Friday, February 5, 2010

Favorite pants Seleb Hollywood

Beautiful clothes can make a Hollywood celebrity looks elegant at every opportunity. But in everyday life, often choose a more casual dress casual. As a result, the choice fell on my pants made of denim. That said, jeans are not only comfortable when worn, but it can make the most elegant.

Intrigued by the style of Hollywood celebrities while wearing a pair of jeans? This cheat sheet that you can copy that was launched from Instyle, Thursday (5/2/2010).

Cameron Diaz and Blake Lively "trust" with skinny jeans

There is no way that can show your favorite to wear stilettos, tight jeans. These jeans have a short narrow ankles. Material on this model using most jeans denim strech and 2-4 percent for really tight spandex material. No wonder if the pants in this one able to show the curve of her body is sexy.

By using tight jeans, you can fool Blake Lively medley with a beautiful blouse. If you want to appear as a higher form using semiformal jacket, then Cameron Diaz seems to be imitated.

Boot Cut style Longari Eva and Penelope Cruz

Beautiful actress Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz always choose a boot cut trousers in a classic style. These pants can be used for a variety of body shapes. By using these pants combine Penelope Cruz chose a brown jacket with a tuxedo, while Eva Longari look beautiful in a white shirt.

Kate Bosworth and Beyonce in style with white pants

Made jeans are not always blue. There are times when the other colors of choice when Hollywood-style stars, call it white pants. For example, R & B singer Beyonce and Kate Bosworth star chose blonde white pants when they appear in public. Boyonce looks great in the integration of jeans with a white blouse and a gray scarf.

Ripped jeans ala Rihanna and Heidi Klum

They appear cool but elegant young singer Rihanna and supermodel Heidi Klum chose a pair of ripped jeans with a sexy accent. Not surprisingly, when looking into the limelight.

Hollywood Celebrity style traps Interested?

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