Monday, April 4, 2011

TIP: Have Modest Natural Lips blush

Woman People will basically do anything to the attention of men, ranging from caring for themselves at home faces aside more money to decorate themselves in the salon to withdraw. Treatment, including the lips make it look naturally rosy.

"Basically, with regular consumption of fruits, vegetables, and drink plenty of water, the lips look healthy and natural looking rosy. If he is not red, at least lip flexibility for the better," said Ilya Camellia, Skin Care & Make Up Specialist The Body Shop Indonesia met in Delipscious event Waroeng We Kem Chicks Pacific Place, Jakarta, recently.

Ilya added, some women complained that black lip color. The reason was because the contents of the lipsticks that are less healthy.

"To recover from its natural red color, lip care of the first with a scrub technique, followed by applying a lip butter so lips look smooth, healthy and not dry," Ilya lid.

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