dark boss belt
Want to look into a formal event? Easy. Add a simple dark top with a sequined detail shortly. Fasten the wide belt with a contrasting color superior color. Maxidress which became a long skirt.

Outsmart Error Model Haircuts

Trends in hair style are a powerful incentive to follow. If appropriate for the character, or confident enough to try the latest model hairstyles, time to go to the salon. But what if the results do not fit their image?

Fuss, there is no quick way to recover your original hair. Especially if the hair is cut out and need time to grow again. The most practical way to do just outsmart hair while waiting for hair to grow an average of 1 cm per month.

Eric Fisher Hall suggests, first, just wash and create your own style to the wrong haircut. Not to be overconfident in the hairdressing salon, especially in the areas where the hair before cutting.

Second, creative with a variety of hair accessories such as using a handkerchief to cut hair too short. Menyanggul combed my hair down, or to model the strip. These two things are to provide camouflage for the hair with layers sharp.

If you do not activate ilfil, real model error when cutting the hair in the salon can be resolved immediately. Meet the director of lounge, tell your dissatisfaction is entirely due to an error stylist. Just ask another hairdresser who can understand your needs. Make sure a new hairdresser that could reshape the haircut to be improved. Professional Manager room should be ready to fulfill your request.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Buying High Quality Pashmina

Pashmina is originated from Persia, it refers to a large, but lightweight fabric that is made from wool. Nowadays, we can so many types and materials of pashmina in the market. However, the prestigious pashminas are usually made from wool, which is taken from the goat upper area, cashmere, and silk. With the technology, we can find some blend materials as well like cashmere and pashmina blend. The blending is able to make the price and quality higher, but in some cases, it is used to lower the pashmina price as well.

Since Pashmina Shawls/Pashmina Wraps from pure cashmere or silk can be quite expensive, we might find some pashminas that has “pure silk” or “pure cashmere” label and we must be very selective on such label because it can be the authentic silk or cashmere, but it can be the result of silk blending with another material of fabric. Therefore, if we want to buy Pashmina & Silk, make sure that we buy one from reputable store, so we can get a guarantee of the authenticity.

If we want to buy high quality Pashmina Scarves, make sure that we visit On the website, we are served with various pashmina collections that we can choose based on our taste and need.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lady Gaga Hate Celebrities who use Casual Clothes

Lady Gaga hated celebrity dress casually. Singer "Phone", which is famous for this trust eccentric fashion star to make an effort when he appeared on the red carpet events. He must think it is something worthy of display in front of the fans.
Gaga said: "I think it should look beautiful all the time. When I meet celebrities and be presented with casual clothes, I always think, 'Whaaat?" I do not mean to judge, but it is actually better than his real self, all time. When I left the car and has 30 fans waiting I know how to make the clothing they have an emotional reaction. "Femalefirst quoted Similarly, on Sunday (4/3/2010).

Star 24 this year, also admitted a high sex drive, but has denied reports she bought clothes sex shops. "I do not buy clothes sex shops," he said.

He told the British magazine OK!, "Everybody likes sex. I am pleased to present sex to another person on the planet who does not like sex."

"I do not buy clothes sex shops. Only I have a love affair with S & M clothing and masks, as I love the idea of telling without showing their faces. I think in some ways a very strong and power showbiz. "He explained.

List of Hollywood Celebrities Scarves Lovers

One accessory that is not new in the fashion industry. increased sales of section enter the year 2007, this forms an element. How not to boutiques in shopping malls are often sold this neck accessory cover. In fact, now known as the shawl or scarf dearest.

As a fan, a scarf can really improve performance. Unique and stylish are two impressions that appear when someone wears a scarf. Scarf it has a variety of types. Whether seen from the size, shape and materials used. Some scarves and even specially designed for the fashion industry as a complement.

However, in general, the scarf is usually rectangular. Size, of which 50 cm to 100 cm in the longest until more could be chosen according to taste. Starting the middle of a knitted scarf pink leaf width, weaving, embroidery, crochet, and printed options that can be tested. The choice of materials of wool, cashmere, chenille, mohair, velvet and is the right choice for fashionistas to be elegant.

Scarf style and now is becoming more diverse. Models and materials suitable not only for equal work clothes, but funky and unique style can also be integrated with a scarf. Call with any Hollywood star who become lovers of fashion in this issue one. Often they are caught with a tissue when the center of the camera in the daily dress is Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff, okezone to dinukil Trend Shop Boutique on Sunday (4/4/2010).

Nicole Richie, who did not know Nicole Richie? This high society known for his stance very thin. However, since a predicate of a mother, her body seemed to contain more and sexy. Not only body that looks more complete, the emergence of "reality show" stars "The Simple Life" also bertansformasi become a mummy style delicious not only fashionable, but more fashionable. Nicole is often seen with a tissue when you travel alone, or when their young daughter to drive ballet classes.

Not unlike with Nicole, Jessica Alba, sexy young mother who has had this daughter of a (Honor Marie, 1 year 9 months), often called the middle of the chamber wearing a scarf around his neck when dressed casual. When spending time with her husband Cash Warren and Honor Marie Alba is a name often nominated for sexiest women in the magazine world's Maxim, FHM, GQ, People, Star, Playboy, and Victoria's Secret is, do not forget to bring a handkerchief. From the color of khaki, blue, yellow, green, Tosca, for different reasons, one of the main accessories of Alba in casual attire.

Not to be outdone by the young mother, Hilary Duff, known for its virgin paper on "A Cinderella Story" (2004), this is also known as the buyer of the Internet, she is also known as lovers scarf.

As previously reported okezone, Hilary intends to add a collection of clothing with a pair of shorts and a pretty shawl, in order to welcome the spring.

"Shorts are over my shopping list. And a great scarf is the total of my weakness," Material Girls star was broken.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Criticism Fashion Lady Gaga Rockerz

Hollywood star made a lot of fashion surprised Lady Gaga, call Janet Jackson and Jennifer Aniston. In fact, I hate celebrities Gaga modest dress.

The singer of "Telephone" which he said often dress eccentric celebrity to make an effort now appears in red carpet events. The artist said, should appear riveting.

"I think it should look beautiful at any time. When I met the famous and casual attire, always like," Whaaat? ". I do not mean to judge, but to do much better than his true self, at any time," as nukil okezone of Femalefirst, Saturday (3/4/2010).

star 24 years old, I was thinking, is this stunning dress deserved fans. He recounted when he left the car and has 30 fans waiting.

"I know that I dress like it should. There is a reason that is reacting emotionally," he said.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Immediately, Nicole Richie Launch Fashion Bags and Specifications!

Be serious designers, beautiful actress Nicole Richie was always making plans regarding the ultimate collection of mature to be launched in each season.

In fact, the mother of Kate Madden and James Sparrow Harlow Madden has pledged to continue to make the espansi accessories brand becomes more known to the public. It is associated with a positive response on Nicole shoe collection, which is a jewelry line House of Harlow 1960.

The plan, known through his role as Nicole in the reality show "The Simple Life" along with childhood friend of fellow socialite, Paris Hilton, is set to launch 8-10 cups and bags fashion collection approximately 25-30. Collection is a prestigious project of Nicole in the spring of 2010. Similarly quoted by people, Friday (2/4/2010).

Intrigued with the plastic bag and sunglasses Richie Nicole? Will have to wait!

Liv Tyler Inspired New Raw G-Star Collection

His face was not only to attract attention in a campaign ad G-Star Raw, Liv Tayler also help to think of the latest collection of the brand.

G-Star was able to combine elements of elegance with a beautiful female character Tayler rocker style, where the collection is designed for low-T with advanced technology so that she looks amazing. Similarly quoted by people, Friday (2/4/2010).

Latest denim collection that includes three has undergone a special washing process, and highlight the image with a bright blue color. For example the head of a shiny leather material with a selection of black superlembut boss, and clothing as well as some model options jacket.

All items in the collection of low-T can be obtained until next July. However, it can be purchased by visiting our site busy now.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rachel Bilson to be your own Fashion Stylist

Actress Rachel Bilson is numbered. When Hollywood celebrities usually have a fashion stylist, is not the case with these beautiful women.

Always appear in style with simple makeup on her face, she did not use the services of a fashion stylist. Rachel shared their stories for the show "Ann Taylor fashion show" to say that this is the result of his performance during the actual kreatifitasnnya.

"I really view. I have met with a collar attached to the hair. That is the reason why dressing up is necessary. Because of this fun event and experiment. I also enjoy what I do or not," said Rachel Zimbio said, Thursday (1/4/2010).

Rachel is also a fashion designer, is also a big fan of Chanel. Obviously, when the star of 28 years was having lunch at La Scala for a while, she brought along her favorite Chloe bag shopping trip.

Rachel can also be practically very lucky. The reason, has a collection of chic clothes to wear when working. Chanel fan also has a collection of shoes and handbags are vintage enough.

She recently told People: "I have a problem, I have had these issues since I was 13 years. So yeah, maybe I should let go of some things."

July, Selena Gomez launches fashion line!

Selena Gomez is not just a series Princess "Disney." However, this cute virgin has become a fashionista. Wow!

Whenever Selena appeared on the red carpet, all the pairs of eyes fixed on the old garment at the time of Selena. This young designer has impressed the world of Hollywood with elegant appearance, but also fits with his age.

Selena Gomez is increasingly confirmed its interest in the world of fashion. After delivering his love of collecting 100 special shoes, Gomez now explore a new career as a designer of renown. As a designer, Gomez is planning to launch a fashion collection for women of the environment, especially the teenage years.

Gomez will work with Kmart to design her own fashion line exclusively for retail. The collection named "Dream Out Loud" is the environment. Gómez own fashion line inspired by the casual style of dress.

"I'm proud to join with Kmart to release fesyenku own collection. This has been my dream since the beginning, and I am honored to be able to provide excellent products for consumers and a great value," said Gómez, quoted Hollyscoop, Thursday (1/4/2010).

Gomez designs a collection of handbags, belts, hair accessories, socks, hats and scarves. The plan, the collection was launched in July, and is available on the website

Greet the spring, Katie Price Release Casual Dress

Katie Price, the woman who often wore clothes almost as Lady Gaga, only the most recent fashion show for the spring collection.

Katie Price launched in the business world is increasingly visible. While in the past women who like to display these successful men flirting with her own perfume "stunned" Katie and dare to show their talent in fashion design. "KP Equestrian Spring / Summer 2010" will make fashion connoisseurs around the world fell in love. Thus was launched Femalefirst, Thursday (1/4/2010).

This is the fourth time the clothing collection launched this sexy model. Through the touch of glamor in fashion design, Katie is now also wear clothing for riders. Wow!

See "Crest T-Shirt" says a large firm, when combined with jeans look great. In addition, big sweatshirts and T-shirt with a model of hoodies, striped velvet is perfect when you want to use for your holiday home.

For color options, mix and a splash of bright color combination of raspberry pink, bubblegum pink, aqua blue beat, sports blue and yellow, adding to the design of more casual clothing sweet Katie.

For versions of clothing for children, Katie made the Junior Princess and became the model for his collection this time. Katie's second son was used as a model for promoting teranyarnya fashion collection.

How, interested in buying?

Catwalk Exoticism of India

Demand collection of exotic ethnic Indian style nan how to continue increasing over the past five years, mainly through the Middle East and Asian markets. However, the main objective of the Indian way, namely, the western market, has not yet fully understood.
Targeting Western markets has finally become a new focus on the implementation of Wills India Fashion Week Lifestyle. President of the Fashion Design Council of India (FDIC), Sunil Sethi, said the failure mode to penetrate Western markets of India is the lack of promotion that led to Western consumers are not exposed to the maximum. In addition, principals are more focused on the Indian way to develop extended its home market than abroad.

"Most Indian designers to focus on markets in their own country, taking into account the Indian community is now much more aware than a decade ago," said Sethi.

Although India can not deny having great market potential that can be used perpetrators of domestic fashion, Sethi was another gap in the global market that could be explored further. "Until now, the market is showing great interest in the way of the Indians is the Middle East and Japan, although originally aimed at U.S. and European consumers," said Sethi.

Diamini is a designer who participated in the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, Kavita Bhartia. "We received many orders from Japanese, Arabic and Middle Eastern countries.

However, European demand could still count on the fingers, "he said. Bhartia admitted to having regular customers in the Middle East and Ibiza." They are rather a collection of ethnic flavor. Meanwhile, to go after customers in Europe and America, I believe that the Indian designers to do, in addition to promoting more aggressively is the injection of one side more modern design, "he said. Another designer Vineet Bahl , believes the global market is very important for the development of Indian fashion.

"The domestic market is growing, but to expand the wings, which should focus on global markets and the U.S. and Europe," the designer says that 90 percent of its sales come from international markets instead. fashion industry in India has already begun a decade ago. In early 1990, the industry remains a small-scale industry which contribute only 0.3 percent for the nation's economy, but the fashion industry in India that offers a successful exotic flourished and now donates more than USD166 million per year to the state.

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week is the largest fashion weeks in India that followed attracted 130 150 designers and buyers, both domestic and international. "Most of our buyers in Dubai and Riyadh, they loved the exotic and patterns of embroidery, handmade in traditional Indian fabrics," said Sethi.

As for the attention of European and American buyers, fashion Indian actors make a small modification in the design. traditional clothing such as thick shari still visible, but the contemporary collection is no less attractive. Manish Arora called a shock through the game to give the reason and sequins detail. While trying to seduce Kavita Bhartia through a series of short skirts and sweet berdetail higher. The designer duo Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna presenting the channel with a pattern of ethnic diversity.

Fashion trend analyst Nirupama Singh said India, most buyers because India Middle and East Middle Eastern societies have a cultural affinity. "What drew your attention to detail precisely as handmade embroidery or embellishment, it is for buyers from the U.S. or Europe is excessive. Therefore, designers would be better for India to be more to soften the ethnic touch and gives a more international and flavor, "he said, quoted by Reuters.

West Indian fashion on the ground has not been recognized buyer has a solid base. For them, the design is too cultural and India does not yet have an international look that will attract consumers' attention widely. "If you see it, consumers say 'oh, beautiful design," but not necessarily want to use, "said Haldeman, Aux Laines Ecossais representatives, and Harvey Nichols said.

"Very few of the names of famous Indian designers worldwide and only those who never stepped on the stage of Paris, as Manish Arora Ritu Give or, otherwise, I believe that many European and American buyers who have never heard, "he continued.

"What must we do to get Indian fashion can be up to the U.S. and Europe is a major leap outside the box to create a contemporary design without losing its identity so that buyers can see that the West Indian fashion is a huge potential, "said senior designer in India, Charu Parashar.

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