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Five facts about Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton, touted as the woman who lived as a princess in a fairy tale. So no wonder many people think that women 29 years left shoe at a party and his life was saved by Prince William, who fell in love with him. In fact, the story is not so.

In fact, a princess is the dream of every girl. Kate Middleton and succeeded in achieving that goal by becoming the wife of the King of England on April 29.

This is the story of St Andrews University managed to crash in Prince William, as quoted from Holly Coop melt.

Away from the controversy

Based on reliable sources, Kate has been willing to "hidden princess" for years, and part of the reason haired brunette woman was elected, because he played his cards right.

The royal family did not want the identity of the daughter to publish, if only to talk about family problems with the media, and Kate seemed to work away from the press.

When he spoke with the media, he was very honest and diplomatic. Middleton family is rumored to have been selective in choosing friends and family that the way Kate when she was approached by Prince William will open.

Kate chose the right school

Royal historian Robert Lacey said that Kate Middleton never been to school in St Andrews, if not for the school which Prince William mengenyam science.

"He went there to try to draw hearts of Prince William, and he managed to do it," says Lacey.

Fashion tastes good to show her sex appeal

Kate Middleton has a remarkably good taste. The concept of style is casual but elegant clothing and clothing designer may forget, but an affordable clothing for the people of England to choose. More importantly, behind the choice of clothing, she managed to give her sex appeal.

"When he walked with the best clothes, her sexiness can be seen from behind the dress. Even just William told his friend Fergus, 'Wow. Kate is very hot," said royal correspondent, Katie Nicholl.

Prince William won the hearts

It has lasted eight years until William finally felt confident with her choice, and decided to marry Kate. In fact, Kate and William broke broken. Even Prince Harry had thought that his brother had made a mistake, because CLBK with Kate Middleton, after breaking a few months earlier. But now, she has won hearts of the brothers, like other royal members, thanks to an interesting behavior.

"I'm glad my brother to her. That means I get to my sister, I always wanted," said Harry.

Some of these facts, she is now mentioned by the media as "Waity Katy".

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