Monday, April 18, 2011

Christopher Michael's most expensive shoes in the world

If you think shoes Christian Loubotin most expensive shoes in the world, you are wrong! Since the shoe was released Christopher Michael Shelli is the most expensive shoes Sejagad highway.

Imagine done before, a shoe of gold and diamonds bertahtakan famous designer jewelry cheap £ 140,000. This article is the designer with a reason to create a unique piece of jewelry with a shoe made​​.

Shelli's Shoes are the most expensive ever made. Worked for British designer jewelry, with temperatures over 1,000 degrees Celsius. Each shoe is made ​​of pure gold with 30 carat diamond throne 2200th So that was disitat from StyleCaster, Monday (18/04/2011).

"The purpose of this shoe is a unique jewelry you can wear on the leg., a bit like when you get this shoe at a archeological dig in thousands of years, they are to be regarded as a treasure trove for the foot, " Shelli said in an interview the Telegraph.

Shoes, which was already mentioned, have some interest in the jewelry in the exhibition "The Artbox the Mailbox" was issued. Exhibition held in Birmingham, England, on 16 April.

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