Monday, February 22, 2010

The estimated trends interconnection Year 2010

Not much longer, the trend may be renewed. Want to know what the fashions and trends that the color of the ball in the center of fashion next year? Check here. Who knew it could be better used to use before the boom really a trend.

Patterned leggings
If leggings triumph last year with the color black, this year is expected to be more widespread for different reasons leggings. On stage in Jakarta Fashion Week held last year, the designer Moses W. shows part of her collection of pants. Is it made of lace, black and white, and prints. The impression that emerges is futuristic.

Bright Orange
Bright orange as you can see from the road marker cones proved to be one of the favorite colors. Perhaps also because the color is almost exactly the color of "mandatory" vacation time. These bright colors add color to the appearance of a minimum. Invest in accessories if they have not dared to wear this bright clothing. Orange accessories in the form of belts, bracelets and shoes can be an option.

The head of horizontal stripes
Top with the horizontal pattern will continue. Typical clothing style of old American sailor is still preferred because of the impression that seems fresh. It can be easily paired with jeans or cargo pants regular.

The gray slacks
Sweatpants very convenient to use because it is made of soft material. Find the gray, matching shoes wedges, the head of beautiful, yet casual, or whatever.

Anoraks or parkas
Anoraks or parka is a garment surface to protect the body against the cold, usually with their heads covered. Alexander Wang seems to have this collection at the fashion show langsungkan some time. Adequate to cover female dress, and very practical.

Patterned shorts
For hot days, be interesting patterned shorts. Especially when used for a picnic or outdoor event as an alternative to short skirts.

Harvest Moon memorable because it was not color trends long. But now, predicted lunar encourage dressed domains. Being beautiful when paired with red lips makeup and curly hair.

Mara Hoffman and BCBG are among the designers who began promoting neon colors, as trends in mid-2010. Not being in the clothes if they have not dared to use up and down. However, the accessories with neon colors can be selected, for example in his hand.

Clothing silver sequins
Silver is one of a fairly neutral color and can be combined with other colors. BCBG also expect several collections of this type of silver sequins.

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