Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld support Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton
If you're a celebrity fashion from Europe with the knowledge that low, you should ask the advice of Kate Middleton. The reason is that they are considered a fashion icon has a remarkable sense of fashion. In fact, he was considered a reformer of the future of fashion.

The attractiveness of the candidates Princess of Wales has a designer in England, Matthew Williamson frustration. However, Karl Lagerfeld is not really asked about the future of the fashion choices bride king of England. In fact, the creative director of Chanel's support in the fashion world Kate corridor.

"She was a beautiful person with beautiful bodies. I love her nose. Royalties are good for people," said Karl told the Sunday Times Style by British Vogue, who disitat from Zimbio, Wednesday (20/04/2011).

Despite the support of the corridor Kate in the fashion industry, but Karl is not sure how the institution of marriage is a happy day both prospective bridegroom support. For Karl argued, marriage was made ​​when people are deceased at the age of 30 years.

"Now they are married at the age of 30 and must membinanya for 60 years. It may be based more than sex. The idea that you will never see another person, it may be a problem," he concluded.

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