Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Techniques of Swedish-style Makeup

The makeup is not easy. Equipment and beauty products do not necessarily make you look good if not accompanied by appropriate makeup techniques. Here is a great way to makeup makeup stylist Swedish style, Jonas Wramell.

By nature, women crave beauty. A woman will do a variety of ways in order predicate memeroleh beautiful. One way is to beautify themselves in makeup. "Many women who want to make it look good. One way to care for themselves, besides using the right makeup," said Jonas Wramell constitute stylist Sweden.

To get the right makeup, it requires expertise in makeup. Beauty products are now widely available has not been totally makes a beautiful face without a combination of experience in implementing mempuni.

"If women know the right tips and tricks to recover, I'm sure they can easily apply their own makeup at home," said the man who has sailed the 12-year professional makeup artist in Sweden this.

During the tour in Jakarta, Jonas gave his appreciation for Asian women. "Skin color is very nice Asian woman and single. By using the right color, the emergence of Asian women will look more attractive," he said.

Similarly, the color scheme. Skin of Asian women is compatible with all sorts of colors. For example, red and brown colors are matched to the brown and olive. "The color red lipstick color according to the peoples of Asia. Suppose some dark red, for those who are brown," said Jonas.

Not only that, Jonas gives some tips that can be practiced by women in Indonesia. "There are some tricks to make the face of ever more perfect," said Jonas. The first applies when the base of the face. Jonas suggested that the flat face with a brush.

"Cream Brush works to flatten the existing base in the face," said Jonas. Foundation flattened using a brush in the direction of hair growth on the face. This technique is useful to make the feathers and face covered in spots and acne scars on his face masked.

Then, when applying powder, Jonas advises applied by using solid foam. Then the dust of the application is useful for more dust to the facial skin. In addition, the dust appears flatter.

The next trick is to give the shadow eyebrow eyebrows. "I always like to use the eyebrow in the shadow of the brow of the eye because it makes the face look more natural," said Jonas. For the eyebrows, Jonas advice to raise some eyebrows as to make it look firmer.

Whereas, if you want to look soft, use the technique to form a natural face. "If you want to get a strong character and strong enough to form the basis of the eyebrows," said Jonas.

Jonas used the technique of using the shadow is to apply the eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow in the direction of growth. "So, softly stroking his face to the same level of powder colors are brighter than the color of the skin. And techniques for using a good powder is to be pat," said Jonas.

Eyebrow shadow Pengarsiran up according to the growth of eyebrows by Jonas useful for eyebrows look more natural.

Then Jonas also provide appropriate advice when using the eyeliner. "Many women are the difficulties in applying eyeliner. Gemeteran Often when applying eyeliner. In fact, there are tricks in particular," he said.

Before you apply eyeliner on the eyelid line, mark the form of points along the line of the eyes by using eyeliner.

"With the points on the line of the eyes, do not have to worry about the difficulty or covered in the application of eyeliner," said Jonas.

Jonas also has a special trick to applying mascara. "Many of those who apply mascara only to the direction of the course. However, it is best to use three different techniques to apply the mask," he said.

For the interior of the eyelashes, apply mascara Jonas inward or nose. For half of the eyelashes, apply mascara Jonas upward. And by the end of the tabs out, Jonas applying mascara in her eyes from the outside. "This technique is useful to make the lashes look thicker and decline," he said.

For blush-on, Jonas make a suggestion, to avoid smearing of flushing, the child's hair. "Blush Pemulasan-in not getting to the child's hair. Enough to be the bone of his temple. And do not be too full of blush-on pemulasan" he continued. Then blush-on is very good if the area of the cheekbones dipulaskan.

"The reason the mud in the cheekbone area, cheeks, then we will look more radiant and fresh," he continued.

The latter, so that women seem to be different, Jonas choose red lips to lips. "Red lipstick for every woman look sexy, single and still visible element of the decision," said Jonas.

If many have not dared to apply the color, Jonas suggested that women learn to wear red lipstick at home.

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