Sunday, February 7, 2010

Elle Macpherson: Lingerie Problem, France More Care

Elle Macpherson (46) opened the first boutique collection of lingerie (underwear) design in Paris (France), Tuesday (2/2/2010) local time.

France says Macpherson, is one of the countries to disasarnya underwear business since he started designing lingerie in 1989. According to him, French women are more concerned about the clothes they wear, compared with people in other countries.

"French women really have; French women do not be shy about using their sensuality and sexuality. And they did not awkward. That's part of culture, using their bodies to attract rather than themselves. And underwear plays an important role, "said Macpherson, who, before reaching the French already have a market in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and other countries in Europe.

Macpherson admitted trying to fulfill what had possessed, but is required by French women. "We're making a beautiful French lingerie, very comfortable, very colorful, with American or British style. Superpraktis and underwear is very strong," he said enthusiastically.

Collections Macpherson underwear designs produced in China, always use Italian brocade, with a design invented in New Zealand. Even so, remain creative director Macpherson, who lived in Notting Hill, London (England). ( / ATI)

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