Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Singapore's Largest Jewelry Exhibit

Jewelery Exhibition
Women and jewelry had a relationship that can not be separated. No wonder a number of jewelry brands all over the world will never run out of customers. But sometimes going into a jewelry store was not enough, especially if you want to find something unique for yourself or as gifts for loved ones.

Understand the desire of women who need a lot of choices, Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd (CEMS), re-presenting the Singapore International Jewelry Show (Siskin). One of the biggest jewelry fair in Asia on the theme of this year is "Singapore International Jewelry Show 2011: A Jewelicious Affair".

Steven Tan, Senior Director of CEMS Exhibiton, said the exhibition of jewelry that has held since 2005 will be another collection of jewelry and gems unique nan present from abroad, including from India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. This year the exhibition lasted five days at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, July 27 to July 31 next. The exhibition, which the headline "The element of Mother Earth" lifted ccording Steven, will feature ornaments with many carvings and beautiful shape of his inspiration from the five elements of earth, ie, soil, metal, water, fire and wood.

"Collection of jewelry that is displayed will be very exclusive and rare," said Steve at the Hotel Sari Pan Pacific, some time ago.

Steven also says Siskin 2011 is also supported by Sri Lanka as a strategic partner country known as the largest producer of the center ruby ​​stone. The beauty of Sri Lanka, ruby ​​stone is also equal to Thailand, known for its beautiful and varied collection of her ruby ​​stone. In an area of ​​7700 square meters, more than 190 exhibitors from 25 countries participate, and the goal of 16,000 visitors.

However, for seven years an exhibition, no brandperhiasan Indonesia participate Siskin. "Therefore, through this event we would like to invite Indonesian jewelry designers and brands to participate in the event siskin, especially since Indonesia is a unique collection of jewelry and thick with culture," says Steven.

Despite not participating in the exhibition, Indonesia has another important role in the jewelry exhibition.

"Indonesia is the second largest visitor to the exhibition every year, Malaysia was the first" Steven says, while incorporating other visitors mainly from India, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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