Saturday, February 27, 2010

Curves Woman's Body is Like Opium for Men

According to recent research this, note that in the brain to see the curves of a woman are slim and attractive was a kind of chemical reaction whose effects are similar when someone drank alcohol or drugs. This discovery could help explain what is happening in man's head and its relationship to pornography.

For now, it is estimated that hip-owned by women or unconsciously associated with fertility and health in general. Because of this, no wonder if the whole world in general, said the figure of a woman's body is considered sexy hourglass bersiluet.

To explore more deeply about this, the researchers invited 14 men with a mean age of 25 years to see the 7 pairs of photographs of women's hips. The seven pairs of photographs was a picture of the hips of women through the process of cosmetic surgery to reduce, rather than liposuction, but the transfer of fat in the waist to the buttocks.

Through the analysis tool is known that when he saw that these men saw images of women who underwent hip surgery, the active brain is the part that also respond when someone is drinking alcohol and drugs. This is not too surprising human evolution has become attractive female body shapes become addicted to something.

Steven Platek, scientists have examined the neuro cognitive evolution in Georgia Gwinnett College, Lawrenceville, Georgia, says this research may help us understand the relationship between pornography and addictive disorders are similar, for example, erectile dysfunction is not helped pornography. This discovery may also help you find answers about one's sexual infidelity.

The researchers also found that changes in body mass index (BMI) of a woman only affect part of the brain that is connected to a comparison of the size and shape of a simple and visual. This shows that self-assessment would not be more body fat due to social norms, not a matter abnormalities in the brain.

Further research is planned to explain the effect of the body of a sexy woman is the female brain. "Suspicion, women also take the form of a body style hourglass as interesting as his views on the subject. However, in women, is interpreted differently," Platek said. Women see other women, are an attraction in an effort to gauge their own sexuality. This is the kind of system in the minds of women to men are still interested in him. In other words, to keep spouses do not look at another woman beautiful and sexy.

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