Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4 Tips Select Match Hair Color Lipstick & Leather

ENTRY cosmetics store to choose the right lipstick color can be somewhat confusing. In fact, there are hundreds of shades and formulas that are made for the lipstick. Make sure you know how to choose lipstick color according to appearance, personality, too.

Not convinced the seduction or commercial breaks in a particular brand. The point is, how these lipsticks will complement their appearance. Learn some key guidelines to determine the color of lipstick that make you look interesting, as disibak modern mom.

Pay attention to the color of lipstick

Put some lipstick on the wrist to get the current view. In general, people with fair skin looks good to wear red lipstick plum, medium brown, mocha brown pink beige, and bright pink. While people with brown skin, suitable for use lipstick shades of blue, brown, warm, deep candy, coffee cream and deep pink.

Fitting olive skin wear red lipstick brown, plum, dark berries, brown, mahogany and brown. Meanwhile, the Reds-based blue, deep plum, wine, mahogany, brown, different shades, sheer pinks and berries, ideal for owners of black and brown leather.

Note the eye color of

Although not a determining factor, as well as skin color, eye color should be considered in choosing a lipstick. Brown eyes are best suited for red lipstick, brown and pink. The blue eyes with pink and cream. Green eyes lipstick equipped with orange, red or brown. Meanwhile, big brown eyes look bright and bold lip colors.

Note the hair color

Blond hair can try lipstick pink, plum, red soft coral, mauve, and reddish brown. Brunettes can choose lipstick Reds warm color, pink, lilac, beige, brown and pink. Bright red lipstick can be treated hair shiny brass, copper, brown or orange, pure colors, beige, brown and red.

While the black-haired woman can choose lipstick colors bold, like red raspberry, various shades of red, geranium, coral, fuchsia, live roses, fruit, burgundy and plum. And a woman with gray or white hair, complete with a lipstick in warm colors.

Select a color according to your needs

Products for lips bright red if you go to a nightclub, but not when you work for a company that tends to be conservative, because they would be equipped with pink beige. Bright colors can be applied at night, while during the day, just soft enough. And if you wear makeup that "heavy", just apply a light lipstick.

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