Monday, January 31, 2011

Condom Wedding Souvenir Prince William?

England has designed a national holiday to celebrate Prince William's wedding. But the party was a happy day was preceded by a company with a souvenir in the shape of a condom.

Through these souvenirs, Crown Jewels of Distinction carries condoms slogan, "Like the royal marriage, relationships with loved ones is an unforgettable moment."

This act inevitably invite criticism, and even the name of a condom a tasty layer.

Prince William, the heir to the throne, who is also a British military helicopter pilot is her campus friends, Kate Middleton, married on April 29, 2011 in London, Westminster Abbey.
All types of unofficial souvenirs predicted several companies, ranging from tea towels, glassware, postcards, to condoms as the latest forecasts.

"This is a unique way to moments of happiness of the people of Britain. In recent years, this gift will be a lasting reminder of the wedding day filled with wonder to remember," said Hugh Pomfret, a spokesman for condoms Crown Jewels of distinction As reported by AFP, Monday (1/31/2011).

Condoms are wrapped in purple and gold packaging pictorial images Prince William and Kate Midleton. There is writing on the packaging of "great triumvirate of contraception", that "many of lubrication" and "like a king rib."

"The United Kingdom some of the best lovemaking techniques in the world offers, with a tradition of copulations that will be passed on to the next generation. combines the power of a prince and a princess sensitivity condoms Crown Jewels pleasure promising," said Pomfret.

Manufacturers must ensure that the launch of a condom is not supplied or approved by Prince William, her fiancé, or the royal family.

"It's really stylish low-and very painful. Prince William has a sense of humor, but this is a step too far. It's a cheap way to make money, " says Ingrid Seward, editor of the British empire, told The Sun.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment themselves.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rosie Huntington show off the body for Victoria's Secret

Rosie Huntington Whiteley
Although the former model has become a Victoria's Secret, the star of 'Transformers' Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has participated in the latest advertising campaign.

In her push-up bras and panties adorned with lace, this 23-year-old supermodel showcase slim abdomen and leg length in the ad campaign that famous lingerie brand.

She was recently Victoria's Angel who is considered the highest ranked of the range model in the lingerie business. She also has to replace Megan Fox in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" come, intending to be released in July this year. So that was quoted in Legal Daily Mail, Thursday (01/27/2011).

In this sexy photo shoot wearing a bra and panties Rosie brown skin soft and sweetened with cream lace decoration. In another photo shoot, they also point to the sexiness of the body by posing stood with arms crossed, while a hand on the shoulder.
In this sexy photo shoot wearing a bra and panties Rosie brown skin soft and sweetened with cream lace decoration. In another photo shoot, they also point to the sexiness of the body by posing stood with arms crossed, while a hand on the shoulder.

What makes the pose more sexy, her lips formed, so the letter O, so that makes it so seductive.

Rosie join the photo session was accompanied by fellow Victoria's Angel otherssuch asAlessandra Ambrosio , who posedin her all black underwear  .

Female 29 years it was the right figure to show off her body in sexy lingerie, worked very hard with a Brazilian coach who starts working out the body on the buttocks of the Brazilian style lift, a mix of samba, capoeira and aerobics.

A child's mother has become a model for Victoria's Secret for 10 years and considers himself a slim body, despite its size, number six, which is the second measure in the United States.

In addition to Rosie and Alessandra, Victoria's Angel others, Candice Swanepoel seem sensual to the advert. Women from South Africa is a model for Victoria's Secret for five consecutive years.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gucci Feminine Aura

The spring of 2011, Gucci brings sophistication and feminine look. Frida Giannini, creative director, making breathing sensual, aggressiveness and the exoticism of Morocco for women Gucci.
Shades of style as modern femininity Giannini said, is a typical manifestation of the independent image of urban women.
Shades of style as modern femininity Giannini said, is a typical manifestation of the independent image of urban women.
New conception of women included in Giannini's Gucci fashion through deskontruktif but relaxed silhouette.

Weather breath ethnic women crochet accents are also conveyed by the use of linen and satin, while the exotic python is demonstrated by the use of motifs.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcomes Valentine, Bar Refaeli sensual pose

Bar Refaeli
ACTOR Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio should be proud. Because his girlfriend Bar Refaeli is one of the hottest models in the world. Even with your clothes, makes his appearance seemed perfect as the most beautiful gift from God.

This time the Israeli model, again showing off her beautiful curves in her red lingerie superseksi photocall for a very "hot". So that was quoted by The Sun, Tuesday (25/01/2011).

In the action, a model born June 4, 1985 this sensual pose, sitting with hand on the thigh. In that position, making her breasts look pops up behind a very sexy red bra.

Apparently the shooting had acted on Valentine welcome. With a background heart image, the bar looks seductively in her red lingerie she wore.

In addition to existence as a model, the desk was also playing in a low-budget film "Session", the story of a male psychologist who was obsessed with one of his patients says. Where the patient is played by the Bar.

Kate Middleton Asked to Wear England New Designer

Kate Middleton
Previously rumors circulating that Kate Middleton will choose to renowned designer Bruce Oldfield to design her wedding dress. However, there are notes for Prince William's fiancé Liam uses a new designer.

Contribution came from Harold Tillman, the leader of the British Fashion Council. She reasoned, she would also help the careers of new designers to use their services.

"We want Kate provide an opportunity for new designers and have never heard his name, as long as he is a British designer, of course," said Harold, as quoted by Female First, Tuesday (01/25/2011).

She decided not to secrets about the designer of her dress to reveal until that happy day come April next year. The 29-year-old woman wanted to give a surprise to her future husband.

"We have no leaks about her designer dress. She wanted it a surprise for Prince William on their wedding day. designer dresses are still subject to change, so only we can explain, " said a spokesman for Clarence House.

"April 29 will be a very meaningful day for them, and took part in almost every aspect of your wedding needs. Decision making is very difficult and time spend," he added.

Coming to Marriage, Kate Middleton body fattening

Kate Middleton
Feeling fine worried look on her wedding day, April 29, Kate Middleton is reportedly happy to increase its weight can be recorded. Candidate Princess of Wales who use size 6 dress that reportedly undergoing a high-carbohydrate diet.

"She is thinner due to busy looking after the wedding to look. But what he feared was the loss figure  body at all, so he adds more carbohydrates in his diet. We do not have a plate of spaghetti, but the oatmeal cookies, cereals, porridge , and whole wheat toast, "said a friend Kate told British magazine Now reported by Female First, Tuesday (01/25/2011).

Kate is happy to fit the high-energy workout in the gym to see a nutritionist asked five to six times a day.

"Kate continued the pattern of cardiovascular exercise like running and cycling, the body that contains it wanted," said one source.

"For someone who is very active as Kate, very difficult for him to body-calorie seems highly flammable, even without any kind of business," he continued.

In December, she reportedly started pretty hard sports like jogging, cycling and weight lifting session in the sport a "rowing machine " that can burn 500 calories per hour.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Finding the Best Perfumes in Luxury Parlor

Every woman wants to appear beautiful and nice. They always want to have good appearance anytime and anywhere. Besides wear perfect outfits, there is one essential thing which is a must for women when they are going to meet someone or going somewhere. Perfume is a must have for women in order to make themselves smell nice, but not only for women, men also can use perfume because many brands that provide special perfume for men too.

If you want to find the best perfumes that will make you have more stunning appearance, Luxury Parlor will be the perfect place for you to buy your favorite perfume because they provide many different brands of popular perfumes such as Burberry, Anna Sui, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent and many more.

Burberry which is known with the marvelous and gorgeous wardrobe and fashion accessories also offers exclusive and classy perfumes. They released Burberry for Men as their first perfume in 1981. In Luxury Parlor, you also can find Calvin Klein perfume which is known for releasing the first unisex scent, CK One. Besides Burberry and Calvin Klein, Luxury Parlor also provides the other popular perfume which is Yves Saint Laurent perfume. Luxury Parlor also provides the best seller perfumes. They give complete price list for each perfume and also offer sale prices too. 


Monday, January 17, 2011

Hip-eyeglasses Trends in early 2011

Angelina Jolie with Bottega Veneta
Starting in 2011, Optical Melawai collection comes with a fresh new design. Several glasses have also detailed a trendy, stylish, luxurious, dynamic, and other characteristics of each brand, of course, with perfect quality.

Clothing has fulfilled the closet, shoes are ready, the bag not to lose trends. Is there anything left of the perfection of your appearance? The answer, glasses.

For spring / summer are linked to the fun, this time a collection optic Melawai taste and bold new look for you. Sunglass Collection Spring / Summer 2011 eyewear collection can be found in optical Melawai with over 220 branches throughout Indonesia.

Bottega Veneta

Fresh design with unique details and unexpected property Bottega Veneta glasses collection. Butterfly effect it has great proportions and curved lines. Textured silver butterfly shaped signature Bottega Veneta show ultrafeminin development. Glass made of acetate and equipment look very glamorous. Bottega Veneta is available in gray interesting.


Gucci sunglasses are the characteristics of optical and sunglass frames elegantly designed. 1970-1980 era Glass-inspired style in which the silhouette of differentiated lens shape box, rectangular or round. Design of butterfly-shaped frame and details are made of optyl. Insert bamboo in the center helped beautify the collections are available in colors like blue chocolate, black powder, black and shiny.


Avant-garde collection of sunglasses by Alexander McQueen has a dynamic character. Butterfly-shaped frames decorated with textured hair color is made of acetate multiorganik three layers. Color pallet collections such as the stylish blue / lime, red / beige, brown / cream / black, and white / blue.


Dior glasses are so elegant made using acetate materials. The beauty of design and a detailed gold stripes adorn the sides of the frame. Collections are available in brown and light violet color of the transparent glass look very seductive and feminine. Details sunglasses a great emphasis ribbons, crystal added, and the Dior logos make it very attractive. Collections are available in purple.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Collection comes with an innovative shape and detail design icons, brand, line texture, multicolored, small screws, and tape, which all clearly visible. Last sunglass Marc by Marc Jacobs is very modern and attractive attention.

Rudy Project

Maya is the newest kolesi Rudy Project uses sport flip-up technology. By using a removable nylon rx, Prescription lenses can be comfortably put in the frame, while protecting the lens size Lens Photochromic Plano. This is her glasses with all the features you would expect from a premium Italian sport sunglasses. Collections are available in white / gray and gray / black ash.

Marc Jacobs

Collection comes with a very fine vintage form as well as elegant and chic colors. Sunglass must-have "This latest model has a unique texture and interesting silhouette with beautiful colors.


Bruce Oldfield, Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Designer?

Kate Middleton
Corpses, Kate Middleton is the most important decision since accepting applications Prince William. Candidate Princess of Wales in the future has selected designers to create her wedding dress. Who is the lucky designer?

However, sources told People have not the identity of a designer dress by hundreds of millions of people around the world on April 29, is revealed. Designer name remains a secret, for the desired second pair. So that was quoted from People, Monday (17/01/2011).

In the middle of speculation, Bruce Oldfield re-name entered in the list of wedding dress designer named Kate Middleton. The reason, Kate's mother Carole and her sister Pippa was caught on camera in the direction of his store in Knightsbridge, London.

News photos published in the UK to show the world, she and her daughter to walk around and visit shops Oldfield after lunch at San Lorenzo restaurant.

"It's a big hint that he (Bruce Oldfield) was selected to the royal wedding dress design," said one source. Yet there was no confirmation from the store on Oldfield.

Meanwhile, the palace spokesman said: "This is the intention of Miss Middleton to keep secret dress for the bride on their wedding day, like every bride privilege."

Oldfield, a favorite designer of Princess Diana. But so far the Oldfield has not commented on the news who said he wedding dresses for Middleton.

Only when he said in a statement in December last year, "Kate is a great figure, she will be a great performance in every way."


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gold and diamonds shine Hurry Fashionista

A jewelry valued at its beauty. However, do not stop. Things that valuable jewelry is the quality of all its constituent materials and production techniques and art production techniques, trends and lifestyle combine.

Nobody denies that the jewelry is a friend of the woman. However, the reality is somewhat shifted due to the ever changing lifestyle. Now not only the womenfolk who like the beauty of precious metals and gems to enjoy the man not to lose the thirst for luxury goods.

If the first wife will be even more beautiful and confident stance with the coil in the neck jenjangnya diamond necklace, this time he had done no less interesting to the package bertahtakan diamond watches.

Gold is still the belle of the metal pads Platinium than diamond. The reason is gold in a time may be used as investment for the owner. Precious metals is one of the most profitable investment portfolio.

Investors assess the gold and other precious metals and commodities has become a means of protection when faced with an investment of political and economic uncertainty. Gold and Platinum is now seen as a safe investment in times of crisis threats. Not only that, as part of fashion, both precious metals have a very important function. Her presence is a person different. Various accessories are offered, or made of gold, silver, Platinum, and other materials of course the more easier for those who want to look trendy.

Accessory offered product lines became more and more, from a pen to luxury watches. And, even designer jewelry spread to another product. Call it an embroidered bags and clothing bertahtakan gold and diamonds. The price? Obviously exorbitant. However, for collectors and jewelry lovers, it does not become an obstacle.

Not surprisingly, in fashion, rings, bracelets, necklaces and jewel-studded watches to accessories needed the fashionista. The booster image is no longer just crap. With the presence of shiny gems that adorn the wearer's body, prestigious and fashionable image directly to assist. Especially when the world's leading manufacturers of jewelry in droves invaded Indonesia. Urban society must have been familiar with a variety of brands including Cartier jewelry, Felice, Folli Follie, and Diamantez Korloff.

Also single-class luxury brand watches like Tag Heuer, Rolex, Baume & Mercier, Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chopard. All reputable manufacturers of accessories that are not wrong to want to target the Indonesian market. As the country with a population of over 220 million euros, this means a very large market share. Not because of the added level of society as consumerism is high enough. That set the trend accessories widespread among the beau monde of Indonesia. So it is with stones.

Diamond can be said to have become the identity of the owner of elegance and luxury. This sparkling jewel it could indicate social status of the wearer. Brilliant luster of the pearls of the earth to make a lot of hands.

However, the price strangle the neck makes some people were forced to take the company symbol of eternal dream of deleting. Not only are diamonds, other precious jewelry is no less valuable. Many other gems that pencintanya due to the myth of the rock properties of the high value that the aura and the happiness of the owner can increase hunted. The value of a jewel is determined by many things.

Designer Jewels Djafar Erna said, the value of the jewelry to see the color, design, cutting, and the glow it emits. More and more cutting, it is increasingly determining the brilliance of the stone. Erna said, bought more for fashion stone jewelry and collectibles. It can also be purchased for a special gift on special occasions. Meanwhile, if used for investment, it would be better for a diamond with a carat to choose. It is not easy to get.

As is known, quality diamond is a white diamond. Or enter in Grade D, which means 100 percent white. Diamonds diamonds are usually sold with a Class D to G, or reaches 97 percent white. Below grade, the diamond look yellow or opaque. Moreover, quality diamonds have a high level of clarity, both inside and outside. However, diamonds with the highest prices fell on diamond aka colorless diamond is colorless.

Diamonds are a powerful charm jewelry. Not infrequently these gems in the main spotlight, especially when combined with elegant precious metal wrapped. Both of valuables such as timeless. Its existence was immortalized as the various myths that accompany it. The presence of this remarkable stone circle not only beautiful on the ring finger can also be attached to the ear with a sweet, luxurious look and even hugged the neck of the user.

Not only that, diamonds and gold are now present in the form of watches, was popular high-end metropolitan circles. Jewel has a lot of famous friends everyday world. Examples Uma Thurman and Meg Ryan. Both women are loyal friend to make diamonds in a variety of activities. Luster brilliant diamond as an accessory was used as a form of perfection a person in a social environment.

It has also been the target of Tiffany & Co.. Tiffany & Co. Diamond described the perfection of one figure by the brilliant shine that because 80 facets and 32 facet cut diamond is in addition to the normal. Magnetic diamond Tiffany's has become the focus of attention. Shine has added an aura of beauty in the top U.S. women worldwide. Simple design lines that will highlight the elegance of diamonds.

Especially when a beam fell on. Radiant shine of precious gems are increasingly adding to the beauty of the user. Radiant beauty of a diamond stone is also seen from the depths of the original color of the stones. For example, blue, pink or yellow is a favorite of women. However, white and translucent colors are still as a prima donna. Different kinds of other gems were also present in a sophisticated line of jewelry, so a new alternative is for jewelry lovers.

Ruby, sapphire, emerald and pearls designed so beautifully formed and was unable to compete with the bright glow of diamonds. For centuries, the diamond is the number one gift choice for men who want her boyfriend persuaded. In the past, the diamond much contested and pride of the nobility. Diamonds revered as a mystical and spiritual nature, and immortality. Diamond eventually regarded as offering the most sublime love.

Unification of two hearts was as ordered by a legitimate after a diamond engagement ring tied on. Of course, choosing a diamond is not easy. It takes skill and a high accuracy in determining the value of the diamonds. The formula 4C (color, clarity, cut and Carat) was the main criterion in determining the price of a diamond.

The uniqueness of diamond is unmatched. Enter the slightest fingerprint would be natural that a diamond with one another. This is exactly what makes the diamond more brilliant than other diamonds. The more facets in the diamond, the light beam and refracted light produced when a rainbow of brilliant colors. The higher the value.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Continued Tokyo International Markets

Japan Fashion
Paris may be the world capital of fashion. However, in Asia, Tokyolah this is a fashion leader. The streets of Harajuku and Shibuya to prove it.

Japan seems unaffected fashionistas fashions that Western fashion cities like Paris, Milan and New York determined. They were satisfied with the style of fashion that offered local designers. On the streets of Harajuku, denim unfinished beat and psychedelic stockings surpass Versace Gucci.

In fact, compared to a number of fashion labels such international caliber, the shops that stood on the outskirts of Tokyo street can not be compared. Call it the Fur Fur who never made his debut runway and fashion photo shoot for a magazine, or Galaxxxy, trendy boots outlets which have only one exit.

For a number of small shops, the international market is not an end. They were very happy with domestic customers who always come to the store to visit. In fact, if taken as a whole, only a few Japanese fashion designer and successfully penetrate the international market, such as Uniqlo, Evisu, Yukiko Hanai, Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto, and Kenzo. While the rest prefer the flag in the domestic sphere.

Fashion observers review because in Japan, the fashion industry operates in one segment, namely the perpetrators of the Japanese fashion too focused on domestic demand and less concern for the international market.

"Japanese fashion industry as a walk in the box and all trends through it without realizing the perpetrators of the fashion industry," said Loic Bizel, French fashion consultant who works in Tokyo.

"They actually gave birth to new trends every season, but only that, the trend was not widely resonate like the Paris, Milan or New York. Japanese fashion trends were only used by the domestic market," said Bizel.

However, that does not mean that Japan escaped the attention of the international community. The evidence, major retailers like H & M or the top designers Armani assortment Japan as potential markets. Malah banyak Nasional international buyers actually buying, and a collection of designers Jepang, and then sold in bulk in the West label for the international market hosts more tempting. For companies, the Japanese share of the cake a little advantage. Data from the Ministry of Commerce of Japan said Japan's exports of apparel and clothing valued at USD416 million in 2009.

"International markets offer more benefits, but many players mode they not see that because this industry worked in the sample. The Japanese government is now trying to move them to a wider market reach, " said an analyst at Nomura Research Institute fashion , Atsushi Izu.

Izu said a government support is represented by the organization of Japan Fashion Week are now more inclined towards an international trade show than just fashion showcase.

So also with support for Japanese young designers. Further promote Japanese fashion, the Japanese government selected three talented young designers who will become ambassadors for the countries of export destination Japan. One of them Misako Aoki is a Japanese representative to France, Spain, Russia and Brazil.


Beautiful makeup, Gwen Stefani So new face of L'Oreal

Gwen Stefani
Beautiful makeup, Gwen Stefani So new face of L'Oreal
Gwen Stefani was elected as the new face of L'Oreal Paris. He went to dye infallible lip Le Rouge promotion.

Gwen Stefani latest lip colors, the output of L'Oreal in his debut campaign. Singer designers followed in the footsteps of other celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Beyonce Knowles who had become an icon of L'Oreal.

"I can not believe a model for L'Oreal Paris. I just love playing with performances on stage or in video clips. It has always been one of my favorite parts incorporated in a band," he said as quoted by Female First, Saturday (01/15/2011).

"To work with a group of modern and talented people is really something special. I am the happiest woman,"this 41-year-old woman continued.

Owner L.A.M.B. This fashion line earlier revealed that he was always obsessed with makeup. Even as a child, Gwen begged his friends to their mother's makeup to steal so she could play with makeup.

"I always thought the beauty. I was the girl who was like, try asking your mom if we could play with clothes or makeup. " Try to guess, I do the same thing now as I did when I was 10 year, "he said.

"I know I'm vain. I have so much makeup, I'm not joking. I am a woman who wants to wear baggy jeans, but do not forget to wear heavy makeup," he said.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lindsey Wixon Alexander McQueen Icon

Lindsey Wixon
Although Alexander McQueen is gone, but brand is owned by famous designers still grace the fashion world. Model Lindsey Wixon has also been appointed to the icon of the fashionista world design.

Alexander McQueen is a genius designer who has strong contributions from his entire career. To collect the spring / summer 2011, the model Linda Wixon become the new face of each collection that represents the brand.

Models 16 years will be starring in a collection of spring / summer 2011, which will appear in stores, billboards and the fashion house of the website. So that was quoted from Female First, Thursday (01/13/2011).

In the photo shoot, a model who appeared in Versace advertising campaign, her hair neatly woven into a grid, and wearing a sleeveless shirt with finely toothed edges. Pose when it is decorated with butterfly background and flirty.

This ad campaign is directed by Sarah Burton, who took over as creative director after the designer label McQueen died tragically, committed suicide in February.

After taking over the role of fashion legend, the real owner of Lee's sworn collection that truly launched on behalf of itself, but still pay homage to McQueen.

"People ask, what about Sarah? But I've worked for so long, there are a large part of my works in their collections during this trip," he said.

"I will not touch McQueen remove the net. I will always be elements of McQueen to record, but at the same time, you can not stand still and stay true to yourself. You should be able to find work," he concluded .


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spring-Summer 2011

Adriani Jusuf issued a collection of spring / summer 2011. Taking inspiration from her self-confidence, strong character, positive and optimistic, Dian translate his collection in the theme "Towards the Limelight. " The theme comes from the term "in the spotlight (the viewer), numbers that are commonly used for people or things in the spotlight.


Friday, January 7, 2011

5 Tips Use white clothing

White clothing is always popular, especially in summer. There are a few simple rules that will help you always stylish and charming in her white dress.

For you who want to look stylish in a white dress, here are some rules that are derived from Genius Beauty.

The white color makes you look bigger

When a person dressed in a white dress, remember that these colors will make you look more visual.

Your white clothes and accessories can completely or for more contrast. But do not choose the color of the accessories that blend with the white clothes. The combination of classic black and white top and bottom are still popular, but this style is more suited to a formal event.

Choosing accessories for white clothes

Beige or yellow shoes would look great with a white dress worn in the summer. Better to wear a white dress with jewelry made of wood, brass, or gold.

White clothing will look good with precious or semi precious stones. Options bag would you wear can be any color. But, do not choose the accessory that has accumulated, because all attention will be focused on them than you.

Do not wear white clothes that are too tight

Every fashionista wants to look attractive and sexy when they go to a party. Not advisable to wear very tight white dress. Choosing a classic style place.

Tip for wearing white pants

Perform special attention when you go to a white trousers. Select the correct thickness of the fabric. A very thin fabric usually semitransparan, so probably a good idea to buy thong underwear, if you do not have.

Treat your white dress properly

The white color attracted much attention, so you must ensure that your white clothes are always perfect, clean, neat and well ironed.


Earphones Zippers, Complete Your appearance

Earphones Zippers
If you already know the zip as a popular device for mempertautkan two sides of the fabric. Now, you'll be amazed by the latest technological developments. Because the zipper at the moment can complement earphones look.

Zippers are often used in clothing, luggage, handbags, sporting goods, equipment, tents, and articles of textiles or leather. But now, the zipper can be used as an earpiece or a small two speakers in the ear.

Earphone zipper not only makes an appearance became more and more chic, but also can fill your gadget collection. So that was launched from Genius Beauty, Friday (1/7/2011).

Because equipped with a long cable, earphones are generally easy to wrinkle. With earphones zipper, the used casing is too long and feature zipper at the bottom, allowing the users experiencing these problems.

DGA is a design headphones earphones last zip. Manufacturer promising users free of resentment listening to music or receive calls with a tangle-free earpiece.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

This is Valerie Bertinelli Wedding Dress

Valerie Bertinelli Wedding Dress
Actress Valerie Bertinelli has been married to his old friend Tom Vitale on January 1. Stars' Hot in Cleveland was married in the presence of about 100 people in Malibu. And, this is the wedding dress worn Valerie.

The dress was designed by David Meister in less than two weeks. The adoption of the Hollywood glamor wedding dress in the year 1940 with the neck and sleeves are closed, Valerie looked at her dress.

Fashion industry is also with the crack front legs for a dose of "modern sexy"when the color was a favorite of Valerie. Once reports People magazine quoted from Showbizspy, Wednesday (01/05/2011).

"This illustrates all the best," says Christopher Lane, a personal trainer Valerie.

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"That's the way you want to see if in a wedding dress, you feel sexy, slim, and comfortable in his own skin. Valerie loved her shape," he continued.

Valerie Christopher also compares very sexy body united with her wedding dress.

"He has a narrow waist, great legs, hips and she has beautiful breasts. The dress is showing off a slim waist and see all her curves in the right way. And that's a nice color, " he said.

Valerie is married to her lover seven years, in recent years. He also makes an eclectic guest list, including the family and loved family members.

The wedding invitation guest Valerie is a proponent of "Hot in Cleveland's " Jane Leeves and Wendie Mallick, Mackenzie Phillips and Pat Harrington of "One Day at a Time" sitcom Valerie longest career in 1970.

Not just a colleague, ex-Valerie's husband, Eddie Van Halen was also present, his wife Janie Liszewski.

Valerie and Tom met in 2004 and got engaged during a romantic holiday to Italy in March. This is the second marriage for women was 50 years. Previously, Valerie filed for divorce from rocker Eddie Van Halen in 2005 after they were together almost 25 years.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

10 Tips Strategies Ensure resolution 2011

Tip sharpshooter achieve resolution 2011
New year, starting with new things, and leave the same old story. To get there, of course, you have the resolution at the end of the year. In the early years, the ideal time to plan your ideal.

But most people who rely on their own to make New Year's resolution can be performed in less than a week. Once found in a new study.

Professor Richard Wiseman has followed 2,000 people for two weeks as they try to make healthy changes in the years to come, like quitting smoking or drinking in the home network.

Most of them are based solely on self-control have failed to find. Only 26 percent approved the way to their destination, compared to 35 percent of those receiving assistance.

Women are more likely, not with the overall success rate reached 30 percent and 37 percent of men worked. So, based on the study of health campaigns found 4 Life, quoted by The Sun on Monday (01/03/2011).

But Professor Wiseman, author of "59 seconds: Think a little, change a lot, "he insisted we all reach the goal by a few quick changes with a simple way. Here are 10 tips:

1. Organize a resolution

Many of us make the mistake of trying too many things to do. Decide what is most important to you and make a single resolution. Greater chance of success if we channel the energy to one aspect of behavior change at a time.

2. Leave the daily reminders around the house

Learn how to capture your memories in your daily life. A diary, or post on the boards of a refrigerator or a bulletin with pictures.

3. Something new to try

New goals, old goals or approaches in new ways. For example, instead of trying to reduce the number of units of weight, determined to exercise more to reduce.

4. Practice immediately, rather than just theory

Think about what you do, where and when. Plans that are not clearly failed.

For example, instead of saying that you have two days a week, you must decide on Tuesday and Thursday after work.


Make sure your goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, realistic and timely (SMART). For example, instead of just saying you want to find a job, but there must be goals that can be made each week. Such as rewriting your CV and then apply a week.

Small steps, slowly but surely to where you want to write, and succeeded in making the plan a reality.

6. Motivate yourself by focusing on the positive things

Instead of fighting for a physical failure, imagine life better for you and people around you, when you reach the destination.

If you want to stop smoking, make a list of benefits and put it somewhere where you see every day. Or if you want to motivate you to go to the gym, and a photograph of a public figure you admire the top.

7. Show your resolution to other

Many of us prefer the new year and prevent many people to save yourself. Unfortunately, this makes it too easy to forget. Conversely, the public is the most appropriate step.

Write your resolution on a large sheet of paper, sign it, and in a conspicuous place in your home. Tell your friends, your family, your colleagues and ask them to support you.

For example, if you want to lose weight, ask your colleagues not to give you cookies with tea. Or if you want a svelte body, has asked a friend to go to the gym with you.

8. Gigi reach a resolution

New habits take time to learn, and sometimes you slip and return to your old habits.

Sometimes most of us give in to temptation if the custard or ice. Even if you decide to go to the gym, there are days that you do not have time.

If the conditions they face to remember is that anyone can mess up your resolution from time to time, and come back to you. Not blame yourself or face the temptation of giving.

9. Attach a photo to make you aware

Visualize yourself doing what you should do about it. Focused on this image help you believe in the ability to succeed.

10. Think positive

You'll get better results with the thought of good things that come from new lifestyle, rather than the negative aspects of your old habits.


Tips for buying shoes

Tips for buying shoes
For many women, shoes are fashion items that have become final key aspect. Not infrequently, women spend a lot of will to arrive at a shoe or shoes that the clothes fit now.

In fact, many women who buy shoes without taking into account the comfort factor, seeing only the beautiful shape.

After suffering blisters and pain in joints, women blame themselves for their suffering. If these conditions are experienced, hide the shoe is a better choice, sometimes wearing a shabby old shoe, and comfortable.

Well, before you try to start shoe shopping deh a look at a few beauty tips Genius follows:

Quality shoes

To avoid disappointment even, it is important to remember that the primary key of sustainable footwear is a good quality with comfort and convenience.

Before the coveted pair of shoes, you should carefully consider every inch of shoe from the foot and heel.

If the material used in the skin, then look at the points to be flexible and elastic, especially in the heel. You can do something to reduce the heel and foot to whether or not to verify comfortable shoes. If you have good quality, it will dent.

The next step, feel the same region as a whole. On the edge of your toes and heels should not be felt outside. At the same time inside the heel to the inside is not too strong or curves.

Sole and coating

Another step is to check the plant and the lining of the shoe. Make sure the soles are made as close as possible to the foot for comfort for the user. Soles of shoes should not be attached to the shoe. The inside of the heel is not too assertive. Traces of anatomy similar to the shape of the foot.

Additionally, you notice a layer of the shoe. The reason small dark spots on the feet. If you can not resist buying these shoes, so make sure you spray buy shoes, too.

How to try on shoes

The next step, we will try to shoes! It is very important to know the right size, always try on both shoes before a final decision.

Drag your weight from heel to toe to check if there is enough room for your toes. Marketing is often said that expanding the shoe when you wear it. These requests may be true, but keep in mind that you'll have people who break the rules.

Forced to wear tiny shoes certainly not fun. At the same time, wear shoes that are too loose or big it will not look good on your feet.

So when your feet too much space to meet in a pair of shoes, they "refuse"from the narrow shoes.

Wearing shoes in the house

Wearing shoes in the house after buying it. This method will be able to verify that the correct decision. If you think something is wrong with a pair of new shoes, you can return or exchange.

Because the shoe is generally a 30 day warranty, but some producers that he extend the deadline. It's a good idea to ask the seller to ask questions about the warranty before making a transaction.

Choose a size appropriate fee

Choose a shoe model, the "classic", especially their rights. Review of high security to health. For example, a chain opened with the right shoe as high as five to seven centimeters. Although the optimum height for men is 1.5 inches.

If you need to walk a lot, it is preferable to choose shoes practices in neutral colors or not the details of color, strapless, or decorative, and low heels.

Choose shoes that fit the body

It is important to consider when choosing the size. The taller women are advised not to heels. Plump woman body is much better in high heels and stable.

Shoes with rope decoration and rope will certainly attract the attention of passers-by, if you need melakoni pedicure by wearing them.

Light-colored horizontal line that visually make the legs appear shorter, while the beige sandals, they look older.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Demi Moore Shows Obsessed

Demi Moore
Demi Moore admitted obsession with appearance, but again with a change of the face due to aging accept.

48-year-old actress revealed, every day, always hoping to do something about the look.

"I'm obsessed and every mirror I tend to say 'If only I was a rope around my neck tie. Please, my face looks down and can not be right again," said Demi Female First quoted on Sunday (02/01/2011.)

"I'm old. Of course I am no longer the same appearance as when in their 20s or 30s. I think it's important to shine from within, which are visible outside. Use of happiness, joy and beauty, we went to spread abroad, "he advised.

The wife of a young artist 32 years old Asthon Kutcher was his desire to produce their own beauty. The ex-wife of Bruce Willis hopes to share with everyone.

"I was preparing something also use a number of things that I hope something can be shared with anyone. I have a desire for beauty marks, again because of my name. My mother called me a favor, which came as part of the brand make up, "he said.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Geri Halliwell Release Clothing Pool

Geri Halliwell
Former Spice Girl singer Geri Halliwell released the clothing pool for the British High Street. According to Geri, fashion design pool with a brand "Geri Next" made for women to look confident when wearing it, whatever the shape of her body.

Geri said: "All this inspires confidence in swimming costume that looks good for all types of body shape. This collection is really for women of all body shapes and sizes. Just mix and match, you can use the collection to give up for you."

"Collection of outdoor clothing will make you look good and feel great," added Geri, as reported by First Female, Saturday (01/01/2011).

Geri describes a collection of "Geri by Next" was released with an affordable price, where such a collection of two-piece leopard print illustrations, black swimsuit with a part without a back, and purple bathing suit with ribbon accents, the whole shooting took place in Miami .

A spokesman said Geri, Geri was so involved in every stage of the process, even from the design.

He said: "Geri berjibaku with the whole process and every detail of the collection phase. This collection, he is treated as a child."

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