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Know More Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton
Guessing as to who was the designer, designed the wedding dress Kate Middleton answered. Creative Director Alexander McQueen label, Sarah Burton wedding dress designer, wife of Prince William was.

Outside Westminster Abbey will appear today at 11:00 local time (17.00 GMT), Kate Midleton hidden meeting of designers and wedding dress. No wonder if her appearance was on this happy day expected by many people.

With the appointment of Sarah as a designer dress bride was 29 years old, it can if the name of the designer the more fluttering determined. Therefore, we recognize yuk on the designer, Sarah Burton!

Sarah Burton is the creative director of Alexander McQueen. After the death of Alexander McQueen in February 2010, he took control of the famous British label that since May of that year.

Sarah and family are the five brothers who grew up in Manchester. A brother is a professional oboist, while a brother is an opera singer.

He had been brought up is completed to the Manchester Polytechnic Preparatory Programme prior to study to London Fashion Print at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. And he concluded in 1997.

"At one point I want to study art at Ruskin College in Oxford, but then I decided to pursue an interest in the fashion world," said Sarah told Vogue in February 2010 issue.

If at Central Saint Martins with a tutor Ungless Simon studied, suggested a friend of Burton Lee McQueen to be interviewed. Then she managed to join the Alexander McQueen label for one year.

". At that time, McQueen a small studio in Hoxton Square at the time of the interview I remember Lee asked me," Do you believe in UFOs? ". And Trino Verkade, Lee's right hand asks," Can I to produce their own denim label? ". At that time, I have no idea," he said, that take from, Friday (29/04/2011).

After graduation she joined with Alexander McQueen in 1996 with a status of apprenticeship training. Then he was appointed as head of women's clothing in 2000 and became assistant McQueen until his death in February 2010.

Jonathan Akeroyd, chairman and CEO of Alexander McQueen label said at the time of appointment as creative director Sarah Burton from May 2010.

"We are very pleased she has agreed to take the role as creative director after working with Lee McQueen for more than 14 years. He has a deep understanding of his vision, which will allow the company to stay true to core values" said Jonathan.

Robert Polet, President and CEO of Gucci Group, added: "Sarah has a real talent, a deep understanding of its brand, and the vision needed to at the top we will be full support for Sarah and the team in the coming years give .. "

Although supported by many sides, but Sarah has admitted that initially, when he is on the label Alexander McQueen took an intimidating prospect.

"I thought, 'How can I start?". At least Lee can be very different from the others, I know, there is no way for me to claim to be. But I have to wonder what Lee has for all this just to cover my thoughts about what I want. What is best for me, how many women my age, I would like to have kids. But I came back thinking that there is no excuse for the challenge. Finally I just decided the McQueen label on and do our best, "he said.

In September 2011, Sarah first women's collection in Paris. The collection was more dramatic with the typical aesthetics McQueen, but adds a feminine touch.

"People ask," What Sarah stretcher by design ". But I have worked here for so long, there have been a big part of me in their collections on the road," he said.

"I'm not going to eliminate the typical McQueen. There will always be elements McQueen, but at the same time, you can never be quiet and you have to stay true to yourself. It is a mandate Lee told me, 'You should be able behind the work itself, "he said.

"Everything I know I learned here. If you do not know how to do something that makes Lee take on the challenge and learn how to practice them, or let you figure out how to do it myself. He was never houndstooth dress and said, "Well, you put the zip in him, then let me until the weekend," added Sarah.

Daphne Guinness, a friend of Alexander McQueen, agree strongly with the selection of Sarah Burton as Creative Director at McQueen.

"Sarah is brilliant. I like the last collection," Guinness said in January 2011.

"He worked with Lee for so long, so he knows what to do. He was not Lee, but I think he would be happy to do that. He learned a lot from McQueen," he continued.

Burton lived in St. John's Wood with her husband, a photographer, David Burton. In March 2011 came the rumor that Sarah Burton was commissioned a dress for their wedding, Kate Middleton and Prince William Design. And these rumors are confirmed.

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