Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cheryl Cole Reject Predicate Fashion Icon

Cheryl Cole does not understand why people think it is a style icon. Girls Aloud staff are often regarded as one of the best dressed women were misled by the award given to him. He also said he does not deserve defined as a fashionista. What article?

"I do not know where fashion icons! Although I was given the label, simply do not claim," he was quoted by Femalefirst, Wednesday (17/2/2010).

Though under pressure to look good, Cheryl insists it does not. To Cheryl knew she could create a healthy lifestyle.

Cheryl told the magazine New! "I am throughout the day as the other woman that I feel like garbage. But it was just a woman, sometimes because of our hormones go crazy. But I'm trying not to let the pressure get to me because I think you can do you crazy.'m still human, no matter what label is given to me, or how you look. "

Chanter "Fight For This Love", also revealed he refused to release thousands of pounds to design a fashion designer and prefer to borrow their collection for special occasions.

"I have a very expensive dress that I bought, because I prefer not to buy it. So I brought 30-thousand pounds lent to me for use on the red carpet," he said.

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