Monday, April 4, 2011

Scared look old, Vanessa Hudgens Use Anti-Aging Products

Vanessa Hudgens
Every woman should be afraid of getting old face. So in many ways done to prevent this process. Even Vanessa Hudgens do. Although the 22-year-old star was not convinced of cosmetic surgery, but he is using anti-aging products to stay young forever.

"Do I need plastic surgery? I do not know. It really depends on yourself, I started using anti-aging products, " says Vanessa, who quoted from Female First, Monday (04/04/2011).

While still a teenager, the star of "High Cool Musician" It also ensures that there is no harm in using anti-aging products.

"It is better to wear them (anti-aging products) from the beginning, rather than too late. in this period, the products are really great," he added.

It is not unreasonable. It made ​​stars "Sucker Punch" is, since it reflects a greater pressure than men in terms of beauty treatments.

"I think women are under increasing pressure (beauty). Because when men age, they still called sexy with gray hair or get gray hair. As women age, the general perception that circulated in Hollywood on the contrary, they need to tighten Remove skin and fat folds on his body, "he concluded.

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