Saturday, April 30, 2011

Philippa Middleton is not less beautiful with Kate

Philippa Middleton
I do not want to lose her sister, Kate Middleton, Philippa Middleton was wearing a dress design Sarah Burton.

As if I do not want to lose competitiveness, the sister of Kate Middleton, entrust them to wear on the day his brother was happy, Sarah Burton, who designed the wedding dress worn designer Kate.

Phillipa Middleton sees it very difficult to dress with ornaments that it can do. To cover basic materials Phillipa dress with ivory-colored satin with lace accents such as built-head with the wedding dress.

Meanwhile, the bridesmaids in altitude of four people wearing the design collection of Nicki Macfarlane. Fourth of the bridesmaids dress hand-made by Macfarlane of Macfarlane and made ​​her daughter Charlotte at her home in Wiltshire and Kent area.

The bridesmaids dresses are created with the same fabric with a wedding dress. Ballerina length gown is shaped with a pleated bottom of the box-shaped and dyed ivory. The dress is made ​​up gazar on white satin to beautiful fashion colors look. Not only that, they also provide subtle accents lace at the bottom of the skirt as much as four layers. Part of puff sleeves and neckline are like the bottom of the skirt accentuated. The back of the dress was giving the same information.

Although only as an accompaniment, the beauty of the dress to the little boy no less beautiful with the bride and other important guests. In the clothing they wear, the waist is embedded silk pale golden color and ornament the front like an arrow stuck form given. Uniquely, the memories of those moments bride made ​​names and wedding date on the embroidery on their clothes.

As for the cape, which arose from Nicki Macfarlene Yorkshire wool ivory with a touch of delicate lace and tie at the front, where the use satin gazar.

For shoes, the bridesmaids created using designs from Devon by Rainbow Club. Shoes in the classic style of Mary Jane is made ​​of satin material, in which the process of finishing with Swarovski crystals scattered. Devon even been known to design and manufacture of hand made ​​shoes since the mid-1980s.

Developed similar to his bride, servants also had a bouquet of Shane Connolly. Flowers ivy and lilies in the bridesmaids hair accessories, that these young ages. This custom has been married since his mother in 1981. The crew is holding a flower, which combines a replica of the flowers of the bride in the lily, hyacinth and Sweet William is brought into it.


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