Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pink Sheets Usage Rules

Pink or pink is a color that makes a woman look more beautiful. Adolescent and woman if used clothes and makeup shades of pink look good. However, if the clothes and makeup wear head to toe every shade of pink then add the result is a shiny appearance, but that seems ridiculous.

Pink is identical to female or female. Although the color pink was neutral makeup and fashion, but there are some things that should be a concern when deciding to use a pink nuanced way, to not look ridiculous. The elections of clothing and accessories must also comply with the time and situation.

For the summer atmosphere, the costumes of pink. Bright pink and natural will make you look fresh and attractive look. Also due to the nature of a natural pink color, the color is suitable for use with any bright color and good color dark skin color.

However, if used excessively pink, which is not pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, combined with the color pink is not your case, you also ruin the appearance. Therefore, anything that should be considered when using a pink dress? Here are some suggestions that may apply when you want to dress and look with shades of pink.

* Do not use with pastel pink and light blue or baby blue frozen at the same time. Printing you will find is childish.
* For a bold pink or noticeable, are combined with black or very dark colors.
* Use white or light beige or khaki colors to blend with a rose on strike to make it look fashionable.
* You can also combine with the color pink has a basic color such as khaki white soft and creamy, light brown, and denim.
* For the color pink is not too flashy and not too soft (middle), when combined with appropriate arumanis white or pink.
* For a light pink color can be combined with cream or khaki. Can also be combined with a soft pink blush.
* Colors are striking and bold pink can be combined with green grass that will be fresh and bold print.

You can also try and explore the pink with other colors. Even the color pink is also suitable when used with a pair of jeans. But certainly not overuse head to toe pink full. Welcome to the estuary Pinky!

The Techniques of Swedish-style Makeup

The makeup is not easy. Equipment and beauty products do not necessarily make you look good if not accompanied by appropriate makeup techniques. Here is a great way to makeup makeup stylist Swedish style, Jonas Wramell.

By nature, women crave beauty. A woman will do a variety of ways in order predicate memeroleh beautiful. One way is to beautify themselves in makeup. "Many women who want to make it look good. One way to care for themselves, besides using the right makeup," said Jonas Wramell constitute stylist Sweden.

To get the right makeup, it requires expertise in makeup. Beauty products are now widely available has not been totally makes a beautiful face without a combination of experience in implementing mempuni.

"If women know the right tips and tricks to recover, I'm sure they can easily apply their own makeup at home," said the man who has sailed the 12-year professional makeup artist in Sweden this.

During the tour in Jakarta, Jonas gave his appreciation for Asian women. "Skin color is very nice Asian woman and single. By using the right color, the emergence of Asian women will look more attractive," he said.

Similarly, the color scheme. Skin of Asian women is compatible with all sorts of colors. For example, red and brown colors are matched to the brown and olive. "The color red lipstick color according to the peoples of Asia. Suppose some dark red, for those who are brown," said Jonas.

Not only that, Jonas gives some tips that can be practiced by women in Indonesia. "There are some tricks to make the face of ever more perfect," said Jonas. The first applies when the base of the face. Jonas suggested that the flat face with a brush.

"Cream Brush works to flatten the existing base in the face," said Jonas. Foundation flattened using a brush in the direction of hair growth on the face. This technique is useful to make the feathers and face covered in spots and acne scars on his face masked.

Then, when applying powder, Jonas advises applied by using solid foam. Then the dust of the application is useful for more dust to the facial skin. In addition, the dust appears flatter.

The next trick is to give the shadow eyebrow eyebrows. "I always like to use the eyebrow in the shadow of the brow of the eye because it makes the face look more natural," said Jonas. For the eyebrows, Jonas advice to raise some eyebrows as to make it look firmer.

Whereas, if you want to look soft, use the technique to form a natural face. "If you want to get a strong character and strong enough to form the basis of the eyebrows," said Jonas.

Jonas used the technique of using the shadow is to apply the eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow in the direction of growth. "So, softly stroking his face to the same level of powder colors are brighter than the color of the skin. And techniques for using a good powder is to be pat," said Jonas.

Eyebrow shadow Pengarsiran up according to the growth of eyebrows by Jonas useful for eyebrows look more natural.

Then Jonas also provide appropriate advice when using the eyeliner. "Many women are the difficulties in applying eyeliner. Gemeteran Often when applying eyeliner. In fact, there are tricks in particular," he said.

Before you apply eyeliner on the eyelid line, mark the form of points along the line of the eyes by using eyeliner.

"With the points on the line of the eyes, do not have to worry about the difficulty or covered in the application of eyeliner," said Jonas.

Jonas also has a special trick to applying mascara. "Many of those who apply mascara only to the direction of the course. However, it is best to use three different techniques to apply the mask," he said.

For the interior of the eyelashes, apply mascara Jonas inward or nose. For half of the eyelashes, apply mascara Jonas upward. And by the end of the tabs out, Jonas applying mascara in her eyes from the outside. "This technique is useful to make the lashes look thicker and decline," he said.

For blush-on, Jonas make a suggestion, to avoid smearing of flushing, the child's hair. "Blush Pemulasan-in not getting to the child's hair. Enough to be the bone of his temple. And do not be too full of blush-on pemulasan" he continued. Then blush-on is very good if the area of the cheekbones dipulaskan.

"The reason the mud in the cheekbone area, cheeks, then we will look more radiant and fresh," he continued.

The latter, so that women seem to be different, Jonas choose red lips to lips. "Red lipstick for every woman look sexy, single and still visible element of the decision," said Jonas.

If many have not dared to apply the color, Jonas suggested that women learn to wear red lipstick at home.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Curves Woman's Body is Like Opium for Men

According to recent research this, note that in the brain to see the curves of a woman are slim and attractive was a kind of chemical reaction whose effects are similar when someone drank alcohol or drugs. This discovery could help explain what is happening in man's head and its relationship to pornography.

For now, it is estimated that hip-owned by women or unconsciously associated with fertility and health in general. Because of this, no wonder if the whole world in general, said the figure of a woman's body is considered sexy hourglass bersiluet.

To explore more deeply about this, the researchers invited 14 men with a mean age of 25 years to see the 7 pairs of photographs of women's hips. The seven pairs of photographs was a picture of the hips of women through the process of cosmetic surgery to reduce, rather than liposuction, but the transfer of fat in the waist to the buttocks.

Through the analysis tool is known that when he saw that these men saw images of women who underwent hip surgery, the active brain is the part that also respond when someone is drinking alcohol and drugs. This is not too surprising human evolution has become attractive female body shapes become addicted to something.

Steven Platek, scientists have examined the neuro cognitive evolution in Georgia Gwinnett College, Lawrenceville, Georgia, says this research may help us understand the relationship between pornography and addictive disorders are similar, for example, erectile dysfunction is not helped pornography. This discovery may also help you find answers about one's sexual infidelity.

The researchers also found that changes in body mass index (BMI) of a woman only affect part of the brain that is connected to a comparison of the size and shape of a simple and visual. This shows that self-assessment would not be more body fat due to social norms, not a matter abnormalities in the brain.

Further research is planned to explain the effect of the body of a sexy woman is the female brain. "Suspicion, women also take the form of a body style hourglass as interesting as his views on the subject. However, in women, is interpreted differently," Platek said. Women see other women, are an attraction in an effort to gauge their own sexuality. This is the kind of system in the minds of women to men are still interested in him. In other words, to keep spouses do not look at another woman beautiful and sexy.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Imitating the Style of Adam Lambert, Fergie Show Interest

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie ever desperate to look stylish. Demonstrated during a tour with the Black Eyed Peas at the RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, on February 19, Fergie did look attractive in a bright dress approved bauta Adam Lambert.

34-year-old singer wore a coat made to custom design Phillipe and David Blond. The suit is equipped with accessories such as glass, nails and coat of mail was ordered by the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Foundation duo, who just showed his latest collection at New York Fashion Week. As legal Justjaredbuzznet appointments, Thursday (25/2/2010).

At that time, Fergie-style dress with games of Adam Lambert, nail decoration start from the chest to the waist. With these styles, Fergie appeared very fascinating.

In another, seemed rocker Adam Lambert attended the fashion show The Blonds Fall 2010 during New York Fashion Week, the Altman building, which took place last week.

Drew Barrymore Be Shown Interest

Including actress Drew Barrymore is excellent keep up appearances in order to be attractive in a different environment. With a sexy style and elegance, making the fans happy to follow the appearance of the idol. Apparently, the secret of attracting the appearance is based on the ever-changing moods of each day.

American actress was admitted, her appearance is always changing every day. However, the owner's full name Drew Blythe Barrymore is apparently also likes to look feminine. It Zimbio appointment, Thursday (25/2/2010).

"Style is everything busanaku is eclectic. Depends on what mood I felt at that moment. I do not feel like playing with the 1960s retro style or a hippie in the 1970s? But I also like fashion with a floral engraving. Actually, I personally was a female child, "he said.

When asked about friendship, the Golden Globe-winning film "irreconcilable differences", mentions that one of the name of your best friend is Cameron Diaz. Drew reveals, with playmates in Charlie's Angels movies, she can say many things. Moreover, the friend is always there with him and will always give you honest advice.

"Cameron is one of my best friends. I think that friendship is where it is always in the best situation, and in difficult times. Always be honest, give advice and help each other to laugh and smile," he continued.

Unlike the pop diva Madonna is afraid of aging, a new actress who debuted as director in the movie "Whip It!" This fact was not afraid to face the process.

"This is the best time of my life. I was not traumatized at all. I suppose it would never be happy. Simply getting older, I have a lot of things.'m Fine with wrinkles," he said.

When 34 year old actress breasts began to fall, he decided to pursue a career in the entertainment world, but behind the scenes.

"If my breasts down, relax, or become ugly and dirty, I'm not worried. I ceased to appear on the front of the camera. But not at the back of the camera, because I like to produce something," he said.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The meaning behind the best Pose Posh Spice

Victoria Beckham is not only good in clothing design, but also knew how to make it more charming in public. With pillar are often raised in public Posh Spice, has many meanings. Anything?

If you are interested in seeing some attitudes that the wife of David Beckham, then you'll find your brand face. That raised a hand toward the ear, or holding a hand that wore glasses. Victoria Pilar represent not only make their appearance look elegant, but also other impacts on his face.

"Victoria really knows how to use hair to highlight her face, without exception," says celebrity stylist Lee Stafford, who was released from the sun.

The meaning behind these Victorian-style pose is a way to hide from the skin condition. So that makes your skin look tight, without having to botox or facelift surgery.

"Pose raised his hand skin around the forehead and on the side of the forehead to reduce wrinkling of the skin around the eyes. So you look younger and your skin looks tighter," explains Lee.

Besides keeping their facial appearance is always elegant, with some predicate this fashionista knows how to fix the hair to keep it fresh.

Well, if they pose as "Posh Spice", here are five steps recommended Lee Stafford

1. Pull hair into a ponytail at the top of the head. Then fasten with an elastic hair ties hair colors. To obtain the wave pony, you can brush your hair with hairspray. This is to ensure that hair is not "off" bonds of the tail of his horse.

2. After kunciran with horse hair, you can brush a little rough to get the additional volume, especially if you have manageable hair naturally. If your hair refuses to be the form of beef a "", then you can try to form the hair as "ring" or "donuts" which is an easy way to give the effect of strong in the face.

3. Another way is to twist the ponytail to his horse in one direction to form a swirl of hair. Then, insert pins or nails into the bottom of the hair. For a more relaxed view. You can loosen a few strands of hair so that the spiral effect.

4. Remember to use a pin or pins that match your hair color is disguised.

5. To see the end, can be improved with the spray to make it look brighter.

Good expression!

Give up your Expression of Style!

Renowned designers of the international mecca of fashion, Paris, Yves Saint Laurent
Fashion once said: "Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever".

In short, fashion can keep the change, whatever the pattern and trend. But on style, will stay in a person according to his character. When a person feels comfortable with a certain style that became his trademark, is choice.

It is also believed Prawira Melia, owner of fashion boutique Jabotabek Procurement and friends. In a talk show and the opening of the mall teen fashion, Melia said there were no trends of fashion in particular, to answer the question of whether the fashion trend this year for young children.

According to women working in the fashion world for 9 years, the trend of young people today are expressive with her. Fashion model who appeared on the screen from anywhere in Mecca will not be an absolute reference.

"Fashion style of young people are more expressive and happy to combine colors. They tend to look for himself. What is right and not use," said Melia.

The term fashion victim had almost no longer is today. Fashion in young children showed more character and personal characteristics, including color padupadan.

Meanwhile, Karin Wijaya stylist just admit that this trend of color. According to him, shattering the color of fashion for young children who become the latest trend.

"The bright colors represent the spirit of optimism, optimistic young man," Kerry said in Sportswear product launches for some time.

Still, ethnic fashion trend, which tends to figure prominently in this year, recognized by Melia. Batik, a local product, young fashion and popular. According Melia, batik as a fashion emerged from the local culture of neighboring countries claimed. Therefore, ethnic batik trend emerged as a form of love of the special features of the country.

Model of variation and batik designs that were more typical of young people in character. Batik Padupadan also bolder. Suppose, says Melia, batik, not only combines high heels, but with sneakers. Accessories are also worthy of ethnic batik motifs combined with the rich tend to color. Color options should also not uniform. So, dare to collaborate and design of various models and colors, it is the current fashion.

Condition, according to Melia, the value of merit over a dress size than what brand or where the exit. Check out the trick:

* Color
Indonesian People tend to have brown skin color. The trick, do not use the cream because the skin looks miserable. The black chocolate is more suitable because it would highlight color.

* Forms of body
Self-esteem issues to do with body shape can be seen in the clothes they wore. If there is a big man, and very safe and comfortable with the clothes slightly open, very well. However, it must also be considered if the shape of your body suitable for a particular way. Not all clothes can be installed in the body or a pretty sight. Need to consult with experts or references to read fashion fashion an appropriate fashion to recognize the shape of the body.

* Character
How does the character and disposition of oneself can also be a measure of merit. If you feel comfortable with the sporting aspect, the trend would still be batik. Compensation only in slippers and cardigan. There are still a feminine and masculine is not it? Or use the sports coat with a long sleeved shirt depths and subordinates, such as jeans. Sports and orderly a fashion do not fool your character is not it?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vintage Jeans, style heritage values

The latest collection of Levi's, Levi's Modern Vintage, introducing the concept of historical value to the modern and elegant adaptation padupadan. Global Campaign for Levi's Vintage collection applicable in Asia, America, and now in Indonesia, marked by the presentation at the Cafe Batavia, the history of the Old City area of Jakarta, on Thursday (18/2/2010) .

Condensed historical value in the latest Levi's Vintage this. The characters typically found in the three unique elements. It was part of the stock adopted in 1940 vintage. 1870 was derived from rivets, and buttons with a modern modification of the original production of 1870 was.

Bangbang Subagdja, Indonesia Senior Product Manager, Levi's, explained the details of the adoption of production value in recent history. Show character of this vintage-style jeans, modern, fashionable, and unique, Bangbang said. But the interesting thing is, fans can distinguish the above products from Levi's with this vintage model.

"In terms of materials, products dimodernkan vintage is more texture. In the buttons, as the era of classical models, but has a layer that make it look shiny, and does not rust quickly. What also distinguishes the finish, ie band tires walnut and water-based printing (printing technique in the tire, with two horses in photo), which distinguishes the product from Levi's with the other, "explained Bangbang.

And not just talk about fashion, these products also have historical value. Bangbang said, to band tires walnut for example, the pattern of stripes on the inside of the jeans used to cover the points and the material inside the bag. Behind this function, this reason is similar to the covers workers in the United States hundreds of years ago. Historical value of these jeans from there to the rivets as well. Amplifier in the jeans has its roots in the history of the era of gold mining in the U.S. jeans. The miners used jeans to support their work.

Court model problem, this denimwear much choice. Call it slim fit, slim and is still sold on the market in Indonesia. There is also a top model fit pieces cut from the expected would be one year in advance. This talk models in men's underwear.

Anna Maria, Product Manager Levi's Women's Indonesia, mentioned by the woman is sexy thin models, thin and straight, which is still a trend. The model is also popular and the trend is going to be boyfriend slim fit with a choice of normal or straight silhouette.

Modern Vintage Levi's have many adjustment options and models are available in fitted silhouette cutting, tight fit, boot-cut silhouette, silhouette straight men for Texans. For women jeans, there fit Patricia silhouette slim or skinny, slim fit Patty Anne, or the slim silhouette. The price varies from 749,900 rupees to 899,900 rupees. Color problem, choose according to taste, add bound, at the age of dark blue, old school, making waves, and others.

Levi's points in Indonesia, will soon be equipped with all the options of this model. Just go and add your denim collection.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The estimated trends interconnection Year 2010

Not much longer, the trend may be renewed. Want to know what the fashions and trends that the color of the ball in the center of fashion next year? Check here. Who knew it could be better used to use before the boom really a trend.

Patterned leggings
If leggings triumph last year with the color black, this year is expected to be more widespread for different reasons leggings. On stage in Jakarta Fashion Week held last year, the designer Moses W. shows part of her collection of pants. Is it made of lace, black and white, and prints. The impression that emerges is futuristic.

Bright Orange
Bright orange as you can see from the road marker cones proved to be one of the favorite colors. Perhaps also because the color is almost exactly the color of "mandatory" vacation time. These bright colors add color to the appearance of a minimum. Invest in accessories if they have not dared to wear this bright clothing. Orange accessories in the form of belts, bracelets and shoes can be an option.

The head of horizontal stripes
Top with the horizontal pattern will continue. Typical clothing style of old American sailor is still preferred because of the impression that seems fresh. It can be easily paired with jeans or cargo pants regular.

The gray slacks
Sweatpants very convenient to use because it is made of soft material. Find the gray, matching shoes wedges, the head of beautiful, yet casual, or whatever.

Anoraks or parkas
Anoraks or parka is a garment surface to protect the body against the cold, usually with their heads covered. Alexander Wang seems to have this collection at the fashion show langsungkan some time. Adequate to cover female dress, and very practical.

Patterned shorts
For hot days, be interesting patterned shorts. Especially when used for a picnic or outdoor event as an alternative to short skirts.

Harvest Moon memorable because it was not color trends long. But now, predicted lunar encourage dressed domains. Being beautiful when paired with red lips makeup and curly hair.

Mara Hoffman and BCBG are among the designers who began promoting neon colors, as trends in mid-2010. Not being in the clothes if they have not dared to use up and down. However, the accessories with neon colors can be selected, for example in his hand.

Clothing silver sequins
Silver is one of a fairly neutral color and can be combined with other colors. BCBG also expect several collections of this type of silver sequins.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Style Grooming 4 Latin Stars!

I still remember the appearance of the Latin singer and actress who walked the red carpet at the Grammy Awards 2010 this evening? What seems, to avoid the use of lip color shade and excessive wear eyeliner.

From Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, to Nicole Richie. The following exposure of justjared can show how these four stars of America grooming such as participation in the prestigious event.


Staff Fergie Black Eyed Peas are good at stealing the attention. With a face that seemed decent, using the color palette is nice, and Sharp eyeliner thin and beautiful. Similarly, while attending the Grammy Awards, for some time.

Jennifer Lopez

With the dramatic Smokey eye brows, we know this girl love herself and always wore false eyelashes and thick eyebrows.

Melody Thornton

Pussycat Dolls staff are doing a lot of eyes were astonished to see the camera from a few makeup makeup clearly. With a bright glow transparent, the general appearance is strange night.

Nicole Richie

With a touch of liquid eyeliner to make appearances Nicole seemed brave and ready for action before the camera. Backed with a bold lip color, Nicole does look more tempting.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nichole Richie Design Own Bridegroom Ring

Nichole Richie capacity in fashion and jewelry design is, no doubt. No wonder when Nichole are more comfortable designing your own engagement ring 100 percent passed it to someone else.

That now is a circular ring on the finger was used when Richie staff committed to the band Good Charlotte, Joel Madden, 15 February. Richie reveals the good news came in the framework of "The Late Show With David Latterman" which took place recently.

At that time, the owner of the jewelry line House of Harlow 1960, is made manifest four-carat ring with a round diamond accent sweetener. To design the most perfect ring, Richie services participation of renowned celebrity jewelry designer Neil Lane.

"We've designed together." Nichole is very nice and I wanted something nice on your finger. Nichole wants a special ring and directly involved in designing clothes, "said Lane told People on Friday (19/2/2010).

The jewelry designer adds Hollywood celebrities, Richie Joel allowing creative ideas to have a dream engagement ring.

"Joel just wanted Nichole has a dream ring," Lane said, is often believed to make jewelry of famous celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, and actress Tori Spelling.

Meanwhile, in a personal Twitter Joel, a man who has two sons Richie, Harlow (2) and Sparrow, five months after writing about his relationship with reality television star of "The Simple Life" was.

"Yes. I was committed. We are very happy. Thanks to all expectations, "he wrote.

The plan, which both have committed to pledge as husband and wife in the summer.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Britney Spears showing off Lingerie Candie's

Britney Spears career in the music industry remains promising. Not to mention the hollow body is still sexy, despite already having two children. No wonder if Britney to regain the trust became an icon of Candie's.

Advertising campaign for Spring / Summer 2010 Candie's, singer Britney looked stunning beauty showing her curves. Britney dress look sexy in underwear. Once the legal information quoted in the Daily Mail, on Thursday (18/2/2010).

Pictures of Britney in Candie's ads this seems incredible. The reason, management of Candie's courageous participation of three photographers in the world. They are Annie Leibovitz, Mark Selinger, and Terry Richardson. Each photographer to capture different images.

First photo shoot of Britney Richardson handled. In that 28-year-old star was asked to look sexy, as he showed a flat stomach.

Brit-so friendly greeting-Britney Spears appears in her underwear bras combined floral heeled peep toe. Not alone, Brit posed with a teddy bear with a fuchsia background with white walls. No wonder if the picture looks up.

Meanwhile, the second session of shooting Leibovitz, chanter "Toxic" is seated on a chair with a black mini dress, playing with her hair. Do not forget accessories neckline Aztec improve appearance.

For the last shooting session conducted photographer Selinger. This photo shoot is quite complicated, because it is in a locker room. After the Brit is back in style with standing in front of the Hurley-Davidson.

This shooting session, Britney was admitted very excited because there are three known photographers.

"Annie, Mark, and Terry is the third most important photographers of the world. I am pleased to be working with them for the Candie's ads are sold in department store Kohl's," said the singer "Baby One More Time" is.

Despite praising the capacity of the three photographers, but most liked British admitted shooting session with Leibovitz.

"The shooting session with the most amazing Leibovits. And I know that fans like the image of interest. I am pleased to be working with Candie's for the second season," he said.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Once again, Lady Gaga wearing attribute Stuff!

Eccentric singer Lady Gaga has always been an innovation leader in corporate performance. Sprinkle over his body with a pearl, rose again to get a feeling with the use of attributes of the strange clothes.

This time Gaga function as the queen of British Awards dihelat event at Earls Court Arena, London on Tuesday (16 / 2) yesterday. Gaga dressed all in white with a layer of three levels. So the legal quoted by The Sun, on Wednesday (17/2/2010).

Gaga general appearance that night was remarkable. Gaga face with a mask made of a beautiful lace material. In addition, the head is also decorated with a wig (wig) white tower, like a beehive.

Besides stealing the attention of an unusual way, the owner's full name is Stefani Germanotta won three prizes or awards Brit Awards 2010 British. Prestigious awards including the award for Best International Solo Artist, International Album and International Breakthrough Act.

For more information, the Brits Awards or the British equivalent of the Grammy Awards in the United States, where the winner is selected more than 1,000 members of the music industry in the UK.

Cheryl Cole Reject Predicate Fashion Icon

Cheryl Cole does not understand why people think it is a style icon. Girls Aloud staff are often regarded as one of the best dressed women were misled by the award given to him. He also said he does not deserve defined as a fashionista. What article?

"I do not know where fashion icons! Although I was given the label, simply do not claim," he was quoted by Femalefirst, Wednesday (17/2/2010).

Though under pressure to look good, Cheryl insists it does not. To Cheryl knew she could create a healthy lifestyle.

Cheryl told the magazine New! "I am throughout the day as the other woman that I feel like garbage. But it was just a woman, sometimes because of our hormones go crazy. But I'm trying not to let the pressure get to me because I think you can do you crazy.'m still human, no matter what label is given to me, or how you look. "

Chanter "Fight For This Love", also revealed he refused to release thousands of pounds to design a fashion designer and prefer to borrow their collection for special occasions.

"I have a very expensive dress that I bought, because I prefer not to buy it. So I brought 30-thousand pounds lent to me for use on the red carpet," he said.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

There are 5 Important Attribute Taylor Swift

Country singer Taylor Swift has become the idol of American youth. I wonder if the clothing style is often imitated his age.

This pretty-faced star reveals, there are several attributes which has always supported his appearance in order to always be a star in the middle of the show.

Taylor hopes to discover who was always elegant and charming, after exposure of people able to answer:

Clothing gliter charming accent

Taylor had been aware it was a figure who often pulic attention. So he always wanted to show his best performances. No wonder if she always stood out in an elegant dress.

"When I want to highlight, then I'll get something brilliant," he said.

To be a queen in the middle of the show, chose a dress decorated with beads gliter chest. This dress can steal the show when worn while attending the CMA Awards and prizes Taylor November 2009.

Tape as a loyal friend

To make your appearance does not look normal, I liked using homemade tape. Apparently, it was because he liked the hippie style.

"I look incomplete without a headset. I even went to the store and make a film in itself," he said.

High heels

All women of the family would agree if the high-heeled shoe exudes an aura of sensuality of women. Because the same reasons that forced to wear high-heeled shoes, as an important attribute. Naturally, it includes a fan of Christian Louboutins shoes designs.

This label is a favorite brand. Taylor likes to wear high heels up to 11 inches, but did not hesitate to leave a 5-inch heels for the sake of style on the red carpet.

Trusting in fashion colors

Some celebrities are reluctant to wear light colored clothing. That's because they assume that certain colors do not match the color of their skin.

It is this white singer remains confident that with a colored dress. For example, when he appeared on the red carpet in a bright red dress fold shoulder. As is also the most radiant beauty.

Strawberry lotion

One of the most powerful weapons are often used to maintain the beauty of this cat-eyed star is a body lotion. Taylor said a hobby use body lotion, especially those enriched with ingredients from fruits such as strawberries.

"Strawberry lotion from The Body Shop is my favorite product," he said.

Lennor Celebrated Drazzling Moments

In late 2009, last year, a talented young designer, Lenny Agustin told the media will be long-term plan to bring international batik to the world. This dream lady is known as a way to batik of Indonesia and Indonesia also introduced by the designer. A first step is to connect Lenny nails stronger in their home country first, Indonesia. The movement started with a new Lennor.

During this Lennor, Lenny Agustin boutique brands are under the direct supervision of Lenny. However, since late 2009 and Lenny introduces collaboration with Batik Semar Lennor to issue the new collection. Through this cooperation, both want to bring batik closer to the younger generation. In the hands of Lenny, he meant that it was a beautiful batik, batik was beautiful, and you can look stylish and with a unique style of Lenny.

Recently, Lenny shows his latest collection for the beginning of this year. The theme of the clothes he calls "dazzling moments". This same event also opened a secondhand store in Lennor Plaza Indonesia 2nd floor, after Central Park, which opened last December. Like the topic title, this collection presents a collection that reflects the party.

For boutique Lennor, Lenny offers two types of clothing, namely, regular and executive. Lenny typical for you who likes the bold and colorful style, you can choose the regular collection. While executives rancangnya online collection is more formal, not many accents, and the color tends to cool. Batik accents will surely find in each of these clothes Lennor.

Dazzling moments using a combination of batik and striatum in the library collection. In this collection, Lenny uses many bright colors such as yellow, red, purple. For women, you will find a collection of bright and patterned batik cheongsam top, shorts, too long batik cheongsam dresses. This collection ranges from 300,000 to 900,000 rupees.

Through this new store, Lenny told his dream of going international. Target, which will strengthen its brand among countries, and then spread to other countries. It is expected that the dream is within a period of 5 years. He believes, with good quality and competitive prices to the determination of odor through the creation of a nation and the cultural wealth of the nation will succeed.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good-bye, Alexander McQueen

British designer, Alexander McQueen that many admired his creation, was found dead at his home on Thursday (10/02/2010). Many works were collected by celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. McQueen is famous for its collection of unusual and extreme style.

As quoted in The New York Times, the designer of 40 years old, was found dead with a state of dependency. Suspicion that he committed suicide. His death was only 9 days apart from his mother's death, which occurred on February 2. McQueen estimate for incident made him very depressed. However, the head of the communications company, Samantha Garrett, has not dared to issue a formal statement.

McQueen is known for its dramatic and extraordinary designs. In 2003, McQueen won an award from Queen Elizabeth II, when he received the nickname given the honor of Commander of the British Empire for his ability to design clothes.

Anna Wintour, editor of American Vogue, McQueen known as "One of the biggest talents of his generation." The building with the most extraordinary, full of experiments. It can be mixed with the latest web designs, Gothic style, but leaves the impression of aesthetics, wrapped with a maximum performance in every show wardrobe.

Once a wolf is never shown at fashion show to give the impression of living in the area of Little Red Riding Hood, and other times could take the bones of animals on stage, or even to use the most extreme in the expensive models. Exceptionally, while impressed with strangers and sometimes takes the audience frowned, a show that has always given a moment to look forward to all Fashion Week arrived.

He became chief designer of the Givenchy fashion house from 1996 until 2001, then moved to the company's rival, Gucci. McQueen is one of the youngest designers to obtain the title of British Designer of the Year, a title he received during the year 4 times from 1996-2003. It has also been awarded a prize as the International Designer of the Year in 2003, the Council of Fashion Designer Awards.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Exotic Style in Rio Fashion Week

The appearances in the fashion week proved to vary from one city to another. Another Fashion Week New York Fashion Week Rio others as well. In the fashion week in the capital city of Rio de Janeiro, the number of guests are usually invited seglamor not attending the fashion week in Paris or Milan. Even so, show the typical style of exotic Brazil. Consider an example below.

1. Wear bright colors and flashy
You have brown skin or olive oil should not be afraid to express bright colors highlight color of their skin. In order not to appear dull skin, or avoiding soft muted colors.

2. Show slender legs, with needle
Using high heels make your legs look tight and level. If you use a shoe with the open, then the legs will look more beautiful. Even the appearance of his silhouette became more slender leg.

3. The belt use
When you use the coat, belt use also. Examples style of Katie Holmes, the belt is always added even when using a jacket or coat. Men are pleased to see the curve when using a waist belt. The belt will make your waist thinner.

4. Do not be afraid to show her curves
Showed that the curves does not always mean showing division, right? Can do is show your arms or legs that level. Shorts or skirts, dresses showing their arms are very tight, or a backless dress showing her smooth back. Above all, do not forget to appear secure.

5. Wear black
Color Black he can lose weight. But if you do not look like a member of The Addams Family for the use of shoes, clothing and black bag. There is a trick that can be used to use the illusion that it can make you look thinner on the abdomen and waist. For example, black dress with the left and right hip with a soft color accent curves in a slimmer body.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Elle Macpherson: Lingerie Problem, France More Care

Elle Macpherson (46) opened the first boutique collection of lingerie (underwear) design in Paris (France), Tuesday (2/2/2010) local time.

France says Macpherson, is one of the countries to disasarnya underwear business since he started designing lingerie in 1989. According to him, French women are more concerned about the clothes they wear, compared with people in other countries.

"French women really have; French women do not be shy about using their sensuality and sexuality. And they did not awkward. That's part of culture, using their bodies to attract rather than themselves. And underwear plays an important role, "said Macpherson, who, before reaching the French already have a market in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and other countries in Europe.

Macpherson admitted trying to fulfill what had possessed, but is required by French women. "We're making a beautiful French lingerie, very comfortable, very colorful, with American or British style. Superpraktis and underwear is very strong," he said enthusiastically.

Collections Macpherson underwear designs produced in China, always use Italian brocade, with a design invented in New Zealand. Even so, remain creative director Macpherson, who lived in Notting Hill, London (England). ( / ATI)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cindy Crawford Jewelry release 'A Kiss'

After the success with its general line for JCPenney, Cindy Crawford now add branch business, working together national retailer to launch a jewelry line.

In April this year, the American supermodel icon will launch a collection of 40 pieces of jewelry at affordable prices range from USD79 to USD299, which is called "Un Beso" exclusively for JCPenney.

Jewelry collection that is described by a simple but sophisticated displays pieces of silver, precious stones and diamonds inspired by a symbol which translates into a kiss.

As for the name of the selection of their jewelry collection, Cindy did not mean to share. "This symbol is good, but I love what it means," he told WWD quoted in People, on Monday (8.2.2010).

"A kiss is not always meaningful romantic, but could be the kiss of a mother. Others may purchase for themselves," he said.

"A Kiss", will soon adorn JCPenny stores nationwide beginning next April.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bar Refaeli has Hobi Wear Lingerie Cheap

LINGERIE a way that can make every woman look sexy and seductive. No wonder if many of Hollywood celebrities who likes to collect, not to mention beautiful supermodel Bar Refaeli. Recently admitted Refaeli love with lingerie cheaper than the high price.

As quoted by Femalefirst, the Israeli model, Bar Refaeli love wearing lingerie claimed that cheap. According to him, bought a luxury lingerie is a waste of money alone. No wonder Refaeli choose to buy cheap underwear.
"I like to wear expensive lingerie. I never bought expensive lingerie. I thought it was not necessary!" He said in an interview with OK! American magazine.

Paras pretty 24-year-old supermodel was recently held in the second half decorate Rampage ad campaign. He promotes a collection for spring / summer 2010 in the old house dihelat Hilton Hotel heiress Paris Hilton, in Los Angeles, USA. Refaeli appears at that time showed a series of sexy lingerie collection Rampage.

According to Marder, as Director of Marketing, Rampage, elected because he seemed attractive bars, and a beautiful appearance and pleasing personality.

"The bar was chosen by the customer wishes to submit Rampage. Naturally, it looks sexy, confident and glamorous. These are clothes that fit your lifestyle," says the assassination.

Even without makeup, handsome boyfriend, actor Leonardo DiCaprio was still pretty. His hair is beautiful to be a value for Refaeli.
"Stay beautiful Refaeli despite wearing baggy jeans and a shirt, without a hint of makeup. The hair on your face clean and beautiful. He's very natural," he said.

Favorite pants Seleb Hollywood

Beautiful clothes can make a Hollywood celebrity looks elegant at every opportunity. But in everyday life, often choose a more casual dress casual. As a result, the choice fell on my pants made of denim. That said, jeans are not only comfortable when worn, but it can make the most elegant.

Intrigued by the style of Hollywood celebrities while wearing a pair of jeans? This cheat sheet that you can copy that was launched from Instyle, Thursday (5/2/2010).

Cameron Diaz and Blake Lively "trust" with skinny jeans

There is no way that can show your favorite to wear stilettos, tight jeans. These jeans have a short narrow ankles. Material on this model using most jeans denim strech and 2-4 percent for really tight spandex material. No wonder if the pants in this one able to show the curve of her body is sexy.

By using tight jeans, you can fool Blake Lively medley with a beautiful blouse. If you want to appear as a higher form using semiformal jacket, then Cameron Diaz seems to be imitated.

Boot Cut style Longari Eva and Penelope Cruz

Beautiful actress Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz always choose a boot cut trousers in a classic style. These pants can be used for a variety of body shapes. By using these pants combine Penelope Cruz chose a brown jacket with a tuxedo, while Eva Longari look beautiful in a white shirt.

Kate Bosworth and Beyonce in style with white pants

Made jeans are not always blue. There are times when the other colors of choice when Hollywood-style stars, call it white pants. For example, R & B singer Beyonce and Kate Bosworth star chose blonde white pants when they appear in public. Boyonce looks great in the integration of jeans with a white blouse and a gray scarf.

Ripped jeans ala Rihanna and Heidi Klum

They appear cool but elegant young singer Rihanna and supermodel Heidi Klum chose a pair of ripped jeans with a sexy accent. Not surprisingly, when looking into the limelight.

Hollywood Celebrity style traps Interested?

Using High Heels Without Damaging the Foot

High heels are a multitude of benefits. From height increase, which made the foot look more levels of their owners.

But sometimes, high-heeled shoes with a lot of problems for the feet. One of the problems who like to wear high-heeled shoes is a calf muscle, the fingers are swollen, often not even spin, or varicose veins.

In fact, you may know, still wear high heels without the pain of it. J. Alexander, the jury's Next Top Model America offer some tips for using high heels without hurting their feet and body.

1. Avoid buying high-heeled shoes that do not fit, or have a size of 1 times the size of their feet. Standards, no room left on the heel, making it more likely they are slipping, swelling of feet or less injury.

If you are forced to use the size of 1 times times smaller or larger, and not the foot that will hurt, but the entire body and face. If this is where the heavy walking through the mall when she was a big sale?

2. Movements such as rocking legs. By using high heels, you can not move his legs as the use of the right flat sandals. Using high-heeled rivet means that the weight on the foot. Just swing your legs while walking. Focus on the end of leg movement, so that your body stay in balance.

3. Step longer legs. When using a high-heeled shoes, getting used to more foot to provide space for the other foot. Thus, the possibility of tripping over the other leg is reduced. Also, go to step slower (long, but slow). This is the safest way to walk.

4. Use the pads prevent varicose veins. Pull the leg muscles when using a high-heeled shoes are uncomfortable. The use of gel pads shoe that reduces direct pressure on the veins of the legs. We have a store that sells high-heeled shoes are already complete with silicone gel pads.

5. Soak your feet. Always soak the feet in hot water and salt bath after a day of use of high heels. In this way can the flow of blood may be obstructed when using high heels.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Amanda Seyfried Showing Chest at Premier Film

Amanda Seyfried flaunt their sensuality to superseksi team (Photo: Instyle)
There are many ways in the spotlight. One was showing his chest as the young star Amanda Seyfried. Superseksi chose to appear dressed like a prima donna who stole the audience's attention.

As quoted in Instyle, Wednesday (3/2/2010), the star of "Mamma Mia" This looks pretty in her sexy halter neck dress design as Giorgio Armani attended the premiere of his new movie "Dear John" in the Grauman's Chinese Theater, Los Angeles, USA, on Monday (1.2.2010) local time.

To make your appearance more attractive was the combination of fashion with a collection of shoes and Brian Atwood Judith Leiber clutch. Dressed with a touch of blue and two silver he had that night was as harmonious as to oblige him.

But what makes her performance seem so attractive is accentuated low V-neck dress sweeten. The reason, making your breasts sticking solid with the dress she wore.

Not only exploring the sensuality of the body, this dress is also shows your back care. I wonder if the night became the focus of Adam.

The temptation to follow in their footsteps?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dismantling SELEB style clothing at the Grammy Awards 2010

GRAMMY has always been a memorable moment for human music. However, this event is also a tribute to Hollywood celebrities who have been showing their beauty of the body in fancy dress.

Who are the celebrities who take fashion risks and look to nature in this year? To play it safe? Who is more like a style diva? To find out what color the dress parade the red carpet last January 31, Hollyscoop somehow define celebrity at the Grammy Awards for you.

Election night appear on half of nude

Heidi Klum wears a Pucci mini dress complete with sequins highlighting the curves and cleavage, but most women do not want to.

Shown with the natural color of clothing, chanter "Crazy in Love" Beyonce Knowles loveliest. She wore a dress designed Stephane Rolland with color natural brown with low neckline which makes the appearance chanter "If I Were a Boy" was looking very hot!

Katy Perry shows that the small population of body that can be seen worn by Zac Posen Sequin Flower Moon. However, in this case, Katy had been a little better than most.

New style does not fit

New entrants in $ / ha, can not be blamed entirely on the red carpet so it looks like a 1920s modern girl. This blonde Dara went to the scene faster than Susan Boyle! But the gold dress worn belts and T bulk unacceptable, even for a newcomer actress. We expect him drunk, showing Jack Daniels and wearing a leather bustier.

On the other hand, Britney Spears should be better. Chanter "Baby One More Time" wore a lace dress with long sleeves combined black body suit, a collection of fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, and dress in the style that had brought on the Video Music Awards (VMAs) in 2001, nine years ago.

Although he looked as good as when I was blonde, but still look impressive and attractive Brit with her hair dark brown bergelombangnya color.

Appropriate appearance

Fergie is no stranger to "accident" on the red carpet, but now it has failed to show its best performance this year. Is no exception as the Lady Duhamel, Black Eyed Peas staff of this body of work demonstrates the sensuality of a simple dress, and left the strange costumes in the action on stage.

Fergie chose a mini dress light blue Emillio Pucci designer collections with a simple sweetener accent on the right side. As if to underscore once again his sensuality, Fergie to leave long hair flowing.

Glee Lea Michele can choose different colors, but wearing a dress by Romona Keveza shoulder showing the man who had been hiding.

Berpenampilan wild

Not surprisingly, Lady Gaga received an award as the most attractive celebrity costume of the night. In its Giorgio Armani Privé gown designed exclusively designed especially for the controversial singer, who managed to become the center of attention.

Red carpet looks remain faithful to await the presence of singer "Poker Face" is a style that is always interesting. Therefore, Armani Privé deliberately included some elements of outer space to look at the Grammy Awards.

Style insurance

Jennifer Hudson not supposed to be a diva? The reason is, this woman looks amazing after giving birth to fewer than a year ago and are happy to see more often again! In contrast, J-Hud wore a black dress designs from Victoria Beckham. And left a lot of little girls look at him!

Free Cards

It may not be a fan of white Elie Saab gown worn by Rihanna, the article seems a dress that was devouring his neck. But in our books, Riri family called Rihanna can do no wrong. We see him show off his tattoo of the famous couple, but it seems chanter "Umbrella" is not a bad show of the night. And still looks beautiful!

Excellent with the look of a diva

Although teenage country singer Taylor Swift look stunning when walk on the red carpet in a Kaufman Franco dress in blue, but did not win the red carpet can. In fact, even at low dress slit chest bearing the body frame makes sexy, but they only considered the Grammy winner.

Popular vote winner for the best dressed celebrities and worthy of the title of a diva on the red carpet is Mary J Blige. I still had a sexy body after so many years and looks forward with confidence, with a super fuchsia dress Gucci make your breasts swell.

Elle Macpherson: Lingerie Problem, France More Care

Elle Macpherson (46) opened the first boutique collection of lingerie (underwear) design in Paris (France), Tuesday (2/2/2010) local time.

France says Macpherson, is one of the countries to disasarnya underwear business since he started designing lingerie in 1989. According to him, French women are more concerned about the clothes they wear, compared with people in other countries.

"French women really have; French women do not be shy about using their sensuality and sexuality. And they did not awkward. That's part of culture, using their bodies to attract rather than themselves. And underwear plays an important role, "said Macpherson, who, before reaching the French already have a market in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and other countries in Europe.

Macpherson admitted trying to fulfill what had possessed, but is required by French women. "We're making a beautiful French lingerie, very comfortable, very colorful, with American or British style. Superpraktis and underwear is very strong," he said enthusiastically.

Collections Macpherson underwear designs produced in China, always use Italian brocade, with a design invented in New Zealand. Even so, remain creative director Macpherson, who lived in Notting Hill, London (England). ( / ATI)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Torn clothes SELEB Hollywood style

If now is a trend or is intentional, but torn clothes adorned seems increasingly rampant celebrity appearances in Hollywood. These unfortunate events very experienced'm star Heidi Range.

As quoted by the Sun, on Monday (1.2.2010), the band Sugababes staff were not aware of black chiffon dress wearing rags. At that point, the blond actress appeared in public attention to cervical cancer concert at Koko, Camden, London, last week.

At that time, she was dancing with other staff, and there are large enough holes in the back of the armpit. Shame! However, this did not realize he was being considered dancing and face relaxed.

Heidi is not the only Hollywood celebrity who remained in the torn dress style with the previously recorded name of the heir of the Hilton, Paris Hilton. At that time, this beautiful Fashionista was partying in a club in Las Vegas. Her dress is too tight can be broken, because I could not follow the movement of Paris, which is too active.

Another embarrassing incident had also experienced a beautiful diva Britney Spears. When wearing a long white dress, do not break in the bottom of the dress she wore. But now, Brit is still pleasant stroll, as if nothing bad would happen.

While the celebrity stature Beth Ditto fertile suffered a crisis of confidence because he was black with torn stockings. Perhaps because the fine stockings, while the two big legs idem, making two large holes decorate the knee and thigh down.

The same is not alone! Beautiful Star Tara Palmer Pompkinson also experienced the same time. It's just that the weather was a casual style. When Tara was wearing a gray sweatshirt, a small tear in the armpits of his shirt. However, remained oblivious to these strips.

A small tear may also decorate the clothing worn by a beautiful singer Jessica Simpson. At that time, wore a gray. Seen a few pieces to decorate the bottom of the breasts. But strangely she smiled at the paparazzi camera pose immortalized.

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