Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Gown Kate Middleton So High-Street Fashion

Kate Middleton Wedding Gown
The marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton, April 29 next to the biggest wedding of the century. fairy tale wedding luxury type. Wedding dresses and jewelry to wear the bride becomes a particular concern for the world of fashion.

Before the big wedding, Kate Middleton has always been synonymous, both about her wedding dress designer Highstreet stores that became his choice. No wonder if the wedding dress apply to women of 29 years has been hailed the future of high street fashion.

Wedding Gown Designer Sophie Kate Cranston, a local designer in London, the label owner Libelula. With more news and hebohnya forced the company to issue rebuttal last week, speculation because it broke the rumor was circulated that the choice of designers Kate Burton is Sarah Alexander McQueen, Bruce Oldfield, Phillipa Lepley, and Alice Temperley.

Candidate Princess of Wales should have a big impact on high street labels prepare to meet Kate Middleton generation of imitators. So who was quoted by the Guardian on Monday (4/25/2011).

Libelula, which means dragonfly in Spanish, was founded in 2002. Kate has been a fan of Sophie Cranston design. Obviously, the last time she wore a gown of black velvet cloak his friend's wedding in January.

Adopt the style of vintage-inspired fashion collections, focusing on the 1920 and 1930, Sophie has features sleek silhouette cutting through, flat with narrow frame, and seems to match the style of Middleton.

But with the expectations of both the world of British fashion, many people in the industry hoped she chose the design of the fashion houses most daring, such as Alexander McQueen. Acting McQueen, Sarah Burton, who has designed dresses for many famous people like Lady Gaga and Cate Blanchett will be a bold choice for prospective queen of England.

"There are clearly a number of great speculation and gossip, but personally I think it would be great if it was McQueen," said Sarah Clark, fashion editor at Glamour magazine executives.

"It would certainly be a bold choice for the fashion house, she chose this subject. Known as the architect of a dramatic and contemporary, it will make a real statement. Of course, every designer who dipih Kate will soon be a large name, its scope would be incredible, it will be designers tend to make choices. It is difficult to overstate the impact of it, but did so in reality, "said Sarah.

Kate Middleton has helped increase the business potential of the national fashion worth millions. After a day of shopping in Chelsea last week, selling short-sleeved black dress she wore to soar by 90 percent. Thus, as the portal site StyleCompare prices.

Sales of similar brown bags at retailers such as Radley and Paul's Boutique has never worn also increased sharply to 60 percent.

Similarly Issa blue silk dress she wore while announcing his engagement last November catapulted Brazilian designer Daniella Helayel the global world.

In other attacks of fever Middleton, whistles and Reiss have to sell clothing and silk blouse she used in her photos commitment. Sales of knee-high black boots were also booming, and Debenhams has announced a replica of her engagement ring worth £ 6 to become the best selling jewelry.

Julia Rebaudo, an expert in StyleCompare style, saying that if Middleton designers choose a softer, more feminine, like Alice Temperley, it will tend to see the lace dress, pearls, and embroidery are reproduced in the main street.

"If she chose Alexander McQueen can be expected to dress a bit formal, but tinged with a touch of femininity. But if he chose Alice Temperley we could see something a bit more deconstructed, romantic and bohemian. The style that will easily translate into high fashion street, "he said.

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