Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jessica Simpson Not Happy has a Slender Bodied

Jessica Simpson has a slender body. Unfortunately, however, admitted that not always happy with their body shape. Under the conditions experienced by this country singer, his brother advised him.

According to his sister, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Jessica is not alone with this condition. "Everybody deals with things like," said the star of "Chicago" people at an event to launch new line of pieces of candy from Hershey's in the New York Times Square. Thus, citing People, on Saturday (30/1/2010).

"One thing about growing up is growing inside yourself and find things that you feel beautiful," added the 25-year-old woman was.

Ashlee thinks his brother is in the reality show "The Price of Beauty: VH1" to come to investigate what it means beauty in different cultures. So I will make a thin blonde woman was close to their fans.

"This is something that all women can relate to each other, like a great event," he said.

As a new global ambassador of Hershey, the singer admitted he should keep his teeth, as they tend to eat sweet foods.

"I would love sweets, and Hersey is my favorite," he said.

One thing not reapply for the Simpson-Wentz, is the son of Bronx children (14 months). "He's like a little kid," he said.

"At this point, you can read books and build forts. He also spent time with Broadway star (his mother). Bronx arrived at the theater on weekends to visit. So we're very often for lunch or dinner in unison. As they passed much time apart, "he said.

Major Simpson-Wentz on stage from Broadway hits only for eight weeks, so he knows there are few men out there who support him. But the baby is always there for him.

"He came to practice, and my mom yelling"! "When I go on stage. That's really sweet," she said.

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