Sunday, February 14, 2010

There are 5 Important Attribute Taylor Swift

Country singer Taylor Swift has become the idol of American youth. I wonder if the clothing style is often imitated his age.

This pretty-faced star reveals, there are several attributes which has always supported his appearance in order to always be a star in the middle of the show.

Taylor hopes to discover who was always elegant and charming, after exposure of people able to answer:

Clothing gliter charming accent

Taylor had been aware it was a figure who often pulic attention. So he always wanted to show his best performances. No wonder if she always stood out in an elegant dress.

"When I want to highlight, then I'll get something brilliant," he said.

To be a queen in the middle of the show, chose a dress decorated with beads gliter chest. This dress can steal the show when worn while attending the CMA Awards and prizes Taylor November 2009.

Tape as a loyal friend

To make your appearance does not look normal, I liked using homemade tape. Apparently, it was because he liked the hippie style.

"I look incomplete without a headset. I even went to the store and make a film in itself," he said.

High heels

All women of the family would agree if the high-heeled shoe exudes an aura of sensuality of women. Because the same reasons that forced to wear high-heeled shoes, as an important attribute. Naturally, it includes a fan of Christian Louboutins shoes designs.

This label is a favorite brand. Taylor likes to wear high heels up to 11 inches, but did not hesitate to leave a 5-inch heels for the sake of style on the red carpet.

Trusting in fashion colors

Some celebrities are reluctant to wear light colored clothing. That's because they assume that certain colors do not match the color of their skin.

It is this white singer remains confident that with a colored dress. For example, when he appeared on the red carpet in a bright red dress fold shoulder. As is also the most radiant beauty.

Strawberry lotion

One of the most powerful weapons are often used to maintain the beauty of this cat-eyed star is a body lotion. Taylor said a hobby use body lotion, especially those enriched with ingredients from fruits such as strawberries.

"Strawberry lotion from The Body Shop is my favorite product," he said.

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