Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hayden Panittere Looks Sexy with Bikini Hello Kitty

Not surprisingly, the actress appeared nude Hayden Panittere hobby. Fill the case of vacation, this white stars are so absorbed in his style of Hello Kitty bikini.

Bikini became a priority attribute to emphasize Hayden still looks sexy. Singer model is in a bikini playing on the beach in Malibu. It curves and show the beauty of the sun in two piece dress recently.

In some images that could dibadikan cameras paparazzi while sunbathing artist who began his career in show business since the age of four this year was busy reviewing incoming messages to a cell phone.

It looks sexy and soon became the center of attention. For a thin body shape, the movie stars 'Heroes' continue to fight this claim of appetite, especially food source of carbohydrates. Just as LANs okezone abc, Tuesday (06/29/2010).

Perhaps the celebrity who just cut her long hair has been stealing some fitness tips from her lover, Vladimir Klitschko is a boxer who came from Russia. Hayden even had time to express fun experience to become a boxer lover.

"I've never had a lover, who works as an athlete before, and this is a pleasant experience," said the star of 20 years of age this.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Katie Holmes Show Pixie Cut Style

STAR "Dawson's Creek, Katie Holmes, is often cited as an innovator with a new hairstyle and clothing. To confirm its existence as a precursor, the wife of actor Tom Cruise is back showing the latest styles of hair.

By attending the red carpet premiere of "Knight and Day", Katie made headlines by showing their latest haircut is believed to be the latest trend. The long hair, wavy hair bobnya did this years ago, abandoned.

With a pixie-cut hair, the mother of Suri Cruise was leaving the long hair. Similarly okezone Zimbio quoted on Friday (06/19/2010).

Like his close friend, Victoria Beckham, Katie was having fun experimenting with her hair always looks different. Katie attended the premiere of his latest film, "Knight and Day" in Spanish. The retro design Katie Azzedine Alaia dress, with the addition of eye makeup to contrast with their appearance.

Katie had long wavy hair at the bottom of hair styled with high gloss of oil, which makes it look bigger, with a subtle wave that looks almost wet. These hairstyles are not for everyone, so it will be interesting to complement the overall look of Katie.


The Legacy of Michael Jackson for the World of Fashion

A year after the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. His legacy is not limited to music, but also for the development of the global fashion industry.

Ask not how a big fan of Michael Jackson all over the world. This Superstar has actually been created many works that can color the seat of the global music scene. But the self-Jacko, families calls not only the ability of musicality that can be enjoyed, because the effect of clothing styles also hit the world of fashion.

Here, some fashion trends dicontek Jacko was among Hollywood celebrities, such as LANs okezone of Zimbio, Saturday (06/26/2010).

Military Jacket

Trends army that is now booming, in fact is not new. The military style is a brilliant display repeat Jacko, popularized in the 1980's. An artist who uses military-style jackets Jacko Hollywood is Beyonce. In one case, he was seen wearing a jacket full set of military production with typical Balmain Jacko.

Robot's Fashion

Most Jacko stage costumes are designed with the primary consideration is mobility. While the costumes look "scene", Jacko remain flexible to move when done. For example, trousers, shirts with long white shirt kemaja, coinciding with a knee-high boots berdetail like robots. This style is well imitated by singer Rihanna.

Sparkling sequins

In many cases, Jacko wore a sequined gown berdetail very bright stone. Lady Gaga was a celebrity who deceived this style a Jacko.

Striped pants

On stage, wearing a Jacko is often a long white shirt with striped pants. striped pants is very similar to that issued by Alexander McQueen pants, was also charged with artists such as Kat Von D, Cyndi Lauper in the last year.

Fedora hat

Quite a few Hollywood stars like Jacko raised in the shadows wearing a hat with a felt hat. An artist who likes to wear a felt hat after the death of Jacko is Lindsay Lohan.

Blinged belt

Miley Cyrus costume enhanced phase with the belt (belt) in full gloss is not new. Jacko likes stacked belt in a few decades before the fame of Cyrus, but with a much more hidden clothes.

Metal Futuristic

Stage costume worn by Fergie in Black Eyed Peas on tour recently that futuristic musical. I must really great with costumes worn for several decades by no less than Jacko.

Red leather jacket

A party will forever be attached to the King of Pop is a red leather jacket, famous throughout the video, phenomenal, "Thriller." After Jack's death in 2009, some designers create pieces that are the same as those penghormatanan form. The actor Jaden Smith also carry the film premiere of 'Karate Kid' recently.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lady Gaga Not Get Up Wear Platform

Lady Gaga is on the right to wear platform shoes so high after dropping an embarrassing incident. The reason, in order to maintain an eccentric charm in the eyes of the fans.

A few days ago, the camera caught Gaga fell to the ground after losing his balance while wearing platform shoes next Noritaka berselop Tatehana design. Took the tour of music to make a backup. But the embarrassing incident at Heathrow Airport, London did not give up wearing shoes until the end.

The singer of "Poker Face" was viewed with designer shoes Noritaka Tatehana others. This time is white, having seen wearing a black.

With these shoes without heels, Gaga appeared wearing a tulle skirt walking through an airport terminal that made him look like a bride. He also wore a red jacket outside their white bra.

Outside the incidence of falls, the star of 24 years of age, is considered to have weathered the best part is prepared for two years as a public nan eccentric charm. This assessment is after posing on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with a new machine gun was wearing only a bra.

"When I woke in the morning, I feel the are the same as another girl of 24 years of age, who feel insecure, and said ,"... Lady Gaga, wake up and live the way your life today, "said Gaga on his art photography.

So to keep the charm of the stage by Gaga fans even willing to say do not drink during the show.

"I did not even drink water on stage in front of anyone, because I want to focus on musical fantasy," he admits.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Haute Couture Royal Parade

Swedish Royal Wedding
Haute Couture Royal Parade

SWEDEN extravagant wedding soluble Crown Princess Victoria Alice Desiree, who married Daniel Westling, a former personal trainer. The biggest wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles for 29 years.

Stockholm Cathedral Storkyrkan, 1200 guests and members of the kingdom of Europe, 500 000 residents of the city and more than 500 million viewers worldwide, his testimony Fairytale story between Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling, who Love has been working on for nine years.

For the wedding, the princess of the ruling couple of Sweden, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia wore a designer gown Engsheden Sweden Par.

"I want the princess look elegant, beautiful and modern at the same time. Therefore, not to design a dress that accentuated glamoritas" said Engsheden neck makes Princess Sabrina style dress with a train along a 5 m elegant ivory.

Meanwhile, for jewelry, Princess Victoria wore earrings, necklace, tiara and the cameo of Queen Silvia has also been imposed when she married King Gustav in 1976. Tiara is gold, pearls and cameo image Cupid and Psyche in Greek mythology.

Tiara is one of the jewels of the Bernadotte family heritage that has made the Kingdom of Sweden for seven generations. Tiara is a gift from the French queen Josephine-Charlotte, who received it from Napoleon Bonaparte.

The maid of honor is the goddaughter of Princess Victoria, Princess Catharina-Amalia is, from the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, with a white silk-pearl which is equipped with shoes dancer in matching colors.

While the younger sister of Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine dress looked stunning on a chiffon embroidered berpalet bright blue berdetail equipped Connaught tiara decorated with diamonds.

Princess Madeleine dress contrast, but in keeping with the dress of her mother Queen Silvia. They are graceful dusty pink dress with pearls and precious stones decorate and Braganca tiara, jewelry collection of the best of the Swedish royal family, which was a gift from Queen Amelia of Brazil.

The marriage between Princess Victoria and her personal trainer, now is "His Royal Highness Prince Daniel, Duke of Vaestergoetland, repeating the love story full of fantasy among the royal families and commoners.

Like Prince Charles to marry kindergarten teachers nan sweet call Diana Spencer. Guests are also dominated by the king and queen and the princess and the prince in a royal parade of haute couture, like the celebrities on the red carpet.

Call the Queen Sonja of Norway, wearing a coral-colored chiffon dress with matching coat and emerald tiara of diamonds and jewels important.

The Danish Queen Margaret choosing a lime green dress paired with a crown of diamonds and pearls bertahtakan. Palette that dominated the wedding of Princess Victoria are pastels, dusty pink as a favorite.

In addition to Queen Silvia, Princess Letizia of the Kingdom of Spain also chose a similar palette matching floral appliques decorated with diamond tiara with floral motifs. Pink is also an option for the mother-in-law Doña Letizia, Queen Sofia, who wore a pale pink dress with a tiara decorated with pearls and diamonds.

Meanwhile, Princess Elena chose a more online, through a combination of fuchsia evening gown with Spanish bullfighter berpalet bolero-style accounts.

However, the star of the party has the Royal Wedding of the Year is Queen Rania of Jordan, who was established as a fashion icon with a blue dress and elegant, with a blue stripe and a simple diamond tiara.

Representing the UK, attended by Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex that looks elegant in a gray dress with a decorative beads berpalet.

In honor of the marriage ceremony, the Princess Sofia says she deliberately wore her wedding tiara.

'I decided to use my headset to use for 11 years on the day of my marriage with Edward, because the wedding of the princess was held in Victora same date, "he said.

Meanwhile, Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, which is known for lace dress adventurous tastes of the current fashion with a pale color that has a mermaid silhouette adorned with a diamond tiara of a marble.

Furthermore, Danish Crown Princess Mary, and prefer to dress pleated details berpalet dipadukannya bertahtakan quietly with a tiara with diamonds and rubies, which belonged to Queen Ingrid of Danish.

Princess Mathilde of Belgium to appear neatly in a one-shoulder gown had shades of pale pink with a tiara of diamonds. Princess wedding of Queen Victoria, who will be the death of King Gustav of Sweden after spending the funds for 20 million kronor, equivalent to USD2, 6 million.


Pamela Anderson Making a Sensation by Wearing Rose Reversed

Lady Gaga scored not only an expert sensation with their appearance. Sexy actress Pamela Anderson might shock the news by wearing a pink headdress invested.

We show the ornate, star of 42 years of age, is like a bowl of red roses that define a mouth worn out before the new clubs. At that time, the former star of "Baywatch" was joined by comedian Alan Carr in a celebrity tour in London. Similarly okezone The Sun quoted on Monday (6/21/2010).

Philip Treacy floral decorations complete the look Pammi call family-Pamela-who wore a black dress adorned with bright lights berkelap.

It started in the magnificent Almada Club in Mayfair, then went to a nearby casino before giving a lift to Whisky Mist, where until 14:45 local fiesta.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Frontier Fashion

Speaking of fashion, beauty strolling the catwalk in the main beam. In the body of the designers who trust their libraries.

For designers, models are front-line troops will bring the design closer to the fashionista, its main customers. Therefore, the role of a model is very large. Must be able to interpret exactly what the designers wanted to convey through fashion.

The chemistry between the designer and the model become an important key to smooth a performance mode. No wonder that some designers have their own muse in terms of model selection, as well as Calvin Klein and American supermodel Christy Turlington who have worked together since 1987. Meanwhile, Versace depend Lara Stone as the "face" of his collection this season.

On the catwalk, the model also has its own charisma. This is where the assessment. Those with a strong character and able to represent the design of the designer with a unique style that can certainly be accelerated to a model in the near future. Call famous names such as Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, said Moss, Iman, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista or a brilliant career change after becoming a star of the catwalk.

Supermodel term was first suggested by a modeling agent named Clyde Matthew Dressner in 1943. However, this title became popular during the 1980s and 1990s, when the parade has become part of the fashion industry. Today the term supermodel is that those who paid ekstratinggi, has a worldwide reputation and become a subscriber at the point of couture.

Women who have a title as the first supermodel was Lisa Fonssagrives. It refers to the brilliance of the career of Fonssagrives for more than two decades. Single face was never absent a leading fashion magazine cover model, such as the Town & Country, Life, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and time. In fact, Fonssagrives portfolio that decorate the cover of Vogue join 200 gives effect to the criteria of a supermodel to date.

While the era of the 1960s and 1970s, names such as Twiggy, Cheryl Tiegs, Wilhelmina, Veruschka, Jean Shrimpton, and Lynn Sutherland stands out as a top-class model and fashion icons. So also with the blessing of the famous styles exotic Abdulmajid Fe, Gia Carangi was known for wild beauty, Christie Brinkley and become sensual models, once sweet.

In Indonesia, the names that are often placed at the top of the current model is AGISCA Diyose Dominique, Laura, Laura, or Muljadi Basuki. In an interview, Dominique admitted that he was interested in a career in modeling world since the school session.

"When two high school class I decided to be a fashion model, and then went to John Casablancas modeling school and joined the Elite Model of Indonesia," said women are descendants of China and Japan.

For Dominique, walking on the catwalk has a special passion. "I only remember a phrase that occurred to the head." Where I go, which is where me and all my soul that, '"said Dominique, who has brought many clothing designers like Avanti and Widyatmodjo Anne Moses .

While Laura Basuki now known as an actress and presenter, including the girl admitted it was a shy and reserved. Little changed in character when cascading from the modeling world through an intensive modeling schools participated during the school holidays.

No thought, after education, Biyan Laura offered to be a catwalk model. Bids from the entertainment world was about to flow, including trade in some products and playing widescreen movies.

Meanwhile, Laura Muljadi who have dark skin and began his career as a model since 15 years and is currently included in the ranks of the top model in Indonesia. Laura admitted, initially not very interested in modeling. "I've heard so much negative news about a model," he said. However, while attending college in Holland, Laura, finally, attempt and the profession of modeling occurs that produces the most revenue.

"My start was not easy," said the model had reached weighing 82 kg. However, it does not prevent him. With exercise and a balanced diet, Cara Icon Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival 2010 was also successful body weighs 55 kg.

"Being a model looks glamorous, but behind is hard work and responsibility that we become an extension of arms designer," he said.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Lara Stone, the new face of Calvin Klein

Model grew, Lara Stone, has just signed a contract with Calvin Klein. Stone appeared as a star in ad campaigns for three brand lines, namely, Calvin Klein, ck Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein.

The model has been ranked as number one site for version modeling models.com model will work together with photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott in a photo shoot held in Los Angeles.

In his statement to the media, the brand Calvin Klein, says the main line, Stone was presented in the style of androgyny with the black and white.

While for ck Calvin Klein lines, Stone is posing for Fabien Baron in an old factory in San Pedro in the noir style, with some models, namely, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Christopher Michaut, Oleg Antosik and China models, Yin.

Calvin Klein's spokesman, said the campaign will be distributed worldwide, especially in Europe, Japan and Asia.

cooperative relationship between Lara Stone and Calvin Klein has been established long enough. Stone often become a runway model for Calvin Klein since the spring of 2007 and became the face of Calvin Klein Jeans in the autumn of 2007.

A year later, re-signing of Calvin Klein Stone as the face of Calvin Klein ck. This time it first stone served as a model for Calvin Klein three.

Besides being the face of Calvin Klein, exotic face of this premium model has also appeared on the cover of numerous fashion magazines. Among Italian Vogue, French, English and Japanese, French Elle, V, number, Love, and W.


Cheryl Cole be "Woman of the Year"

Version of the world's best-dressed celebrities of Glamour magazine, Cheryl Cole expertly packed performance in every situation. Clearly, while attending the awards ceremony in London bergengi Glamour, Nan Cheryl glamorous dress sexy.

The dress is showing his back, looked so bright with pearls adorning elaborate dress. With her dress was increasingly showing the sensuality of Cheryl.

In addition to public attention with a glamorous dress, the staff of this band should be proud of Girls Aloud. The reason, he was awarded the prestigious "Woman of the Year" version of Glamour magazine.

Despite the common household footballer Ashley Cole on the brink of collapse, does not mean your career and achievements beautiful star Cheryl Cole stopped.

It was in the midst of difficult times they face, still could emerge as an embodiment of the celebrity business.

Cheryl admitted that she had begun to feel glamorous. He is not ashamed to love thick hair and her high heels.

"They helped me feel sexy. Four or five years ago I never imagined I would be here among so many women. I thank the person who is my dentist. Thank you," said Cheryl said Zimbio, Thursday (10/6/2010 )

"I feel great, I'm really happy. I've never been here alone. Finally, I'm here with my friends only. This is really exciting. The last time I was here was years ago with a woman, so it is really interesting, "Cheryl said in a television show GMTV time in England.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chinese Fashion Flooding Paris

Development of the Fashion industry that led to the rapid migration of China allows actors to fashion the country, including an enlarged Europe. In recent times, China's manufacturing industry increasingly proving its quality. China is moving toward the goal of high-end fashion among European players, especially in fashion centers like Paris, Milan and London.
The test, in the case of Paris Fashion Week, the model citizen of China to take a walk on the catwalk wearing the latest collections of famous designers. One Xinghe Zhang, who is also a former Miss China 2003 and 2006.

"We try very hard to reach this level," said the leader of Textiles and Apparel of China National Council (CNTAC) Du Yu Zhou. In addition to the ranks of Eastern models, made in China labels do not lose any teeth behind performance to show the fashion brands of the stature of Jefen for action on the catwalk in Paris.

"This is our industry doing to eliminate the notion of mass which is identical to the products of China, on the contrary we want to demonstrate that the quality of China's production is not less Europe," said Du. Apparently, it shows the desired result. Because, this year China's textile exports to the European region increased 15 percent compared to last year with sales reaching more than 400 million euros. With materials such as cashmere largest contributor.

"Revenues are increasingly proving to be the most important textile sectors in the economy of China," said Du.


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