Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Trisori Appearance Jewellery

Introducing Trisori – a new Sicilian aggressive jewellery cast specialising in handmade account pieces, that beset semi-precious stones set in different forms, all sleekly accomplished with a 24 carat gold plate.

Stylish and chic, Trisori present a alternative of ablaze styles in their admission ‘Butterfly Collection’. Aggressive by the geometries of Venetian Villas and the bizarre addendum of Sicily, anniversary architecture has a able abreast feel that is abounding of colour.

Key pieces cover the Hard Candy ring - a arresting aggregate of burghal and glamour, set off by an admirable Druzy; and the Lorenza - a fashionable brindled gold-plated armlet with a cottony and metal cilia base, both set to be ablaze favourites for the affair season.

The necklaces in this aboriginal accumulating action a absolute blow of adult refinement, with accustomed pieces such as the Marisa (a able blanket about chaplet set afire with the ablaze blooming tones of the chrisoprase gemstones) to the affected black appearance of Secret (a braid chaplet bizarre with a azure chaplet - absolute for that appropriate occasion). Every brace of earrings are bead architecture and adorned with colour from the called stones used, Alchemy absolutely showcases this with aerial iolite, amethyst, garnet, citrine and peridot beads, whilst Claire provides around-the-clock allure with blooming zircon stones.

Each and every Trisori section is advised to not alone bolt the eye, but aswell to accomplish the wearer feel absurd and joyful.

“Life should consistently be abounding of colours, accordingly you will consistently acquisition a lot of coloured gemstones in our designs” – Valeria Calvo, Trisori

A beauteous range, with absolute architecture and absolute styling, Trisori jewellery is the absolute accessory to any outfit.

Prices alpha from £39.00 and all articles are accessible online at www.trisori.com

Hancrafted, cutting-edge appearance jewellery.

The name Trisori is Sicilian for treasures. Anniversary ring, bangle, chaplet or adornment is a baby abundance alone handmade in a branch in Italy.

Hallmarks of Trisori's handmade jewellery are design, colour and craftsmanship. Tourmalines, iolites, calchedony, atramentous set in different forms are a allowance in Trisori' s designs.

The humans abaft Trisori are a duo of London based Italians, who abide accurate to their origins by carrying jewellery pieces that amalgamate the geometries of Venetian Villas with the bizarre addendum of Sicily.

Trisori's pieces are advised to not alone bolt the eye, but aswell to accomplish the wearer feel absurd and joyful.

Trisori "Butterfly Collection" is strong, abreast and stylish.

This December 2nd sees the barrage of the admission Butterfly Accumulating from new Sicilian aggressive jewellery cast – Trisori!

This aboriginal ambit consists of 23 handcrafted pieces, including beauteous jewell encrusted earrings and necklaces, Druzy rings and urban-chic bracelets all accomplished in 24 carat gold plate. Valeria Calva, Designer for the range, will be showcasing this constant collection, forth with alms guests a barrage night abatement of 30% off on all purchases.

Held at the beauteous Benjamin Franklin House (just off of The Strand) apprehend a night abounding of anxious allure as the new Butterfly Accumulating takes you into a apple abounding of adorableness and colour!


Pose Naughton, Lara Stone by Recognizing Personality

Lara Stone played love taking pictures for ads with naughty poses. According to him, represented his personality.

Lara Stone prefers to appear in a controversial shooting. Dutch-a new model for Calvin Klein ad is banned in Australia and the opinion, he looks better in pictures © risquà because it fits his personality.

"I think that taking photos with mischievous shades suit your personality. I do not mind doing a model shoot straight, but it's more fun when there is something naughty in," he said, as quoted by Female First, Tuesday (26 / 10 / 2010).

The model also allowed 26 years happy to represent women with a body shape and curved on the catwalk. But, he personally was not sure anything to do with shifting a figure model in the fashion world.

"This does not mean that all these measures I think there should be diversity, because it's boring if everyone looked the same. In the real world there are so many different shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds," he added.

"I do not think I have anything to do with all that. But I think that is good if something has changed," he said.

She also admitted to never expect an acceptable model, because its teeth are not properly regulated.

He added the Observer Magazine, "At school I was always funny, seemed high, and is known as a skinny boy gets, because it's fun weird teeth. If someone comes and says, 'You must be a model. This the last thing you expect to "hear."



Monday, October 25, 2010

Lady Gaga meat dress, favorite Halloween costume

U.S. has excited just a few costumes, introduced the celebrities. Katy Perry, whose life is constantly showing costumes and Paris Hilton caught on camera mall last week dressed as a sailor.

But the latest news from the United States has expressed the most sought after Halloween costumes in the United States (U.S.) was a dress style meat Buzzworthy.

Gaga costume worn in the MTV Video Awards are made from six pieces of meat are sewn together equipped with hats and bags to complement the dress of the flesh. Obviously, many people in New York are crying out dressed Gaga 31 October. They came to the butchers of the city being "flooded" with requests to make a similar version.

Ben Turley, owner of the Kitchen in New York in Brooklyn, he said, a piece of meat Houte couture dress cost up to USD2.000 and must be made from the leanest cuts of meat. A meat cutter, said recently that it would take 15 to 20 pounds of steak and at least 10 hours to create the dress of the flesh.

The dress worn when the meat is interesting Halloween, but this issue comes with a warning. That is, could look so dirty and should be used only for three hours.

"It is very damp and smelly," a butcher, Ben told the Daily Mail on Monday (10/25/2010).

Well, this dress is a dress that is really scary. However, there is still a favorite item in the next Halloween. And you, are interested in having them?



Saturday, October 23, 2010

Show Colourful Without a Fashion Victim

Playing through the colors of the clothes is not bad. Unfortunately, many women are less complete mixing colors in a single view. So the idea of appearing colors can actually make time so that the role of victim.

When we think of brightly colored clothes, memories may become in the era of fashion in the early 1980 in the classic style with brightly colored neon color trend at that time. Well, if you are inspired to take ideas from the 1980's, there is a way for you to introduce these colors in the closet. Of course, without seeming creepy.

Perhaps one of the most important lessons in learning colors combined with the contents of your wardrobe is to realize that the colors are used only to enhance their team. Avoid using bright colors, from top to bottom in all the clothes. This is the wrong way in the use of color in fashion. If your wardrobe is dominated with dark, solid colors, then it becomes a challenge for you to add bright color to the wardrobe. The use of bright colors of each element is a smart solution for creating a balance or make a style of dress that seemed to be softer colors. Similarly, legal reports CAREF.

Others, if you include a fan base dark colors like navy, black, gray, or it can brighten your wardrobe with a touch of yellow, pink, red, green or orange. When combined, these colors, then it is not necessary to add other elements of fashion. However, another story, if you love accessories. The use of accessories can be a way to add more color.

For example, if you wear a black dress, orange bag with an elegant model can lighten the color of your computer. Or you can choose a colorful scarf to be a sweetener. Alternatively, you can wear earrings yellow, orange, red, fresh color bracelet and a necklace.

If you are a fan of the clothes in shades of various models of brown, beige, white and ivory, then of sandals and shoes of red or yellow color of the belt can make a more pleasing look.



Marriage-Hunting Bra: Tell That You it's Time to Get Married

Marriage-Hunting Bra
At the time of emancipation was made partly because women are always put off marriage to pursue careers and other, sometimes even forget that they are old.

Marriage-Hunting Bra is the concept of the latest bra from Triumph International, Japan that lifted the above problems.

At the front of the bra have LED screen (LED Display) that counts down the wedding day, or exactly when should you get married (because the older the more difficult to get a mate !!!).

With the warning in a bra, it is expected that women who are afraid to get married or are reluctant to get married will be more aware of the increasingly older age.

In this bra also has provided a wedding ring (wedding ring), a pen and an official stamp to perform marriages (valid only in Japan) to prepare if one day be married.

Marriage-Hunting Bra may not be sold but this bra is actually more revealing of a concern for women in Japan who are increasingly reluctant to be bound in a marriage.



Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Create an appearance of perfect lenses

Eye health, in fact, greatly affects all aspects of life. That's why this time the lens is thought to help eyesight and improve the appearance of those with vision problems.

From practical reasons, contact lenses was chosen as an alternative view of the most popular. But unfortunately, until now still many people using contact lenses is not appropriate, sometimes not noticed by the user. For this reason, it takes an expert to handle it as pronounced as the President of Tri Rahayu SPM refraction and contact lenses Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs RSCM.
"Until now there are many misperceptions about contact lenses. For this reason, we need a health expert who always follow the development of contact lenses," he said when met at the "Press Conference Ciba Vision's visual health Academy for Excellence "from Indonesia in Penang Bistro, Jalan Kebon Sirih, Jakarta, on Tuesday (10/19/2010.)

Widya Dr. Artinian SPM Head of the Department of eyes, Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital demonstrate the important role of the CAP or the optical always deal directly with the contact lens wearers.

"In Indonesia, the PAC as opticians have an important role to help ophthalmologists provide services to patients in improving the health of your eyes. Through proper education, I am optimistic that the potential opticians found in all parts of Indonesia further optimized their ability to assist patients to wear contact lenses, "he said.

Tri was added, the training program is aimed at the optics to improve the quality of service delivery.

"The implementation of the training can help health care professionals provided their professional services to improve, because if you use a contact lens can cause irritation and infection in the eye," he continued.

This training was also evaluated by people working in the field of eye health requires a container that can provide clinical information on the lens and box lens care, so they can provide accurate information about users contact lenses.

Explaining more, according to Tri, not everyone can wear contact lenses. Why? This also sees these eye diseases.

"Not everyone can wear contact lenses as seen from the eyes. Especially severe dry eye should be more often controlled so that no serious problems. It is recommended that contact lens wearers eyes should be checked every six months "he said. Phonetically ListenRead

Given the important role of people working in the world of eye health, Ciba Vision launched an innovative educational initiatives and a world wide call Ciba Vision Academy for Eyecare Excellence Academy or CV which was officially opened October 25 at the Department RSCM eyes, which provide education and training or optical ECP 500 each year.

"Ciba Vision are highly committed to the partnership with the PAC to ensure that patients who wear contact lenses to receive the best care and services. It also focuses our efforts in providing education and training programs are different, and according current needs for the people of Indonesia, including special skills to carry out some specific contact lens fittings, as well as business planning, "said Danny Widodo as Chief Country Ciba Vision Indonesia.



A Touch of European style of Jason Wu Fashion

Degree as the best womenswear designer from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Jason Wu does not have a big head, but encouraged her to continue giving their best.

As he did with bringing European collection breathes the spring and summer of 2011 at New York Fashion Week. Nan forty classic combination of style and a touch of typical seventy Wu hippies attracted the attention of international fashion editors. New York Times described the meeting as Wu as one of the best for the New York gateway. While the Balanced Scorecard, the site inspection of the parade in New York put Jason Wu at the top, with collections that are considered more elegant and mature.

Unlike other American designers who prefer to bring modernity and convenience, Wu gives a bit of complexity in an elegant minimalist style but sensual. No longer a multicolored mini dress or printfloral exclaimed, Wu actually show a softer side of design is thick with a typical European style adapted and combined with the sensual Latino.

"Jason Wu really know what direction to take. Michelle Obama may be giving way to the Wu. But Wu know what to do with the opportunities given to him," writes the fashion site that was launched Yahoonews.com. Praise also expelled from the Daily Telegraph, which suggested that the perception of a combination of Europe and Latin America presented by Jason Wu showed his quality as a designer.

In the field of American fashion, Wu touted as the next generation, along with other Asian design bloody, Richard Chai and Prabal Gurung. Wu became one of Stardi growing world of fashion after Michelle Obama wore a dress design shoulders on the eve of his inauguration, President Barack Obama. Since then the name of Wu became one of the most discussed in the media, especially in the virtual world.

Michelle Wu was a favorite of design and is often seen with a dress made by Wu, such as magenta dress she wore on the cover of Vogue magazine photo shoot or a chartreuse silk dress that Michelle is used when coming to London to accompany President Obama. Michelle Wu design also uses a layer when he met Queen Elizabeth.

Michelle Wu opportunity given to not assumed by young designers. Wu test the consistency of a thick design with a structural style, but still breathing female. The collection has not been disappointing fashion editors. As once again doing the catwalk in New York for the meeting of the spring and summer of 2011.

Maturity in the design of a contrast with the old Wu, who had 28 years that made Diane von Furstenberg and select Wu in the ranks of the top designers. "He showed signs of maturity at such a young age and is an asset," von Furstenberg said in an interview.

Asia, the increase in United States

Wu still do not believe in the path of fame that now sits in front of him. In the liver, Wu admitted that he is still the man in Taiwan to try his fortune in America.

"I will always be forever grateful to Mrs. Obama for the opportunity you gave me," he said.

However, Wu also feel proud of the accomplishments of himself and his colleagues, the success of Asian designers in the land of Uncle Sam. "I'm excited at the same time proud that just last time, Donna Karan and Michael Kors, a young American designer, and now preached to us, the designers bloody Asia," said Wu.

This phenomenon, of course, join the movement to change the way not only in America but also worldwide. Impact Asia increasingly young people around the world who are inspired and excited to get stars like Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung. The changes are seen in fashion schools have a student who is now a lot of Asian origin.

"Asia is a huge potential, not only in terms of markets and talent," said Diane von Furstenberg, president of the CFDA, and mentioned the statistics of fashion school Parsons the New School of Design shows about 70 percent of international students from Asia. While at the Fashion Institute of Technology, 23 percent of students numbering 1,200 people from Asia or Asian Americans. That's the education side, von Furstenberg also noted an increase in the domain of CFDA members.

One thing is certain, more Asian designers to fly in the center of international fashion, fashion in Asia, also rose. Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung said, Taiwan and Nepal are paying more attention to the fashion industry after his name was shot. "That's a good thing because fashion can be a big industry that can sustain the country's economy," said Wu.



Monday, October 18, 2010

Lady Gaga comfortable with the body sweating


Lady Gaga like to dress and look a controversial appearance before the cameras and fans. But who would have thought, singer of "Poker Face" is just a normal girl, while sitting among the crew. When no longer appear Gaga, sources say that wearing sweat pants!

"He'll be comfortable in sweat and basketball clothes (wet armpits), then casually joked when he speaks of" our den mother. "Other nicknames we have for him is 'Lady DullDull' because it looks like one of us, "said a source in the musical tour of the National Enquirer magazine quoted Zimbio, Monday (10/18/2010).

"As a Jewish mother, Stefani Angelina Joanne Germanotta Lady Gaga-original name-always mediate and offer advice on dating, family problems or anything. Not merely listen to the problem of all, he's really good to give advice on how to improve, "he continued.

In the past, the controversial star has shown that it is important to maintain a public at all times.

"If ever, God forbid, injured on stage, and my fans screaming outside the house is very ill, waiting for me to leave, I will go as gaga. I do not even drink water on stage in front of anyone because I want to focus on musical fantasy, "he said.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jewellery For Auction Deals

Jewellery for auction is a byword that is like honey to our ears. The anticipation of activate able to buy accomplished jewellery and not even paying too abundant for it, is actually actual attractive. The agreeableness of jewellery is in itself acutely strong, but if it combines with a sale, again its allure increases phenomenally. With a lot of bi names of the jewellery industry captivation a auction during assertive times of the year, it is a actuality that one can buy annihilation adapted from chaplet jewellery to tiny rings, depending on claimed preferences.

However, while the allure of affairs accomplished jewellery is omnipresent, it is aswell accurate that one needs to exercise a few cautions if affairs during jewellery for auction period. A jewellery acquirement is mostly an big-ticket one and in this case authoritative a abrupt buy can leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Below is account of some such pointers that will advice you to allowance the a lot of adapted accord even at times if the bulk has been bargain –

• Actuality – Never buy big-ticket jewellery unless it is certified. No bulk how ample the auction or what the agent tells you, consistently accomplish abiding that if you buy jewellery it comes forth with the agreement certificate. This point is of appropriate accent if purchasing gold, platinum or design ornaments. A acceptance in any of these purchases is not just important but actually necessary.

• Condition- A lot of jewellery for auction food will try and advertise off their earlier designs at a bargain bulk so as to be able to accomplish abundant money and allowance to accompany in the new designs. However, there are times if a torn section or a adulterated one maybe offered at such a sale. It is important that you analysis the ornament’s action thoroughly afore purchasing it. A adulterated catch or a apart gem can ruin the agreeableness of jewellery, so do analysis afore you get agitated abroad with the aboriginal attending of the ornament.

• Acknowledgment – Irrespective of the time if you buy the jewellery, you have to consistently analysis the acknowledgment action of the ornament. Be it a big acquirement such as chaplet jewellery or even a baby ring; accomplish abiding you are acquainted of the acknowledgment action of the store. A lot of jewellery food accompaniment that in case of a acknowledgment a assertive bulk of money will be deducted from the affairs bulk of the jewellery. This answer is accepted as the authoritative allegation and usually is about a 10% from the amount of the ornament.

Jewellery for auction is actually a aureate befalling and anybody who has a adulation for ornaments have to accomplish the a lot of of these times. However, it is acute that you accumulate the aloft tips in apperception so that you do not get cheated in any way. Armed with this advice you can go appointment these sales and buy jewellery according to your needs after accepting to anguish about the actuality of the sale.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oscar de la Renta, designer of the First Lady in the Country

Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta left his native Dominican Republic, and moved to Spain, where he fell in love with fashion and later became a designer whose funds are used by celebrities, including the mothers of the United States.

The success story of Oscar de la Renta is a story of hard work to achieve the dream. De la Renta was not born in the city of fashion, men whose real name is Oscar Aristides Renta Fiallo was born on July 22, 1932 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, with a mixture of blood from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rican mother's side the father.

However, since childhood, de la Renta knows his future is not in Dominica. Therefore, at the age of 18, he moved to Spain to study art he loved, the Academy of San Fernando, Madrid. However, the painting made him tired, De la Renta young people prefer to see the fashion world's most dynamic and colorful.

He then changed direction, plunge into the world of fashion and learn directly under the leadership of the famous Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga. Done knowledge gained from Balenciaga, Antonio de la Renta followed Castillo moved to Paris and worked as a fashion assistant at the Lanvin fashion house.

In 1963, de la Renta set foot on American soil and the work of Elizabeth Arden as a design line of accessories, footwear as well. At the same time, de la Renta is also working on designs for the line of ready-to-wear for Christian Dior in New York.
Sketch the design of Oscar de La Renta
for Michelle Obama & family

In an interview, de la Renta says, what he did, then, is to follow the advice of the editor in chief of Vogue, Diana Vreeland.

"Diana said ready to use is the business I have to do because they make money, and Elizabeth Arden that my reputation has increased rather than continuing to sink behind the name of Dior. I took his advice and I am successful," he said.

Following the advice Vreeland, de la Renta to continue his career at Elizabeth Arden in 1965, when he decided to go out and build their own record with Jane Derby. When Derby died a few months later, de la Renta took over the company and turn it into an international brand.

Today, Oscar de la Renta stores can be found in various parts of the world, from the United States, place de la Renta has a network of stores in California, Florida, Nevada, New York and Texas, then the main mode of European cities, including Madrid and Greece as well as in Dubai.

The collection is also distributed through a network of exclusive department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. De la Renta was the first Dominican designer who designs for French fashion house, where he designed haute couture collection for Pierre Balmain 1993 to 2002.

The man who is now 78 years old also was a designer who has received the award for best design version of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 2000 and 2007, also granted the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1990 .

From the country of origin, de la Renta was awarded the title of Juan Pablo Duarte and Christopher Columbus on his contribution to the world of fashion and promotes the name of the Dominican Republic.

The designers of the Motherland only thing that makes the income is different from other designers is a design that is always used by the U.S. homeland, began to Betty Ford to Laura Bush.

In fact, the Chairman of the Board of Washington National Opera Jane Lipton Cafritz once said: "Oscar de la Renta knows how to dress in Washington, all from the mother country, despite having a favorite designer, eventually using a collection of Oscar. "

One Renta collection is still under discussion is an embroidered black dress accented Nancy Reagan used in 1988. This is the dress of gold used, Hillary Clinton, when he received a Grammy in 1997 for the award for best speech.

Meanwhile, Laura Bush could be a holder of many fashion magazines to use a red dress made by Oscar de la Renta for the inaugural ceremony of George Bush at the Kennedy Center Honors, the White House.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Facial Mist Spray Refresh & Soften Face

Have a beautiful and fresh face
In order for makeup stays longer, it would be nice to do a stage for wearing make-up, ie spraying mist facial spray. Facial mist spray (spray facial freshener) to moisture, while on the face.

Facial spray has a lot of content, like sunscreen, antioxidants, the content of marine algae, aloe vera, moisturizers, water and nutrients and minerals that can protect the skin. "Facial mist spray is a spray that serves as a moisturizer, a winner, and skin freshener. Facial mist spray can be used after or before we had to deal with makeup makeup that feels stiff or face feels dry on.

But, says Dr Petra, facial spray mist should be used for applying foundation on the face. It is envisaged that the water face spray still stuck in the upper layer of the skin experienced dry due to frequent exposure to sunlight. Therefore, face-to-face mist spray to keep moist help, "he explained.

If your use after the use of makeup, facial mist spray can be sprayed after applying the finishing powder. This makes the makeup looks more integrated and connected to the skin of the face and the face would be wet.

Facial mist spray can also help restore moisture and freshness to a tired and dull skin for too long or exposed to sunlight in air-conditioned room. Facial mist spray is usually packaged in a bottle that is easy to carry. "So, we still can wear skin and always keep fresh," he explained. But not too often spray facial mist spray because the face mist spray of water will evaporate so the skin is getting dry.

According to him, after a facial mist spray, pat the water to seep into the face. "And if you want to take advantage of aromatherapy, facial wipes immediately after being sprayed with a tissue. So this is again not dry face," he said.

Every woman has a variety of other facial skin type. Therefore, Dr Petra suggested the facial mist spray suitable for every skin type selection. "Now in the market, many products face mist spray with a wide range of useful content for all skin types. Therefore we are wise to spray a mist facial expressions suitable for our skin to choose," he explained.

If you want makeup looks more durable, can use a facial image mist spray on sponge powder is used. This is useful for the powder to last longer in the face. And the vision is much more subtle. However facial spray not be used as often as possible in one day. Because the skin more dry. "Just before I wear makeup or after we make up in the morning. A maximum of 2-3 times per day. That was enough," he said.

Facial spray consists of a wide range of products and ingredients. Some of them offer the contents with the contents of a complete facial spray mist and can help overcome the problems of the skin. "Actually, not all active ingredients exist in the face mist spray can be absorbed through the skin," he said. He therefore suggested to be smarter in choosing a facial image and mist spray products according to skin type.



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All Skincare Products to Avoid Problems

Women are always looking for the best products and treatments that can help them to keep beautiful and free from skin problems. Skin problems for women are varying. They are wrinkle, aging, acnes and many more. Each of the problems should be taken care with certain product. There are so many beauty and skin products that women can buy in store but it will be good if women look carefully on each products before they buy. Women can easily buy and look at detail information of skin care products and beauty products in Luxuryparlor.com.

There are many kinds of products that women can find here. Maybe you are looking for the best product that can keep you away from skin problem such wrinkle, so you can look at StriVectin product. Maybe not much products you can find for this name but this is really good product for you and your skin. There is also Dermalogica products that specially made by the best specialist of dermatology.

This site also provides complete products collections of Babor. Just look here to find the right products that suitable with your skin and your budget because some of them might be quite expensive. Don’t worry with that because you can get special price here. Anything you want for your skin is provided here with good deal.


5 Secrets of Beauty World Celebrities

Having a beautiful appearance is the desire of every woman. Moreover, as celebrities who demanded always appear attractive in public. That is why many celebrities who do not hesitate to spend money to undergo treatment at the renowned salons.

However, not all celebrities rely on the salon. There are some celebrities who have a natural beauty secret, such as Modern Mom quoted the following pages:

Julia Roberts Beautiful Nails

Nails also become part of the beauty and the beauty of women. Julia Roberts was one of the celebrities who are very concerned with the beauty of nails. He entrusted the beauty of nails in olive oil.

Wetting her nails with olive oil for a few minutes once a week into her routine. Olive oil to moisturize the nails without making the brittle. It will also soften your cuticles and nails to help strengthen nails.

White Teeth Catherine Zeta Jones
No need to bleach chemicals. Catherine Zeta Jones used to brush teeth with mashed strawberries. The content of malic acid in it a potent remove stubborn stains on teeth.

Combine the strawberries with 1 / 2 teaspoon baking soda. Use a toothpaste. Let stand for five minutes. Do this treatment once a week. Too often do also not good, because the content of acid can damage the teeth.

Sexy Body Eva Longaria
Eva Longoria believe water is very helpful to make her look beautiful. Consumption of eight glasses of water every day to get rid of potent toxins in his body. If you want to follow his tracks, adjust the daily requirement of water with your body weight.

Body Slim Katherine Heighl
Consumption of snack do not always make the body fat. It takes only selectively choose healthy snacks as did Katherine Heigl. He ate five high-protein foods throughout the day and exercise to get the perfect body.

Beauty Gwyneth Paltrow

Green tea and white tea contains higher antioxidant. In addition to Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Love also liked to consume this beverage type fans. No harm in entering this drink into your healthy diet



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nail Art, Modern Woman Lifestyle

If you think beauty is only aimed at the face, hair and body, you're wrong. Now the trend started change beauty treatments to other body parts, ranging from waxing hidden by feathers, fingernails and toenails with nail spa and nail art.

"Nail Spa and Nail art is the development of a manicure and pedicure that was done years ago, the female sex. This treatment is done in order to nail the hands and feet grow neat, clean and healthy. The nail art, nail that is treated with a manicure and pedicure his colors with beautiful designs with the technique of airbrushing, nail art or nail extensions, "said Nathalie Karakhati in his book entitled 50 Creative Nails beautiful beauty for you.

Nathalia added coloring and nail care trend has long existed in Indonesia. In Bali, Kuta Beach in particular, many local residents who offer services to paint your nails with beautiful colors and patterns decorate for tourists. Meanwhile, in nail art salons just started a scene around the year 2006. In Jakarta alone, there are a number of special nail salon nail art, which are mainly located in the shopping area of Central Jakarta and South Jakarta.

Nail art lovers in major Indonesian cities continues to grow. Even as many subscribers, a popular nail salon in Jakarta, which has 1,000 members and equipment, advises customers to make a reservation for coming.

Nathan also said: Pengemar avid nail art nail extension while the majority of people prefer a career woman. Of course, these nail enhancement techniques in the lifestyle of the modern woman attached to the urban population, especially the upper middle class.

"Generally, fans are teenagers and Japanese tourists for its attractive colors and unique patterns make them appear more confident. Meanwhile nail extension service is more popular with career women, often to many clients," he explained.

The cost of the installation of nail extensions with about 500 000 French manicure nail art, and from $ 250,000 to 10 fingers.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Paris Fashion Democracy

In the realm of fashion, Paris is the heart that beats and pumping pulse of creativity, the center of a trend which starts something new, and Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2010 proves this.

In one day show the great names on the agenda of the line of editors who had to walk from one location to another location, such as Nicolas Ghesquire with the latest collections in Crillon Balenciaga, Balmain presents its range of party dresses at The Grand.

While the U.S. designer Zac Posen with his debut collection at a location where Yves Saint Laurent history.

Ghesquire breathed new in Balenciaga with a touch of Parisian streetwear brand in the famous collection with the elegant side. Ghesquire explore new areas for Balenciaga, give him a brand new look and character, without abandoning the fundamental principles that are firmly in the hands of the couture fashion house.

Innovation Ghesquire for Balenciaga is a game of materials combined with cutting down-to-earth, like a matching tunic and pants with a blouse or a pipe layer, combined with python skin pattern vest and brooch-size jumbo.

"What I want to do is show the male side of a woman," said Ghesquire.

One of the items expected to trend next spring is a boyish shoes, although some editors say that the collection looks like a modernized design by Rei Kawakubo.

On the catwalk Balmain, Christophe Decarnin stick to the roots of the brand by presenting a collection of party-style dress with a touch of punk and heavy typical seventies.

Leather, denim, and torn T-shirt with accents ala Sex Pistols dominate the catwalk. The American fashion the golden boy, Zac Posen, who made his debut runway collection in Paris at the All-American image of Parisian breath passes mixed with fur, raw space, high parts, and stiletto heel ekstraramping present.

"I really love Paris!" Posen said after the show.

Moreover, said Posen in New York, the collection does not really suit the tastes of American consumers are more practical. While in Paris, consumers respond positively to Posen collection to offer.

"I knew I had to move to Paris and I'm glad I could finally make it happen," said the man, whose collections are often subject to Rihanna.

Alber Elbaz for Lanvin also take the practical side of beauty, while Stefano Pilati back to the roots of Yves Saint Laurent to present the refinement of elegance. Marco Zanini is menakhodai Rochas show Parisian-inspired romance of a village in Sweden. Victor & Rolf show, Paris Fashion democratic side through spectacular breath nan avant-garde.

Dries Van Noten is the military-style masculinity through a wide pipe bepalet khaki pants, oversized jackets and white cotton shirt dress with berpalet suede jackets and platform shoes. Paris Fashion Democracy is also shown by Gareth Pugh, who prefer the performance of a short film than a catwalk show.

Pugh worked with director Ruth Hogben Pugh displaying the latest collection of silicon material and cotton, jersey-length movies in 11 minutes. Pugh presents summer collection in the dominance of the color gray with geometric patterns.

Despite the short film does not explain the overall design Pugh and fashion shows in general, but at least Pugh offer new innovations in fashion marketing strategy now increasingly demanding and progressive bilateral interaction between consumers and producers. Pugh films shown online via the Web showstudio.com.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Identify and Choose the Right Lipstick

The function of the lipstick is to make the color and shape more beautiful lips and an overall face look more fresh look. There are different kinds of lipstick with different functions that you need to know.

The following types of lipstick that must exist in your makeup bag taken from "Martha Tilaar Beauty News"


Lipstick in liquid form usually comes with a brush for easy put on the lips. Usually liquid lipstick also serves as fluorescent or moisturizer


In a lipstick container, usually there are several color palettes. Usually solid or cream form. Use a lipstick with a brush palette.

Pen Lip Polish

Lipstick this type are usually shaped like a pen equipped with an existing brush tip. Glossy lipstick to give effect to the lips in a way similar to the use of regular lipstick.


Formed solid gel and packed in tubes, use the same lipstick as this type of pasta or a pen lip polish.


Its liquid form and glossy. Can contain silver glitter to give the impression of shimmering or clear for natural impressed. Shiny lip gloss to give lips more prominent, so it is not advisable to form a thick lip.


This type is usually not shiny and a little wet. For durable, apply as usual, then remove with a tissue. Then, do it again.

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