Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wooden jewelry boxes to find the perfect style for you

During the mid-thirteenth century, jewelry boxes became popular in China, and before long they were exported worldwide. A jewelry box is the perfect way to store and display your fine jewelry, offers some of the designs available, you can use a wooden jewelry box, a decorative eye-catcher for your dressing table. And there are many selections of fine jewelry boxes online retailers.

One of the first things to consider before buying a wooden jewelry box is the color and style of wood that best correspond to the dressing table or bathroom counter top, where the box is displayed.

Hardwood is the name given to trees that lose their leaves in winter and hardwood finishes are the most popular jewelry boxes, and each has a different look, feel and color. People hardwood furniture, suitcases, jewelry boxes, oak, cedar, walnut, chestnut, ebony, sandalwood, mahogany, cherry and teak.

Boxes, teak, ebony and cedar are popular choices for the design of the Far East, often decorated with symbols and Asian models. The wood works as a rich canvas for the lighter colors in the design model.

Oak, walnut, chestnut and sandalwood are common choices for jewelry boxes colonial style, the famous early 20th century American furniture design. These forests are very popular in the case of mini-cabinet style display as they reflect the same period as the furniture, after which they are formed.

Mahogany and cherry wood are often used in the design of turn jewelry boxes century Edwardian style, celebrating the decadent high society and Rein of King Edward VII. The design of furniture and decorative objects from this period reflect the elegant social scene of the day. Chestnut painted cedar boxes and can be used for Victorian antique style jewelry boxes, which are also very popular.

As you can see, many designs are available in rich woods and decadent veneer, suede or felt lining to protect the fine silver and gold. And each of these styles are available online at various outlets. jewelry boxes, display boxes and towers are a stylish addition to your dressing table, and you see a large selection of colors and styles to find your own personal adjustment specifications.

When it comes to choosing the design of your jewelry box wood, there are several options to consider. A small jewelry box is fashioned after a single full-size cabinet. Often, in a florid style, with glass doors and draws billed for small pins and bushings on the center column of the box, the mini-case design is elegant and delicate, often decorated in a colonial style or Victorian. Traditionally, this mini cabinet boxes finished in mahogany or cherry wood finishes. You will notice that the wood finish is an important factor in the price of the room, and there are cheaper alternatives, is a standard wood, finished and painted to resemble real wood. This is done with paint effects and colors.

A vertical box is elegant and robust, often built on a revolving platform, so you can access your jewelry from all four sides of the box. The large vertical design is ideal for displaying necklaces and bracelets that depend on small hooks. Again, many of the glass front, so that your jewelry is proudly displayed, the vertical model is also a good choice for a dressing table with limited space or a bathroom with a pedestal no room for a standard case.

A standard wooden box with a hinged tray is simple, sensitive and available in various sizes and designs. Whether you choose a classic or modern finish, the top opening, felt or suede jewelry cases doubled, the ideal treatment for you gift for a friend or relative.

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