Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pregnant, Victoria Beckham Wear High Heel football field during

Victoria Beckham often wears a black dress in a variety of occasions. Recently, he wore the same color as the fruit accompany him to play football, he even add high heels.

Vic, who was pregnant with the fourth accompany his youngest son, Cruz, in a football field in Los Angeles. What makes someone shaking his head, Christian Louboutin high heel as high as five inches of wearing black.

Could be, did her husband, David Beckham, disagreed with the choice of his appearance, but the former Spice Girl looks great.

He perfected his legs just boots with black tights and a thin suede jacket over her pregnancy. Even her nail polish was caught on camera as she holds the phone with a performance-fit 37-year-old woman has a gothic theme.

Meanwhile, Cruz looks running around in the garden shorts and t-shirts in blue, without the presence of two brothers. Similarly, as reported by Daily Mail, Tuesday (05/31/2011).

The plan, Vic gave birth to her fourth child in early July. Despite choosing to give birth in the U.S., Beckham has been rumored to return to England and settled in the summer. This family will stay at their mansion in Hertfordshire, England.


Katy Perry Shows Costume Change Trick on Stage

Katy Perry
Within two weeks, precisely because Tuesday, June 7, 2011, Katy Perry plans to hold a tour of "California Dream"in the United States. He will show off the magic tricks on stage costume change.

Inspiration magic tricks like changing costumes comedian Russell Brand's wife found it in the middle of watching a television talent show, "America's Got Talent." In the show, two magicians to perform very fast costume changes. Katy thought to bring similar tricks at the concert later.

"I witnessed two magicians do on" America's Got Talent. "And I thought: 'I have to ask them to teach me that trick," he Entertainment Weekly, as quoted by Contact Music, Monday (30/05/2011 ) told.

"Before the turn of the costumes do the trick, I had an agreement that I do not know the secret to that trick to sign, " he added.

Guaranteed, the U.S. citizens not wait to see the action play Katy magic.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Perfume Halle Berry Gets Award

Halle Berry was happy. Because the stars "Cat Woman" recently won the Celebrity Fragrance of The Year of the Fifi Awards, Wednesday (05/25) last.

"Reveal" is a perfume Halle Berry, who received an award from event Fifi Awards. It is an annual event sponsored by The Fragrance Foundation. The event was created to honor the fragrance industry.

Fifi Awards, held annually since 1973 was held in New York City and was attended by 1,000 members of the international fragrance community, designers and celebrities.

Oscar-winning actress has three highly successful perfume is considered the event grant of this award in recognition of the smell that he had made.

"Over the years, I have a personal scent by mixing a variety of perfume, try something unique and different," says Hall, who quoted from Female First, Monday (05/30/2011).

Moreover, the 44-year-old woman said: "This is an extraordinary personal experience and I am happy to share this perfume for consumers around the world."

The owner of Halle by Halle Berry scent, Pure Orchid, they say, the Reveal was a blend of Plumeria perfume, peach, vetiver and her favorite flower, mimosa.

U. S. Fragrance Foundation to a celebrity in each year to choose, especially for those who help to attract buyers, and the winner of last year won a brand of Paris Hilton and Usher.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Finalists of Miss Indonesia 2011 beauty with wear kebaya

Putu Tri Bulan Utami
Three days after the quarantine, the appearance of Miss Indonesia 2011 looks more casual. But now, they are very nice to wear kebaya.

If the day quarantine, the finalists had since morning to the make-up session to attend before participating in the event that the agenda briefing routine quarantine. On the fourth day, the calendar contains the agenda of the briefing finalists knowledge and build your own potential.

This morning at approximately 8:00 pm, a total of 33 finalists already Albergo space located on the fifth floor apartment Belezza, Permata Hijau, Jakarta, Friday (05/27/2011).

The finalists appear elegant kebaya private collections they carry themselves. In general, they are usually offered kebaya promise which they had prepared long ago.

Finalists from Bali, for example. Grade 2 high school girls are so beautiful Balinese kebaya clad. Putu Tri Utami months or confidential hot this month admitted to not to be confused with the affairs of kebaya that become mandatory item for a period of quarantine.

"There is no special preparation for the kebaya that I use today. Incidentally, I was collecting traditional kebaya for the needs of worship in the temple," said the pretty girl.

Followed the Moon, he deliberately chose a white kebaya for today because of the flexible color combined with all subordinates.

"Currently I have to combine it with songket Bali to make it more attractive," continued Mon

Other finalists, of Jambi Nety Riana Sari said, the kebaya worn today is not the custom designs. It is simply to highlight areas they represent, Nety use the "pending", a type of traditional band of brass plate that is attached to the waist.

"There is no special preparation for this day to view. I only have the collection I have and mix with Jambi batik as a subordinate," he said.

It was also recognized finalists from Papua, Johanna Sharon. Although no special preparation, Johanna really think that will bring color kebaya during quarantine.

"My guide is the most important thing is 'fashionable' watch committee in accordance with a reference to a modern kebaya bring.'s Why I deliberately use the color of gold" for my face clear look, "he admitted.


When Kate Middleton met Michelle Obama

Kate Middleton-Michelle Obama
Duchess of Cambridge Catherine (Kate) Middleton (left) received a visit from Michelle Obama at Buckingham Palace, London, May 24

Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama to show its commitment in promoting the fashion industry in their respective countries. Kate carries a collection of the British retailer, while Michelle chose Los Angeles designer.

Formal meeting a new partner in the United Kingdom, Prince William and Kate Middleton, with Obama and his wife, Michelle, at Buckingham Palace, of course, was the spotlight not only on the bilateral agenda, as well as the clothing worn two fashion icons, Kate and Michelle.

And both appear in the strength of their respective styles. Kate Middleton, who is now the title Duchess of Cambridge choose the look simple, but elegant in a gold dress of the British retailer's high street Reiss, Michelle Obama looks good when using the ensemble of Barbara Tfank, a young designer from Los Angeles.

Kate's choice to use Reiss reiterated its commitment in supporting the British fashion industry, especially in high street labels. Prior to her marriage to Prince William, Kate is often seen shopping in the high street labels such as Warehouse, Jigsaw, Whistles, and Dune.

No securities exorbitant choose clothes like the Princess Royal, she actually looks nice in the bandage dress "Shola" is priced at £ 175 or rp2, 45 million. Kate's complete look with black pumps shoes, clutches, and a matching necklace.

And, do not bother guessing, while Reiss confirmed the dress is still available, but a few hours, the dress sold immediately. Meanwhile, the official site of Reiss suddenly not accessible because the traffic is too full.

Reiss, can be said is one of her favorite brand, and the dress he used to meet Obama's wife is the second time Kate Reiss wear in public.

Previously, she also chose a white shift dress Reiss shoot her engagement to Prince William. David Reiss, founder and managing director, Reiss said he was very glad she chose the label to be worn on that occasion.

"Kate has been a long time consumer Reiss and we are honored and pleased that he chose to wear with a pair Reiss meeting Obama," said Reiss.

Not only is she a success to the attention of observers of fashion attracted Michelle Obama seem too refined. In fact, Michelle opted for a colorful show by a combination of floral-pattern dress of pale green and pink cropped Bolero. Hillary Alexander of the Telegraph calling Michelle dress worn as a stylish prom dress, simple yet chic.

For shoes, Michelle decided pointy-toe heels with her dress the same color to have. Tfank in an interview expressed his joy was selected as one of Michelle's favorite designers.

"An honor for me because the first lady to a part of my collection to be used on festive occasions," he said, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Designer Fashion Icon Will Receive Award at JFFF

Event Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival 2011 will offer fashion icon award trophies for those who are his role in the development of fashion in the country. Name three designers choice will be announced tonight.

"Right. We give awards to three designers who contributed to the popularization of fashion in the country. Who is the figure that, just wait," said Anwar A Salim as president of the 2011 Committee, contacted via JFFF Legal the mobile phone, not so long ago.

Anwar added that the fashion icon award winning elections, so a rigorous selection of the jury to follow. The jury had the honor of this year, including observer mode Bagja Estuary, Taruna K Kusmayadi, and others.

The criteria for the award-winning, Taruna K Kusmayadi who contacted separately told in brief.

"The prize was the originator of the concept of ready-to-wear in Indonesia, the man credited with reviving the fashion embroidery, and designers who successfully make a ready-to-wear, " explains the designer who often called the Nuna.

The three designers who get the prize, Nuna is still reluctant to reveal. "Tonight would know anyway," said Nuna.

Fashion icon award previously held several times in the arena JFFF. In 2006, three icons are selected, ie, Iwan Tirta, and Peter Sie Okky Asokawaty. A year later elected Pia Alisyahbana, Ali Sadikin, and Susan Budiardjo.

Then in 2008, Poppy Dharsono, Edward Hutabarat, and Kris Kristofferson. Then in 2009, gave the award to Rudy JFFF Hadisuwarno, Martha Tilaar and Santosa Doellah. Fashion Icon Award for 2010 reached Josephine Komara or Obin, Ninuk Mardiana Pambudi and Christine Barki.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Consumerism Fashion

Liu Wen, Asian Model
Louis Vuitton flagship store in Shanghai, China. Now the fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, the Asian region as their primary market. For many actors, fashion, fashion mecca it leads to Europe and America. However, speaking markets, Asia is the future.

Asian fashion market is the most important issue in the Asian Fashion 2011yang Summit is one of the main agenda in the arena of Asian Fashion Exchange (Dow Jones) in Singapore, which expires on May 22

In the fashion-Asia summit, as many as 30 actors and fashion insider fashion abroad participating in seminars and discussions on the future of the fashion world, especially the increasing consumerism in Asia in recent years.

Ted Tan, Deputy Chief Executive of Spring Singapore, the organizer of Fashion Asia Summit 2011 - said that Asia is a region that continues to grow, especially in the field of fashion consumerism.

"Enhancing the living standards of Asia, especially in the upper middle class, attracting the attention of the international fashion players, especially from Europe and America," said Tan.

Tan unveiled the prediction rate of consumption fantastic Asian community in the areas of fashion, of course, was the main helper foreign buyer. "In 2013, Euromonitor, the retail and fashion shoes estimates in the Asia Pacific region could reach USD481 one billion figure," he said.

It can be confirmed as China's most populous country in the world, the biggest market. In fact, today is China's main market for luxury product labels from Europe and America, with a total expenditure reached USD16, 6 billion in 2010.

Therefore logical that a number of exclusive fashion labels like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and competed with the attention of consumers in Shanghai and Beijing, two major fashion capital of Asia.

Recently, Ermenegildo Zegna, men's fashion labels on board, reported profit in 2010 more than tripled to 60 million Euro.Adapun greatest contribution of Chinese consumers. Not only in terms of consumption, Asia also lure players from the international fashion creativity. This shows that Asia has its own power in terms of fashion, both as consumers and producers.

On the international runway, began in New York to Paris, often seen competing Asian names like Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, and Prabal Gurung.Adapun in modeling, the faces of Asia not to lose international start runway and to beautify. Among them, Liu Wen, who became the first Asian model for Victoria's Secret or Sui Who was the first Asian model in Ralph Lauren show in New York Fashion Week show.

Meanwhile, local fashion labels, such as Charles & Keith in Singapore, now has a pretty solid position in the international market. Technology also helps raise the prestige of the Asian market on the world map of consumerism. The existence of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and creating a more international fashion players excited to try the Asian market.

"Technology, especially the Internet, changing the retail landscape is constantly because they influence consumer consumption patterns," says Tan.

In a number of e-commerce site, launched an international scale, such as e-Bay and regional scale, such as style mint, noting that Asia is a large part of consumer spending takes. It is spoken Macala Lee Wright, CEO of Digital Fashionably in a seminar on "Fashion's Brave New World: the impact of social media on how we design, market, brand and retail." Douglas Benjamin, Creative Director Raoul, local fashion label that Singapore is currently e-commerce and fcommerce play an important role for the private market.

"With social media, fashion labels, consumers reach better," he said, adding, Raoul had also the power of e-commerce embraced by "placing" collection at the online boutique Shopbob.

AFX case was a vehicle to the attention of the international fashion players Blueprint exhibition as a highlight to attract. More than 100 fashion brands from the fashion capitals of Asia, including Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore, will present their collections in the presence of 200 foreign buyers.

"Last year, we get encouraging results of the Blueprint and the last two seasons, is the marketing of our products to Europe, in Italy and England. So, I'm very excited with the Blueprint 2011," he said.

Meanwhile Kleting Titis Wigati, young designers from Indonesia, which carry the label, KLE, to Blue Print for the event in Singapore, admittedly nervous all at once enthusiastic.

"Frankly, we were nervous, but this is a great opportunity for young designers like us to introduce and study of the retail industry," said Kleting which came with "a group of young Indonesian designers, including Dana and Maulana Adrian Rama of the Dauhan Danjyo Hiyoji, ├ůmot Syamsuri young of Isis, and of Soe.Hoe Soetjipto Huy Yeah.

"Hopefully, the results are encouraging," he said, greeted his friends nodding agreement.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clothing styles Pippa Middleton When Holidays in Madrid

Not to be outdone by her sister, who undergoes a honeymoon, Pippa Middleton seemed to be enjoying her holiday in Madrid. At that time she was caught walking with one of the richest men in Britain.

Pippa Middleton seemed to frighten the public after the wedding of her sister last month. But unlike previous trips, this time Pippa, a holiday in Madrid, Spain. During the holidays, the woman born on September 6, 1983 was seen walking with a former boyfriend who waited faithfully.

The 27-year-old woman was seen happily enjoy the trip in a boat with George Percy in Retiro Park, the largest park in Madrid. Pippa seems simple, but elegant with a tight bandage entrails white T-shirt with a matching sleeveless vest and subordinate black skirt, and sunglasses with gold rims.

To celebrate, anyone who saw the picture that ran with Pippa is a young Duke of Northumberland, one of the richest men in Britain, being very astute memerlihatkan rowing skills in the afternoon.

Earlier, Miss Middleton was seen wearing a beautiful beige skirt, black coat and heels approximately 10 cm was partying until 04.00 hours at a chic bar at The Penthouse.

On Friday (13 / 5) yesterday evening, Pippa seemed to be present at an exclusive nightclub, Fortuna. Miss Middleton looked at a bottle of champagne in her red bag, as released to the market Daily Mail.

Despite the fact that the night a heavy, Pippa has not this show. Apparently, Pippa appeared on Saturday morning for a workout using sunglasses and wearing a strapless gown in black and white polka dot pattern, when he and her friends, shopping and sightseeing trips.

Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Choose Hot Pants fit body shape

Favorite hot pants
Want to look sexy with hot pants? Watch out, you should not mistake selecting and worsens the appearance of your body. Come, follow this tip!

Sexy hotpants really impressed, because the number shown from the body, then his election should also handle fit. Because if you make a wrong choice, then it is bad for your overall appearance. So, what to consider for wearing hot pants? Check out reviews of Idiva.

Small waist, Slim Leg

Pants that fits you, hot pants

How to use:

1. Show me the impression of the foot to make it look longer.

2. Make sure you wear comfortable, so it seems interesting.

3. Match the outfit with a piece halter or racerback tank to show off your arm.

Big Thighs

Matching trousers, mini shorts above the knee length and not too tight.

How to use:

1. Make sure that the short size you choose the right length. Choose pants with a form under "A"and is above your knees, so let your knees ideal.
2. Choose shorts that are not on your feet. Instead, choose something that is comfortable and looks a bit loose.

Large buttocks

The right pants, shorts that cover the knees wear.

How to use:

1. Fri-length shorts that will make your butt look less full and interesting.

2. Contest with a tunic that covers your back. Wear a plain top and the details in the neck to the focus of people away from the lower part of your problems.

Athletic legs

The right pants, shorts or shorts worn with a balloon-shaped belt.

How to use:

1. Shorts-shaped balloons will indicate the volume on some indentation of the body.

2. Shorts accented with beautiful colors are very effective for these types of cover.

Gisele Bundchen Release Brazilian Intimate

Gisele Bundchen
As Victoria's Angel, Gisele Bundchen's career always uphill. After making a success as an underwear model for Victoria's Secret 2007, Gisele finally launched his own collection of lingerie that are labeled with Brazilian Intimate.

Working with Brazilian lingerie company, Hope, the highest paid model by Forbes was seen wearing some of her own lingerie collection when it was released to coincide with the Sao Paulo Fashion Week on Thursday (12 / 5) local time. It is quoted Female First, Monday (05/16/2011).

For the first collection, Gisele demonstrate lace and satin lingerie made ​​of pink, followed by black lingerie skirt accented frame expands, and the black lingerie, complete with headdress of black feathers, which Gisele is a collection of dream come true.

On the show, Gisele said, "Life is about dreams, and I am very happy to see Brazilian Intimate will be present for you. My dream with Hope. With this, I present Intimate Brazilian Gisele Bundchen, congratulations and enjoy the show. "

Wear dress Spiderwoman, JLo Show off Bottom

Jennifer Lopez

Although already a mother of two twins, Max and Emme, Jennifer Lopez's body is still amazing with phenomenal ass. Aware of, the singer known in this JLo said showing off style dress Spiderwoman sexiness.

American Idol judges is looking very sexy in her tight dress accented with gossamer silver color. The attractive, Jlo dancing to the beat. Her blonde hair down with a touch of makeup is not too thick, JLo balance the bling-blingnya dress by wearing a diamond ring on her finger left and right. It is quoted in Daily Mail, Monday (05/16/2011).

Besides Spider Woman dress, women 41 years also showed their professionalism on stage by singing the song "On The Floor" though the music accompaniment was dead and no one can hear her voice.

JLo still singing and waving at the stage technicians to repair the damage, and went to a concert like no one error.

Classical, Pippa Middleton Wear a polkadot dress

While Kate Middleton enjoy a honeymoon, the younger sister, Pippa Middleton seemed a walk in Madrid, Spain. His appearance was rather classic look with polka-dot strapless dress pattern.

Pippa fly to Madrid a few days after he was rumored to be engaged to her boyfriend, Alex Loudon. Upon arrival at the airport in Madrid on Friday, May 13, 2011, he was accompanied by George Percy, the son of the Duke of Northumberland, one of the richest men in Britain. Ex-girlfriend helps Pippa pushing carts with bags before heading to the hotel.

The next day, it seemed the 27-year-old woman entered in filling the weekend with friends. Pippa wearing a strapless white dress black polka-dot pattern and let the top of her sunglasses. Pippa holiday filled with shopping and sightseeing with a tourist map in hand.

Beauty Secrets Dr. Jessica Wu

Here is the secret to beautiful and healthy skin of the beauty experts trust Hollywood celebrities get. Especially for you ...

If you frequently monitor the evolution of beauty or Hollywood celebrities often follow a beauty and health programs broadcast by U.S. television stations, you know Dr. Jessica Wu. He is a specialist in dermatology at Harvard Medical School graduate and is currently open beauty practices in Los Angeles, California. The first book of his work FEED YOUR FACE become best-selling beauty book.

And if an expert would be a lot of Hollywood celebrities on facial skin care and beauty treatments and rely on Dr. Jessica Wu. You want a beautiful skin like Hollywood celebrities to envy, or simply want a beautiful skin, such as Hollywood celebrities have. Because in this article, Dr. Jessica Wu will share beauty tips to keep your skin to stay healthy as charming.

1. Make sure you Enjoy Healthy Breakfast

No breakfast for slim and beautiful? Absolutely wrong. As Dr. Jessica Wu would advise you not to skip breakfast every day. Breakfast with healthy menu options that will include blood sugar control during the day. This will be spared from wrinkles, acne and dull skin caused by not getting ration nutrients in the morning. In addition to regular healthy breakfast menus will keep your weight at an ideal rate.

So what is a healthy breakfast? Dr. Jessica Wu encourage you to stay away from fatty foods and contain all kinds of donuts (a sweet dough that much butter) Danish. Give an adequate intake of protein, such as homemade peanut butter spread on toast or an omelette for a particular piece of fresh tomatoes. Want a quicker? Mix the plain / Greek yogurt with your favorite fruit berries. Alternatively, given a bit of instant oatmeal topped with raisins and almonds.

2. Can eating pizza

Okay, then rejoice because the pizza to be junk food, Dr recommended. Jessica Wu. However, not all types of pizza you enjoy. Avoid greasy pizzas with thick toppings such as ground beef, bacon or sausage. A good choice for a beautiful skin is a pizza with a thin bread made from wheat flour. For toppings, you can choose a pizza with less cheese as a flavor enhancer, chicken for protein, green vegetables and chillies as additional antioxidants.

Had never tasted pizza with wheat bread and toppings consisting of chicken and green vegetables, as proposed by Dr. Jessica Wu? Believe me, it feels so good with pizza toping with a pile of meat, bread, thick and rich cheese. Even the pizza is featured Dr. Jessica Wu far from impressed by 'eneg' and more fresh, your skin should be happy too.

3. Preventing Dairy

Bad milk can make the skin smooth, but not by consuming milk. For a perfectly smooth skin, you have a little (not even) consume any dairy products (animal milk and other dairy products) such as liquid milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and other dairy products. Why refuse to consume the product? Because dairy products are closely associated with the production of acne. If you often have to deal with acne, try to implement this suggestion.

Even looks strange, but recent research shows that milk and other dairy animal was the initiator of the skin with a red rash, skin inflammation, swelling of the skin with pus, including worsening of acne. Even if you choose organic milk, but the effect is the same as animal proteins in the milk will affect your hormones by increasing the amount of oil and clog pores.

If you do not consume animal milk, what about minerals? Dr. Jessica Wu recommends you get minerals from other products. You can switch to soy milk or milk made from almonds.

4. Eat tomatoes every day to Sun Securities Fight

Fresh tomatoes and raw tomatoes can be a shield from the inside to protect the skin from the damaging effects of sunlight. This is certainly very encouraging since Indonesia is endowed fresh tomatoes and easily available. To make tomato paste which could be a natural additives in a different scale, it would be better if you created or tomato instant buy.

Therefore tomato paste in a food that is recommended to maintain skin beauty? In tomato, lycopene compound contained very high. These compounds are antioxidants that can protect your skin from the inside. By regularly eat tomatoes every day, then your skin will always be protected from the dangers of UV rays.

5. Eat First Home, a new party

It is wrong if you maintain the habit of making myself hungry all day and then a big meal while attending a party (because the food was free and delicious.) Hollywood celebrities have a habit contrary, they always eat before going to a party. So they will come to the party in full condition and not be tempted to lot of fattening foods and snacks that are often lower levels of collagen to be tasted.

And ... shows that celebrities make their own snacks from home while attending a party or an event in their pockets (the opposite of our food habits that carry a show home). Dr. Jessica Wu also said the same that he most likes a snack of walnuts, roasted vegetables and pea spread with almond butter. Hmm ... is not that good and you can apply?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

10 Must Wear Item Neon Fashion

The one that makes us feel rich in fashion colors. Variety of colors including neon color is beautiful in the dark, but beautiful also accompany the daily appearance.

Up-to-toe, is a fluorescent color choice of fashion accessories.

Neon Earrings
Neon earrings are recalls the retro feel of the present in summer, combined with mini-dress and knee boots.

Neon Necklace
Do not tell your neck does not look good with nice neon colors. Especially you who have a long neck, select bold necklace or stacked versions.

Neon Bangle
If the bracelet accented flower is not enough to make you look bright, colorful bracelet is the perfect course to add emphasis casual and chic.

Neon Watches
Besides providing accent Happy summer, neon colors, a sporty impression on your hands, sports watches like this.

Neon T-Shirt
And T-shirts are the most comfortable casual weapons at every opportunity. Who does not like this fashion item? Even when sleeping t-shirts are comfortable to wear and allows the body to breathe easier.

Neon T-shirt would be a comfortable casual sporty style with a bright cheerful colors of summer.

Neon Polish
And imagine if your beautiful nails polished with neon colors that match with shoes and clothes you wear. One word, it's very cute!

Neon Clutch

Clutch is the new bag, and neon is the new Bold. A special creation is not it? Even St. Yves, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada a touch of neon colors give the link of this summer 2011 collection.

Neon Phone Case
Not only the clutch and your wallet would bring along the streets in the mall, even your smartphone just plain good? So let a hint of fashion show by adding neon phone case. Aha, now it work!

Neon Flip Flop
Leisurely walk on the beach you need? flip flop! And neon flip flop will not lose the bright sun. These beautiful slippers sparkle like jewels in the sand. Oh, hello summer!

Neon Flat Shoes
And if you don't like for a moment with high heels, flat shoes will come to guide and pamper the foot. You can combine fluorescent micro flat shoes with skirts or cropped pants.

Hello summer, hello neon colors...

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