Tuesday, April 26, 2011

6 Ways detection Fake Ray-Ban Glasses

Already more than 80 years, the sunglasses brand Ray-Ban Bausch & Lomb, aid to dominate the market vision. As sunglasses are very popular on the market with a high enough price, Ray-Bans were often falsified.

Sunglasses Ray-Ban are widely known are the Ray-Ban Wayfarer became famous when worn as General Douglas MacArthur landed in the Philippines of World War II, as well as Ray-Ban Wayfarer is an icon of mode of the 20th century.

In order not to be fooled by fake Ray-Bans you want to know how to detect it. Curious? Peek cited several ways such as eHow follows.

1. Before you buy, consider these glasses box. If authentic, sunglasses Ray-Ban box will be attached to the recycling logo, as well as stickers semi-permanent, including the serial number, date of manufacture, distributor details, type of frame and lens. In addition, the specific model number of drinks you buy. If the sticker is missing, could be sunglasses Ray-Ban in the wrong.

2. kemasannnya Note. If authentic, it will be a golden logo engraved, painted not only read "Luxoticca. If the logo sculpture is lost, the possibility of spectacles in which non-natives.

3. Keep glasses and see Ray-Ban logo is featured in the sculpture reads RB, under the nose of cross-back. When you hold upside down, the sculpture was meant to be seen upwards. If the burn down, maybe sunglasses Ray-Ban were false.

4. Note the engraving on the RB objective should be located just above the hinge, if the original. If the sculpture is in the hinge, of course, the glasses were false.

5. The quality of rubber used under Ray-Ban is very good. If authentic, the rubber was supposed to feel chalky to the touch, not sticky, stiff or slippery.

6. Glasses original warranty card must be printed with high quality ingredients without the typos. If authentic, the ink used does not stick or stain the hand when held.

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tory burch said...

As a matter of fact, ray ban sunglasses is still number one when it comes to designer sunglasses. They are very popular amongst many of today's celebrities and film stars.

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