Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pink Sheets Usage Rules

Pink or pink is a color that makes a woman look more beautiful. Adolescent and woman if used clothes and makeup shades of pink look good. However, if the clothes and makeup wear head to toe every shade of pink then add the result is a shiny appearance, but that seems ridiculous.

Pink is identical to female or female. Although the color pink was neutral makeup and fashion, but there are some things that should be a concern when deciding to use a pink nuanced way, to not look ridiculous. The elections of clothing and accessories must also comply with the time and situation.

For the summer atmosphere, the costumes of pink. Bright pink and natural will make you look fresh and attractive look. Also due to the nature of a natural pink color, the color is suitable for use with any bright color and good color dark skin color.

However, if used excessively pink, which is not pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, combined with the color pink is not your case, you also ruin the appearance. Therefore, anything that should be considered when using a pink dress? Here are some suggestions that may apply when you want to dress and look with shades of pink.

* Do not use with pastel pink and light blue or baby blue frozen at the same time. Printing you will find is childish.
* For a bold pink or noticeable, are combined with black or very dark colors.
* Use white or light beige or khaki colors to blend with a rose on strike to make it look fashionable.
* You can also combine with the color pink has a basic color such as khaki white soft and creamy, light brown, and denim.
* For the color pink is not too flashy and not too soft (middle), when combined with appropriate arumanis white or pink.
* For a light pink color can be combined with cream or khaki. Can also be combined with a soft pink blush.
* Colors are striking and bold pink can be combined with green grass that will be fresh and bold print.

You can also try and explore the pink with other colors. Even the color pink is also suitable when used with a pair of jeans. But certainly not overuse head to toe pink full. Welcome to the estuary Pinky!

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