Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Give up your Expression of Style!

Renowned designers of the international mecca of fashion, Paris, Yves Saint Laurent
Fashion once said: "Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever".

In short, fashion can keep the change, whatever the pattern and trend. But on style, will stay in a person according to his character. When a person feels comfortable with a certain style that became his trademark, is choice.

It is also believed Prawira Melia, owner of fashion boutique Jabotabek Procurement and friends. In a talk show and the opening of the mall teen fashion, Melia said there were no trends of fashion in particular, to answer the question of whether the fashion trend this year for young children.

According to women working in the fashion world for 9 years, the trend of young people today are expressive with her. Fashion model who appeared on the screen from anywhere in Mecca will not be an absolute reference.

"Fashion style of young people are more expressive and happy to combine colors. They tend to look for himself. What is right and not use," said Melia.

The term fashion victim had almost no longer is today. Fashion in young children showed more character and personal characteristics, including color padupadan.

Meanwhile, Karin Wijaya stylist just admit that this trend of color. According to him, shattering the color of fashion for young children who become the latest trend.

"The bright colors represent the spirit of optimism, optimistic young man," Kerry said in Sportswear product launches for some time.

Still, ethnic fashion trend, which tends to figure prominently in this year, recognized by Melia. Batik, a local product, young fashion and popular. According Melia, batik as a fashion emerged from the local culture of neighboring countries claimed. Therefore, ethnic batik trend emerged as a form of love of the special features of the country.

Model of variation and batik designs that were more typical of young people in character. Batik Padupadan also bolder. Suppose, says Melia, batik, not only combines high heels, but with sneakers. Accessories are also worthy of ethnic batik motifs combined with the rich tend to color. Color options should also not uniform. So, dare to collaborate and design of various models and colors, it is the current fashion.

Condition, according to Melia, the value of merit over a dress size than what brand or where the exit. Check out the trick:

* Color
Indonesian People tend to have brown skin color. The trick, do not use the cream because the skin looks miserable. The black chocolate is more suitable because it would highlight color.

* Forms of body
Self-esteem issues to do with body shape can be seen in the clothes they wore. If there is a big man, and very safe and comfortable with the clothes slightly open, very well. However, it must also be considered if the shape of your body suitable for a particular way. Not all clothes can be installed in the body or a pretty sight. Need to consult with experts or references to read fashion fashion an appropriate fashion to recognize the shape of the body.

* Character
How does the character and disposition of oneself can also be a measure of merit. If you feel comfortable with the sporting aspect, the trend would still be batik. Compensation only in slippers and cardigan. There are still a feminine and masculine is not it? Or use the sports coat with a long sleeved shirt depths and subordinates, such as jeans. Sports and orderly a fashion do not fool your character is not it?

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