Sunday, April 24, 2011

Royal wedding: guest list provides an overview of the court of King William

Prince William and Kate Middleton official wedding guest list offers a fascinating insight into the courtyard of the future king and queen.
While Prince William, 28, recognizes the importance of tradition and invited many dignitaries that you would expect from such a ceremony, he proved that he is so comfortable with the modern world of celebrity Like her mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.
His friend, Sir Elton John, Westminster Abbey with his partner David Furnish civil, but the prince has invited a number of famous people with whom he became good friends themselves.
Joss Stone, soul singer 24-year-old from Devon is at the Abbey. It proved a great success in the past with the prince, who embraced him warmly during a demonstration in honor of the armed forces in 2008.
Guy Ritchie, director of gangster films like Lock, Stock Barrels and Snatch, has been invited. The former husband of Madonna was Mandrake includes, first introduced in the Prince William Duckworth-Chad, whose sister, Davina, is a friend and former companion of the prince vacation.
Mr. Duckworth-Chad, the broker who handled the sale of Ashcombe, the house of Sir Cecil Beaton in Wiltshire, where Madonna and Guy Ritchie have bought in 2001.

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