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10 Surprising Facts About Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton
During this time, maybe you know Kate Middleton is the bride and groom the future King of England Prince William an unpretentious and has a remarkable sense of fashion. Behind all this there are some interesting facts you should know about the 29-year-old woman.

Kate's smile and his down to earth personality makes everyone want more of the woman who lived like a princess in a fairy tale to see it.

The fact that the queen candidates who come from the people of "normal" and will be part of a family that is deeply rooted in English history, making her look more attractive.

With only three days left for the biggest wedding of the century, you'll want to learn interesting facts about 10 of the princess, as quoted from Holly Coop know.

As drinking

They indicated that they are able to drink with William at the same table. Royals reporter Katie Nicholl said: "I've been to a club night with him in that I've seen him drinking with William and another drink to get drunk, and he remained standing, while Prince William was stoned."

The oldest royal bride in history

The reason was most of the royal bride married at a young age. Princess Diana was 20 years old when she married Prince Charles. While Kate is six months older than older brother Prince Harry's been 29 years old.

A possessive lover

More than just a status, they attracted into Prince William from the other side. "Kate is not interested in the position," said the man in the kingdom.

"Her attitude is more like:" My husband, William. There is amazing possessive side, and he will curse yourself if you lose Williams for another girl, "he continued.

Often teased by his friends, Prince William

William's girlfriend like stabbing the dragon and make snide remarks to her, remembering her mother's career as a flight attendant.

Kate is a cousin of George Washington

The New England Historic Genealogical Society said that Middleton's "cousin George Washington's eighth of the eighth descendant of Sir William Gascoigne, who died in 1487."

Kate Middleton has relationship with William

They are cousins ​​of the 12th. Daily Mail reported, "The ancestor that connects the two lovers is the killer that his actions were deliberately forgotten by history."

Sir Thomas Leighton dictator died in 1610, he is the next generation of the 12th Prince William, and large-to-11 Kate Middleton.

Kate has a brother named James Middleton

While everyone seems familiar with Pippa, you do not hear much about Kate's brother dropping out of school, leaving school to be a baker. He never appeared in the tabloids with waiters dressed as French.

Kate has always been a fashion icon

In 2006, The Daily Telegraph, Kate entered as a list of "most promising newcomer" for the winners and losers style.

Kate has threatened legal action against paparazzi

As the 25th anniversary of Kate in January 2007, media attention Kate was very ill, Prince Charles, Prince William and Middleton attorney threatening legal action.

In October 2005, she complained about the harassment he got from the media through his lawyer he explained that he did not justify the considerable publicity this done.

William apply in place of ex-girlfriend Kate

The family of former lover William, Jecca Craig, run the business of wildlife conservation in Kenya. William apply Kate Lewa Wildlife Conservatory, which is run by parents Jecca. Kate, Jecca, and William is now a good friend.

April 29 is only a matter of time, and we can not wait to see Kate with her new label, the future Queen of England.

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