Thursday, April 14, 2011

Priyo Oktaviano Make Japanese Tsunami Design Inspiration

Grim face of Japanese citizens following the tsunami which country Sakura Priyo Oktaviano inspire fashion design destroyed. The work was exhibited in the case apiknya akbar "Fashion Nation Senayan City 5th Edition".

Been rocked by a magnitude 8.9 earthquake and resulting tsunami of up to 4 meters and a protracted nuclear crisis, grief Japanese citizens not eliminated. Although over time, citizens began to rise from adversity, the sense of trauma in their mind is not completely erased. And that is the background which then inspires young designers, Priyo Oktaviano rainbow dedicated to Japanese citizens.

In case "Fashion Nation fifth place in the central atrium Senayan City, Jakarta on Thursday (13 / 4) at night, Priyo explores the theme of" Rainbow of Life ". Diusungnya theme because it is a form of grief Priyo deep concern felt by Japanese people.

"I want to encourage giving to the Japanese people which has now hit a major disaster. These clothes I also illustrates that there is always hope that the Japanese society echoed after the disaster hit barrage. After the sadness is always happy. Rainbow is my hope symbolized as a form of happiness that Japanese approach, "said Priyo.

Style of this quirky man said, rainbow stripes usually appear after it rains. But this time the rainbow is described as the embodiment of colorful life. The underlying philosophy is that after the gray is always a high expectation that screamed.

Priyo total of 13 collections exhibited in the annual event is an elite shopping centers. Harajuku style clothing dominated the collection dipamerkannya night. Priyo prepare a special design for 1.5 months for the "Fashion Nation is a lot of offers typical Japanese form of loose clothing. Generally, clothing is offered Priyo game pleated front and origami techniques that spread in the chest, waist and bottom.

Thin rainbow stripes and bright Priyo translated into a lightweight fashion pieces resemble flies. In his collection this time, using materials from woven Priyo arrowroot, tulle, cotton and linen. Besides presenting the beauty of the rainbow in a mild form of clothing, Priyo presents the beauty of bright colors in clothing like the color yellow, sea blue, pink, magenta, red, purple, and several other bright colors We often enjoy the rainbow. In conclusion, Priyo presents kimono is Japanese traditional clothing. But unlike typical Japanese kimono, kimono Priyo create the look that not only "colorful", but also a modern design to create a balloon on the front skirt, and gave a long tail on the back as a wedding dress.


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