Sunday, May 15, 2011

10 Must Wear Item Neon Fashion

The one that makes us feel rich in fashion colors. Variety of colors including neon color is beautiful in the dark, but beautiful also accompany the daily appearance.

Up-to-toe, is a fluorescent color choice of fashion accessories.

Neon Earrings
Neon earrings are recalls the retro feel of the present in summer, combined with mini-dress and knee boots.

Neon Necklace
Do not tell your neck does not look good with nice neon colors. Especially you who have a long neck, select bold necklace or stacked versions.

Neon Bangle
If the bracelet accented flower is not enough to make you look bright, colorful bracelet is the perfect course to add emphasis casual and chic.

Neon Watches
Besides providing accent Happy summer, neon colors, a sporty impression on your hands, sports watches like this.

Neon T-Shirt
And T-shirts are the most comfortable casual weapons at every opportunity. Who does not like this fashion item? Even when sleeping t-shirts are comfortable to wear and allows the body to breathe easier.

Neon T-shirt would be a comfortable casual sporty style with a bright cheerful colors of summer.

Neon Polish
And imagine if your beautiful nails polished with neon colors that match with shoes and clothes you wear. One word, it's very cute!

Neon Clutch

Clutch is the new bag, and neon is the new Bold. A special creation is not it? Even St. Yves, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada a touch of neon colors give the link of this summer 2011 collection.

Neon Phone Case
Not only the clutch and your wallet would bring along the streets in the mall, even your smartphone just plain good? So let a hint of fashion show by adding neon phone case. Aha, now it work!

Neon Flip Flop
Leisurely walk on the beach you need? flip flop! And neon flip flop will not lose the bright sun. These beautiful slippers sparkle like jewels in the sand. Oh, hello summer!

Neon Flat Shoes
And if you don't like for a moment with high heels, flat shoes will come to guide and pamper the foot. You can combine fluorescent micro flat shoes with skirts or cropped pants.

Hello summer, hello neon colors...

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i love neon too, great post.

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