Friday, April 8, 2011

Wow ... Eva Longoria buttoned jacket off at the "Late Show"

Error while filming transmission delay can be improved, but not so with the live broadcast. Eva Longoria experience it as a guest on television shows.

Sexy actress intends to discuss his debut book cook Eva's Kitchen: Cooking With Love for family and friends as a guest of the show "Late Show". He came to the CBS television studio wearing a tuxedo jacket with no deep and dark blue pants.

However, in the midst of their conversation with the host "Late Show, David Letterman, one button jacket Eve accidentally broken. The incident was almost embarrassing to show her breasts, until the time for David to remain silent.

The first word that comes from the mouth of Eve was, "Oh, kancingku", then quickly closed the chest with one hand as he turned to David and said, "I apologize, but I hope you do not see anything. "If he joked David replied, "Oh God, we will consent to take this time to drink to lose." It cited page Daily Mail on Friday (04/08/2011).

Stars of "The Desperate housewives" This tells us about his cooking skills.

"Yes, I can cook. I was able to make a fillet of fish since 7 years. Most of the recipes (in his last book) comes from my family," he said.

After the shooting, Eva posting status on his Twitter account, "Look at my appearance on the Late Show tonight at 11:35 pm/10: 30pm. I'm very excited."

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